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  • 1. SEASONAL TREATS: 15 RECIpES TO TICkLE YOUR TASTE BUdSGet Fresh!For people passionate about pure food, health and living life to the full 13 ideas to spice up your diet What the Government don’t want New year, you to know new you? Winter Winter 2011 UK £3.95 US $7.95 warmers 12 74470 23470 8 Ways to keep the chills at bay 0 ALSO IN THIS ISSUE: RESTAURANT & RETREAT REvIEwS ❥ STOp SmOkINg ❥ CHILdHOOd ILLNESSES1
  • 2. A Day with Dr Brian ClementAt this information-packed event you will: learn from one of the worlds leading experts on the living foods diet and lifestyle. There will also be ample time for questions. Brian Clement is director of the Hippocrates Health spend a day among like-minded people. Institute in Florida – the be able to buy many products from The Fresh complementary healing centre that was voted no 1 medical Network’s online store at amazing discounts of spa in the world by the up to 20%. prestigious Spa Magazine.BOOK NOW! After a sold-out event last June, we are excited to welcome back this world-renowned expert from the Hippocrates HealthSunday, June 17 2012 Institute in Florida. Brian has spent the past three decades conducting ground-breaking research into nutrition and11:30am to 3:30pm health, ensuring that what he shares is always right at theFriends House cutting edge.173-177 Euston Road, London NW1 2BJ Those of you who have heard Brian speak before will(Opposite Euston’s rail and tube stations) know that his knowledge and passion for this subject know no bounds. This is what makes him one of the mostDoors open at 10.30am and close at 5pm sought-after speakers in the elds of optimum nutrition andTickets at £27.00 each holistic health today. And like all of our events this one will be a fabulousBuy your ticket opportunity to meet like-minded people and also to takeOnline: advantage of some very special offers in the Fresh NetworkBy phone: +44 (0)845 833 7017 store.Bookings are non-refundable but can be transferred The agenda for the dayto a third party upon request. Doors open at 10:30 - get there for then and youll have an hour before the start of the lecture to browse, shop, buy a raw brunch, meet old friends and/or make new ones. Lecture from 11:30-3:30 - with a lunch break in the middle. Fresh gourmet raw salads and other raw options will be available to purchase. Venue open until 5pm - giving you more time after the lecture to shop, eat and mingle at a leisurely pace. Order NOW to secure your place at this unique event.
  • 3. Get Fresh! Winter 2011Contents Main Features12 The law, RDAs and our nutrition29 13 ways to spice up your diet42 Baby, it’s cold outside 32 In This Issue18 Wake up to 201216 New year, new you21 Herbal medicine – Centre for Naturopathic Medicine22 Back to basics24 Over 50 and raw32 Pollen – the original superfood?35 Stop smoking easily36 Treating childhood illnesses the natural way38 My journey back to health 4040 Why we don’t need nuts44 The universal scale of nutrition46 Diet essentials48 Review: Evoke your senses retreat50 Review: Manna from heaven?68 A week in the life of… a first-time detoxer Regulars5 Editor’s letter 11 Your opinions6 What’s new 50 Subscribe to your910 Events Get writing! favourite raw treat 55 Recipes 42 70 Next issue 3
  • 4. Some Of Our Guests Come To Heal. Some Come To Learn.. . .Others Come Simply For e Pools. We believe that whatever reason brings you here is a good one, because once you arrive, you’ll realize you’re going to receive all of the above and more. You cannot help but heal in the atmosphere we’ve created and with life-changing lectures and classes all day long, you’re sure to learn, maybe a little more than you thought possible. We also have world-class raw organic cuisine, prepared fresh daily with love by our expert kithen staff. But we’re quite sure our amazingly theraputic pool and sauna area, complete with tropical hot tub, exhilarating chill pool, healing mineral bath and far infra-red sauna, will definitely top the list of things that make your Hippocrates experience a memorable one. • Delicious Organic Living Foods • Life Changing Lectures • Wheatgrass & Juice Therapies • Medical & Dark Field Analysis • Exercise Classes - Group & Individual • Yoga, Meditation & Qigong • Ozonated Pools, Saunas & Spas • Skilled Professional Massage Therapists • Hyperbaric Therapies • Diapulse • Immune System Building IV Therapies • Aqua Chi • Oxygen Therapy Procedures • Medical & Nutritional Counseling • Psychological Counseling & Mind Mastery • Electromagnetic, Turbosonic & Vibrosaun • Store & Gift Shop with Books, Music & DVD’s + A Complete Line of Organic Supplements & Organic Essential Oils and Make Up Call today for a free brochure and DVD, toll-free 1-800-842-2125 or visit us on the web Executive - Chef Ken Blue 1443 Palmdale Court • West Palm Beach, Florida prepares raw pizzas for a Friday 561-471-8876 night dinner.
  • 5. Winter 2011 Published by thefreshnetwork Director Cary Kikis Editor Lisa Clatworthy Design Printer Warners Cover Supri Suharjoto Contact detailsWelcome Get Fresh! magazine, The Fresh Network, Unit 4, Aylsham Business Estate, Aylsham, Norfolk NR11 6SZ Editorial enquiries lisa.clatworthy@fresh-network.comFood, it’s certainly a hot topic. Every social event, every +44 (0)845 833 7017newspaper article, TV advert and conversation seems to be aboutfood. We are obsessed by it! Advertising enquiries We’re told what to eat, when to eat, even how to eat, and now Aleksandra Hardbattlethe UK Government wants to curb what we’re told about it. Under +44 (0)845 833 7017proposed new legislation, details of the vitamin and mineral aleksandra@fresh-network.comcontent of our food and information about food supplements areall threatened. Read Dr Rob Verkerk’s article on page 12 to find This magazine is printed on environmentally friendly paper producedout more and, more importantly, find out what you can do to from a sustainable source.prevent this clampdown on information. SUBSCRIBE As Get Fresh! readers and raw foodists, you know better than SEE PAGE 54 FOR DETAILS CALL +44 (0)845 833 7017most about important good, healthy food is. So food isn’t so VISIT FRESH-NETWORK.COMmuch an obsession as an important component of our beings. Youunderstand that what we eat affects every aspect of our lives, andyou appreciate the myriad ways that many people approach food.And at this time of year, that approach is often a full-on, ‘noholds barred’ one. Watching everyone around you indulge in an The Get Fresh! Philosophyunhealthy, greedy food fest can be dispiriting and disheartening. The Get Fresh! philosophy, while focusing on diet,But this year, take heart because we’ve some great ideas for you acknowledges that true health is about much moreto enjoy this festive season. From preparing for all the wonderful than food. It encourages each reader to seek, learn and discover what works best for them as an individual, onopportunities the new year may bring, to tasty, seasonal recipes to all levels – mind, body, spirit and emotions. If you’reprepare and enjoy, we’ve got it covered. So turn over, read on and interested in including more raw foods in your diet,have yourself a merry Christmas and a healthy new year. having more energy, living more consciously, or are already living the lifestyle, Get Fresh! is for you! Lisa Disclaimer All recommendations featured in Get Fresh! magazine are for information purposes only and not intended to replace appropriate care from a Lisa Clatworthy qualified practitioner. Editor © The Fresh Network Ltd, 2011. Reproduction of any of the contents of this magazine in any manner is prohibited without the prior consent of the publisher. 5
  • 6. Quotes of Detox at the quarter Danesfield If you’re lucky enough to find a Danesfield Spa trip in your Christmas stocking, you’re in “Governments tend for a double treat. While enjoying your yoga to restrict themselves or pilates weekend, you can also enjoy a Purifyne Juice Detox plan. to the ‘cornflakes’ list, Purifyne’s plans are now available the limited essential at Danesfield House Hotel and Spa, vitamins and minerals Buckinghamshire. Find out more at and added to breakfast cereals in an attempt to give kids that ‘healthy start’ to the day.” Pure and Dr Robert Verkerk urges us to object to the UK Government’s attempts to limit the beautiful information about our food and nutrients Natural and organic is a good starting freely available to the public. Find out description for Pure Halal Beauty’s products, more on page 12. but it doesn’t tell the whole story. They are also halal certified, suitable for vegans and vegetarians, not tested on animals, contain “Let’s go back to why plant actives and botanical extracts, and are free from parabens, artificial colours you bother with eating and fragrances, and phtalates. All that and a lot of live raw foods, bottled in recyclable packaging too! and put up with not Pure Halal Beauty is the brainwave of Rose Brown. A vegetarian herself, Rose being able to grab started her business as a result of her ethical a bite in every high beliefs and her dissatisfaction with many beauty products. Now she runs an online street, needing to store and recently opened her first shop in organise your organic Birmingham. Check it out for yourself at supplies in advance, and And use the code ‘fresh15’ to nab yourself spending time every a 15% discount, exclusive to Get Fresh! day scrubbing veggies, readers. juicing and blending smoothies.” Join Elaine Bruce on page 23 to remember Salty tales So are rock and sea salts healthier than table salt? For years, this has been the opinion of many, but now the Consensus why we eat raw. Action on Salt and Health (CASH) is disputing this idea. Professor Graham MacGregor of Wolfson Institute of “My adult life has been Preventive Medicine is chairman of CASH. He calls chefs’ promotion of sea and rock salt as healthier alternatives one of starve then eat, to table salt “disgraceful”, going on to say, “the most and repeat. Not bulimia, important message is that you don’t need to add a chemical [sodium chloride] to your food. Food without salt tastes just constant dieting for much better. There’s quite enough already present in fruit, any event, occasion, my vegetables, meat and fish.” own self worth (!) and Research for Which? and CASH found no chemical difference between regular table salt and costly gourmet, then the reward of food sea and rock salt brands. They say they all contain almost afterwards.” 100% sodium chloride and are equally damaging to health in On page 24, you can share Helen Kirby large quantities. Eating a lot of salt is linked with high blood Roach’s story of finding serenity and pressure, strokes, heart failure and heart disease. peace with food and her body when she Some gourmet salt producers are fighting back. Romi Alexander of So Natural, the discovered raw food three years ago. supplier of Himalayan Crystal Salt, describes table salt as “a highly refined, processed white substance that’s devoid of nutrients”. What do you think? Join in the debate on The Fresh Network’s blog.6
  • 7. WHAT’S NEW? Cheap as chips? The Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC) recently hit the headlines by claiming that a mid-Victorian dish is currently the cheapest. Renowned Victorian cook Mrs Beeton promoted the delicacy in her famous Book of Household Management. The delicacy in question? Two slices of buttered bread around a slice of toast, seasoned to taste. At just 7.5p, the sandwich offers about 330 calories – less if you replace the butter with margarine. The RSC is offering a £200 prize to anyone who can create a cheaper alternative. Surely, we can come up with something cheaper, healthier and raw?Did you know…? Win a rawChlorella is the only plant on the planet that can quadruple itsgrowth in just one day? Pretty amazing, isn’t it? So just imaginewhat an amazing effect it can have on your health. Enjoy a mouthful of life! masterclass! Take Chlorella Manna and let its micronutrients work to helpyour body recover from its ailments, so you can focus on what’simportant to you. Chlorella efficiently cleanses your system ofheavy metals, including mercury. Its outer cell binds with the metal, The Raw Deli is challenging Get Fresh! readers to come up with ancarrying it safely out of your body. innovative and inspiring raw recipe.Try it during December and get a great discount at If you come up with the most original, tasty and recipe you’ll win a masterclass at The Raw Deli. See the website at to find out about the magical classes on offer. Your recipe must include celeriac, and a maximum of five main ingredients. It will be judged on presentation (20%), taste (50%) and originality (30%). Silvia from The Raw Deli and the Get Fresh team will be the judges – and their words are final! Send your recipe complete with precise measurements (cups, spoons etc) and instructions to Get Fresh at the usual postal address, or email Please include a photo of your dish. The closing date is midnight on 15 January 2012. Don’t forget to read the small print before you send in your entry. Good luck! The small print... In addition to the main ingredients, you can use up to 1 tablespoon of any other ingredients. The recipe must be a raw and vegan, with no more than 10% of the ingredients heated above 45°C. Other ingredients which we will accept that aren’t raw would be things like: miso paste, vanilla extracts, soy sauce, etc. Highly processed, refined ingredients, such as white sugar, aren’t allowed. It must be your recipe and not taken from a reputable raw chef’s book or website.Are you the next Let’s party Raw parties with a twist are on offer at Snowsfields Wellness inHot Raw Chef? London. Their very own raw chocolatier, Emma Mihill is hosting raw chocolate making parties. Perfect for hen or stag parties, birthdaysIf you are, you could be sharing in the $3500 prizes up for grabs in and corporate events, a party gives you a chance to make and takethe Sweet Valentine Video Recipe Contest. home your very own raw chocolates and puddings. Entering couldn’t be simpler. Just record yourself creating your “Anyone can make chocolate,” says Emma, “but not everyonelow-glycemic, gluten-free Sweet Valentine recipe and send it in. uses premium quality, un-heated, natural cacao beans that actuallyYour video must be five minutes or less, and you don’t have to be benefit health. The ingredients I use not only create chocolate withthe next Spielberg. The video isn’t judged on production quality or a beautiful, smooth rich flavour, but each ingredient has its owncamera work, it’s all about the recipe. health giving properties.” So register now – plus you get an e-book simply for registering! – So if you fancy making your own raw goodies, while enjoyingand get your submission in between 2 and 18 January. a sociable evening, get in touch with Visit for more details. Parties can be held on Friday evenings, Saturdays or Sundays, with a minimum of five and a maximum of 15 participants. 7
  • 8. 8
  • 9. EVENTS, RETREATS, CLASSES & COURSESSaturday 7 January Imagine indulging in a fabulous, fun-filled with a raw diet, come and join SaskiaLife Transformer: Non Rice Risotto weekend with great friends, inspiring for this inspiring and motivating recipeand Epicurean Fruit Salad information and transformative activities. For demonstration day. This workshop is perfectClophill Centre for Complimentary more information, visit for beginners and those who would like rawTherapies, Bedfordshire inspiration. For full details and to book visitPart of the Life Transforming Programme or call Saskia onfrom Sparkling Energy. Find out more at Saturday 4 February (repeated 11 February, 0117 902 or email Ann in Somerset)Peckham Raw Food Made Easy with Lunch 20-22 April Harts Barn Cookery School, Longhope, Foraging with Robin HarfordMonday 16 January Gloucestershire Sussex(and again Monday 27 February) For further information or to book email: Join us for a residential weekend detox6 Weeks to More Energy and Loving retreat in the Sussex downs and countrysidethe Skin You’re In! foraging for wild and free plants, cleansingThis internet and phone-based group detox Sunday 12 February your body and rejuvenating your spirit.gets you feeling completely confident with Advanced Raw Chocolate For more information, visit www.raw food. On this programme, Saskia, the The Vegetarian Cookery School, Bath idetoxholidays.comUK’s raw food body-mind-spirit coach, Filled chocolates, truffles, pralines,offers expert raw food guidance, weekly tempering techniques, and much more Saturday 21 Aprilmenu plans, recipes and shopping lists so on this one-day course, which covers Raw Food for Spring & Summeryou can easily enjoy getting established professional chocolate making. Visit workshopwith raw food in your daily life. Suitable for Ooosha’s site and sign up for the newsletter Bristolbeginners and those with experience. For to keep up to date with classes and free Are you ready to be more raw this springmore info and to book your place visit www. recipes: and summer? Inspiration and motivation, call Saskia on +44 at hand! For full details and to book visit(0)117 902 9398 or for a free telephone 13-17 February (repeated 12-17 March) or call Saskia onconsultation visit Spring detox retreats 0117 902 9398 Ludlow, ShropshireWednesday 18 January (closing date) Plan your spring retreat with us now. 23-27 AprilHot Raw Chef competition Spring’s the perfect time to detox and Practitioner trainingEverywhere rejuvenate. A therapeutic course, it is Ludlow, ShropshireTurn to page 7 or visit www.HotRawChef. designed to start you on your healing The first certificated practitioner trainingcom for details on how to enter and win! journey, and begin your gentle nature courses for Living Foods, the only courses of detoxing, while having fun and learning their kind in Europe, focusing on living foodSaturday 21 January how to put together delicious healthy meals within a therapeutic context for healingEnergise and Revitalise in the Living Kitchen. For more information, oneself and others. For more informationHertfordshire visit visit one-day course from Get Fresh contributorand author, Janey Lee Grace focusing on NIA Friday 17 February Sunday 17 June(Non Impact Aerobics) dance and a sound (repeated Saturday 31 March) A Day with Dr Brian Clementhealing Gong Bath. For more information Raw food master class Friends House, Londonvisit Guildford, Surrey Learn from one of the world’s leading Leading chef, Silvia Clausin of The Raw experts on the living foods diet and lifestyle,Saturday 28 January Deli encourages and motivates you with spend a day among like-minded people, andLife Transformer: Raw Curry and skills and knowledge in your health journey enjoy amazing discounts of up to 20% onCoconut Rice with raw food training. Reconnect with the products from The Fresh Network’s store. ForClophill Centre for Complimentary seasons by using local and seasonal food, further details visit www.fresh-network.Therapies, Bedfordshire learn new skills and have loads of fun. For com or call 0845 833 7017Part of the Life Transforming Programme more information go to www.TheRawDeli.from Sparkling Energy. Find out more at or call Silvia on 07854029391 Summer or email Ann Well-being at seaPeckham Saturday 24 & Sunday 25 February Göltürkbükü, Bodrum, Turkey Advanced Raw Chocolate Starting summer 2012, TheLifeco willSaturday 28 January Wicklow, Ireland be providing seven-day detoxes aboardFermentation: A Masterclass See entry for Sunday 12 February or visit its Lagoon 620 catamaran. ProgrammesEast Sussex are tailor made and designed to fit theJo Balfe and Amy Levin team up to bring specifications of the customers. For moreyou the most informative and complete Saturday 10 March information, please contact us at info@fermentation class in the UK. Learn recipes Further Adventures in Raw Foods thelifeco.comand techniques for fruit and veggies to nuts Tracebridge Sourdough, Somerset All details are correct at time ofand water. Fermentation is great for your For further information or to book email: going to press but may be subject tohealth and a fantastic way of preserving change so please check direct with theseasonal produce. Visit   organisers.for more detailed information. Saturday 10 March An Introduction to Raw Food To enquire about advertising your class,3-5 February Bristol course, workshop, retreat, festival oriDetoxHolidays with Kate Magic If you’re curious about raw food or other event in a future issue of GetSussex would like to know how to get started Fresh!, contact aleksandra@fresh- 9
  • 10. GET WRITING! Did you like what you read in our last issue? Did it inspire Letter of the quarter Teenage role model you, help you or make you think? Did you read something that you disagree with? Then We just received the Summer issue. Thanks so much! It’s perfect!  write in to let us know – we’d My 18-year old daughter (who has love to hear from you. been following a raw diet since age 15) is creating a juice feasting programme in collaboration with a beautiful (relatively Send letters for publication to new) yoga studio and innovative health lisa.clatworthy@fresh-network. centre here in Geneva. The mag issue has com. Each quarter we award a very interesting articles around juicing!  £25 Fresh Network gift voucher My daughter, AJ is amazing - she’s to the writer of the best letter. determined to follow an ethical Get Fresh! reserves the right to lifestyle (wants to save the world with permaculture) and she already has several edit letters as necessary. years experience with the raw food lifestyle (she is 80/10/10 now). I personally think she is a fantastic role model for young people. All the best and thanks again! Caroline Boon (Chanter), email Put down that remote Young at heart I was inspired by Dr Brian Clement in the Autumn Thank you so much for the issue. When he said we must put down the TV remote lovely interview with Mimi Kirk or computer mouse and start getting active, it was as in the Autumn issue. She sounds though he was talking directly to me. just wonderful, and is a real Going green I realised that I come home from work, where I spent inspiration. It’s made me even most of the day mouse in hand, eat and then sit down more determined to keep up in front of the television, remote in hand. I’m wasting with the raw lifestyle. I’m four my body! What good is a raw food diet if I abuse my years into my journey now and it Janey is so right about not just being eco body being so sedentary all the time? warriors at home. For the sake of our just keeps getting better! Now I’m not about to run out, buy lycra and join children and our grandchildren we have to Mimi is so right that we a gym, but I am determined to get moving. So I’ve do all we can, wherever we are to make shouldn’t worry about what sure our wonderful planet is still around for resolved to park the car further from the office so I walk the last bit of the way and I’ve got a lovely we look like on the outside. It’s them to enjoy. colleague who is joining me on walks around the park what’s on the inside that counts. I say, forget silly fads like Take A Dog to at lunchtime. We can never be reminded of Work today, let’s all take a plant and an eco- So, thank you, Dr Clement! that too often! friendly toilet cleaner! Brian Butters, Surrey, UK Joy Page, Cheshire, UK Zara Sides, Nottingham, UK10
  • 11. OPINION!Allergy angstWe’re always told not to believe everything we read– a view that Joy Pope supportsRead the tabloid press in the UK and and what fashion trend to follow this diagnosis and medication could convince yourself that you’re week. As a treat, they’ll show you that this If indeed a diagnosis of an allergy,suffering from a different ailment every day. is the right way to live your life, because intolerance or sensitivity is given by aThankfully, most of the time, the stories in celebrities X and Y do it too. Now, don’t health practitioner, then they’ll usuallythe newspapers are taken out of context you feel good, knowing that? strive to help you prevent symptomsand/or are greatly exaggerated. However, Nearly every week/month, a womens’ occurring, rather than trying to medicateincreasing numbers of pages in the serious magazine will tell you that most of us have you. That’s what’s happened to me in apress and academic journals are given over a food allergy or intolerance; usually the food intolerances and allergies. culprits cited are lactose or dairy in general, Developing asthma in your mid 30s is So what is an intolerance and what is an gluten or wheat, peanuts or tree nuts. annoying to say the least, but apparently,allergy? They also tell us that our children must be according to the NHS, it’s pretty common. Well, if you turn to the NHS for an wrapped in cotton wool, kept germ-free They even have a label for it: late onsetanswer, which the UK population still does and fed medications at every opportunity, asthma. Nice, huh? The allergens thatin droves, you find out that an allergy is because the incidence of allergies in cause my asthma include most grassesthe body’s immune system reacting to children is increasing. and grass pollens, house dust mites, bricka normally harmless substance, while Now there is some truth in all of this. dust, solvents… the list goes on. Whatintolerance is an exaggerated side effect. Just like there is in the tabloid press stories doesn’t cause it, but has an impact, isThe NHS also gives us a third category, – but maybe just a grain. For example, a dairy. So given the prevention rather thansensitivity, which it defines as a substance population study in the UK found that the cure idea, I gave up dairy. I was already acausing unpleasant symptoms, but it prevalence of peanut sensitivity among vegetarian of longstanding, so it wasn’tdoesn’t involve the immune system. It even three-year olds rose from 1.3% in 1989 to a big deal. And the next step, going raw,offers a handy, albeit rough and ready 3.2% in 1995. Note that this is a sensitivity, wasn’t a very big one either I discovered,symptom checker. It’s not failsafe though not an allergic reaction. just a gradual one.– it told me I have a food allergy. I don’t In fact, it is generally held that 1 in 3 So why am telling you all this? Simply(exactly), and I know because I’ve had all of the UK population will suffer an allergic because the media spends a lot of timesorts of tests, both within the NHS and reaction at some point in their life. That telling us what is wrong with us and howwithout. view is supported by the British Allergy to cure it. Really we should be listening to Now, as readers of Get Fresh! we Foundation, which campaigns around health practitioners, both ‘conventional’all know there are numerous other allergy issues and supports sufferers. Again and naturopathic, to find out what’s goingways to find out whether you have an though, read that statement carefully: it’s on and how to put it right.allergy, intolerance or sensitivity. Talk to an allergic reaction, not a last allergy toa nutritionist or naturopath for example, something. This opinion column by Joy is theor try an exclusion diet. For thousands of My cynicism and suspicions here first of many we hope. So if youwomen around the world though, glossy are all around the media talking up the want to comment on a burning issuemagazines have all the answers. incidence and severity of food allergies or have an opinion that deserves to Glossy womens’ magazines tell you and intolerances. I’m not saying that those be read, get in touch. If you want tohow to live your life, right down to the last dealing with eczema and asthma, coeliacs share your thoughts and opinions ondetail – if you let them. They will advise you and nut-allergy sufferers have been taken a topic relevant to Get Fresh!, emailon what and when to eat, how to exercise in by this hype. What I do think is that lisa.clatworthy@fresh-network.comright, the best way to have sex, how to for most of us, we need to take all this and put Opinion in the subject line.raise your children, manage your money with a pinch of salt... and not reach for a 11
  • 12. Why you shouldn’t trust government nutrition advice And why it’s only you that can control your own destiny, by Robert Verkerk PhD, executive and scientific director, Alliance for Natural Health International You can get all you need from your food – right? The catch cry of government authorities the world over is: don’t bother with supplements and herbal remedies – you can get everything you need from your diet. As a scientist, I don’t dispute this, but the operative word in this presumption is ‘can’. Yes, it is theoretically possible, but the reality is that the vast majority of people don’t. But before this advice is dissected any further, it’s essential to determine what is meant by ‘all you need’. Need for what? Governments tend to have a rather conservative way of looking at this, working with nutritional thresholds for a narrow range of essential nutrients, and levels of them that prevent major deficiency diseases, such as scurvy in the case of vitamin C deficiency, rickets for vitamin D, beriberi for thiamine (vitamin B1), pellagra for vitamin B3 (niacin), and so on. Not a single government has set thresholds based on levels required for optimum health, levels established after decades of research and clinical experience. Governments are also reticent to consider the full spectrum of nutrients and micronutrients we know from nutritional science that are vital for our long-term health. They tend to restrict themselves to the ‘cornflakes’ list, the limited essential vitamins and minerals added to breakfast cereals in an attempt to give kids that ‘healthy start’ to the day. But we know that the body needs a lot more than Recommended Daily Allowance (RDAs) hails from the work of just a handful of synthetic vitamins and minerals if it’s to grow, Dr Emanual Cheraskin, professor emeritus at the University of develop, function and age in a manner that befits our genetic Alabama Medical School in the USA. He developed what are potential. referred to as Suggested Optimal Nutrition Allowance (SONAs), which were the result of decades of evaluation of those with a How much is enough? healthy diet. He long criticised the proponents of RDAs, claiming The debate over ‘how much’ has raged for decades. One of these figures were derived mainly from studies of sick animals! the most sustained positions for higher than government’s Table 1 contrasts the existing EU RDAs with SONAs and12
  • 13. Table 1. Comparison of current EU Recommended Daily Allowancesprovides some interesting insights. Interestingly, unlike the RDAs, (RDAs) and Suggested Optimum Nutritional Allowances (SONAs) recom-Dr Cheraskin’s SONAs aren’t indicative of suggested total intake mended for supplemental intake [reference 1].amounts, but actually those amounts that most adults benefitfrom taking in the form of vitamin and mineral supplements, in Suggestedaddition to the amounts found in food. This, of course, puts into Optimum Nutritionalperspective just how low the amounts in the RDAs are, and it’s EU labelling RDA Allowanceno wonder they have been the subject of criticism by so many (2009) (SONA)nutritional clinicians over the years. VITAMINS In a review paper [2] of methods being used by the Europeanauthorities to limit maximum doses of supplements that I published Vitamin A (Retinol, 3,750 to 7,500with a colleague, Dr Steve Hickey, in 2010, this nutritional gap including from carotenoids) 800 µg RE µg REwas again emphasised. We found that in a typical healthy day’s Vitamin C 80 mg 750 to 1,500 mgeating, the RDA would be considerably exceeded. For example, 12.5 – 25 µgwe found intakes for vitamin A to be nearly 10-fold the RDA, for Vitamin D 5 µg (200 IU) (500 to 1,000 IU)folate the amount was nearly 8-fold and niacin almost 4-fold. Forthe minerals zinc and selenium, the amounts found in a typical 200 to 400 mg Vitamin E 12 mg (natural)healthy day’s eating were 2.5 and 3.6 times greater than theRDA amounts, respectively (see Table 2). We also compared the Vitamin B1 (thiamin) 1.1 mg 12.5 to 25 mgamounts in a single junk food meal, and found by and large these Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) 1.4 mg 12.5 to 25 mgamounts to be much closer to the RDA. Does this mean that the Vitamin B3 (niacin) 16 mg NE 50 to 100 mgvitamins and minerals in a single junk food meal are closer towhat is needed? The answer from empirical data and years of Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) 6 mg 100 to 200 mgclinical experience is: Absolutely not! It is becoming increasing Vitamin B6 (pyridoxine) 1.4 mg 12.5 to 25 mgapparent that the healthiest people (those with the lowest rates of Vitamin B12 2.5 µg 125 to 250 mcgchronic disease) are those who not only have the healthiest dietsand lifestyles, but those who also take supplements. We were Folate (folic acid*, 400 to 800 µg tetrahydrofolate) 200 µg*reminded of this fact in the results of a recently published study,the Iowa Women’s Health Study [3]. Summarising, to approximate Vitamin K 75 µg not setthe total intakes that lead to optimum health, one might consider Biotin 50 µg 75 to 150 mcgthe levels proposed by Dr Cheraskin, in addition to those found in Bioflavonoid complex not set 400 to 800 mgour own analysis (Table 2). Rutin not set 50 to 100 mgSo much more than just vitamins and minerals Hesperidin complex - 50 to 100 mgThe nutritional sciences are among the fastest growing areas ofhealthcare research. It’s only a pity so little of it gets implementedin every day healthcare management through general practitioners, COFACTORSor in hospitals. As agreed by the World Health Organization Choline not set 100 to 200 mg(WHO), the ‘Big 5’ killer – chronic diseases, cancer, heart disease, PABA not set 50 to 100 mgdiabetes obesity and osteoporosis – are caused largely byinappropriate diets and inadequate physical activity [4]. Inositol not set 100 to 200 mg These diseases have one common thread. That thread isinflammation. The problem is that poor diets, and insufficient MINERALSphysical activity, contribute to ongoing, low-grade inflammationthat, as we get older, predisposes us to disease. These Calcium 800 mg 350 to 700 mgdegenerative, but largely preventable, diseases can be manifested Magnesium 375 mg 175 to 350 mgin different ways, in different systems and in different organs, but Copper 1000 µg 0.1 to 0.2 mgultimately their root cause is similar. There is often a trigger or amediator that leads to the clinical manifestation of symptoms of Iodine 150 µg 125 to 250 mgthese diseases, and our healthcare system spends the greater part Iron 14 mg 15 to 30 mgof its budget each year managing them. Far too little is done to Manganese 2 mg 5 to 10 mgprevent the diseases occurring in the first place – and it is onlywith attention to diet, physical activity and reduction of stress — Phosphorous 700 mg 100 to 200 mgincluding chemical stress from the environment, as well as the Potassium 2000 mg 90 to 180 mgmore recognised psychosocial forms — that we can yield results. Selenium 55 µg 50 to 100 mcg To do this, we don’t need to wait for someone in a white coatto tell us what we do – the biggest changes happen simply by Zinc 10 mg 25 to 50 mgchanging how we live our lives, how we eat, how we rest and Boron not set not setrelax, and in what forms of physical, mental or even spiritual Chromium 40 µg 50 to 100 mcgpractices we engage. When it comes to diet, it is the plant Molybdenum not set 50 to 100 mcgkingdom that has, over the course of our evolution, provided 13
  • 14. us with the bulk of what we need. Table 2. Selected nutrient content comparisons between a single ‘average’ meal and one day’s Unsurprisingly, governments listen to the ‘healthy’ diet based on Food Standards Agency healthy eating guidelines. Nutrient contents de- medics and dieticians when developing rived from USDA National Nutrient Database (Source: Verkerk and Hickey, 2010 [reference 2]). nutritional recommendations. This situation Vit Vit Vit Food Vit A Folate Vit E Zn Mg Se Fe results in inadequate and even incorrect B1 B2 B3 guidance like the UK National Health mg mg µg RE mg mg µg mg mg µg mg Service (NHS) ‘eatwell plate’ and the US NE α-TE Department of Agriculture (USDA) food Single average meal plate (Table 1). These guidelines reflect the footprint of Big Food, they over-emphasise 300g pork sausage 36 0.88 0.59 18.77 9 1.65 6.24 51 0 4.08 the importance of grains and (processed) 250g oven chips 0 0.32 0.08 5.55 70 0.28 0.95 65 1 1.85 dairy, while recommending all foods in moderation – even the harmful ones. Such 200g peas 210 0.56 0.2 2.96 118 0.06 1.34 44 2 3.04 diets do little to stem the tide towards 150g baked beans 8 0.23 0.09 0.65 36 0.23 2.1 48 7 0.44 inflammatory conditions that lie behind the ‘Big 5’ killer diseases. 25ml ketchup 12 0 0.03 0.36 3 0.37 0.07 5 0 0.13 Total 266 1.99 0.99 28.29 236 2.59 10.7 213 10 9.54 Why it’s in your hands Not only are governments giving us less than ideal advice, they are trying to restrict One day healthy diet information about healthy foods, the amounts of vitamins and minerals, and Starchy foods the type and range of botanicals we can take as food supplements. In the case of 100g muesli 164 0.91 1.03 12.15 243 7.2 3.65 78 17.3 8.75 the first two of these areas, the legislation Wholemeal bread 0 0.15 0.07 2.1 39 0.19 0.88 41 17.1 1.30 has yet to be fully implemented, but it’s (2 slc) already in the EU and UK statute books. 100g brown rice 0 0.10 0.03 1.53 4 0.03 0.63 43 9.8 0.42 D-day for implementation is 2012, but the 2 red potatoes precise dates have yet to be agreed by the 6 0.43 0.30 9.54 161 0.24 2.39 167 4.8 4.19 (baked) authorities. At the Alliance for Natural Health, we Fruit & vegetables are at the forefront of trying to influence 2 apples 11 0.06 0.1 0.33 11 0.66 0.15 18 0.0 0.44 the passage of these laws. You’ll find a lot of information about our various 3 oranges 61 0.48 0.22 1.56 166 0.99 0.39 55 2.8 0.55 campaigns on our website www.anh- 50g parsley 253 0.05 0.06 0.79 91 0.45 0.64 30 0.1 3.72, as well as how you can get involved. Ultimately, we need to ensure 1 nectarine 24 0.45 0.04 1.60 7 1.09 0.24 13 0.0 0.40 that the individual has the right to self- 1 lime 1 0.02 0.13 0.13 5 0.15 0.07 4 0.3 0.40 care, using natural means. From a dietary perspective, this might involve a diverse, Table 2. Selected nutrient content comparisons between a single ‘average’ meal and one day’s ‘healthy’ diet based on Food Standards Agency healthy eating guidelines. Nutrient natural, uncontaminated diet, free from contents derived from USDA National Nutrient Database (Source: Verkerk and Hickey, 2010 contamination by genetically modified [reference 2]). organisms (GMOs) or synthetic chemicals — something that’s becoming increasingly 100g red grapes 3 0.07 0.07 0.19 2 0.19 0.07 7 0.1 0.36 hard to guarantee. Alternatively, it may be 100g blackberries 11 0.02 0.02 0.65 25 1.17 0.53 20 0.4 0.62 the best diet manageable, with support from some high-quality food supplements. This is where ‘people power’ comes in. Our joint objective – nothing less – must References Mursu J, Robien K, Harnack LJ, Park K, be to curb the might of the European Cheraskin, E. Diet and Supplementation: Jacobs DR Jr. Dietary Supplements and Union (EU), the world’s largest trading Keys to Optimal Health. International Mortality Rate in Older Women: The Iowa bloc, when it comes to our food choices. Academy of Science. Womens Health Study. Arch Intern Med. This is no meagre task when one considers Verkerk RH, Hickey S. A critique of 2011; 171(18): 1625-33. the EU is influenced by some of the prevailing approaches to nutrient risk World Health Organization. Global strategy largest corporations in the world. But, analysis pertaining to food supplements on diet, physical activity and health. 2004. I’m sure you’ll agree, we owe it to future with specific reference to the EU. WHO, Geneva. generations. Toxicology. 2010; 278(1): 17-26.14
  • 15. This? Or this? C M The choice is yours. Y Become part of the fastest growing campaign to protect your right to natural health and self-care using productsCMMY of nature. Your right to manage your health naturally isCYCMY K deeply theatened by senseless over-regulation from Brussels, and greedy corporations. Sign up for our free weekly eAlerts at and become friends on Share vital campaign information and calls to action via your social networks. Crunch time has arrived! Make a di erence NOW, for your sake and that of future generations. T 01306 646 600 E
  • 16. Wake up to 2012 Caroline Shola Arewa looks forward to the changes that the new year can herald T he long-awaited 2012 is upon us and I am not According to the Dendera zodiac of the ancient Egyptians, 2012 talking about the Olympics. I am talking about the marks the end of the procession of the equinox, which occurred many ancient prophecies that cite 2012 as a major between 2004 and 2012. This zodiac shows the Piscean Age turning point for humankind. There are numerous ending as we approach the Aquarian Age – the age of Hapi, God interpretations ranging from the apocalyptic to the of the Nile River. Hapi represents unity, connecting upper and truly transformative. Should we survive the threat of the world lower Egypt. Hapi also symbolises the union of our higher and ending and other prophecies, we can expect 2012 to be an lower selves. extraordinary year, a powerful and auspicious time of awakening In the yogic tradition, this present time is known as Kali Yuga, a and transformation. time of destruction and turbulence, characterised by moral descent Endings signal new beginnings and all new beginnings follow and spiritual weakness. Interestingly this age started around the an end. The word apocalypse comes from the Greek apokálypsis, same time as the 13th B’ak’tun. They may have started together, meaning a revelation, to reveal something previously disclosed. but they end far apart. It seems Kali Yuga is set to continue for Transformation means moving from one form to another. How some time yet. we interpret the year ahead makes little difference. We may see The galactic alignment theory is where science and mysticism destruction or creation; they are two sides of the same coin. They meet. Galactic alignment is a significant astrological event taking share the same energy, like the end of pregnancy and the birth of place every 26,000 years. It takes about seven years to complete. new life. What really matters is the potential and the opportunity The earth passes through the black hole at the centre of the milky to embrace something different. way. This brings the earth, the sun and the centre of our milky way, itself an active galaxy, into alignment. Such an event has a The prophecies powerful gravitational pull on our planet, disturbing its stability. The best-known prophecy comes from the Mayan calendar. It is Hence all the weather changes, earthquakes and devastation thought the calendar and consequently the world come to an end we have seen. Back in 1955 Einstein predicted that a pole shift on 21st December 2012, with the completion of the great period could occur around the end of 2012 where the North and South of 13 B’ak’tuns. The Ancients believed that all creation and people Poles would rapidly move, causing a catastrophic effect around of the world would be annihilated on the last day of the 13th the entire globe, this scientific understanding coincides with the B’ak’tun. This period was predicted by the Mayans as a time of Mayan prophecies. However we choose to view things, 2012 is a major conflict and change. momentous time for planetary and personal shifts.16
  • 17. Even Hollywood has created movies that propagate the fears,excitement and buzz surrounding 2012. So what does it allmean? Is there a reason the United Nations General Assemblytermed 2012 the year of cooperatives? Are New Age thinkers on “We are taking part inthe right track, believing this to be a time of major accelerationand movement that will propel us from the war torn energies a spiritual revolution,of destruction and fear into the expansive loving energy ofcompassion and heart-centred living? From my work in spiritual a transformation ofand personal development and extensive research into the humanenergy system and human behaviour, I see this time as the dawn consciousness”of a new consciousness. 2012 provides an opportunity to createunity consciousness. intelligence can also support us in changing the world in whichTransformation of consciousness we live, as we welcome in an age of unity consciousness. We areWe are standing at the crossroads of major transformation. Our expanding our awareness of who we are and developing new waysplanet is crying out in pain as the mighty winds of change blow of being. We are standing at the edge and unity consciousness isup a powerful storm. Our world is in the midst of chaos and emerging as a viable way forward. The planet and her people are onconfusion. As we seek solutions, we come face to face with the this edge, as if taking part in an initiation, a time of challenge andpart we each play in this global chaos. We become aware of fear for survival. We can remain stuck in war and power issues orour alienation from nature, our divorce from religion and our choose love and a transformation of consciousness. Will we makedependence on technology. We see relationships failing, creativity it? Will we survive? I believe so, but only if we make wise choices.sidelined and money ruling. We feel the stresses, suffer thediseases and watch the disintegration of qualities we hold dear like What can you do?peace and harmony. We all have a responsibility to wake up and be the very best we Yet out of darkness comes light and out of chaos comes order. can be. This time of transformation and awakening is the perfectWe want our lives to improve and we want the world to be a opportunity to let go of the old and herald in a powerful newbetter place. As we seek to transform ourselves, we change the energy. Answering the questions below only takes a few minutesworld. As Ghandi proclaimed “be the change you want to see”. and the clarity gained will motivate and uplift your energy for the Over the last 20 years I have seen a steady increase of coming souls opting for more meaningful lifestyles. Lifestylesthat take the planet, its wildlife and its people, far and wide, • What have you achieved in 2011?into account; conscious living, raw food diets, buying fair trade, • Identify what you appreciate in your life right now?supporting causes concerned with the elimination of povertyand making small moves towards global change. More and more An attitude of gratitude revitalises energy.people are choosing lifestyles that favour personal health and • What do you need to release?not just company wealth. Talk of work/life balance, emotional • Is there anything in your life that no longer serves you?intelligence, family values and personal leadership are allcommonplace. This shift demonstrates a greater awareness of self This is the time to let it go.and highlights the fact that we do have choices and we can be • What is your vision and life purpose for 2012?responsible for our actions and the impact they have on both our • What is emerging in your life?immediate environment and the world at large. • What is your heart’s desire for the year ahead? This shift leads me to believe we are taking part in a spiritual Clarity makes your dreams reality. Start 2012 clear, creative andrevolution, a transformation of consciousness; an awakening energised.envisaged by the ancients and depicted on the earliest calendarsof the Egyptians and the Mayans. As the procession of the equinox I trust this present time of awakening will bring a major shift inpulls us into the Age of Aquarius, we are experiencing great the collective soul consciousness of humankind. Through unityplanetary change and political instability. Both threaten global consciousness, we have the potential to wake up, create lives ofdestruction and extinction of the human race, as predicted. love and harmony and live in a global village we can all be proud The threat of the unknown is a wake-up call inviting us to to call home.transform ourselves and in so doing enhance our world. Manypeople are now answering this calling. As the human potential Caroline Shola Arewamovement, once the domain of the enlightened few expands and is the founder and director of the Energymatures, we are seeing people willing to take responsibility for 4 Life programme and the author oftheir lives and the environment we live in. Many of us are willing to four books. She is a spiritual coach, yogamake changes, willing to be the change a spiritual revolution calls master and humanistic psychologist withfor. We are part of a revolution, a movement of rapid change and over 20 years experience helping peoplerotation that is taking us back to review the ways of old. We have make important life changes. For furtherthe opportunity, more now than ever, to tap into a vast reservoir information, visit orof spiritual intelligence. This powerful source can help us redesign call +44 (0)845 130 1918.our lives creating more health, happiness and success. Spiritual 17
  • 18. Reprogram your subsconscious Change your lifeInnerTalk is a “mind-training technology” designed to helpyou rewrite your subconscious thoughts. All you need is aCD player. InnerTalk works well for everyone because it isnot hypnotic and is simplicity itself to use. You just needto press play! You don’t need headphones nor even to payattention. The positive affirmations will flow silently intoyour subconscious, positioned by the InnerTalk patentedtechnology into your mind – technology that has beenproven effective in numerous studies.How does InnerTalk work?The patented science behind Innertalk operates on theunderstanding that to change behaviour, you first have tochange the information stored in the subconscious part ofthe brain. This may sound easy but you can’t just tell yoursubconscious to think differently and expect life-changingresults. You must find a way to counteract those subconsciousthoughts and introduce different thoughts for yoursubconscious to use. InnerTalk technology taps directly intoyour subconscious, thereby changing your limiting beliefsfrom the inside out. InnerTalk also taps into our natural human ability toabsorb information even when we’re not thinking about it.On the surface the programmes sound like any other easylistening music or nature programme. And it couldn’t be easier! However, there is a powerful difference. InnerTalk CDs can be played in the background on any Carefully blended in the background are dynamic regular CD player while the user is working, driving,affirmations such as “I feel good,” and “I am successful”. relaxing, reading, playing sports and even sleeping orWhile the conscious mind enjoys the pleasant music or watching TV.nature sounds, the subconscious mind recognises and They can also be used with a personal CD player whilereceives the powerful, life-changing suggestions. jogging, bike riding or any other activity. No conscious thought or effort is required to produce dramatic, positive and automatic results.With over 200 CDs to choose from, All you need to do is play your chosen InnerTalk CD for atwhatever you are trying to change, least one hour per day. Although results are often noticed sooner, we recommend you listen to your CD for 30 days orthere is one for you. more for maximum enduring effect.   01263 738663 Get inspired. Get healthy. Get Fresh!
  • 19. New year, new you2012 is almost upon us, and a new year often encourages us to rethink ourapproach to life. Janey Lee Grace spurs us onT he start of a new year is a great I expect it to do for me? God knows I invigorating and brings an incredible time to step back, re-evaluate abuse it on occasions with excess food and awareness of your body, which you can and rejuvenate your intentions. drink, a lack of appropriate exercise and carry through into your everyday life. I’m unsure about the concept of appreciation, and how often do I really listen Nia was devised by Debbie and Carlosresolutions as I think that in the very act of to its demands and its needs ? Instead of Rosas from the US. Initially, they createdresolving we can set ourselves up to fail. In spending huge amounts of money signing Nia as barefoot ‘Non Impact Aerobics’,the last couple of years my best intention up for gym membership that you won’t use but it grew to become so much more.has been to aim lower, but to enjoy the or expensive weight loss programmes that Debbie believes that most of us are moremoment. leave you feeling disappointed, I suggest intrinsically involved with our car than we Many of you will know that on his Juice you take a kinder approach to movement are with our bodies, taking our cars fordetox retreats, Jason Vale (see his column and exercise: do whatever feels good for check-ups, MOTs and lovingly cleaning andon page 35) tells a wonderful story of a your body. polishing them, while neglecting our bodieshomeless guy who inspired him. He was until problems force our attention.watching a TV documentary where the film Recently, I tried sitting very still andcrew were following a homeless guy. The letting my busy thoughts drift away, askingcrew were amazed to see him taking care my body what it needs, knowing I mustof himself, eating fresh fruit and veg from "Whether be prepared to act on the answer. I heardthe market, and asking restaurant staff for the word ‘rest’ loud and clear! A completeleftover fish at the end of the evening. The we live in a anathema to me – I’m the queen of rushinginterviewer was incredulous, asking why around and multitasking, but the messageit was so important to him and why he mansion or a was clear. I organised childcare and took offhadn’t given into the temptation of drugs for a night away alone to recuperate. Giveand alcohol like others living on the street. hovel, without yourself a New Year treat, ask your bodyThe guy looked directly at the camera and what it needs and make sure you deliver.said: “If I don’t look after my body, I’ll have excellent healthnowhere to live.” It’s true, isn’t it? Whether we live in a all is not well."mansion or a hovel, without excellent healthin our ultimate ‘home’ – our bodies, all isnot well. But even for those of us who dolook after our bodies, how much do we Janey Leereally connect with them ? To that end I’m fortunate that I’ve recently Grace In a recent Daily Mail article (October discovered Nia, a holistic form of dance, is a Radio 2 host and2011) five women journalists were asked and become a white belt Nia teacher. If you the author of severalto write a letter to their bodies. It made haven’t heard of this incredible movement books on holisticinteresting reading. Several were angry, they form, listen up. It’s a blend of nine different living – including the best-sellingfelt their bodies had let them down, gaining movement forms incorporating dance, Imperfectly Natural Woman. Her latestexcess weight despite their better efforts, martial and healing arts, all done to funky book is Look Great Naturally – Withoutbecoming ill, not allowing them to attract and inspirational music and it’s suitable for Ditching The Lipstick. Visit www.the mates they desired. Only one claimed any fitness level and ability. Described as to browsethat she was ‘thankful’ and loved her body. holistic dance, it uses ‘The Body’s Way’ as Janey’s recommended products. See the It really got me thinking. How much elements of free dance are included and events listing on page 9 for details ofdo I appreciate my body and everything you work to your own ability. It’s amazingly Janey’s Energise and Revitalise day. 19
  • 20. Quality magnet therapy is one of the easiest ways we can enhance our general well-being. It is: • Accepted and used by doctors • A non-invasive, drug-free and clinics world-wide therapy • Safe and effective • AffordableThe Magnessage The Neo Disk The Water CoasterThis device emits a pulsed magnetic A truly remarkable means of Drinking magnetized water isfield that can penetrate 45cms/18 delivering powerful and effective thought to benefit many conditions.inches. Developed to relieve pain magnetic fields to damaged and Any water can be magnetized byand hasten the repair of damaged blocked areas of the body, just placing your jug or glass on thistissue, use 2-3 times daily until relief attach it over the affected area and specially designed magnetic wateris obtained. wait for the results. coaster. Visit our website to request a FREE Micro Neo magnet (you pay only postage) Telephone: 01263 738663 Introduce magnetics into your daily life and feel the difference
  • 21. HerbalmedicineTried-and-tested herbal remedies have been usedfor centuries and they are still as relevant as ever,explains the College of Naturopathic Medicine’sSarah StanburyW e’ve relied on herbal Useful herbal remedies remedies, made with leaves, Many of these are possibly already flowers or plant roots, for part of your daily life, as their usage has centuries. Originating in pre- slipped into modern folklore. For example,Ancient Egyptian times, herbal remedies many people already use peppermint tosteeped in mythological and spiritual beliefs treat an upset stomach or chamomile for its “Herbs work inwere once used in everyday life. Today, calming effect.these same remedies, which have evolved synergy and have aover time, include some of the learned Peppermintwisdom of the past, as well as the benefits A digestive aid, which treats heartburn, particular affinityof modern discoveries. It’s hardly surprising then that every indigestion and nausea. Eucalyptus with variousculture in the world has herbal traditionssomewhere in its make-up. Some of the Clears the nasal passages and makes breathing easier. body systems…world population even use herbal medicineas primary healthcare. But, how does Echinacea Boosts the immune system and has been they strengthenherbal medicine work and why is it sopopular? used traditionally to promote healing and reduce inflammation. the body and its “Herbs work in synergy and havea particular affinity with various body Fennel Used for its anti-spasmodic, analgesic and ability to fight offsystems. When prescribed in the rightquantity and format, they strengthen the diuretic properties. Comfrey disease”body and its ability to fight off disease and A favourite first aid remedy to heal tissue,maintain health,” says Ed Berger, practising bones and cartilage.herbalist and course director of herbalmedicine at the College of Naturopathic Hawthorn Known as the herb for hearts, hawthorn College ofMedicine. “Herbs can treat any condition has a vasodilatory effect. Naturopathic Medicine holds regular open weekends andbut are especially good for any condition Chamomile seminars at its colleges throughoutof the digestive system including things Best known for its calming nervine effects, the UK. They’re free and are perfectlike ulcers, bloating or irritable bowel chamomile is often used to treat anxiety for anyone who simply wants to findsyndrome, improving the function of and insomnia . out more about natural health, anyonethe nervous system including improving considering a career in a naturalmemory and concentration, treating the Please don’t attempt to treat yourself. Look therapy, or thinking of taking a CNMurinary system including conditions such as for a qualified herbalist; you can find a list on short course.cystitis, coping with stress, and any female the College’s website. A herbalist will offer a For more information about CNMorientated symptoms, related, for example, consultation to include a full case history and visit or callto fertility, menstrual or menopausal then treat the whole person, addressing the 01342 410505.issues.” underlying cause of symptoms. 21
  • 22. 22
  • 23. Back to basicsElaine Bruce, director of the UK Centre for Living Foods, reminds uswhy raw food is good foodG ot a bit confused and carried away with gourmet got well when he reduced that by dietary changes. Notice just food dinner party dishes of wondrous beauty, but even combining, not a juicer or a Vitamix or a dehydrator in sight. more wondrous complexity? Spending a fortune on So that’s the basic concept I’d like you to start your day with. the nectar or raw bars or superfragilistic berries of Juice, because it alkalises. Salad, because it alkalises. Freshlythe moment? sprouted seeds, because they alkalise. Mix any of these into Well, then let’s go back to why you bother with eating a lot of smoothies, because they raw foods, and put up with not being able to grab a bite in You can make great dishes with simple recipes, which youevery high street, needing to organise your organic supplies in can make quickly and easily. If you want dressings, use blendedadvance, and spending time every day scrubbing veggies, juicing veggies, not oils, and if you want crunchy things make your ownand blending smoothies. I hope the reason is because you want seed and nut crackers in the dehydrator instead of buying ‘energy’to keep all that youthful energy and creativity as long as possible, bars (or follow Brendan Brazier’s recipes on page 65). If it’s inor to support yourself as you combat or recover from a health a packet on a shelf, it’s processed, and for emergency only! Ifproblem. So if this is you, let’s look at the priorities. you are eating cooked foods, fine, choose the least acid forming There are two immediate benefits from eating high raw. ones, eat a salad first, and please don’t fry anything. It’s theOne is what you get from the raw plant foods, in salads, juices unfriendliest thing you can do to your liver.or smoothies, and the equal and opposite is what you get from It doesn’t matter if you are eating quite a lot of cooked food.consequently not eating so much cooked, or processed foods, What we are all aiming at is the best food we can choose to suitor animal proteins. Not eating your usual amount of meat or each one of us at the present moment. The healthy way to eat is todairy immediately gives your digestive system a chance to catch avoid extremes, avoid complicated food, and choose food that isup and clean up the backlog of rubbish, (liver and colon in the least acid forming possible. If you are doing all that, there’sparticular). And as you know, this alone makes you feel lighter no harm at all in enjoying a few magic berries or sweet goodiesand more energetic. or whatever catches your interest this month. Just watch the Switching to more raw pure ‘un-messed about with’ plant combinations and choose as many alkali forming ingredients asfoods, not only gives you bio-available nutrients, full of minerals you can.and vitamins and enzymes, but also alkalises the blood. If you would like a list of acid/alkali forming foods, send an This alkalising is the key to completely rebalancing your whole email via the contact form at And the significance of that? The early naturopaths askedtheir patients to clear out the rubbish, everything from colondeposits to parasites, because acidity, in their terms, only exists Elaine Brucewhere there is toxicity in the body. is the founder and director of The UK Centre for Living Foods. An experienced naturopath, And to take that a step further, they went on to say that long- she has lived and taught the living foodsterm toxicity is the breeding ground of disease. Conversely, a PH programme for over 25 years. She offersbalanced bloodstream, a clean colon and un-furred blood vessels courses, consultations and practitionerare not likely to harbour disease processes. training, and is author of the book Living Foods for Radiant Health. For more information see Remember the Hay Diet (food combining)? Dr Hay noticed his sickest patients had more acid blood, and improved and 23
  • 24. Over 50 and raw Helen Kirby Roach gives an honest appraisal of what it’s like to be over 50 and accepting the changes to her body, her outlook and in her life24
  • 25. R ecently, I was browsing through the myriad women’s magazines that this mad, bad world decides we need to guide us through our fashionable and beautiful airbrushed lives. One particular article caught myattention as it rated various female celebs over 50 in the ‘stilllooking good’ stakes. Being a raw fooder (and over 50) I viewed this through my own “Now with a fullyhappily unblinkered eyes. Many of these women indeed lookedgood, on the surface. nourished body, I have Truly, this is the crux of the matter. In the majority of thefeatured women, beauty is purely skin deep. Enough money will a serenity I never hadbuy any amount of surgical or non-surgical enhancements, apersonal trainer, all possible spa and massage treatments for before and the patiencesmooth skin, a personal dietitian or chef for a ‘healthy’ size 6diet, the list is endless. What, however, is going on underneath to wait and allow my bodythese surface treatments? Are these bodies actually healthy orsimply real-life photoshopped? to fully recover from 40 Move over to the raw food world and we have the lovely Tonyaat 53 looking about 33, Mimi Kirk at 73 looking about 50, Shazzie years of damage”40 but looking 28, to name but three… and then there is me, at 51looking about 45 (or 35 if the room is dark!). A slight difference ofthe youthing effect! Given that I have for most of my adult life beenpresumed to be younger than I am (anywhere between five andeight years less), and this on a non-raw food, rather rubbishy diet,you could well ask (as indeed I do!)- what has raw done for me? to laugh at my ignorance. Baking a live food?? Some come to raw from serious illness to be well, and some I love my raw lifestyle and love the bloom or inner shine it givescome to raw to look better, feel fitter and to hopefully extend a me (so hopefully no one else notices the knee thing!). Each yearlifespan that is frankly pretty hopeless otherwise. Whatever the brings at least one personal advancement. This year, it has beenreasons for starting on this course, the ultimate results are going introducing hard core green juices and loving them. There is notto show in the face and body. For those who were astute enough to a nettle safe if I spot a patch. Last year it was the Blessed Herbsstart on raw in their 30s or 40s, the later decades are going to be fasting colon cleanse that really made a difference. It was tough,far more palatable as far as looking good is concerned. but 12 months later enough time has passed for the discomfort to I have now been eating a very high raw diet for just over three become a vague memory, and to want to repeat it. Yes, rather likeyears, yet I would say my body has aged in the last 18 months childbirth ladies!in ways I was not expecting and do not like! I have had quite an In fact, I had a belated surprise about this. Recently and witheventful personal life with many major stress factors during this much trepidation, I measured my waist. I was in disbelief to findtime (house moves -plural, job changes- plural, mother dying, it was 21”, so disbelieving that I remeasured it five times, thenlast child leaving home, dental surgery, to name the ones I can called my man in to check. He agreed it was indeed 21” and thenrecall) so I suspect that enough raw years have not been clocked lectured me on how I never believe him when he tells me I got myup to support me through this turbulence. waist back overnight on that cleanse. But honestly, 21” after five Despite this, I am filled with optimism.This may sound children? I was awe struck (and still disbelieving). What bettersurprising given I have a ‘thing’ about my above-the-knee area advert for getting rid of that mucoid plaque?(but only when standing) and that there is no way I would work In the morning, I decided to measure it again – yep still 21”.out in shorts (skin elasticity versus gravity horrors) and the It was not a hallucination. I thought just to make absolutely surewell-documented over 40 underarm flabbage! Yet when I look at let’s try the tape measure against the steel rule. My delight waswhat the raw ‘icons’ have achieved, it has taken at least a decade shattered into a million smithereens. Indeed my waist was not aof eating raw, years of cleansing, nourishing and strengthening ridiculously tiny (for a mother of five) 21”, but the usual 25.5” –the body and mind. In comparison, I am only just over the start still not too shabby. I spent the day grieving for what I had neverline. I therefore expect to report back in my early 60s saying I look had, yet had lost.ravishing in mini skirts! This little episode has spurred me on to achieve a lower waist This is just one area of the benefits of raw, and one that really, measurement. I am sure I can get to a teenage, pre-baby 24”.in all things spiritual, should not matter much, but years of media Watch this space. I will however not be measuring it with theinduced vanity are hard to throw off. I have no excuse for not same tape measure!starting raw in my 30s as I came across Radical Rejuvenation by Tonya’s quantum eating plan has also had a huge effect on me,Roxy Dillon in 1996 (when I was 36). I loved it… apart from the but in the last five months due to the heat of where I am living,eating raw part! I followed much of the advice on supplements I have found it hard to stick to (yes, these are excuses, but I amand herbs, but would not go the raw path. Not that I can imagine being honest and realistic). I’m not hungry in the day, so I don’twhy I wouldn’t. Instead I drank much wine and was dumb enough want to eat two or three meals by 4pm; I need to eat later. I amto bake spirulina scones – bought the powder by mistake and had going to be pulling myself out of this use it somehow. I thought I was being ingenious, but now I have Just as raising a child is an experiment (and I don’t care how 25
  • 26. annoyingly bossy lady, who does not look a particularly good advert for all she preaches, is one of the first authors to sit on my health bookshelf - and remain there when I have a clear out. She has been a part of my path and deserves to be credited for her input into my life. As Tonya wisely reminds us, comparisons between different “To any other woman individuals are ridiculous, and unrealistic. It is the before and after photos of ourselves we should look at with glee. As for Nigella, well my age I would say take how much better would she look on raw? You can’t not! I would say that I have more facial lines than three years ago, yet there is heart. It is never too that indefinable ,je ne sais quoi, about photos of me now. Do I look younger? No. Do I look older? No. Do I look better? Yes. late to halt the ageing I think Tonya is correct to allow us to want to look good without guilt and not see this as a ‘fallen thought’. I have never mechanisms” been a class A beauty, but my face and charm (ie. cheek) have got me a lot of places over the years, and to think that I could lose that part of me is not a joyous thing. How I look matters to me. It is not for anyone else but for me. How I behave and love are, of course, far more important than my visage, but the two need not be inseparable. I do not see why women of a certain age should have to forgo any of the past delights. Or be made to feel we are unspiritual or disconnected if we want to look gorgeous. many times you do it, there are always variables to factor in) Of course when looking after the internal workings of our altering your body and psyche from the abuse of cooked edibles body, the years to come will be a breeze. I have every intention of and to the feast of raw delights is an ongoing experiment. There living to 120, healthy and mobile. It is never too late to alter and will be hypotheses that don’t bear out (ie. if I eat 12 avocados a day improve your body. I have at least two cleanses I want to do this I may get a 21” waist?) year, a repeat colon cleanse and a liver/gall bladder flush. I feel However, I have realised I can’t give it up. I have been tempted. confident that these will have a huge effect on my skin elasticity This is because I am one of the few that gained weight by going and muscle tone. raw. I liked my lighter, thinner, outer body better before raw, but I The most telling change for me is how my absolute, total didn’t like what was going on inside of me. And I cannot eat dairy hatred of celery all my life has completely disappeared. I now again (I existed on cottage cheese and a very low fat low calorie actually feel I am missing something if there is no celery in my diet for years), knowing the evils of the milk industry. Somehow morning juice. This underlines for me how much raw has changed I know that I will be thin again, but that my poor abused body is my body chemistry. taking its time bringing me back to homoeostasis. I was one of So for anyone approaching 50 or over 50 who is new to the raw the early Cambridge Plan dieters; I was ready to gnaw my arm off food arena, welcome and take heart. Raw will bring you many some days but worse was the constipation, the headaches because things, all of them good. Remember your body will change – it of this (which I was too stupid to realise were caused by the toxic can’t not – but it may take longer than you thought. You are your build-up) and the effect on my nervous system (aways fragile at own guinea pig, and eating raw allows the effects of all past food the best of times). and exercise misdemeanours to be corrected. As one of my clients I have subsisted on drinks only many times and then binge (55) recently commented after just three months on raw: “No eaten cookies, bread, anything sweet. My adult life has been one internal pains either, which I have had for some eight years. I of starve then eat, and repeat. Not bulimia, just constant dieting thought that was it, internal pain for the rest of my life and it was for any event, occasion, my own self worth (!) and then the reward just the food I was eating causing the problem. I now see the true of food afterwards. I have also been an obsessive exerciser, me in the mirror and I feel normal again.” thrown into panic if someone interrupted my daily routine. I have The glow of raw will out, and the exciting part to this is that it rebounded for 20 years now, but also skipped for 20 minutes a day will get stronger and brighter as more years of raw go by. That to at the height of my obsession. I did have a much better body after me sounds like a win-win situation. five children than before, but at what cost to my overall health? Now with a fully nourished body, I have a serenity I never had before, an apathetic attitude towards getting angry (what is the point?) and the patience to wait and allow my body to fully recover Helen Kirby Roach Following a childhood spent avoiding beetroot from 40 years of damage. To any other woman my age I would say juices but quite liking her daily salad, Helen take heart. It is never, ever too late to halt and reverse the ageing Kirby Roach spectacularly deviated from this mechanisms. I expect to grow younger, never mind hope that I will. healthy background for 20 years or so. 16 years Since commencing writing this, I have seen Tonya’s latest ago, she rediscovered a passion for health and nutrition, culminating in going raw three and newsletter about unfavourable comparisons between Gillian a half years ago. Helen now offers low-cost McKeith and Nigella Lawson, both about the same age… as me. raw food coaching. www.rawfoodyhealthnut. Hand up and rapped knuckles for my first thought being: ‘thank goodness I am faring better than the McKeith’. Yet this sometimes26
  • 27. Brighten up your winter with a taste of sunshine!Fresh Frozen Bee Pollen- a remarkable new foodAs well as being rich in antioxidants, vitamins, beneficialyeasts and lactobacteria, fresh bee pollen is truly delicious.Percie du Sert pollen comes in 4 main varieties. Eachvariety has a unique composition and contains differentproportions of nutrients. Size Price Rock Rose Pollen 250g £21.90Buy 3 pollens of your Chestnut Pollen 250g £21.90choice and receive FREE Heather Pollen 250g £21.90Propolis, worth £24.95! Willow Pollen 250g £24.90 The consumption of propolis may help to maintain a healthy immune system. The propolis is dissolved in organic cognac. This means that all active ingredients are preserved. Ingredients: Organic cognac, 20% pure grill propolis 20 x 200mg vials Price: £24.95 or order 3 pollens of your choice now and we will send you a box of Propolis completely for FREE!To take advantage of this superb offer please call 0845 060 10 60 and quote ‘G65’ or order online at: Offer expires January, 31 2012.
  • 28. Spice up your dietBored by eating the same old recipes every day? Don’t be.Follow Casey Lorraine Thomas’s 13 tips to reinvigorate your dietN o matter how much you love to eat healthily, if you don’t get enough variety you can easily start to fall into the ‘just another salad’ rut. I want to share some of my favourite ways to keep my meals tasting fresh,new and fun. 29
  • 29. 1. Shake up the way you cut 3. Try something new Do you find that every salad you make finds you standing at your One of the best ways to add variety and interest to your meals is to chopping board cutting your veggies into the same shapes and experiment with ingredients you haven’t used before. I find this sizes and then throwing them together in the same way? It is very particularly fun with fresh produce. easy to do this as it’s just what we know! There are so many varieties of fresh fruit and vegetables out Here’s a great tip to make your salads and dipping veggies there, it just depends on what you have available. Try going to way more exciting: shake up the way you cut! If you always chop different markets, grocery stores, gourmet stores and ethnic your veg into small cubes, try sticks, grating or shaving, or food markets to find produce that you haven’t created or cooked with process your veggies into a grain-like texture. Spiralise your before. Asian markets are particularly abundant with exotic zucchini, carrot, beetroot or sweet potato into ‘pasta’ and either fruits and vegetables – you could try a new ingredient every week eat with a fresh veggie sauce or dip or toss into a salad with your for months. Do an online search of the fruit or vegetable to find other veg. out how you might work with it, or just have a stab in the dark as Think of all the different salads out there: baby greens, to how to use it. When ingredients are fresh and used in simple coleslaw, salsa, creamy salads. Recreate some of these textures dishes, it becomes hard to completely mess them up. and styles with your extra healthy salad. You can even get more This tip doesn’t just apply to produce, although that is my inventive by chopping each and every ingredient into different favourite way to apply it. You can also try new dried spices, dried shapes and textures. Just take a look at some of the ways I put herbs, cold pressed oils, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, or raw foods my salads together! For example, sweet potato, I cut into rounds, such as superfoods and powders. spiralise it, grate it into salads and put it through the food Keep your eyes open to see what is around and allow your processor. senses and creativity to guide your purchases. Even if you are on a tight budget, you could likely afford to try one new ingredient per 2. Dressing up week, although I do recommend sticking more to fresh produce, This has to be one of my favourite ways to keep things interesting nuts, seeds, grains and dried herbs and spices to experiment with and absolutely mouth watering! if this is the case. Add a fresh tasting dip, sauce or dressing to a meal and you can transform it! In fact, I would say that mastering a variety of 4. Eat seasonally dressings, sauces and dips is one of the best ways to stay on path Not only is eating seasonally better for your health and the planet, with a healthy lifestyle. They can be poured over salads, eaten on but it also means that for each season of the year, you are exposed their own as a snack or a soup, enjoyed with crudités, add bulk to to and using different ingredients. This really helps to keep things any meal and make the same salad base taste completely different interesting and gives you months to work with particular foods and every time. flavours, and then look forward to a total makeover for your taste I also love dressings, sauces and dips as they keep your meals buds in the coming season. You can easily find out what’s in season extra tasty and satisfying when you are visiting friends or family. in your area with a quick search online or by asking local farmers If you can take a couple of delicious dips and dressings with you or at fresh produce markets. This is also a great way to keep costs for your healthy fare, you are much less likely to feel deprived down as seasonal, local foods typically don’t have the extra costs while others stuff down roast pork and cream cake. In fact, I involved in importing and unsustainable farming practices. recommend you take plenty as I find that everyone wants to eat my dips, dressings and sauces much more than their own 5. Herbs, spice and all things nice! unhealthy options! Adding a different fresh herb or spice to an old recipe can30
  • 30. completely change a meal. A basic mixed greens salad orchopped salad will taste entirely different and far more exoticwith some fresh basil, mint, coriander, dill or parsley. Don’tbe scared to try a new herb. The same goes for spices. Spiceblends in particular can be an easy and great new addition toyour culinary repertoire. Don’t be afraid of using spices that youmight associate with dessert, such as cinnamon in your saladsalso. A pinch or a hint of something unexpected can reallychange a dish.6. Become a bookwormThere are so many wonderful books out there with fabulous recipesto draw inspiration from. They don’t just have to be raw food recipebooks either, although they are very helpful and inspirational.You can also pick up your old tattered cookbooks from the days oftraditional home cooking and get plenty of new ideas for combiningingredients or sprucing up your current recipes. Borrow booksfrom friends, join the library and rummage in second-hand stores.My two eBooks have over 120 delicious raw and cooked whole-foodrecipes to help get you out of your rut.7. Try your luckInvite your friends and family over for a pot luck. Ask everyone tobring a healthy raw food dish so you can sample some differentrecipes and get new ideas from their creations. Alternatively, all cook together. Get everyone to bring ahealthy and/or raw ingredient they want to work with, or a recipethey want to recreate as healthy as possible. Putting your mindstogether will bring much more creativity and ingenuity to thetable (pun intended!).8. Keep it simpleIf you always create salads and meals with the same 20ingredients, you are likely to get bored of these same 11. Think outside the boxcombinations day after day. However, if you focus on fresh, Invite friends and family over for dinner, and promise them a newsimple meals with a smaller number of ingredients, such as a dish. If you have to please a number of different palates, probablybasil, spinach, cherry tomato and avocado salad with a delicious many who don’t have a healthy diet like you, you will really havelemon juice and mustard seed dressing, you will then have 16 to think outside the box and be creative. You can create beautifulother ingredients to turn into meals the following days. Limiting recipes that will not only please your guests, but will also inspireyour ingredients in a meal means that over a period of days, even you again to have some fun in the kitchen.using the same ingredients you always have, you are less likely tobecome bored with the same flavours. 12. Challenge yourself  Promise yourself that for one day you are not going to use any of9. Visit local farms, healthy cafés and restaurants the same ingredients as you used the day before.Take a trip to local farms selling fresh produce and products, or gofor lunch or dinner at a café or restaurant serving fresh, healthy 13. Jump online!food. There’s nothing like scanning a menu of mouthwatering The internet has a wealth of resources to give you new inspiration,new options, and enjoying the creativity of a professional chef to recipes and ideas. You could start by checking out the recipes onget you thinking about what you would like to create for yourself my blog home. You can recreate meals exactly or pull the idea of specificingredients or combination of flavours out from your meal and use Inspired? Right, put down Get Fresh! and head for the kitchen now!them in your own kitchen. Likewise with pot lucks. Borrow ideasfrom your friends and ask them to share their recipes. Casey Lorraine Thomas10. Grow your own is a certified detox, health and life coach.There’s nothing like the labour of love involved in growing your Based in Australia, she conducts phoneown produce to keep you interested in and appreciating your fresh consultations internationally. If you’re readymeals. Not only does food you grow yourself seem more tasty and to ditch the frumpy feeling and start looking and feeling fantastic in seven steps with herfun to eat because you planted it yourself and watched it grow, free report, tips and guidance, visit www.but it also gives you a potentially endless variety of fresh plants to and mix up your meals. 31
  • 31. “Leave the sugar rich honey behind and drop these delightful pellets onto your tongue so they can melt into pure energy.” Pollen – the original superfood? The term superfood has been bandied around a lot in recent years, but it’s not a new phenomenon as Dr Brian Clement reveals32Picture: copyright 2011©
  • 32. W ell before the term ‘superfood’ was coined, there was maintain homeostasis. In Scandinavia, pollen is vastly popular a universal understanding among well-educated and is sold universally, even promoted by the pharmacies. This health practitioners about the superior health helps you to maintain and regain prostate health, due to pollen’s benefits that were gained by consuming either attributes, namely zinc, folic acid, carotenoids, vitamins E andflower or bee pollen. Although many vegans will not partake of the A, and most importantly, phytosterols. There is substantialbee variety, they have the option to consume the hand harvested empirical evidence supporting the results. As I have seen inflower type. Over millennia, physicians have written about the my own life, the vitamins A, E and C, in such a pure wholeextraordinary benefits gained via the consumption of these food form, help to create an army of antioxidants. Together,flower pellets. Everything, from energy to protein to nutrients to they symbiotically prevent free radical damage, the cause ofimmune support and body building, has been attributed to this all premature aging and disease. This is why one feels vitalitypot of gold. Few if any nutritional strongholds contain such a when consuming pollen in combination with a health-buildingwide, full spectrum of distinguished body enhancing elements. In lifestyle. As I have seen here at Hippocrates and Professor Henriancient Greece, they thought of these granules as longevity tools. Joyeux also reveals, this superior food/supplement symphonicallyIn Northern Europe, a salve made from these flower contributors has the inherent ability to eradicate the oestrogens, which arewas commonly used to heal wounds, bruises and even the common a fundamental cause of breast cancer, as well as other forms.cold. In Asia, this powerhouse was often used in the quest to Other studies have revealed that consistent consumption of thisreverse a plethora of disease. powerhouse will help to reverse and certainly prevent macular In the 1960s and before, pollen was considered one of the most degeneration, osteoporosis when combined with weightlifting,important health foods available from nature. Before fresh water blood sugar disorders, increase breast milk, weight maintenancealgaes, magic berries, powerful mushrooms and potent herbs due to its high protein profile regulating blood sugar, enhancedwere understood, pollen stood alone as the superstar of compact athletic ability, improve libido, enhance cell development,nutrition. In my own life, I never left home without it on my improve skin and hair growth… the list goes on.often long global tours. Even today, it is part of my supplement At this point, I think it is time we all grow beyond therepertoire and central in my search for gaining extra energy superfood façade and come back down to earth to discoverduring those brutal work periods. When speaking in Arizona, the superior foods that have resided on this planet well beforeUSA 35 years ago, a then 78-year old gentleman, who was the humans bloomed. Your first goal should be the elimination offoremost pollen advocate in the United States, approached me destructive ‘foods’ derived from animals; equally important isafter a lecture. He stunned me when revealing his age since I the removal of self-destructive habits like alcohol consumption,thought of him as a forty-something, not someone bordering 80. smoking, pop drinking, etc. Consuming an organic green plant-He handed me a two-page list of the nutrition already discovered based diet, stretching, building muscle and impelling circulationin this magic flower potion. From that moment forward, I gained and detoxification via aerobic exercise will render the foundationa healthy respect for this exceptional food and have continued a for a body that is user friendly. By using pollen and other superiorlifelong interest in learning as much about the newest research foods, you can concretely establish a nutritional foundation thatinvolving it as possible. will help resist rapid ageing and disease implications. Wherever Steeped in the science of herbal medicine and understanding you live, there are beekeepers who are eagerly awaiting newthe premise of homeopathy, my mind always searched for the consumers for their platinum product. Leave the sugar rich honeyreason that I had yet to discover someone who was using specific behind and drop these delightful pellets onto your tongue so theyflower pollens and applying them to certain disorders. Only can melt into pure energy. You will not be sorry for following thistwo years ago, when speaking at a major health symposium in time-tested advice, since only gains can be made and problemsParis, France, I learned about the work of Patrice Percie Du Sert. prevented and resolved by doing what is right. Do not be a flag inWhen tasting a variety of his pollens and reading the details the wind, blowing in the direction that the latest greatest productabout his exploration and usage, I finally found the missing link. dictates. Even a healthy life can be enhanced.Years before, he had studied the work of a fellow Frenchman, Dr Enjoy the splendour of nature by partaking of the sameSeignalet. Combining this with his background as an agricultural health and beauty creating pollen that makes the flower asengineer and beekeeper extraordinaire, he developed a way to stunning as it the use of pollen for certain maladies. He at first convincedhimself, by intermittently using fresh willow tree pollen, thatit brought great benefits for a problem he personally endured.He then went on to use rock rose pollen and was pleased to haveextensive reports of success from those suffering Crohn’s disease.Why I favour the pollen produced by Du Sert is because he also Dr Brian Clement PhD, NMD, LN, is director of theunderstands the significance and importance of consuming fresh Hippocrates Health Institute in Westpollen (un-dried) in gaining maximum benefits. Any and all raw Palm Beach, Florida. With graduatepollen harbours extraordinary benefits, yet, when possible, a degrees in both nutritional science andfresh harvested or frozen variety offers a bigger punch. naturopathic medicine, he has spent One of the main reasons that I have been prescribing this three decades researching nutritionfood/supplement to thousands over the last few decades is and is the author of six books.because of the strong probiotic affect it renders. Its pro-bacteria For more information seeacts like a food and in combination with the carotenoids (anti-, it helps the digestion and elimination canal 33
  • 33. Stop smoking easily – Commit suicideHow many smokers will resolve to give up for good as the new year approaches?Many, and Juice Master Jason Vale has some salient advice for themI used to smoke three packets of cigarettes doubt very seriously if I would a) be allowed a day and tried, what felt like everything, to continue running the clinic and b) not to get myself free. Luckily one of the be locked up! However, drug companies things I never tried was one of the are never ‘locked up’ for the deaths thatgrowing number of drugs designed to help are caused by the pills they produce. Thepeople kick the weed. Having said that I argument is always one of ‘collateraldid try the nicotine gum, which of course damage’ in the war on disease. Therecontains a drug - nicotine… the very drug appears to be one rule for Big Pharma andI was trying to kick! Personally I found that another for anyone else. Can you imaginegiving myself the same drug but in a different if fresh juicing was known to cause suicidalguise, to try and get off the very same drug tendencies and killed even just 20 people awas a) totally insane on a common sense year, let alone thousands, as medical drugs smoking is ‘as hard as coming off heroin’,level and b) not effective at all. do? Can you imagine the backlash from Big which has led people to believe it’s virtually However, I never tried drugs such as Med and Big Pharma? My head would be impossible and has brought about the drug-Zyban or Champix, and I am pleased I never called for and juicing would be banned! fuelled so called, last resort ‘solutions’. Theredid. All drugs have adverse side-effects are many books which explain the naturebut with anti-smoking drugs the argument Drug free, smoke free of the trap, from Allan Carr’s infamous Easyis always: ‘they are better than someone There is simply no rational or common sense Way To Stop Smoking and The Nicotinesmoking.’ This may be true, but when we reason to use any drug to stop smoking. Trick, as well as my own Stop Smokingget headline news such as ‘Drug to beat They produce pills for everything and some In 2hrs…Easily! app - all of which do notsmoking raises risk of suicide’, we surely people, because they are so desperate, involve popping pills but rather ask you tohave to start questioning the rationale of buy into this nonsense that we can free use your head.doctors and the pharmaceutical industry ourselves of addiction by popping a pill. If you do smoke my heart goes outusing drugs to get us off drugs, especially if No doubt in Big Pharma’s ‘independent’ to you as it really is an insidious trap, butone of the side-effects could be suicide. studies it ‘proves’ that those who use their please, whatever method you use this Curt Furberg, the professor of public drug are whatever percentage more likely January to try and free yourself of the weed,health sciences behind the latest study into to stop than those who don’t. But let’s not skip the suicidal drugs. Having said thatanti-smoking drugs, said: “the risks simply be fooled. If you have enough cash you can though, there is no question that if you dooutweigh the benefits.” Dr Furberg and ‘scientifically prove’ pretty much anything.  take these ‘stop smoking’ drugs and are onecolleagues analysed the number of serious What they don’t tell you of course is that of the people who do commit suicide as anside-effects of anti-smoking treatments there is a drug-free, pain-free and suicidal ‘unfortunate’ side-effect, the drug has inreported to the US drugs watchdog thought-free way of stopping. It doesn’t a way achieved its goal - you have, at thatbetween 1998 and 2010. Champix, which is involve patches, gums, pills or anything point, stopped smoking for good!  also known as varenicline and sold in the US else. It simply involves understanding howas Chantix, topped the table, despite only this ingenious trap works. The need for Jason Vale’s Stop Smoking In 2hrs...Easily!having been on sale for four of the years a cigarette is caused only by the previous App for iphone and Android will be releasedstudied, with 90% of reports of depression cigarette - it is a simple chain. The reason January 2012. or suicidal behaviour, including suicide, it appears so hard to stop is due to therelated to the drug. On top of this, British slight empty insecure feeling that nicotine Jason Valeresearch published in the summer of 2011 withdrawal creates. This in turn can create aka The Juice Master,linked the drug to heart attacks and strokes.  a feeling in the smoker’s mind of panic and is the author of several Dr Furberg wants the drug banned, but fear. It is only this fear, this invisible prison books. For furthereven he accepts this is very unlikely despite if you will, that keeps people smoking. If information on Jason’sthe fact it has been linked to 80 deaths you remove the panic and fear through an views on health,in the UK in just four years, including 39 understanding of what the actual cause is, it addiction and the drug industry, check out Slim For Life from www.suicides. If, when I ran a stop smoking clinic, can be easy to stop. or any good book store.80 people died in four years of trading, I We have also been taught that stopping 35
  • 34. What do you do when your child is sick? Don’t open the medicine cabinet advises Karen Ranzi. Instead she recommends rest, plenty of fresh air and a healthy raw diet W hen growing up on the animal food-based nutritional needs. Their taste buds are standard American diet, I was often sick with attracted by nature’s nourishing plant the usual childhood ailments. Bronchitis, foods. Tonsillitis, strep throat or the flu. My mother I observed that my ‘raw’ children unintentionally caused the illness to get worse, by feeding me could play with children who were scrambled eggs and toast, feeling I needed to be ‘well fed’ sick but not ‘catch’ viruses or colds when ill. from them. I trusted they had My own children were rarely ill when following a healthful clean internal terrains due to their raw vegan lifestyle, abundant in fruit and vegetables. When healthful foods intake and their they did occasionally have a stomach ache or some other outdoor activities, breathing clean ailment, they knew what and what not to do from my air and getting vitamin D from the example. They would stop eating and go to sleep. I would sun. For them, the germ theory make sure to keep them hydrated and warm. My daughter didn’t come in to play. This is not would drink only water and my son would drink diluted freshly to say that children consuming squeezed orange juice. One to three days of rest with no food, predominantly fresh, ripe, raw, and they would bounce out of bed and be back to their daily organic fruits and vegetables are activities, feeling relaxed, rejuvenated and energised. When never susceptible to illness. We live a child is sick, the focus needs to be on healing instead of in a toxic world, and the food we digestion and its consequent metabolism. When consuming eat is only one important aspect of food of any kind, energy is spent on processing and absorbing a healthy lifestyle. Clean air, pure the nutrients, but if the child doesn’t feel well, he/she will water, exercise in nature, a positive experience difficulty digesting, exacerbating the illness. attitude and low stress with There were the occasional times when my children had plenty of sleep and rest are some some sniffles during the cold winter, but this never kept of the other areas that enable them from being active. If they wanted to eat at these times, us to feel our very best. When a I wouldn’t interfere. Children, who consume fresh, ripe, child is overworked, pressurised, unprocessed plant foods, develop a good sense of their sedentary, spending most of his36
  • 35. time indoors in a polluted environment, and not getting enough restorative sleep, even the healthiest eater can get sick. And getting sick gives the child the much-needed rest. The sickness proclaims the child needs rest, and a rest from digestion – possibly his most difficult activity. “my ‘raw’ children played While my children were growing up, drugs were not even an option. They would only have halted and delayed the rest andwith children who were sick detoxification process. but didn’t ‘catch’ viruses A healthy learning environment Tight schedules and pressurised assignments during school days or colds from them… For can cause a child to get sick. When my daughter was in school, she frequently experienced stomach ache and headaches due to thethem, the germ theory didn’t stress and pressure of the work, much of which didn’t interest her. come in to play” We eventually decided to remove her from the school environment. We value sleep as being essential for healthy development. I never worried that my children were sleep deprived because home- schooling afforded them the sleep they needed from early childhood through to their teenage years. They could use the bathroom as needed without asking for a pass and were free to eat when hungry. For those children growing up in a school environment, it’s important to make sure there is plenty of time for outdoor play during the day. They also need a loving, compassionate parent to listen to and to understand their physical, mental and emotional needs. Ditching the junk Children often feel ill or become hyperactive following birthday parties, abounding with highly processed and refined carbohydrates. It may help to feed your children a healthful meal just before attending a birthday party. If they have eaten enough, they may not be as tempted to eat the party food. Also make sure to bring plenty of delicious raw food treats to share. During a workshop I presented at Penn State University, a student asked what he could do to reduce the amount of beer and potato chips he consumed while out with his friends on Friday evenings. He often felt sick and sluggish the next morning. I suggested having a bowl of delicious guacamole and a large salad just before leaving for the evening. This way he would feel satisfied and most likely consume less of the unhealthful food and drink. Much junk food advertising today targets children, and many countries have adopted fast foods with their accompanying use of vaccinations and medications. Consequently, children’s level of nutrition and health worldwide is worse than ever. The percentage of autistic and obese children has skyrocketed. It is our responsibility as parents to nourish our children ideally, to teach them to nourish themselves with nature’s superior foods in their natural state, and to stop eating when not feeling well. We can observe animals of all species in nature to find this to be the truth for long-term health and healing. Karen Ranzi is an author, lecturer, speech/language therapist and raw food consultant. Her book, Creating Healthy Children: Through Attachment Parenting and Raw Foods, contains further information on this topic. For more information or to order Karens book, go to 37
  • 36. My journey back to health Only as a teenager living alone for the first time did Frank Arrigazzi begin to appreciate the ancient secrets that his father had taught him I didn’t have any idea as a kid that the way I was being thermostat to understand my health. And interestingly, what I brought up would make such a difference to my life. I had started noticing in myself after living in an un-natural manner been taught to always see my body as a ‘perfect machine’. I for a few months was that the whites of my eyes were starting often heard my Father say: “your body is expressing itself to look yellow, my skin was quickly showing more wrinkles, with a non-verbal language, it speaks to you with ‘symptoms’ my hair was even falling out. I was waking up in the morning and if you shut the symptoms off, you will deplete the life force tired, drained. I felt depressed and was very uncertain about potential of your body. But if you look and listen to your body everything. I was only 18! symptoms, understand and address its root cause, then you will I began to feel that perhaps my destiny was to be unhealthy. I always have a perfect body.” didn’t remember with clarity anymore all the things learned as These words have been with me all my life. When I left a child and what the word ‘health’ really meant. I observed my home at the age of 18, I did not think that I would necessarily signs but didn’t have the will to understand more. I was going have to think about ‘being healthy’. I just thought that being out, smoking, drinking and letting that ‘other’ side take me healthy was something natural – which should be the case when over. Really I wasn’t considering that living in this way could following a natural path. But living in a big city so disconnected have any more impact than bringing me a little bit of fun… from nature, exposed to polluted environments, eating foods But nothing could be further from the truth. I was depleted from minerals and loaded with pesticides is not what escaping from being fully in charge, and avoiding taking full nature intended for us. responsibility of my fears and concerns. I was simply living Soon after leaving home I found myself exposed to an out the false belief that we are meant to ‘just have fun’ – but at un-natural and polluted world. Without easy access to what price? natural foods and constantly eating sugary processed foods, I was quickly and easily led to believe that as everyone else Understanding the sacredness was following this way of life – eating fried foods, using It was after developing severe panic attacks and deep levels microwaves, having processed, chemical-based foods – and of anxiety that I started to reconsider where I was going and they were still ‘walking and living’, then maybe it wasn’t that what was really important to me. The tipping point was when bad to live that way. That it was normal even. I couldn’t walk comfortably in public spaces without feeling completely overwhelmed by a devastating loss of control. I was Reading my body totally overtaken by deep states of fear and stress every time As a child I was encouraged to observe and use the subtle signs I was exposed to an open public space, such as supermarkets, of my body – the colour and wrinkles of the skin in my face, trains and restaurants. Now I was even replicating this state signs under my eyes, in the whites of the eyes – as my main alone in my house. What was happening? I couldn’t understand38
  • 37. “Living in a big city so disconnected from nature, exposed to polluted environments, eating foods depleted from minerals and loaded with pesticides is not what nature intended for us.”how this could happen to me. irrigations – a practice used from ancient times to cleanse the And then after experiencing a very shocking attack one colon of toxins and impurities. I also added into my routine freshnight I suddenly remembered what my father said. That every juices, raw foods, whole foods, super foods and herbs. I continuedsymptom in my body has a meaning, that “whenever you become challenging my old habits by adding new ones. Naturally Isilent, present and listen to your body you will understand its stopped smoking and drinking. I also noticed that I attractedsacredness.” into my life people who inspired me to carry on in this journey. I Everything started to make sense. I was running from myself reminded myself daily where I was going by putting signs all overand didn’t have any space for a sense of where I was going. I my room. And soon enough I start noticing a big difference in mywas just living on ‘autopilot’ and acting without meaning or skin, my hair stopped falling out – it had just been a few weekspurpose. And, of course, my body was manifesting through each of discipline! The yellowish colour of my eyes started to becomeand every cell the deep discomfort caused by my actions. This white again, my wrinkles start disappearing and just few monthswas my understanding and I was determined to make a change. later the panic attacks were completely gone. I was transformed and amazed forever by the body’s capacityTransforming the subtle energies to regenerate itself. Since then I have been determined to live aA decision was made. I started to take responsibility for every life connected to my body. It’s now been years since I made theseaction in my life. I wanted to know what I was doing and how changes and I have never ever looked back.different things would affect me. The first thing I committed to was to change my dailyroutine. I started to practise yoga every morning. And byadding a few simple exercises before my breakfast I felt a hugedifference. I had much more energy, I was calmer, and I wasmore focused and present. I also researched how the electromagnetic fields in ourenvironment coming from cell phones, computers, antennas Frank Arrigazziwere affecting the fractal energies and natural rhythms of is a London-based yoga instructor whothe body. Consequently I decided to reduce considerably the teaches mainly one on one. He is also a healthuse of those in my life and I began to take more walks in the writer and the founder of the Purple Balance superfood formula. For more information visitcountryside. I wanted to shine, to feel great, and the more I wanted thatfeeling the more action I would take. I also started doing colon 39
  • 38. Nut free, vibrant and raw Nuts feature heavily in raw diets, but what if you dont eat them? Saskia Fraser advises N uts can seem like a staple part of the raw food diet, which Nuts require a lot of energy to digest compared with other raw can be frustrating if you’re allergic to nuts or don’t want foods and you can get all the nutrients available in nuts from other, to eat too many nuts for health or weight reasons. It’s easier to digest sources. very easy to overdo the amount of nuts you eat when following a raw food diet. They are a quick and satisfying snack; If not nuts, then what? they ‘fill’ you up in the same way cooked foods do. They are also Nuts are often used as a transition food, helping you to work used in lots of raw food recipes, which can make your options seem through less healthy food cravings as you incorporate more raw greatly limited if you don’t want to or can’t eat nuts. A lot of raw food into your diet. However, if you can’t eat nuts or don’t want crackers, cheeses and puddings are nut based, so what are you to eat nuts, there are many other raw foods that can help you supposed to do if you can’t or don’t want to eat nuts? Well, read transition and that are actually better for your health and are more on to discover the benefits of a nut-free diet and the wonderful nut- energising. free raw food that’s available to you. Raw carrots, celery and cucumber, whole or cut into crudités, Too many raw nuts can actually be detrimental to your health. are great for taking to work with you or for snacking with the kids. So, whether you are allergic to nuts, don’t want to eat nuts or love Try to snack on fruit and seeds instead of nuts. Use the weekends eating nuts, the information here has the potential to change how to make nut-free bliss balls and treats that will last you through the vibrantly healthy you feel while eating raw food. It’s very easy to week, for those times when you find yourself hungry or tired and eat too many nuts. They are convenient and easily available; if you feeling like you want to reach for something cooked. When I work eat enough of them they can stop you being hungry for extended away from home I make myself a smoothie and put it in a flask with periods of time. As a raw food coach, it’s common for me to hear ice cubes, taking along a few pieces of fruit or some nut-free bliss people talking about eating nuts instead of meals. Unfortunately balls for my snacks. everything that makes nuts so ‘convenient’ is also what makes too We all need raw fats to be healthy, but the amount of fat we many of them not very good for us. One of the major plus points of need is actually much less than most people eat, both on cooked eating a raw food diet is lessening the digestive load on your body, and raw food diets. There are many sources of raw fat other than freeing up energy to be used in healing and regenerating your cells. nuts. Although nuts are high in protein and healthy fats, they40
  • 39. are harder to digest than fruit and vegetable sources of fat andprotein. They require your body to expend more energy in order toaccess the nutrients. You can meet your body’s raw fat needs more “If you cant eat or dont wantefficiently with avocados, coconuts, olives, cold-pressed oils, seedsand algae. Easily assimilated protein is available in abundance from to eat nuts, you still have adark green leafy veg, seaweeds, algae, superfoods and sproutedseeds, such as alfalfa and quinoa. The best sources of essential wealth of delicious, nutrient-fatty acids are actually algae, such as spirulina and Klamath Lakeblue-green algae, which are also high in protein. Most people who packed nut-free raw recipescan’t eat nuts are able to eat seeds, which are easier to digest and at your fingertips."also contain essential nutrients. Seeds should be soaked to releasetheir enzyme inhibitors (which keep the seed in its dormant stateand stop it turning into a plant) and to release their full nutrient way that we live our lives and the way we eat is generally so hecticpotential as they begin to spark into life. that most of us have lost touch with our deeper body-mind-spirit If you’re allergic to nuts I hope that you’re feeling a bit better connection. Trying to regain this sense of ‘oneness’ and inner peaceabout the alternatives by now! There are plenty of nut-free recipes takes many forms and is, luckily, becoming more and more prevalent.out there, but also most nut-based recipes can actually be adapted Through yoga and meditation, eating raw food and practisingto be nut free. Raw recipes that contain nuts can be adapted to positive thinking we are becoming more conscious of the intrinsicincorporate easier to digest and less fattening raw foods instead. link between body, mind and spirit and how each has to be nurturedThe best raw foods to use instead of nuts are seeds, avocados and equally in order to experience the ultimate sense of balance andcoconut. If you want to adapt a recipe to make it nut free, first ask peace. So, where does a nut-free diet come into all this?yourself ‘what is the purpose of the nuts in this recipe?’ There are three major food groups within raw food nutrition: Are the nuts being used as a binding agent (ie. in a tart base)? fats, greens and sugars. Having an understanding of these threeTry using seeds or dried coconut instead. groups and their effect on your body allows you to choose how to Are the nuts being used to make it rich and creamy (ie. in a balance them in order to achieve the body-mind-spirit experiencesoup)? Try using avocado or coconut milk instead of life that you desire. Within these three major food groups, fats, Are the nuts being used to carry flavours (ie. in a cake)? Try using including nuts, seeds, avocados and coconuts, are the groundingavocado, seeds or carrot pulp instead. component. The fats in a high raw diet keep you feeling present To give you an idea of the kind of recipe adaptations I’m talking and rooted. Conversely, too many fats and nuts can make you feelabout, if a nut cheese calls for brazil nuts, swap out the brazils for heavy, both physically and energetically, leaving you feeling weighedhulled hemp seeds; if a creamy tomato soup recipe calls for almond down. This in turn effects your state of mind, your energy levelsmilk, use avocado in place of the milk and add a little extra water; and your sense of spiritual connection. If you’re not experiencingif a raw cheesecake calls for cashews, try using avocado or soaked the raw energy that so many people speak of, it’s likely that thedesiccated coconut. balance of your raw diet isn’t quite right. By changing this balance Seeds tend to have stronger flavours than nuts, but they are you can effect how light and energetic you feel in your body, yourdeeply nutritious and creamy; pumpkin seed milk, hemp milk or rate of detoxification and healing, the clarity and positivity of yoursesame milk are great alternatives to the traditional almond milk. mental state and the sense of connection and inner peace thatIf you can’t eat seeds, you can make your own coconut milk by you experience as well as how connected you are in any spiritualblending coconut (fresh or dried) with warm water and then practices you have. By cutting down on the heavier, fattier rawstraining it. Instead of nuts or nut milks, you can add avocado to foods and increasing your intake of dark green leafy veg andsmoothies, soups and patés to make them rich and creamy. For nut- sprouted seeds and pulses, you will increase your overall sense offree ice creams, coconut milk makes a deliciously creamy ice cream wellbeing. Too many dehydrated foods, especially if they containbase. For raw cakes and tarts use seeds, dried coconut or carrot pulp nuts, can also effect your body-mind-spirit balance, because theyfrom your juicer instead of nuts. There are still plenty of delicious have a dehydrating effect on the body.cracker and pudding recipes that can be made completely nut free. If you can’t eat nuts, don’t want to eat nuts or would like toSome of my nut-free recipes include such delicious puddings and cut down on the amount of nuts you’re eating, you still have atreats as lime mousse, coconut and lavender ice cream, goji and wealth of completely delicious, nutrient-packed and energisingginger chocolate truffles and caramel bliss balls. Who needs nuts? nut-free raw recipes at your fingertips. They will help increase yourDesserts and sweet treats can be made from fruit, carrot or avocado body-mind-spirit connection for vibrant health, inner peace andinstead of nuts. A cheesy-flavoured sauce can be made from emotional balance.avocado, nutritional yeast flakes, lemon juice, spring onions and salt. The reason I list all these examples is to spark your imagination.The possibilities of a nut-free raw food diet are endless and not at all Saskia Fraserrestricting once you understand what to use in place of nuts. is the UK’s leading raw food body-mind-spirit coach. She specialises in helping her clients to find their perfect highLet’s talk fats raw diet, coaching them to become confident, excited andWhat we eat effects our body, mind and spirit. If you’re already eating empowered in body, mind and spirit. Saskia also holds seasonala high raw food diet, or have tried it in the past, then you’ll have raw food workshops and events. For more information visitfirst-hand experience of how you can feel full of energy, happiness a sense of inner peace when you get your raw balance right. The 41
  • 40. Baby, it’s cold outside It might be chilly outside, but there are plenty of ways to warm up in Winter, says Brigitte Mars42
  • 41. T he winter season corresponds to the water element in Asian medicine. It is the season of deep yin, cold, and a time to conserve energy as life slows down. Winter is the season of going within, a quiet time, and observing one’s dreamsduring this phase of deep rest. It is also the time when the kidneysand bladder are particularly vulnerable. The kidneys correspond Spice up your soupto the emotions of fear, willpower and the physical health of our The addition of warming herbs gives soups a warmingbones, teeth, hair on the head, ears, knees and sexual vitality. effect. Warming them to no higher than110°F will protectGoing to bed earlier and arising later keeps us in tune with nature’s their vital enzymes. Here’s my recipe for carrot gingerrhythm. Be sure to stretch cold tight muscles before arising rather soup, and check out last issue’s soup recipes with lashingsthan springing straight out of bed. of ginger too. In winter, it makes sense to use more warming concentratedfoods. Include more dark orange coloured vegetables, such as Carrot ginger soupsweet potatoes, winter squash and carrots, in your diet. Eat more Makes 3 servingsgrounding roots like burdock, onions, rutabagas and turnips. Other This soup is premier food and great for building lungwarming foods include sprouted grains, arugula, mustard greens strength.and watercress. Nuts and seeds make excellent protein rich snacks.Consuming more nuts, nut butters and dried fruit in the winter • 1 1/2 cups chopped carrotshelps us better resist the cold. Getting adequate fats, such as in olive • 1 tablespoon white misooil, avocados, and nuts and seeds, helps our skin and scalp, which • 1 teaspoon minced gingerare dried out by our overly heated homes. Avoid drinking icy cold • 1 clove garlicdrinks, and if consuming food from the refrigerator, take the item • 2 cups waterout and allow it to get to room temperature before eating. The flavour associated with winter is salty. Rather than relying on Place 3/4 cup of the carrots in a bowl. Combine thesimple table salt, learn to season food with wonderful mineral rich remaining carrots and the rest of the ingredients in aseaweeds, such as kelp, nori, hiziki and dulse. Thanks to their rich blender and pulse until they form a smooth mixture.mineral content, salty foods can help build kidney life force. Black Pour the blended ingredients over the carrots in thesesame seeds make a wonderful warming winter condiment when bowl and serve.sprinkled on food. One can also include sun-cured black olives, chiaand poppy seeds as tonics. Culinary herbs that help us feel warmer and improve circulationinclude: Use more of the warming culinary herbs to spice up your food and • Black pepper (piper nigrum), from the piperaceae (pepper) teas to promote a healthy, warming glow throughout the body. family. It has antiseptic, and antioxidant properties. Other ways to keep warm in winter obviously include what we • Cardamom (wlettaria cardamomum), from the zingiberaceae wear. Dress warmer and enjoy walks, taking in some of the full (ginger) family, improves mental alertness and enhances the spectrum light during this darker time of the year. Wearing bright digestabilty of starches. It is an expectorant, helping one to warm colors such as red and copper contribute to one’s feeling get rid of mucus obstructing the respiratory passages. warm. Mom was right: we do lose heat through the head. And • Cayenne (capsicum frutescens), from the Solanaceae wearing a hat and scarf can help protect the chest, throat and ears (Nightshade) family. Rich in vitamin C, it helps relieve chills, from cold invasion that can contribute to infection. Protect the coughs and congestion. It is an antioxidant and antiseptic. kidneys by wearing undershirts tucked into long johns for example. • Cinnamon (cinnamomum cassia), from the lauraceae Baring your lower back to the elements can cause weakness in the (laurel) family. It helps dry dampness in the body and warms kidneys. Sprinkling a bit of cayenne pepper between your shoes and those who are always cold and suffer from poor circulation. socks can help warm the feet when you’re heading outdoors. Yoga, Cinnamon is an antiseptic and an excellent digestive tonic. t’ai chi, chi gung, stretching, crawling (which helps prevent joint • Garlic (allium sativum), from the liliaceae (lily) family, helps problems) and dancing can all easily be practised indoors – perfect with resistance to infection. Garlic is a potent vasodilator for days when you don’t want to venture out. and improves circulation by helping to prevent the blood With a bit of thought about what you eat and what you wear, from clumping together. you don’t need to worry about temperatures outdoors dropping, • Ginger (aingiber officinale), from the zingiberceae family, is because you’ll be keeping snug and warm. a natural antioxidant and antiseptic. It improves circulation to all parts of the body, helps move stagnation and reduces inflammation that contributes to stiff achy joints. Ginger baths are warming, muscle relaxing and cold and flu Brigitte Mars is a nutritional consultant, who has been relieving. Simply simmer eight ounces of ginger in half a working with natural medicine for over 40 gallon of water, at a low boil for 20 minutes, then strain into years, radio presenter and author. A the bathtub. professional member of the American Herbalist • Horseradish (armoracia lapathifolia), from the brassicaceae Guild, she teaches herbal medicine at Naropa (mustard) family. It is high in vitamin C and aids in the digestion University, Omega, Boulder College of Massage of fatty foods. Antiseptic and a strong decongestant, it helps to and Bauman Holistic College of Nutrition. open congested respiratory passages. Find out more about her books at 43
  • 42. Which diet are you? Ever thought it would simplify your life choices if food was categorised for its nutritional value. Maybe Kyle Vialli has the answer I ’ve worked in many different arenas in my life thus far, and I am bio-electricity, photonic emittance and structured water states. still constantly amazed at the multitudinous opinions around Low quality vegetables and fruit appear in greater than negligible nutrition. Certainly, the consensus that points to raw food as amounts. The lowest quality raw food diet possible is also life enhancing is growing, but there is still much disagreement, designated at this point owing to its low nutrient density, extremely discussion and argument going on. Last year, I felt moved to come high enzyme-inhibitor to nutrient ratio, and nil enzyme rating. Most up with my own way of describing and categorising the various “higher quality” pre-made processed products, whether vegan or approaches. I call it the Universal Scale of Nutrition. not, also feature here. It’s pretty simple. It looks like this: A person on this diet could typically be found eating: Generic fast Nutrient potency of a food x its intrinsic digestibility x our food burger with lettuce and tomato. digestive efficacy and vitality = a food’s overall quality as life- enhancing. 4: Average diet of the planet The scale runs from 1 to 10, and any food or meal ever eaten When the average of every nations’ diet is taken into account, this is at any point in history by a human can be set on this scale. Least the level of dietetic efficacy we find. nutritional value is represented by 1, and the optimal nutritional Typically: Standard refined food ingredients are still common, value possible is 10. In actual fact, though, attaining 10 is pretty 25% or less of diet is processed and processed sugar is often impossible. replaced, fats and amino acids more vital, free radicals now So let’s take a look at the Scale in action. minimised and antioxidants increased, larger variety of plant species, with greater, more-natural strains favoured. Vegetables and fruit 1: The Oh Dear diet appear in larger volumes, often in raw, uncooked states. Pre- The lowest potency nutrition/least digestible food/liquid possible. digestion practices such as soaking or marinating feature to a small Typically: Genetically modified and chemically grown, devoid of extent as does the ingestion of biologically active enzyme and/or all structured water, pasteurised, irradiated, microwaved, completely probiotic wholefoods as an aspect of the overall diet. Tonic and/or refined, highly laden with poisons, anti-nutrients and/or enzyme adaptogenic foods are very low however. inhibitors, additive-saturated, devoid of all traces of bio-electricity A person on this diet could typically be found eating: Paella with and bio-photonic activity. Exhibits a heavily denatured chemical olive oil and some raw vegetables. construction and is probably ‘out of date’. The epitome of ‘dead foods’ and ‘empty calories’. 5: The Standard Health diet Lives perish very quickly on fodder of this ilk. Common among the so-called health aficionados; a A person on this diet could typically be found eating: Over- compromised diet still, yet nutritional potency and digestibility microwaved silly putty. are medium. Typically: Digestibility is now higher, trace minerals are 2: The Low Quality Junk or Starvation diet richer, and alkaline support is much more pervasive. Very poor potency nutrition/very low digestibility. Vegetables raw or cooked, fruit very common. Grains Typically: Genetically modified and chemically grown, pasteurised, and legumes when ingested have a acidic, irradiated, microwaved, canned, frozen, white, bleached, much higher digestibility rating highly refined, laden with poisons and anti-nutrients, additive and owing to localised pre- free radical-rich, heavily denatured chemical construction, essentially devoid of all structured water, essentially devoid of bio-electricity and bio-photonic emission. Diet is naturally deficient in a large array of crucial regenerative compounds, thus the body constantly has to use its own chemical make-up to mediate survival. Emaciation occurs swiftly. A person on this diet could typically be found eating: Battered and deep-fried candy bar 3: The Standard Western Junk or ‘Supersize Me’ diet This favourite among many Westerners naturally skips most of the body’s essentials. Typically: Most standard synthesized food chemicals are still highly common, 50% + of diet is processed and refined, sugar- rich, fats and amino acids abundantly denatured, large percentage of hybridized and chemically-grown foods present, very low in44
  • 43. digestion arts. Probiotics appear in discernible yet trace amounts.Mineral and vitamin deficiency present, yet conferred in volumessufficient to generate ‘fairly reliable health for the first 65 years’.High potency foods, ie. superfoods, may be present as a minoraspect of the total diet. A person on this diet could typically be found eating: Milletherbal hot pot with kimchi. Raw vs cooked6: The Standard Peak Performance diet The Scale also points out the nutritional differences betweenTypically: Good nutrient density and foods eaten have a good or a completely raw food diet and a completely cooked food diet.high digestibility, good array of plant stuffs for wide spectrum The raw diet contains at least some biochemically mediatednutrient download, acid and alkaline support is good, anti-oxidant vital forces, or else simply essential micro or macro-nutrients -pervasive, probiotic ferments common, high quality liquids, juices unharmed by cooking.and teas common, foods provide efficient nutrient conference, So is a raw diet inherently better than a cooked diet? Theenzyme inhibitors/anti-nutrients and poisons quite minimal, good answer is really entirely dependent on quality. Clearly, a mostlyproportion of structured water, very high wild and/or organic raw junk food diet, say around 3.9 on the scale, is distinctly lessfor peak potency. Pre-digestion practices are widely adopted. advantageous than a ‘slow cooked’ hot-pot diet at about 6.2 onNutritionally transmitted vitality is quite tangible. the scale. As we move up the Scale to 7, we enter the realms of A person on this diet could typically be found eating: Organic high-quality, freshly picked raw foods that offer life-enhancingvegetable soup with Essene bread slices. micro-nutrients – substances that cooked foods are basically unequipped to provide. Between 7 and 9 on the Scale explicitly7: The Bio-Electric diet showcases the high levels of nutrition-related vitality thatBio-electrical potency comes into its own unmistakable category and largely cooked food consumers can never attain.effective raw food nutrition comes into a world of its own Typically: High nutrient density with clear electromagneticcharge means assimilation is greatly lubricated, foods eaten are peak enzymatic and bioelectric properties intact. Entire spectrum ofhighly fresh and ripe and have a good or high digestibility, foods essential components, minerals, aminos and phytonutrients present.provide a very good array of plant stuffs for an extensive nutrient Cold-pressed juiced or masticated foods very high, as are living and/repertoire. Probiotic ferments common, high-quality liquids, juices or sprouted foods. Bursting with antioxidants and photonic charge.and potent herbal teas common, enzyme inhibitors/anti-nutrients An essentially complete tonic and adaptogenic diet. Every interfacingand poisons minimal, water content high and structured water is bodily system is functioning optimally.normally highly present. Very high wild and/or organic for peak A person on this diet could typically be found eating: Freshlypotency. Highly tonifying and system modulating. Pre-digestion picked wild or optimally grown tonic herbs (suitable for that person’spractices are pervasive and enzyme contents of foods are increased constitution) mixed with pre-digested living sprouts, probiotic-richconcomitantly. royal jelly, wild rose petals and hand-cracked macadamia nuts (all A person on this diet could typically be found eating: Organic recently picked, organic and ripe).green juice with herb-rich raw salad, fresh pumpkin seed pate andripe ginger sauerkraut. 10: The Perfection is Unattainable diet Typically: Genuine powerfood elixirs in every sense. Predominantly8: The Superhero diet cold-pressed liquid and or cold-masticated style blended foods thatBio-electrical potency increases further and the foods/drinks of these intrinsically contain near-maximum nutritional potency and arestrata are highly adaptogenic, antioxidant-rich and system-boosting swiftly digested, containing the entire saturated concourse of all Typically: Greater nutrient density with vibrant electromagnetic essential and non-essential human phyto-nutrients and elements.charge means assimilation is further potentiated, foods eaten are Diet is entirely tonifying, supporting, adaptogenic. Foods here arehighly fresh and ripe and have a good or high digestibility, foods almost entirely free of toxins and anti-nutrients, yet contain minuteprovide a very good array of plant stuffs for an extensive nutrient traces so as to impart further homeopathic benefits and protection.repertoire. Wide-spectrum probiotic ferments common, high-quality Diet is alive throughout ingestion.liquids, cold-masticated blends, superfood juices and medicinal teas A person on this diet could typically be found eating: Aprevalent, enzyme inhibitors/anti-nutrients and poisons extremely concoction in an intriguingly beautiful flask that shields us from itsminimal, water content in food is of very high and ordered actual contents. Smells like a delectable nectar wine!quality. Near entirely wild and/or grown in peak organic soil forunprecedented potency. Highly tonifying and system-modulating. A person on this diet could typically be found eating: Green,herbal and potent probiotic-rich juice/cocktail, cedar and chiacultured seed cheese, sprinkled with freshwater algae (all fresh, Kyle Vialli is a vitatlity coach and a natural and raw foodorganic and ripe). consultant. As well as consulting and coaching, Kyle is also writing a book and working on a9: The Extreme Vitality diet television show.Unchartered nutritional territory Find out more at Typically: Extremely fresh, ripe raw ingredients ingested with 45
  • 44. Veggies – a diet essential Why should vegetables be the best part of everybody’s daily diet? Jill Swyers, Hippocrates Health Educator has the answer F or many people, eating vegetables at every meal is about every day will calm the body and reduce acidity. It is amazing a complete change of lifestyle. For myself as a child, I how vegetables can contain minerals, carbohydrates, essential was brought up to eat vegetables, but as the years went fatty acids and natural sugars, when eaten or juiced as a living by, my vegetable intake was reduced! Having arrived foods. They rejuvenate life within the body – the feeling of at the Hippocrates Institute as a guest and then becoming a energy received by the body is amazing. certified Hippocrates Health Educator in 1998, vegetables My lifestyle started to change 18 years ago, just one step at a began to take over my life. For many years, I’d felt unwell and time at first, then 12 years ago I was introduced to living green exhausted with a variety of diseases, including suspected breast oxygenated foods. The change was miraculous within my body, cancer in 1990. I had to take control of my life. and each year improves even more. It is like receiving sunshine Changing from a catering career after 25 years to become on a dull day! involved in nutrition in 1994, I seemed to be led to a life of Let’s look at some of the vegetables that give us these vegetables – many full of chlorophyll. In fact I can say a very nutrients, mineral, fatty acids and chlorophyll that the body interesting life! needs. Which vegetables should we be eating or juicing on a We need highly nutritious vegetables, because the body regular basis? requires electrically charged foods, where all the energy has Kale – The powerhouse of high nutrition, a member of the come from the sunlight. Oxygen is needed for the body to receive brassica family – in my eyes, this is the number one vegetable. renewed energy, help sluggish digestion and in turn to gain Kale has powerful phytochemicals, is high in sulphur and more oxygen throughout the body. Last but not least, enzymes contains sulphoraphane, which aids the body’s detoxification – the real life-force. “Enzymes are the Foundation for all Cell enzymes. Sulphoraphane happens when kale is chopped, Regeneration” as quoted by Viktoras Kulvinskas in Don’t Dine chewed or juiced. Some nutrients are calcium, iron, vitamins without Enzymes. A, C and K. Also beta-carotene, lutein and zeaxanthin, eye Learning to enjoy the taste of vegetables is important – I protecting carotenoids known to help protect against molecular love them! Eating vegetables makes you look and feel so much degeneration. healthier. Chard - known as Swiss chard or rainbow chard. This is Our bodies can’t make all essential nutrients themselves. another favourite as there are such a variety of nutrients such as Vegetables provide these for us. In fact, most dark green leafy vitamins K, A, C and E, protein, calcium, zinc, iron, magnesium vegetables contain protein, along with nine of the important and many more. Similar to spinach and the leaves from beets/ amino acids needed to break this protein down. Leafy greens are beetroot know as silver beets. Chard has a tall green leaf, which also highly akaline. The comfort foods we enjoyed in the past has either white, yellow or red stalks. Excellent for salads and can make the body highly acidic, so eating green alkaline foods juicing.46
  • 45. Broccoli - also a member of the brassica family. The broccolihead flower, stalk and the leaves are highly nutritious. Sadlymost stores and markets trim off the leaves. Broccoli containsindole-3-carbinol, which is a strong antioxidant. Alsocontains potassium, calcium, Vitamins A and C, magnesium,phospherous, beta-carotene. Along with lutein and zeaxanthin, Quick ’n’ easy vegmembers of the carotenoid family. Cauliflower – Including the Here are a couple of recipes to encourage you. I have been usingleaves also has sulforaphane and when eaten, the sulforaphane these to help myself for years.enters the bloodstream and turbocharges the bodies antioxidantdefence systems. It contains calcium, potassium, sulpur and Fresh green protein juicesilicon. Juicing the leaves and the white flower head is benficial. This is a great juice when you’ve no green sprouts.The flower head makes a wonderful mock mashed potato with Simply juice together kale, parsley and romaine lettuce, withgarlic, onion and olive oil. cucumber and celery, in a 50%:50% ratio.Celery – A very good base for green vegetable juices. Has beenknown to aid in reducing blood pressure, helping appetite Fresh kale vitality saladcontrol. To reduce cravings that we so often have, try eating Slice or chop kale, snow peas, red bell peppers, carrots, celery,celery at the end of meals. Chewing celery stimulates saliva asparagus, garlic/onion and avacado. Toss together with a smalland is able to help with digestion. Personally, I try to buy the amount of flaxseed oil and dulse granules or flakes. Add anygreener celery and if possible with the leaves still on. At least the other vegetables you so celery has been grown in daylight. The white celery hasbeen grown in the dark and is not as nutritious. Predominantelements are chlorine, sodium, potassium and magnesium.Dandelion greens – If available, a good body mineralizer.Dandelion greens contain inulin known to have positive effects concentrated when juiced. The carrot leaves tops can be juicedon blood sugar levels. Inulin helps increase calcium absorption or chopped and added to salads. High in beta-carotene. Alsoand possibly magnesium absorption, as well as promoting potassium, calcium, sulphur and silicon.probiotic bacteria. Can be a natural diuretic. Additional Parsley – Flat Italian or the curly style. Very good for addingnutrients are potassium, calcium, manganese, chlorine and to salads or for vegetable juicing. High in folic acid. Good bodyVitamin K. Great for the liver. Try juicing dandelion greens with mineralizer. Helps control calcium in the body, cleansing thethe roots or use the leaves in a salad. So nutritious! In the USA, it kidneys, and aids diabetes. Also contains calcium, potassium,is possible to buy bunches of the leaves in stores, but if you’re in sulphur and iron.the UK, you’ll have to go foraging. Red bell pepper – Excellent source of vitamins A and C, andFennel – A wonderful mild anise flavour. Contains Vitamin potassium. Also contains lycopene, which isn’t so substantial, soC, potassium, manganese, niacin/Vitamin B3. Has unique every bit helps. Can be eaten like an apple and should have a richphytonutrients with antioxidant and health promoting effects. red skin. Green bell peppers are simply unripened red peppers;Shaving the fennel very finely and adding to a romaine salad is they are not digestible.very tasty. Avocado – Rich in heart healthy monounsaturated fat whichWatercress – Grows in streams and contains four times the does not require an insulin response. Fats are required by thecalcium of milk and six times the amount of magnesium. And body to work. Contains vitamin E and glutathione.there’s nothing to block absorption by the body. Contains The list of colourful, nutritious vegetables is endless, butsulphur, chlorine and calcium, and is a good body mineraliser. those listed here are some that will help get you started. AsRomaine/Cos lettuce - Great mineralizer for the body and very far as I am concerned, most dark green leafy vegetables cangood for helping the body to relax. If juiced can help insomnia. be so useful in improving one’s life and possibly reversingContains calcium, sodium, potassium and chlorine. Lettuce, disease such as cancer, diabetes types 1 & 2, chronic fatigue andwhatever is available, I add to most vegetable juices I prepare. fibro-myalgia, as well as weight loss and weight gain. In someAsparagus – High in Vitamin K, essential for healthy clotting countries, you’ll find other green leafy vegetables. Of course itand strong bones. Also has rutin, which can aid in protecting is about working with what is available. Organic or biological isblood vessels. Contains calcium, silicon, iron, and also iodine, always best if you can get them.potassium and sodium along with glutathione, one of the body’s Take responsibility for a change in life, by helping yourself.important antioxidants. Also inulin which feeds the good Learn and enjoy new tastes in foods, especially vegetables.bacteria in your gut and helps support gastrointestinal health.Beets/beetroot – Very important ingredient in your diet, but This article published courtesy of Healing Our World Magazine.don’t juice them. Once juiced, they are very high in sugar and ©2011 Hippocrates Health Institutewill then feed many problems you may have in your body. A verygood source of betaine and folate. Beets can help replenish iron Jill Swyersthat has been lost during the menstrual cycle. Juicing the leaves is a Hippocrates Health Educator, as well as ais very beneficial. Good for the liver. Very high in potassium, an living food nutrition expert, speaker andimportant mineral for heart health. consultant, based between the UK and Portugal. www.jillswyers.comCarrots – Again juicing isn’t recommended, because as email: info@jillswyers.comwith beetroots, they are very high in sugar and becomes very 47
  • 46. Evoke your senses Anna Rodgers reports on a weekend retreat just for women at Split Farthing Hall S ituated in Yorkshire, Split Farthing Hall dates from Produce is organic where possible. In fact, there are plans the 1700s and now plays host to life-enhancing health afoot to have a large vegetable garden onsite to provide guests retreats. Recently completely refurbished, this beautifully with as fresh as you can get greens and other produce. Fruit trees modern manor house, with huge expansive gardens, may as well as walnut and almond trees have already been planted. just well be one of the most perfect spots in the UK to visit when This Evoke Your Senses retreat, while most definitely both you need to get away from it all. energising and relaxing, is more about really delving into our inner Split Farthing Hall has room for 10 guests, creating a very selves. It gives us all the opportunity to really challenge aspects of intimate and relaxed setting. Guests are picked up at either our own lives, and to also start to appreciate ourselves more. Thirsk or Allerton station and whisked back to the beautiful hall, Activities are focused around topics such as ‘falling in love where a fun and empowering weekend begins. with you’, ‘pamper you perfectly’, energising breathing sessions, There are four bedrooms, all with gorgeous en-suite morning sessions of Kundalini Yoga and advice on healthy eating. bathrooms (one with huge luxury bath). Each warm, cosy room One of the highlights of the weekend was ‘beauty from the is individually designed, with plush furnishings and beautiful kitchen’. We got to play around with fruit, coconut oils, salts and views overlooking the gardens. Eclectic artwork hangs on all the other edible items to discover how many beauty products can be walls in the large house; the owners, the Maguire family are avid made (with fantastic results) instead of relying on shop bought collectors. We each find a plush bathrobe and raw chocolates on products. Incredibly fun! our beds. Specialised toiletries are provided and there’s plenty of Another fun surprise was the session where we each made hot water available in the bathrooms. Herbal teas, filtered water our own individual aromatherapy mixtures, and got to take the and fruit are nearby and we’re invited to help ourselves. bottle home. But the most memorable part of the whole weekend It’s a luxurious place. And as a family home, it’s cosy, and we’re was the evening around the fire pit for the ‘abundance ceremony’; made to feel very welcome. sitting out underneath the stars – a perfect way to enjoy the chilly This two-night retreat begins on a Friday afternoon and after a evenings. A session of ‘emotional freedom technique’ left a lasting delicious gourmet live food dinner, we all gather to find out more impression on all of us, who noticed its immediate positive effects. about each other’s lives and to hear about the itinerary for the Initially, I wasn’t sure that a two-day retreat could leave such rest of the weekend. What is interesting is that opening up about an impact on me as this one did, but I and the other ladies felt our own personal lives seems so natural, as if we have all been wonderfully happy, inspired and relaxed. We were left feeling friends for many years. It’s an enlightening experience to realise motivated to come back to ‘real life’, filled with the many things that not many of us are able to discuss these sensitive issues in our we had learnt, not to mention the new friends we had made. And day-to-day lives, but here, it comes naturally, putting the group we each went away with a beautiful parting gift, a surprise goodie immediately at ease with one another. You realise just how special bag filled with raw treats – yet another example of the effort that it is to be around like-minded women. At the end of weekend, we the Maguire family go to, to impress each guest. all exchange emails and numbers, because we’ve shared such a wonderful time together. The talented Lisa Simpson prepares the food for the whole weekend. She is fast becoming known as one of the best raw chef’s in the UK, and she certainly dazzles and amazes each guest with her colourful and delicious meals. The majority of the guests Anna Rodgers have never experienced raw gourmet food and are left speechless is Miss Eco Glam - an eco journalist, blogger, at what can be done without all the ‘regular’ every day items. travel writer and eco model. You can read her They go away inspired to incorporate green smoothies and other blog at healthy dishes into their diet.48
  • 47. Split Farthing Hall retreatsPrices per person for a two-night stay including all foodstarting at approximately £495 depending on the type ofretreat. Check the website for upcoming Dr Claire MaguireHaving studied for a PhD in medical biochemistry, Dr ClaireMaguire is now a motivational and lifestyle coach. Aftera frightening bout of breast cancer, Claire had to face theterrifying thought of losing her life, which inspired her tochange the way she looked at her own thoughts, health andwell-being. Having successfully beat the cancer, Claire is nowpassionate about raw and living foods, and everyone’s uniqueability to create their own life in any way they want to.Claire’s retreats combine a weekend of delicious raw gourmetfood, with fun and meaningful activities that really makeparticipants think about themselves with more love and theirown desires for a more meaningful future. 49
  • 48. made in heaven? Editor Lisa Clatworthy recently set out in search of her own helping of food from the gods, reviewing Manna restaurant, London C onfession time: I’m not in the habit of reviewing a problem hunger-wise because this was a true plateful. In fact, restaurants, in fact, this was my first time, but I do know all the portions were huge. My taste buds breathed a sigh of good food when I taste it. And I was looking forward to relief with the first spoonful of fruit salad. It was truly lush, and it my first restaurant review. Manna has been around for looked gorgeous too, with the beautiful colours of the berries. I quite some time and has an impressive reputation as a vegetarian did wonder at the seasonality of strawberries in November, but we and vegan restaurant – a perfect place for a first review, to my mind. decided that they were from the freezer. To get a second opinion I took along a friend, J. Now J is a And J’s taste buds? They got more enthusiastic as the meal confirmed foodie. He’s omnivorous and will try anything (at least proceeded. His ravioli starter was rather overwhelming. Too many once!). Whether it’s unpopular cuts of meat or the latest raw recipe, flavours meant the chestnut mushroom didn’t manage to come he doesn’t mind. He just wants it to taste good. through as the hero of the piece. The chilli was massive, and definitely Our hopes were high, I have to admit, because the website was didn’t suffer with too many flavours. If there was a criticism there at advertising the ‘pumpkin man’. Perfect for autumn – and us, as we all, it was that a little more might have helped it take the last little both love squashes and pumpkins in all their forms. Sadly, a first step to perfection. And then there was the torte. Oh my goodness, glance of the menu revealed very little in the way of the pumpkin that was divine! Chocolate and almond always go well together, but man’s produce, and even worse, not many raw options. this was a brilliant balance. And yes, I did have to try it! Now as I’m not 100% raw, this wasn’t much of a problem. It I only just managed a tiny taste though, as I was almost did however mean there weren’t enough raw options for us both uncomfortably full. As I’ve already said, all the portions were to eat raw without doubling up. So in the end I plumped for an huge. Let me just say it again though: these plates of food are all-raw line-up of maki rolls, chef salad and seasonal fruit salad. J, massive. Three courses was seriously too much food; if we hadn’t on the other hand, went for cooked vegan selections of chestnut been reviewing it, we wouldn’t have bothered with dessert. mushroom ravioli, butternut squash chilli, and chocolate and Sometimes large portions are what you need and not something almond torte. to fault. However, for us it felt at odds with Manna’s vibe. This That gives you an idea of how wide ranging Manna’s menus are. doesn’t feel or look like a café where you come to fill up on hearty, In fact, as a vegan/vegetarian eating here, you’d have some really wholesome food. Manna looks, feels and portrays the image of a difficult decisions to make, choosing between some truly tasty- posh restaurant; somewhere you anticipate an elegant sufficiency. sounding dishes. Manna’s ambience encourages you to enjoy, savour and take your So what did our taste buds say? Well, mine went: yum; hm, time over a beautiful meal. erm, confused; gorgeous – in that order. The raw maki rolls And beautiful is the word to describe the presentation. Each were a perfect combination of vegetables, with the flavours well of our dishes looked great on the plate. I seriously didn’t want balanced and complemented by the extremely hot wasabi paste to plunge a spoon into that wonderful-looking fruit salad; it was and the salty, but not too salty soy sauce. Confusion was caused almost a work of art. by the chef salad. There were just too many flavours going on Similarly, the environment is spot on. The interior looks good, – about 10 different ingredients, all competing for dominance. I and it’s welcoming and relaxing. As soon as you arrive, you are overcame the confusion by only eating about six, which wasn’t put at your ease. The service is attentive, but not overbearing.50
  • 49. Get Fresh! DIRECToRy oF RAW FooD AND HoLISTIC HEALTH CHILDREN & HEALTH Karen Ranzi – Super healthy children – author, lecturer, speech pathologist and raw/living food consultant. A regular guest on Real Health, Karen has appeared on many TV and radio shows, promoting the raw lifestyle and focusing specifically on children’s issues. She gives regular healthy lifestyle workshops and talks on super healthy children. DETOx AIDS/ HEALTH EqUIPMENT Home Detox Box is a 7 day Internal Cleanse and detox program to follow at home. Our natural ingredients promote a profound cleanse and boost to your health. ( incl FREE P & P )Sliding into your seats, a waiter hands you the menu and lets you; Tel : 0033 559 54 56 35digest it in peace. But cast your eyes around to ask a question andsomeone appears. When I’d told friends I was doing my first restaurant review, EDUCATIONAL CENTRESadvice came flying in from all sides. Some of it funny, some commonsense and some very useful – like look to see what kind of toiletries The College ofand cleaning products they use. So look I did and was heartenedto see eco-friendly products everywhere, from the sprays and Naturopathic Medicine UKcloths used to wipe down the tables to the soap in the ladies. All CNM trains students for careers in naturopathy, nutritional therapy, herbal medicine, acupuncture and homeopathy. reinforcing the impression that Manna has a great approach to food, Short courses and postgraduate courses are available inand our planet. additional therapies. For more information about CNM visit That approach is mirrored in the chef’s response to our enquiriesabout more raw options. We asked what other dishes they could or call 01342 410505offer a raw vegan and were pleased to hear that with a bit ofwarning they’d be only to pleased to offer alternatives. Adding that Caroline Shola Arewa- Founder of Energy 4 Life wellness coaching Offering the opportunity to get your Energyin the past, they’d offered “a raw pad thai, which was loved by the back and your Life on track using health and conscious livingcustomer. He told us it was the best raw meal he’d ever had. We techniques. Coach training and individual consultation. T: 44 (0) 845ended up putting it on our menu for a while.” 130 1918; E: So that leaves only one question really: what did it cost? Quitea lot actually, but then this is Primrose Hill, London, aka celebrity FRUIT & VEG DELIVERy SERVICEhangout. Three courses for two of us came to over £70 without Cofco Organic fruit and veg delivery scheme from local growersdrinks. Main courses are around the £14 mark. within Cambridge area. T: 01223 873300;; Would we go again? Yes, probably, if they made me the raw thai!Manna, Primrose Hill, London 020 7722 8028 LIVING FOODS NATUROPATHICOpen Tuesday to Sunday for dinner, Saturday and Sunday for lunch PRACTITIONER AND TRAINER The UK Centre for Living Foods Founder and Director Elaine Bruce. An experienced Naturopath, Elaine spent time with Dr. Ann WigmoreReviewers wanted in Boston and Puerto Rico. She has taught the authentic LivingWe’d love to hear about your favourite restaurants. Let’s share the Foods Programme for over 30 years. You can book a consultation,love and tell each other where we can eat fabulous raw food. Email attend a workshop or a full detox retreat, or join the Intensive with your 250 word review and tioner Training Course at the photo of your local haunt. T: 01584 875308 51
  • 50. DIRECTORy ADVERTS MAIL ORDER RAW FOOD CHEFS Silvia Clausin from renowned as one of the UK’s leading raw chefs. Offering catering and raw food training. T: 07854029391 for everything Juicing from Jason Vale the Juice Master. Juice Master stocks a range of juicers, blenders and all of Jasons Books, CDs and RAW FOOD CULINARy SCHOOLS Living Light Culinary Institute welcomes everyone, from novice to Juicing products. Everything with fast delivery. professional chef. We have set the standard for excellence in raw culinary arts since 1998. Online raw food shop: The Fresh Network is the one-stop shop for all RAW FOOD COACHING things related to raw food and holistic health. Saskia Fraser is the UKs leading raw; T: 845 833 7017 food body-mind-spirit coach.  Wherever Raw Living is Europes largest raw foods and superfoods online store, you are in the world, discover your raw stocking everything you need to shift your health to unprecedented levels of bliss and vitality. food confidence and achieve your desires with Saskia’s expert coaching support. is your dedicated source, providing an exciting selection of raw and superfood nutrition of un-matched quality. 7% For more information visit Discount Code: vp7me Radio 2 presenter, Janey Lee Grace has Jackie Lynch   Raw Coach  and Yoga made a name for herself recommending the teacher “ A sensitive , compassionate and inspiring approach to coaching “ Jackie is best in natural alternatives including raw passionate about sharing her knowledge, skincare, EMF protection and raw foods enthusiasm and spiritual awareness with others. at her online store. Tel. no. 01722 336577 jackielynch@rawcoach. Organic or wild crafted and grown without pesticides or fertilisers, all Kiki products are 100% natural, from green superfoods to natural optimised Living Consultations, seminars and raw food coaching with Max Tuck, Hippocrates Health Educator. Two decades experience in the living healthy beauty products.; T: 0845 0601060 foods lifestyle.; e:; Phone: 01489 565312 (permanent answering machine) Helen Kirby Roach NATURAL HEALTH PRACTITIONERS Online coach for real life raw. No fillers just plain talk! 20 yrs health experience, 7 yrs qualified nutritionist, 3 yrs very raw.  Nutritional Therapist- Julie Simms   Personalised Nutrition and Lifestyle advice, learn how to resolve or email any health issues and stay healthy for life. Julie Sims Adv.Dip.NHF. 01454772001/ 07765044308 Sparkling Energy Experiences with Ann Peckham at the Clopton Centre for Complimentary Therapies: monthly Uncooked Dinners and Life Transformer retreats LISA FINCHAM. B.A HoNS. CERT REFLEX. SNHS. ADV NUTRITIoN Deb Durrant Raw Food Trainer and Coach Specialising in delicious raw NUTRITIoN /Mineral Checks/Food Intolerance Testing/ food for foodies! Contact: 01594 826669;; REFLEXoLoGy. Clinics in Norfolk. E: The BoWEN TECHNIQUE- Rhonda Sexton A gentle treatment for a wide range of conditions. Bowen helps the body to re-align itself and Jill Swyers - Living Foods for Health - UK/Portugal reduce pain.; T: 01643 704417 Hippocrates Health Educator & Culinary Consultant Brigitte Mars-Herbalist, Nutritional Consultant/ Classes/ Formulations/ Living Foods - Balance of Nutrition - One Step at Consultations Boulder, Colorado. ; T: 303 442- a Time - with Guidance Consultations / Courses / 4967; Hippocrates Retreats/Speaker To improve your posture, eradicate back pain and relieve stress Tel: +44 (0) 208 870 7041 / +44 (0) 7768 081376 and tension, try the Alexander Technique with Mark Wildsmith www.cambridgealexander.com52
  • 51. DIRECTORy ADVERTSRAW FOOD DELIVERy SERVICE RETREATSRevitalise, energise and cleanse with a personalised detox plan The UK Centre for Living Foods runs regular retreats and detoxdelivered direct to your door by Purifyne weeks. Great ways to get you started on your path to energetic radiant health, and maintain it! 01584 875308RAW FOOD ENTERTAINMENT Pure Mediterranean Paradise. Turquoise coast raw food Snowsfields Wellness Hosts, Raw Chocolate Parties retreats and classes plus vegetarian, compassionate food at Hosted by chocolatier & naturopath Emma Mihill Perfect for hen/ stag parties, birthdays and corporate events. Yoga Turkey. International teachers, many styles of yoga. 02074079910 May-June, September-October. Shiatsu, hiking and cruising the Med.;RAW FOOD FRIENDLy RESTAURANTS; 020 8699 1900.Founded in the 60’s, manna is the UK’s oldest gourmet vegetarianrestaurant. Three years ago, manna also became fully yOGA & PILATES London-based yoga instructor who teaches mainly one on one. www.purplebalancesuperfoods.comRAW FOOD MANUFACTURERSRAW Health only use organic & raw ingredients to make a wide range Pilates class at Hornsey Library, Haringeyof healthy and tasty raw snacks. Park, London N8 9JA. Tuesdays from 10 - 11.00am. Held in The Gallery, suitable forRETREATS everyone but especially for those with littleJuice Master Retreats are based on the No. 1 Best-selling book or no previous experience.7 lbs in 7 days and are an amazing opportunity to shed someunwanted lbs and experience a total mind and body detox in sun More info: southern Turkey Biarritz Detox week: Internal Cleanse and 3 day fast with READERS NoTICE BoARDraw food re-education. An all-inclusive relaxing retreat in France,with energy healing, massage, walks and enzyme rich food Tel : 0033 559 54 56 35 FOR SALE EcoWater Water Distiller (Silver) including 4 new filters &iDetoxHolidays residential retreats bring you raw foods, yoga, instructions. Plus 14 excellent books, all as new, on Raw lifebreathwork, foraging, wild dolphins, therapies and new friends in style from various authors, some from America. A CD set bystunning locations with the best teachers. Frederic Patenaudic. Email if interested or for more info. Join TheLifeco next summer for a detox with a difference. You’ll send seven Bargain, all for £75.00 + £10.00 pp (uk only) days aboard the world-famous Blue Voyage tour on boards a Lagoon 620 catamaran, cruising the Turkish coast, or Greek islands. WANTED! These all-inclusive retreats feature tailor made detox programmes, with morning shakes, energy soups, herbal teas and more on the menu. There is also a full activity programme with opportunities to swim in the gorgeous warm water as well as snorkel and explore the magical underwater world. Tours leave Bodrum on Mondays and return on Saturdays. For more information, please contact us at By Get Fresh! readersWell-being, personal development & detox retreats, fitness boot camps your services, business, coaching andand gourmet raw food courses in luxurious surroundings in beautifulNorth Yorkshire.; T: 01845 597 041. courses, veggies and supplements, recruitment opportunities, teaching and therapies, and so Leader in the field of natural and complementary healthcare and education, the much more. Hippocrates Health Institute is the world’s number one teaching institute. Under the leadership of Brian and Anna Maria Clement, the institute helps guests realise So tell them what they want to know by the benefits of good health and to live a life free of disease and pain. It runs the renowned Hippocrates Life Transformation Program weekly throughout the year, advertising in our new Directory. alongside health educator courses, and therapies and spa treatments in its wonderful oasis in Florida, USA. A community dedicated to helping you find and follow a natural Simply contact Aleks at aleksandra@fresh- path to heal your body, reconnect with your spirit and rejuvenate your health. and she’ll help you to place your ad. 53
  • 52. SubscribeSubscribe for one year UK Europe US & rest of world1-year e-subscription £9.97 £9.97 £9.971-year print subscription £13.97 £19.97 £24.97 US & restSubscribe for two years UK Europe of world2-year e-subscription £17.00 £17.00 £17.002-year print subscription £24.97 £34.97 £45.97 TO SUBSCRIBE NOW   Go to Email Call +44 (0)845 833 7017
  • 53. RawrecipesWelcome to your regular batch of fabulousrecipes, with delicious dishes from some ofyour favourite raw chefs. Ani Phyo sharessome seasonal savoury and sweet treatsand Ann Peckham makes her debut with herChristmas recipes. And to get us energised,Brendan Brazier describes three energy-packed recipes.Having a raw Christmas Time 57Where’s the party at? 60Energy boost 65 55
  • 54. 56
  • 55. Having a rawChristmas TimeWondering what to serve up for Christmas lunch? Wonder no more! Ann Peckham has the answersTraditionally, Christmas is a time of indulgence – food, drink and merry making. Followed shortly afterwards by bloating, falling asleep infront of the TV and family arguments. It doesn’t have to be that way though. You can indulge your decadent side and get those traditional Christmassy flavours without the bloating, thanks to Ann Peckham’sseasonal recipes – we’re offering no guarantees about the arguments though! Raw nut loaf break down the pumpkin seeds in the food This loaf replaces the nut roast I used to processor. make with wholemeal bread; it tasted great Put the sage and thyme into a coffee but left me feeling really tired afterwards. grinder with the salt, pepper and garlic and Without the wheat, this raw loaf has none grind till broken down. Once you’ve tried of that soporific after-effect. It’s just plain it, adjust the herbs to suit your taste buds. tasty. In a mixing bowl, combine the nuts, pumpkin seeds, onion, grated carrot and • 1/2 cup almonds herb mix. • 1/2 cup pumpkin seeds Add the celery juice and oil and mix well • 1 cup of celery juice again. Finally, add the milled flax and chia • 1/4 cup flax seeds, milled seeds. • 1/4 cup chia seeds, milled Tip out the mixture onto a baking tray • 1/2 red onion, finely chopped and, using your clean hands, shape into • 1 cup carrot, grated a loaf about 1 ½” deep and as long and • 4 cloves garlic, crushed wide as you choose. • 1tbsp sage Place in the dehydrator at 145°F for • 1tbsp thyme 90 minutes (or into a warm oven with the • 1tbsp olive oil door left ajar). • 1/2tsp Himalayan salt Lift the tray out and slice the loaf • Pinch of freshly ground black into inch-thick slices and return to the pepper dehydrator (or warm oven) for another two hours at 115°F. Break down the almonds in the food Serve with garlic miso gravy and processor leaving them like bread crumbs, vegetables of your choice. ie. not too fine, and put to one side. Next, 57
  • 56. Garlic miso gravy Mincemeat tartlets The coconut butter will melt if stood in a This makes very rich and flavourful gravy These tarlets have such a great flavour container in a bowl of boiled water. The that you can play with to adjust to your and are so full of goodness. They are very cacao butter will need to be grated to taste. You can get the tahini, miso and satisfying without being heavy. achieve this. tamari from whole and health food shops; Put the almonds into the food processor Sainsbury also sells tahini and miso. For the base first until they are like breadcrumbs. Add • 1 cup almonds, soaked for 8-12 the rest of the ingredients and process until • 2tbsp tahini hours everything is mixed well and moist. • 1tbsp dark miso • 1 cup dried dates Press the mixture into silicon moulds • 2tbsp tamari • 1 cup cashews nuts, milled as quickly as you can as the cacao butter • 2tbsp extra virgin olive oil • 2tsp cinnamon solidifies very fast, making it difficult to • 2 fresh dates • 50g coconut butter, melted work with. • 1 clove garlic • 25g cacao butter, melted Place in the freezer while you make the • 1/4-1/2 cup of hot water mincemeat. For the mincemeat To make the mincemeat, place all of Put everything into the blender with half • Handful of goji berries, soaked the ingredients in a large bowl and mix of the water and blend till smooth. Add • 4 fresh dates, chopped together thoroughly. more water until the desired consistency is • ½ cup raisins Take the bases out of the freezer and achieved. • ½ cup sultanas spoon some mincemeat into each, pressing It makes sense to make this as far as the • Mixed spices it into the base. Return to the freezer for first stage and then leave it until you are • 1tsp ground ginger half an hour. ready to serve before adding the extra hot • Pinch nutmeg Remove from the freezer and press water, so you have hot gravy to pour on • Pinch ground cloves pies out of their cases. They should have your dinner. • 1tsp sweet miso a lovely sheen on them and stand up • Juice and zest of an orange beautifully on their own. You can store them in a container in the fridge till ready To make the base, melt the cacao to eat. Take them out of the fridge and butter and the coconut butter separately; allow them to warm to room temperature they have differing melting temperatures. before serving.58
  • 57. Sweets and balls water until it does).You can have such great fun making Form the mixture into balls and eithersweets for the festive season and they’ll roll in dried coconut, raw carob powder orbe better for you than the refined sugar ground nuts.versions that fill the shops. Both of theserecipes can be made in advance and kept in Christmas sweetsthe freezer. • 125g almondsChristmas balls • 125g dried figsMakes 20-25 balls • 125g raisins • 1tsp cinnamon • 1 cup raisins • Juice of half an orange • 2 cups dried apricots, soaked for • Pinch ground cloves 4-24 hours • Pinch nutmeg • 1 cup sunflower seeds, soaked and sprouted for 24 hours Grind the nuts in a coffee grinder. • ½tsp fresh ginger, grated Break down the fruit in a food processor • ½ coconut, chopped up smallish until it forms a mass. Then break this (reserve the water or unsweetened up into smaller pieces by hand. Add the desiccated coconut) ground nuts and the other ingredients and • 1tsp dried mixed spice process again until it forms a mass again. Roll walnut-sized balls of mixture Mix all the ingredients together in a between your palms to form processor until it forms a ball (if it Store in the fridge.doesn’t happen, add a little of the coconut Cocktails toxins like sugar and alcohol. So you can If you are like me, you look forward to drink them all night, still be safe to drive relaxing with a glass of wine after a long home and wake up in the morning feeling day, only to find that after the second refreshed and full of life. glass you have fallen asleep. When I made the choice to improve my health through Tropical rejuvinectar becoming more aware of the effects of • 1/3 glass of coconut water the foods I was consuming, I convinced • 1/3 glass red grape juice myself that wine, red wine in particular, • 1/3 glass pineapple and passion had beneficial effects. There were definitely fruit Tropicana magazine articles that argued the case for it. However the cleaner my system got, the Cherry red wyne less I liked the taste of wine. • 2 shots of Montmorency cherry I started to experiment with red juices concentrate such as red grape juice and cherry juice. I • ½ cup red grape juice chose those not made from concentrates • ½ cup coconut water and without added sugar and added them to half a glass of red wine to dilute them. Funnily enough I found this improved the flavour of the wine, made it go further and it still looked like wine. Gradually though I Ann was putting less and less wine in with the Packham juices until I found I really did prefer the hosts a monthly flavour without any wine in it at all. Uncook Dinner club The great thing about the wynes below and Life Transforming is that if you drink them from a large wine day retreats. She has glass people automatically assume that you written two books, are drinking wine. This means you don’t The Uncook Book fall prey to the cajoling that goes on when Taster and Fabulous Cakes, Decadent drinkers perceive a non-drinker amongst Desserts and Heart Healthy Chocolates; them. both books are available from Amazon With thanks to Michelle Payne-Gale of The wynes taste like a cocktail or and Find out more about Essence Photographic, www.essence- rich wine, but they don’t have the same Ann’s own personal journey at dehydrating issues nor are they full of 59
  • 58. Get Anis book for just £12 To order a copy of ANIS RAW FooD ESSENTIALS direct from the publisher for just £12 including p&p (rrp £16.99), please call Grantham Book Services on 01476 541080 and quote offer code GFAP01. Where’s the party at? While everyone around us is tucking into so-called luxury foods, let’s show them how indulgent (but healthy) raw food can be Hit December and socialising seems to revolve around food. Every invitation appears to invite us to eat, eat and eat! We thought it’d be great to join in the party with some wonderful raw treats, and raw food chef, Ani Phyo has kindly let us plunder her book, Ani’s Raw Food Essentials for some great nibbles and snack recipes. So tuck in! Kalamata Olive Crostini Cheddar-kale crisps Tomato flax crackers Makes 18 Makes 9 crackers The ‘cheddar’ refers to the orange-coloured Drizzle these ‘little toasts’ with olive oil or cheese created by the red bell pepper, You can vary this recipe by replacing the salt, or serve with your favourite toppings. cashew and nutritional yeast mix. These tomato with another watery vegetable, The buckwheat gives this recipe a lighter, chips are hearty and crispy-chewy. such as red bell pepper, celery, onion or crisper texture. even carrot. • 1 cup red bell pepper, seeded and • 1/2 cup dried buckwheat groats chopped • 2 cups flaxseeds • 1 cup chopped celery • 1 cup cashews • 2 cups tomatoes • 1 cup flax meal • 2tbsp nutritional yeast • 1tsp minced garlic • 11/2 cups filtered water • 2-4tbsp water, as needed • 1 cup water, or as needed • 1/2 cup kalamata olives, pitted and • 2tbsp olive oil chopped • 1/2tsp sea salt Place all the ingredients in a food processor • 6 cups kale, cut into bit-sized and mix well, adding just enough water to Grind the buckwheat into a powder, then pieces and tight packed created a spreadable batter consistency. place in a high-speed blender. Add the Spread the batter evenly on a lined 14in celery, flax meal and water, then blend Place the red bell peppers in a blender, dehydrator tray. The batter should be about until smooth. Add the olives last and pulse then the remaining ingredients, except for 1/8in thick. Dehydrate at 104°F for 5-6 lightly to mix into a batter. the kale. Blend using only enough water to hours. Spread the batter evenly on a lined 14in process into a thick cream. Flip your crackers directly onto the mesh dehydrator tray. Dehydrate for 6-8 hours at In a large mixing bowl, toss the pepper tray and peel away the liner. Using a butter 104°F. Flip onto a tray, peel away the liner mixture with the kale, coating it evenly. knife, score lines in your batter to portion and score into nine squares. Score each Spread the kale onto two 14in your cracker into nine squares. Dehydrate square diagonally so you have 18 triangular dehydrator trays and dry at 104°F for 8-10 for another 3-4 hours, or until completely toasts. Dehydrate for another 4-6 hours hours. dried and crispy, then remove them from until dried. the tray and bend along the score lines to break into slices.60
  • 59. 61
  • 60. Basic green cabbage Ginger candied walnuts sauerkraut Sweet walnuts candied with agave syrup, This recipe produces a basic sauerkraut, but with a hint of fresh ginger. you can easily flavour it by adding spices and herbs before setting the sauerkraut to • 1/4 cup agave syrup ferment. • 1tsp sea salt • 1tsp fresh ginger, grated, or 1tsp • 1 cup sea salt ground • 1 cup filtered water • 2 cups walnut halves • 11/2lbs green cabbage, cored and grated into 1/8in strips Place the syrup, salt and ginger in a mixing bowl and mix well. Add the walnuts and Place the salt and water in a large bowl, mix to coat well. mix to dissolve the salt. Add the cabbage Spread the walnuts on a lined 14in and mix well. Place a plate on top of the dehydrator tray and dehydrate at 104°F for cabbage in the bowl. Add a weight on top 2-4 hours, until dried. of the plate (stacks of plates work well). Cover and set aside the container at room temperature for two days. Orange-cranberry chocolate Check your sauerkraut, and skim off any chip cookies thin layer (skin) you may see on top. Then Makes about 18 cookies repack it down again. Check every three days. After two weeks, taste to see if it is Delicious orange and chocolate combine ready for eating. Once it’s to your liking, with tangy cranberries for a powerful transfer it to a glass quart jar and store in antioxidant blast. the fridge. It will keep for many weeks in the • 21/2 cups almond meal fridge. The flavour will mature for the next • 1/2tsp salt few weeks. • 1/2 cup agave, maple or rice syrup • 1/4 cup filtered water Sliced cucumber pickles • 1tbsp orange zest, or 1/2tsp You can add 2tbsp of fresh dill, or other alcohol-free orange extract dried or fresh herbs and spices, to flavour • 1 cup dried cranberries this basic recipe. • 1 cup semi-sweet dark chocolate or cacao nibs • 1 cup peeled cucumber, cut into 1/4in thick rounds Mix all the ingredients together in a large • 1tsp sea salt mixing bowl. Use a 2tbsp scooper to Ani Phyo • 2tbsp lemon juice portion the dough directly onto the mesh is a raw chef and the screen of your dehydrator trays. Dehydrate author of four raw In a mixing bowl, toss the ingredients at 104°F for 4-6 hours, or to your desired recipe books, Anis together. Place in a pickle press under consistency. Raw Food Kitchen, pressure, or place a plate over the mixture They will keep in the fridge for one Anis Raw Food in the bowl and weight it. Set aside at week, or in the freezer for several weeks Essentials, Anis Raw room temperature for a day. (thaw for 10 minutes before eating). Food Desserts and It will keep in the fridge for several days. Anis Raw Food Asia. To find out more, view recipes and watch her videos visit
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  • 63. Energy boost Stock up on these easy-to-make, high-energy bars from Brendan Brazier’s book, Whole Foods to ThriveIn sharp contrast to conventional energy bars, these are true high- physical activity, such as long training rides, I’ll blend the mixturenet-gain (little energy out, lots of nutrition in) food. until it is smooth, as this will reduce the amount of chewing They provide fast and sustained energy, and are easy and quite required. However, for variety, I’ll also be sure to make a few batchesquick to prepare. I like to make a big batch once a month, wrapping at the same time that are crunchier, to eat as a regular snack.the bars individually in plastic wrap and freezing them, so that I Remove the mixture from processor and put on a clean surface.always have a variety on hand. Because these bars maintain a supple There are two ways to shape the bars: roll into balls or shape into bars.and chewy consistency even when frozen (unlike commercial bars, To shape into balls, use a tablespoon or your hands to scoopwhich freeze rock solid), you don’t need to wait for them to thaw to the mixture (however much you like to make one ball), then roll itenjoy them. between your palms. This is the procedure for both of these recipes: To shape as bars, flatten the mixture on the clean surface with In a food processor, process all ingredients until desired texture your hands. Place plastic wrap over top, then, with a rolling pin, rollis reached. If you prefer a uniformly smooth bar, process longer; for mixture to desired bar thickness. Cut into bars. Alternatively, formmore crunch and texture, blend for less time. the mixture into a brick, then cut as though slicing bread. As the Generally, if I’m making the bars specifically to be eaten during bars dry, they become easier to handle.Walnut cranberry energy barsMakes about 12 1 3⁄4oz barsTime: 10 minutesHigh in antioxidants and flavonoids, these bars help reduce freeradical damage in the body and improve cellular regeneration. • 1 cup dates, fresh or soaked dried • 1⁄4 cup walnuts • 1⁄4 cup cranberries, fresh or frozen • 1⁄4 cup ground flaxseed • 1⁄4 cup hemp protein • 1tbsp coconut palm sugar • 1⁄4 cup unhulled hemp seeds • Sea salt to taste • 1⁄2 cup buckwheat, sprouted or cooked (optional)In a food processor, process all ingredients except the buckwheat,walnuts and cranberries. Once the ingredients are well blended,knead in the buckwheat, walnuts, and cranberries into the mixtureby hand.Green energy barsMakes 8 barsTime: 15 minutesChlorophyll-packed, these green bars taste much better than they look. • 1 cup raw cashews Brendan Brazier • 1 cup Medjool dates, pitted (about 8 large) is a former professional Ironman triathlete, • 2tsp wheatgrass powder bestselling author of The Thrive Diet, and the • 1⁄4 cup hemp seeds creator of VEGA, an award-winning whole food product line. Recognised as one of the worlds foremost authorities on plant-basedMix the cashews, dates and wheatgrass powder together in a nutrition, Brazier is a guest lecturer at Cornellfood processor until a coarse dough has formed (allowing some University. For further information visitcashews to remain coarsely chopped). Add the hemp seeds and several times until combined. 65
  • 65. CLASSIFIED ADVERTS Enjoy a mouthful of life! Raw food teaching and catering Contact us on or 0785 402 9391 Your Life,Live Your Passion You Can Make A Di erence! Living Light Culinary Institute Setting the Standard for Excellence in Raw Culinary Arts Since 1998 67
  • 66. A week in the life of… Richelle A student at King’s College, London, Richelle recently did her first detox, following a bespoke seven-day weight-loss plan from Purifyne. Day 1 been the thought of a morning routine to me to be more assertive and confident – an They say that the first day is the hardest. go through or maybe I already had more unexpected but not unwelcome side effect. It’s a life lesson that can definitely be energy, but I felt good as I was able to grab applied to a detox. It’s a strange feeling to my day’s supply of nutrition and leave the Day 3 be continually looking forward to a lunch house without any fuss. I keep forgetting I’m on a detox. I made that isn’t quite going to be there (for at My concentration fared well for the dinner plans my friends a few times before least a week anyway!), but I felt determined morning and I enjoyed my now usual cup I remembered I couldn’t actually have to see my detox through. What I’ve already of green tea as I went through my day. dinner. I think my body has adjusted now noticed is that hunger is mostly in your However, in the evening I had a work and my hunger pains and the cravings head. Physically I don’t feel hungry at all, event at the pub and I was understandably have abated. but I couldn’t help looking enviously at all anxious about the temptation, especially However, in an effort to finish my last my friends as we sat at our usual table for since I knew money was put behind the bottle before I went to bed tonight I gulped lunch and they happily munched on crisps. down one that really was an acquired taste. I found myself thinking that most of the For the first time I felt I wanted to gag and taste is in the smell and feeling sly as I couldn’t bring myself to finish it. sniffed their sandwiches. My cravings for those doughnuts have However, I have to say that I’m enjoying the taste of the juices. I was unsure what to “I’m determined disappeared, but also unfortunately, my taste for the juices. expect, but the flavours are blended nicely. My favourite so far is the pear, which I to make this Day 4 started off for breakfast. I’m happy with the taste of the juices, but they don’t taste the beginning Marathon runners call it hitting the wall. When your body gets to that like sausages. What came as the best surprise of the of a whole new point where it just wants to give up. My experience with that juice yesterday left day was being able to go to my usual hour attitude to food.” an unpleasant taste in my mouth – both and a half gym class. It’s a hard class and literally and figuratively. Even though I yet I was able to have just as much, if not knew I had a long day ahead of me I was more energy. reluctant to drink. The only problem I’ve had is with This was a dear mistake. I hadn’t even pacing. I found that I had more than a finished two by the late afternoon and my bottle left at 9pm. No wrenching hunger bar. I stayed strong, however. And no one energy reserves were almost completely pangs, mood swings or headaches luckily... seemed to notice or question my ice water drained. It was definitely a problem in my but those doughnuts in my kitchen keep (although that was probably due to their mind, as with every sip I forced upon myself staring at me. non-water beverage intake). I was reminded that the juices were sweet I’m still not very good at pacing my and pleasant but I just couldn’t carry on. Day 2 drinking and I find myself with no juices Luckily, a member of the Purifyne team Day 2 started off well. It is always a left by late afternoon. It’s not much of a emailed asking me how I was, which gave struggle for me to wake up to my alarm problem, because I have other drinks and me the chance to confide. She provided in the morning, but today I managed to teas that Purifyne provided. some much needed words of support and without even pressing snooze. It may have My sober time at the pub just pushed encouragement. When I got home, I had68
  • 67. “I woke up today from the nicest sleep Id had in a long time. I felt infinitely better”some vegetable broth (a nice, savoury change), reminding me howmuch I bizarrely miss cutlery. I also drank one more bottle beforebed and found myself drifting into a comfortable sleep. Pushing through my difficulties was well worth it. I was evencomplimented on how good my skin looked and got a pleasantsurprise when discovering I’d lost four pounds in three days.Day 5I woke up today from the nicest sleep I’d had in a long time. Ifelt infinitely better than the day before and enjoyed some of the Stuck for present ideas?new juices from the latest delivery. One of them contained sweetpotato, a personal indulgence of mine, and it went down a treat. Don’t want to give What I have enjoyed, in particular, about my Purifyneexperience is the real feelings of care and support and the socks yet again?personal touch. Yesterday I had run out of colosan powder(included in the plan) and all it took was a quick email to get somemore today. Now that is dedication. Look no further. Give your loved ones Sleeping better, skin clearing up and the weight is justdropping off me. Purifyne really go above and beyond. a one-year subscription to Get Fresh!Days 6 & 7 And you can even get it giftwrappedI’m going to cheat and lump the weekend together here. I’m afraidI was very boring and just stayed in to catch up on some work.Another advantage to a detox plan like this is all the hassle ofbuying groceries, thinking about what you’re going to eat, cookingetc. is taken away. I had a lot of free time to get all my work done. However, I did feel a little left out when my family cametogether for a roast dinner with all the trimmings on Sunday (asper usual), but I’d already invested so much in the detox that Ipushed on, reminding myself that there is always next week. At the end, I weighed myself and I had lost over half a stone!And with my friends commenting on how trim I am, I’mdetermined to make this the beginning of a whole new attitudeto food. TO SUBSCRIBE NOWFor more information about the bespoke seven-day weight lossdetox and other Purifyne plans, visit Go to fresh-network.comWould you like to see a typical day or week in your life in Get Email orders@fresh-network.comFresh? Email Lisa at and let Call +44 (0)845 833 7017us know what you’d like to share with your fellow readers. 69
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