Linked out training march 2013


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  • Introductions
  • Linked out training march 2013

    1. 1. How to Effectively Use SocialMedia to Brand YourselfAisha GhoriNational Director, Career ServicesThe Chicago School ofProfessional PsychologyLINKEDOUT?
    2. 2. Learning Objectives:Explore and maximize social mediaonline resources Set a plan to develop or expand yourbrand
    3. 3. What’s in yoursocial mediatoolkit?
    4. 4. Recognize these?
    5. 5. Your Career and Networking v. 2.0Use social media to enhance your brand,conduct a job search and expand your careerpossibilities!FacebookYouTubeLinkedInTwitterTIP: do your homework and be “professionally” accessibleonline – you need a social media footprint!
    6. 6. Social Media Statistics• Facebook – 1.06 billion active users; 680 million mobile users; 50million pages; 10 million apps• Flickr – 75 million users• Foursquare – 25 million users; 1 million businesses• Google+ - 343 million active users• Linkedin – 200 million users• Pinterest – 25 million users• Twitter – 500 million total users; 200 million active users• YouTube – 800 million users; 4 billion daily viewsSOURCE:
    7. 7. Linkedin …what’s your level?
    8. 8. But I’m on Linkedin already …•2 million+ employers; 150+ industries•60,000+ alumni groups•International• So, what are you doing onLinkedin?
    9. 9. Who do you know and how will they know you?Aisha GhoriDirector, Career ServicesThe Chicago School of Professional Psychology325 North Wells Street, Suite 313Chicago, Illinois 60654312.467.2309aghori@thechicagoschool.eduwww.thechicagoschool.eduConnectwith us on
    10. 10. Reach out!Write a personal message; don’t usedefault messagesConsider who you already know
    11. 11. Linkedin Complete your profile; aim for 100% upload your resume/CV request recommendations) Keep everything professional Respond to group requests or discussions Use the search feature – remember some users can seewho viewed their profile Invite others and get invited
    12. 12. LinkedinTo Do:1. Professional Photo (head shot please)2. Headline (aka … your brand)Shall we practice?3. Summary – what’s in your toolkit?4. The big picture – volunteer, causes and more5. Recommendations anyone?6. There’s an app for that!7. Go for 100%
    13. 13. Linkedin Bonuses• So, what’s your brand? Build and showcase via Linkedin• Promote your organization or services• Warm contacts• Need help? Get answers and provide information• Research & practice netiquette in your networld• Google yourself today!
    14. 14. To update or not?• What will you say?• How often?• Any ideas?• Sections: Organizations, Causes, Courses, Oh my!
    15. 15. Become a frequent flyer on Linkedin! Post updates Upload items and add new sections Post a question Search for answers Reply to questions and requests Look up individuals before you meet Follow organizations/employers Add new connections Join groups15
    16. 16. Groups!Why Groups? Spread your brand! Connect more!How to find and join Groups: Groups DirectoryoFeaturedoSearcho Join/request to join – many are freeo Alumni groups are great!oCreate a group16
    17. 17. The LI job searchView connections and employment informationReview discussions and jobs being shared; find andshare answersGet weekly/daily updatesReview new employment information for contacts(new jobs mean old jobs are available)
    18. 18. Social Media and youTWITTERIs tweeting for you? Social or professional … can it be both? Some people tweet jobsAcademic journals and more!Hold on to your name•
    19. 19. Facebook Many organizations have profiles Recruiters and HR can use this tool to find or snoopon talent Who are your friends? Maximize privacy settings Remember, if it is out there, someone can see it!
    20. 20. YouTube Post videos of presentations and/or skills youare using (create your portfolio) Research organizations (view marketingcampaigns, guestlectures, culture, values, causes)
    21. 21. Questions? Don’t get LinkedOut!Aisha Ghoriaishaghori@gmail.comThank you!
    22. 22. Sources:••••