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Tcs bridging the_gap
Tcs bridging the_gap
Tcs bridging the_gap
Tcs bridging the_gap
Tcs bridging the_gap
Tcs bridging the_gap
Tcs bridging the_gap
Tcs bridging the_gap
Tcs bridging the_gap
Tcs bridging the_gap
Tcs bridging the_gap
Tcs bridging the_gap
Tcs bridging the_gap
Tcs bridging the_gap
Tcs bridging the_gap
Tcs bridging the_gap
Tcs bridging the_gap
Tcs bridging the_gap
Tcs bridging the_gap
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Tcs bridging the_gap


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Published in: Education, Business
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  • Current Industry Trend Your Expectations Personal Experiences (From Moderators)
  • Some Common Facts about any interview: Limited Time Only once you will meet the interviewer He doesn’t know you He needs to decide Interview is only a part of the process
  • Transcript

    • 1. Bridging the Gap – Industry / Academy
    • 2.
      • Knowledge Base - Fundamentals
      • Aptitude towards Learning & Development (Newer Technologies/Methods)
      • Articulation – Communication Skills (Verbal / Written / Presentation)
      • Self Motivation
      • Self Confidence
      • Team Play
      Industry Expectations
    • 3.
      • Self Assessment
        • Identification of Strength and Weakness
        • Academic Performance – Knowledge Level
      • Set the Target
        • Decide on a short term & a Long term goal
        • Prepare a Task List and a Plan of Action
        • Implementing the Plan
      • Self Discipline
        • Check Progress of the action plan
        • Take corrective measures
        • Modify plan if necessary
        • Seek Guidance from your Professors/seniors
      Bridging the Gap
    • 4.
      • Success – Needed Qualities
        • Determination
        • Hard work
        • Perseverance / Rigour
        • Can Do Attitude
        • Confidence
      • Preparation for Campus Recruitment
        • Online Aptitude Test
        • Technical Interview
        • Management / HR Interview
      Bridging the Gap – Continues.....
    • 5.
      • Online Aptitude Test
        • Aptitude
        • Mathematics
        • Logical Reasoning
        • English
      • Technical Interview
        • Subject Knowledge (Basics / Fundamentals)
        • Technology Exposure (Basic Programming knowledge)
      • Management / HR Interview
        • Confidence Level
        • Communication Skills
        • Attitude Traits
        • Generic presentations and Conduct
        • Additional Initiatives – Non Curriculum
      Bridging the Gap – Continues.....
    • 6. Bridging the Gap – Continues..... FACING INTERVIEWS
    • 7. Prepare for the Real World Bridging the Gap – Continues..... What do you want to be? What do you want to do? Where do you want to go? It’s time to pull all pieces together!
    • 8. Interview Purpose – From Company’s Perspective
        • To obtain information about the candidate that is not in Resume
        • To confirm / amplify certain inputs
        • To evaluate skills and personality in relation to position and company
        • To convey about job responsibilities and expectations of the company to the candidate
    • 9. Bridging the Gap – Continues..... Attitude 40% Image and Appearance 10% Communication (verbal and nonverbal) 25% Job Skills & Qualifications 25% How Candidates Are Rated in Interviews …
    • 10. Bridging the Gap – Continues.....
          • Education / Technical Knowledge
          • Work/ Project Experience
          • Career Goals
          • Personal Qualities /Abilities/ Interests
          • Knowledge of the Organization / Industry
      The Questions would generally cover these 5 main areas:
    • 11. Bridging the Gap – Continues..... 10 Common Questions that you may face…
        • Tell us about yourself?
        • What are your career goals?
        • Why do you wish to join us?
        • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
        • If you are on this panel, what would you be looking for in the candidate for this position?
        • Are you creative / team-player / resourceful, etc.?
        • What are your reading habits?
        • Why should we select you?
        • Do you have any questions for us?
    • 12.
      • Interview Preparation Guidelines
        • General Readiness (Prior to interview date)
        • On the Interview Date
        • Conduct During the Interview
        • What puts off the interviewer
      Bridging the Gap – Continues.....
    • 13.
      • General Readiness
        • Prepare one minute introduction about you / your family / native
        • Basic Knowledge about the Company
        • Prepare a statement on why you want to join this company
        • Prepare a Vision statement for yourself
        • Be Ready to name couple of Books and Authors and your views on the same
        • Be ready to name few hobbies and explain why you like the hobby
        • Brush up your English – Avoid basic Grammar mistakes
        • Prepare a one minute detail on your Academic Project
        • Brush up basic Geography / Science / Technology
        • Be Prepared to speak about your strength and weakness
      Bridging the Gap – Continues.....
    • 14.
      • On the Interview Date
        • Come Prepared with good rest the previous night
        • Read a standard newspaper such as Hindu etc...- the current week’s
        • Groom Well
          • Invest in for the “D Day”
          • Clean Shaven or well groomed facial hair
          • Mouth wash, Body spray – to avoid body odour
          • Good formal attire with Shoes – Avoid Jeans, Slippers, Funny T Shirts, too colourful
          • Have a pen ready – Do not borrow from the interviewer
        • Do Not bring the mobile phones
        • Know your electives – All semesters
        • Prepare your CV with details (Though you may not have much)
          • Avoid Spelling mistakes
          • Take care of the formatting – consistent across
          • Prepare to explain any gaps in the study
      Bridging the Gap – Continues.....
    • 15.
      • Conduct During the Interview
        • Wish the Interviewers
        • Sit Comfortably
        • Speak Confidently
        • Stay Relaxed
        • Listen to the question asked and allow the interviewer to finish the question
        • Pay attention to your body language
        • If you are not clear about the question, politely ask to repeat the question
        • If you are not sure about the answer, do not try to beat around the bush
        • Do not crib about your family problems / financial needs etc.- No sympathy story
        • Quote examples from Industry and Industry leaders – To showcase your interest
        • Be precise and to the point in answering questions
      Bridging the Gap – Continues.....
    • 16.
      • What Puts off the Interviewer
        • LYING !!!
        • Not Knowing about your college
        • Lack of basic knowledge in your chosen core field
        • Lack of basic knowledge in Computer language such as C, C++
        • Zero exposure to industry / Environment
        • Be careful in selecting your questions when the interviewer prompts “Any Questions”
          • Avoid the following questions
            • How did I do the Interview
            • Compare one company with other
            • What are my Onsite chances once I join the company
            • Work life balance
      Bridging the Gap – Continues.....
    • 17. Bridging the Gap – Continues..... WHAT YOU CAN ASK FOR
        • Qualities for success
        • The future of the company
        • Your future career
        • Training
        • Performance Evaluation
        • Typical day/week
        • Relationships to other areas
    • 18.
      • Points to Ponder
        • This is an interview for a significant position with a Global Industry Leader
        • Make sure you are culturally ready for a professional set up and International operations
        • Success in this Interview will change your and your immediate family’s life drastically
        • ‘ You and Only You ’ are responsible for your success / failure
      Bridging the Gap – Continues.....
    • 19. THANK YOU