Week 1 Induction - Study Abroad - September 2013
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Week 1 Induction - Study Abroad - September 2013



Week 1 Induction presentation for new study abroad students at the University of Greenwich.

Week 1 Induction presentation for new study abroad students at the University of Greenwich.



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Week 1 Induction - Study Abroad - September 2013 Week 1 Induction - Study Abroad - September 2013 Presentation Transcript

  • The University of Greenwich Week 1 ‘Induction’ Study Abroad & MHMK Students 16 September 2013
  • Aisling Conboy Alan Dudley Who are we?
  • Purpose of today? Get to know: The campus Staff Adjusting to life in the UK Academic life at Greenwich Meet new students Enjoy yourself!
  • Where are you all from?
  • Stunning Location to Study!
  •  Aisling Conboy Study Abroad and Exchange Coordinator E-mail: a.conboy@gre.ac.uk Tel: 0208 331 7843  Office Hours: Please e-mail me to make an appointment (3 campuses)  Location: Queen Mary, 063 Study Abroad Contact
  • University of Greenwich - Old Royal Naval College
  • Contact Aisling relating to: • Study Abroad Programme Co-ordination and Administration • Registration issues • Social programme • Pastoral support • Transcripts • Help in extending your studies • Maintenance of alumni relations – keeping in touch when you leave! Study Abroad Contact
  • • Access to University sites • Library and Photocopying Card • Students’ Union Card • Replacements available from the Student Centre • Replacements cost £10 so try not to lose it! • Your ID card also gives you a whole host of discounts in shops and restaurants so have it with you wherever you go! Student ID Card
  • Logging in to University computers • To log in to a University computer, you will need a username and password • You receive your username and password at registration WebCT/Moodle • Our online learning system used by staff to communicate to you as a group Banner Web • Online access to your student record Computer facilities
  • Logging in to University computers • To log in to a University computer, you will need a username and password • You receive your username and password at registration Computer facilities
  •  Moodle - Our online learning system used by staff to communicate to you as a group  Banner Web - Online access to your student record  Accessing WiFi at the University http://www.gre.ac.uk/offices/ILS/ict /guides/nw/wireless/faq Computer facilities
  • • MHMK Students – fixed classes • You have the first week of class to try out your courses • If you feel a course is not appropriate, please discuss with the School • Make the request through the Study Abroad Coordinator to change Add/drop week
  • • Responsibility placed on students • Class contact time may be less • Not always specific reading assigned in classes • Students expected to research topics themselves • Class time must be complemented with private study • Manage your own workload - particularly in relation to meeting deadlines • Each course will generally have 2-3 hours of class time per week – 4 courses Teaching/learning style at Greenwich
  • Each course will be made up of one or more pieces of assessment. The following types of assessment are common: Assessment  Individual Coursework  Individual Presentation  Group Coursework Group Presentation In-class Test Exam
  • If you are unable to submit an assessment on time or to attend an examination due to an unexpected event or illness, then you need to submit an extenuating circumstances form (available online or from the Business/ Humanities School office) within 14 days of the submission or exam. This must be supported with evidence. In the case of a coursework, you should submit the completed coursework within 14 days of the assessment date. Extenuating circumstances
  • • Plagiarism - Submission for assessment of material (written, visual or oral) originally produced by another person or persons, without correct acknowledgement, in such a way that the work could be assumed to be the student’s own • Collusion -Submission of work produced in collusion with another person(s) for an assignment which is based on the assessment of individual work • Cheating in an in-class test/exam Assessment offences
  • • The marking system may be very different to that of your home country • The system in the UK is very strict • Negotiating with your tutor or course/programme leader is not an option • A sample of all work is assessed by an external examiner to maintain quality control • A subject panel meets to confirm all marks awarded • Remember – no negotiation! How marks/grades are awarded
  • Grade equivalencies UK Percentage Mark ECTS Grade US Grade 70+ A A+ 66 – 69 64 – 65 60 – 63 B A A- B+ 54 – 59 50 – 53 C B B- 46 – 49 44 – 45 40 – 43 D C+ C C- 38 – 39 36 – 37 35 E D+ D D- 0 – 34 FX or F F
  • Transcripts • We aim to send out transcripts within one month of the publication of results • If we have an agreement with your home university the transcript will go there (we send them directly to MHMK) • Otherwise we will send it to your home address so please make sure we have your details correct Results and Transcripts
  •  Please remember that Greenwich rules and regulations may be different to those of your home university  Being a Study Abroad student is not an excuse not to know the rules and regulations/code of conduct  It is your responsibility to ensure you know them  www.gre.ac.uk/codeofconduct Rules and regulations: a summary
  • • Greenwich is delighted to offer study support to any students who feel they need it • This should have been declared on your application form • Please make enquiries as soon as possible about support • Study skills and disability and dyslexia tutors • To make an appointment, please go to room 065 in Queen Mary building Support with study
  • Support with study
  • • The Office of Student Affairs offers a counselling service • You may wish to use this service for many reasons e.g.: missing home, a difficult family situation, exam stress…. • To book an appointment with them please visit the Student Centre • Financial advice Counselling and Advice
  • Bank letter to open a bank account  Please follow the instructions here: http://www2.gre.ac.uk/current-students/reg/student- letters  You can choose which bank you wish to open an account at  You need to know the full address and postcode of the branch you wish to use before filling in the form. You will be asked to fill in the address on the form Council tax exemption form  Please go to the Student Centre Banking & council tax letters
  • National Health Service • NHS provides doctors, hospitals, dentists, opticians, walk-in services and social care. • 24hr medical advice is available from NHS Direct on 0845 4647 or at www.nhsdirect.nhs.uk • They can give you the location of the nearest pharmacies, GP surgeries, hospitals etc • Please note for any consultation with a GP, depending on which country you are from , you may have to be seen as a private patient and so will be charged (although you may be covered by your insurance policy) • If you are prescribed any medication by a GP, you will have to pay for this (currently £7.85 per prescription) • Alternatively, you may be able to visit our own Student Health Service.
  • • If you are going to be using the tube and bus network often, it is advisable to use an Oyster card, which makes buying and using tickets easier • As a full-time student you can apply for an 18+ Student Oyster Photocard (does not include pay as you go) • This enables you to buy costing 30% less than adult tickets • You should apply online at www.tfl.gov.uk or directly at https://photocard.tfl.gov.uk/tfl/gotoApply.do? type=student&from=home Travel & Student Oyster Cards
  • Travel & Student Oyster Cards  You will need: 1. your University of Greenwich ID number 2. your Programme dates 3. a digital photograph 4. a debit or credit card to pay the £10 application fee 5. your London address for mailing  It may take up to 2-3 weeks for your Photocard to arrive
  •  Maps - Look up your route before you set out. Don’t walk around reading a map, it makes you look vulnerable  Cash Machines (ATMs) - Be on your guard when you are withdrawing cash, as thefts have been known to take place.  Backpacks / Bags / Wallets / Cell/Mobile Phones - Do not leave these unattended. Keep them where you can see or feel them. Try not to carry backpacks / bags on your back, or wallets in your back pockets, in crowded places, as it makes it easier for pickpockets to steal from you. Safety Tips
  •  Drinks - Do not leave your drink unattended in a public place (e.g. bar, nightclub), as there have been incidents of drinks being spiked.  Walking At Night - Make sure you avoid using poorly-lit routes.  Getting Home - Remember to have enough money for transport home.  Emergency number is 999 (police, ambulance, fire brigade) Safety Tips
  • Welcome to London! A Student City • 40 Higher Education institutions • Around 390,000 students • http://www.timeout.com/london
  • Welcome to London!
  • What to do-London this week?
  •  Run by students to provide academic, social cultural and recreational assistance  Organises social events and trips for the whole university  Supports over 50 sports clubs and student societies  Fresher's Fairs and Fresher's Ball!!  http://www.suug.co.uk/ Students’ Union
  •  We wish you a really good time studying at Greenwich  We’re here to help you  If you need help with anything, please come and see us  We aim to resolve issues as quickly as we can and we will do our best to assist you Have fun!
  •  www.facebook/studyabroadlondon • Facebook Groups – MHMK/ Erasmus at Greenwich 2013/14 • Email a.conboy@gre.ac.uk • #UniversityofGreenwich • If you are having any problems this week or through your studies please do let us know, so we can try to help you. Keeping in touch