Change the world one child at a time

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This presentation is about me and a dream that I have to change the world by connecting kids from across the world to each other.

This presentation is about me and a dream that I have to change the world by connecting kids from across the world to each other.

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  • 1. THEM = US
  • 2.
    • I am
    • Allan Isfan
    • and I WANT
    • to change
    • the WORLD
  • 3. one at a time
  • 4. Do you see any borders?
  • 5. We created imaginary lines to keep people OUT … or IN
  • 6. But kids don’t know the borders are there LET’S NOT TELL THEM
  • 7. I was born in moved to and live in Romania France Canada
  • 8. I am not a musician certainly not an athlete definitely not an artist
  • 9. I try even if I suck  but I don’t give up!
  • 10. I am a proud engineer
  • 11. a co-founder of with my wife (OMG she’s awesome, snagged her in High School when I was 13)
  • 12. and a co-founder of
  • 13. I film, direct & produce the Nasty Hockey Show … for FUN
  • 14. I LOVE My FAMILY
  • 15. and we have lot’s of FUN
  • 16. Life is good but …
  • 17. One of my girls said
  • 18. after at our house
  • 19. “ I didn’t know there was a WAR going on?”
  • 20. Holy crap …! and it hit me
  • 21. We have forgotten that we live on earth!
  • 22. How can we possibly care about pollution poverty war
  • 23. when that stuff happens to THEM and not US ?
  • 24. Hmmm … let’s explore
  • 25. You hear about a terrible accident You feel bad … and get back to business
  • 26. then you find out your daughter’s best friend
  • 27. Was on that bus And is very badly hurt
  • 28. Now you feel much much worse … you think about her, her parents, your daughter, you can’t seem to think of anything else
  • 29. The accident is the same you didn’t change but now You CARE!
  • 30. WHY?
  • 31. THEM = US
  • 32. Empathy is often characterized as the ability to put oneself into other's people shoes … to feel what they feel
  • 33. What if our kids had a way to make friends
  • 34. all over the WORLD
  • 35. so they could learn talk share play and teach each other ?
  • 36. If there was such a place, is it possible that
  • 37. that THEM = US would spread virally like chocolate rain
  • 38. and this could … G r a d u a l l y … change the world
  • 39. because they could FEEL the pulse of our planet through their friends ?
  • 40. I think so
  • 41. and I’m telling the whole WORLD!
  • 42. If you agree come find me and let’s do it together
  • 43. blog: email: twitter: @isfan