Payment revolution by Yoav Elgrichi


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  • For small companies cool = money. For big companies only money counts
  • In technology, there is no “one day revolution” , you cant put the finger on the day that your mobile phone became essential part of your life. It just happened. So one day it will be trivial to pay with your mobile.
  • Payment revolution by Yoav Elgrichi

    1. 1. Mobile Wallet, NFC and theRevolution In The Payment World N-House, April 2013
    2. 2. • Changes In The Payment World• NFC And Mobile Wallet• The Future Of The Point Of Sale(All From The Entrepreneur’s Perspective)• Open Discussion
    3. 3. 700 B.C. 900 A.D.1900s A.D. NOWIs it really such a big change?
    4. 4. Payment World Is Changing All major newspapers, every week, release at least one article related to NFC or Mobile Payment/Banking All Banks , established departments for Mobile Banking and NFC Key market shapers see NFC as the next big thing: Operators, Google, Handset Manufacturers and many more
    5. 5. TypeClick GestureTouch
    6. 6. Tap To Tap ToDiscover Interact Point Of Sale (Pay/ Tickets/ Coupons)
    7. 7. NFC Mobile Wallet -The Value Chain Paradox (Where is the money?)
    8. 8. Evolution of Advertising Medias NFC empower mobile advertising by:Personalized “Closing the Loop” at merchant’s location Time Context User Location One on One Time Context Time User (Opt in) Context LocationOne for All Context Time
    9. 9. NFC: Collision of 3 Mega Industries Mobile Virtual Near Field Communication Retail 10
    10. 10. The Merchant Side The first to understand that M-Commerce is as much about the consumer as it is about the MERCHANT Every app in the mobile phone must have an acceptance app at the POS as well … There is no Mobile Commerce without There is no Mobile Commerce without an NFC Phone an NFC POS VeriFone Proprietary and Confidential – Do Not Distribute Outside the Company
    11. 11. NFC Ecosystem Challenges NFC Issuance NFC Acceptance Payment Payment Estate Management TSM App and Terminal Management Secure Element Coupons Coupons Wallet App Network Services Transaction Management andLoyalty/Gift Routing Loyalty/Gift Tickets/ Tickets/Transportation Transportation Smart NFC Open API Common Software Interface Flexible NFC Standards App Software VeriFone Proprietary and Confidential – Do Not Distribute Outside the Company
    12. 12. Secure Element:Is it really so important?Virtual (cloud) or Physical: Who will Prevail?
    13. 13. Get Relevant Content To Mobile Wallet Push PullOTA campaign is sent to user’s User actively request forMobile Wallet from Telco content from: online, mobilecampaign manager. internet or smart posters.User take “passive” role. Push Pull Scheme Manager Service Operator Mobile Wallet Content Management System
    14. 14. Common Interface Standard
    15. 15. Online/Mobile Credit Card Payment 1 2 eCommerce Customer Merchant Gateway 6 3 Acquiring BankSettlements & 5 American Express 4 Reports Acquirer Switch
    16. 16. Point Of Sale StagnationAny real change? 1937 2013Stand in line, pay, get paper receipt Stand in line, pay, get paper receipt
    17. 17. Time For A Change They are ready
    18. 18. He is ready too
    19. 19. The Shopping Experience Is Changing (And it is not about the Technology)Micro Merchant vs. The Enterprise Needs
    20. 20. Change Is In The Air
    21. 21. -’Smartone’ turned sales guys into cashiers- Saved the need to employ ~4 cashiers- Cashier salary in HK is $1,500- $72,000 saving year/shop30 shops X $72,000 =$2,160,000 yearly savings10% increase in ticket price!
    22. 22. Principles Stay - Technology ChangesKodak dominated the photography technology market Small players replaced old giants1975 – Developed the first Digital Camera1986 – First 1.4 Mega Pixels sensor2012 – Filed bankruptcy
    23. 23. The wave is only in its’ beginning..Now it is your time to be part of it
    24. 24. - Technology is ready (in every phone)- Infrastructure is in place IT IS YOUR TURN TO CREATE…
    25. 25. Entrepreneur Life..Something To Think About
    26. 26. The “Presenting” Principle for the Investors 10-20-30
    27. 27. “Plan Is Nothing - Planning Is Everything” Eisenhower Don’t Underestimate The Business Plan
    28. 28. The Partnership Dilemma
    29. 29. The World Is Against The Entrepreneur• It will not work!• Who will buy it?• I’m sure someone thought about it!• Let me explain you why it can’t…?
    30. 30. "If I had asked people what theywanted, they would have said fasterhorses." Henry Ford
    31. 31. Thank You