Bitbillions| Scam Or Opportunity?

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What exactly is Bitbillions? How will Bitbillions impact how we use computers? Is it wise to invest in Bitbillions? Is Bitbillions a scam or a genuine opportunity? Will Bitbillions be for the internet …

What exactly is Bitbillions? How will Bitbillions impact how we use computers? Is it wise to invest in Bitbillions? Is Bitbillions a scam or a genuine opportunity? Will Bitbillions be for the internet what Bitcoins are for money?

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  • 1. The Passive Global Stimulus Based On The Bitcoin Economy Introducing GBBG/Aka BitbillionsWould you join a ground floor opportunity that is poised to revolutionize the netand the world for the better? Now that you have an education about bitcoins and itsbenefits, I will introduce an opportunity that proposes to do for the internet what bitcoins doesfor money. For starters I will immediately clarify that the best way to start is by investingONE bitcoin, but even if you cannot start with a bitcoin please keep reading to see how youcan position yourself for future residual income.Bitbillions will be offering the average person a way to earn money by using thecomputer.. As the technology is still under development funds are needed for the projectcompletion which is expected in the next few months (July). Founder members are those whocan see the vision and choose to donate one bitcoin, proceeds are used to pay the developersfor the finalization of the various platforms that are expected to integrate into Bitbillions.What is Bitbillions? A public domain project that will empower members to earn bitcoinsfrom home. GBBG is the pseudonym used by the developers, who are creating an opensource, 100% cloud based, peer-to-peer project.GBBG is an anonymous outfit The developers are following the same suit as the Bitcoincreators and are strategically maintaining anonymity. There is no corporate office orheadquarters, as this is a public domain project, a non corporation that is not controlled byany one person or entity.What will the bitbillions platform offer? This platform will allow you to continue usingyour computer in the same fashion you currently do. But the main difference will be that theadvertising revenue will be shared with you. Even the most passive of people will becompensated for every minute they use the system.*** When fully completed (developers areworking on this), members will be able to download the system.What is the service offered to users? 1. The ability to make spreadsheets and documents w/o paying for Office and no additional downloads that crash our computers. 2. The ability to surf the internet privately. Surf for holiday gifts without your mate knowing where you have been online 3. Listen to music
  • 2. The Passive Global Stimulus Based On The Bitcoin Economy 4. Watch movies for next to nothing, save the monthly Netflix membership fees 5. Make free calls anywhere in the world, landline or cell without skype (no more issues with skype freezing) 6. Conduct financial transactions with bitcoinsGBBG will deliver a FREE 100% CLOUD based system that will offer a virtualmarketplace, community and forum that shares more than 90% of the generated incomewith users. Can you imagine if Google shared its advertising revenue with you?Why does GBBG ask for donations if they claim to be free? GBBG is not charging afee, or monthly autoships to use the platform, but in order for the developers to complete thenetwork donations are being requested. As an early adopter who donates now, you will begiven a gratitude token by way of a LIFETIME usage rights license, as opposed to those whojoin later when the platform is complete who will be asked to donate every year in order to useBitbillions and support the maintenance of the network.Bitbillions will also be immune from government interventionIn a confidential interview with the developers behind Bitbillions, I have learned that theirvision is to redistribute global wealth. I asked if any government can stop this platform thatoffers a decentralized internet the developer responded “the only way a government can closedown bitcoins or bitbillions would be to close down the entire global internet and to physicallyconfiscate every computer or device that connects to the internet”. Bitbillion developers areshowing prudence by openly reminding members that users should comply with the tax lawsof their governing jurisdictions.What do Bitbillion Founders get? ● Free lifetime usage rights (once released membership will be granted for a yearly donation) ● placement in the universal 3x7 matrix ● payment for every minute they use the platform
  • 3. The Passive Global Stimulus Based On The Bitcoin EconomyHow much can a FOUNDER earn?In a perfect world with a completed matrix (not including the earnings per minute), earlyadopters are poised to earn $20k for every $1 million generated in revenue. Keep in mind thatGoogle generated 29.6 Billion last year, Bitbillions hopes to acquire (over the next 5 years) atleast half of that.Bitbillions offers multiple ways to earn bitcoins1. Earn bitcoins by viewing sites, watching videos, completing surveys everyday2. Purchase shares in BTC starting at only .25%BTC3. Earn by referring others.. instant referral rewards aka commissions are .15-.17BTC4. Earn from the universal matrix 3x75. When completed earn for every minute you use the systemBitbillions also offers bitcoin investing Even free applicants in Bitbillions will be able toinvest in bitcoins by purchasing shares. Anyone can get started in the exciting world of bitcoinfor only .25btc. Please keep in mind that you will still have to fund a bitcoin account.My personal dosage of no nonsense truth for YouFounders will definitely be positioned to earn nicely, but please understand that Bitbillions willtake time to grow. At first the monthly earnings may be small $100 or less per month, butwith the passage of time these will grow to $500 a month, $1000 a month, then $5,000 amonth and so forth. The bottom line is that you should recover your donation amount veryquickly and increase your quality of life passively.Would you donate a ONE TIME $70 (current rate of one btc) to have : ● FREE long distance calling to any number for the rest of your life? ● FREE lifetime usage rights for a platform that replaces office, adobe, and other programs? ● Bitcoin payment for EVERY minute you surf the net? ● A matrix position that will eventually represent $20k of passive monthly income for you? ● A unique referral id link in order to earn commissions for your referralsWhat if I don’t have $70 or whatever amount covers the cost of one bitcoin? Youcan spend half hour daily surfing the free bitcoin sites and when you have earned a fullbitcoin you can join Bitbillions as a full flegde founder. Once you have at least .25BTC you
  • 4. The Passive Global Stimulus Based On The Bitcoin Economycan invest into the GBBG arbitrage fund to further accelerate your earnings. I would suggestthat you invest your first .25BTC in the fund and continue surfing the free sites until you haveearned enough to cover one full bitcoin. You can also do some freelance jobs in order to earn some bitcoins. I would love for you to join Bitbillions...BUT my purpose is NOT to take any food off your table instead it is to share the knowledgeand excitement of an economy that may free us and help us have a better life.Please visit for more informationFor a step by step guide on how to join Bitbillions as a founder with a credit card click hereFor a step by step guide on how to join Bitbillions as a founder with STP, Payza, LibertyReserve, Paypal, Egopay, OKPay, Perfect Money Etc. click hereFor a step by step guide on how to create a blockchain online wallet click here