Poland nov 2012
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Poland nov 2012




Słupia-Igualada November 2012



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Poland nov 2012 Poland nov 2012 Presentation Transcript

  • www.paiz.gov.pl
  • www.publikacje.poland.gov.pl POLAND www.zne.pl www.zne.pl www.publikacje.poland.gov.pl
  •  Poland is the country in Central Europe over Baltic Sea The superface is 300 thousand km2 – it’s ninth position in Europe 38,5 mln people live here The full name is Republic of Poland
  • Polish flag www.publikacje.poland.gov.pl
  • Polish emblem www.publikacje.poland.gov.pl
  • Polish anthem: Mazurek Dąbrowskiego Jeszcze Polska nie zginęła, Kiedy my żyjemy. Co nam obca przemoc wzięła, Szablą odbierzemy. Marsz, marsz Dąbrowski, Z ziemi włoskiej do Polski. Za twoim przewodem Złączym się z narodem.
  • Our neighbours:The neighboring countries are: Germany to the west The Czech Republic and Slovakia to the south Ukraine and Belarus to the eastLithuania and The Russian Province of KaliningradOblast to the northeast To the north Poland is bordered by the Baltic Sea
  • www.wikipedia.org
  • The name ,,Poland” derives from the nameof the Slav people :Glade, who settled in our country.
  • The official language is Polish, but in our country you can hear many dialects, for example Silesian dialect : In English language: „I know. ” In Catalan language: „Sé que.” Polish official language : „Ja wiem.” Silesian dialect : „Jo wim.”
  •  Polish is a parliamentary republic based on the separation of the three powers. The Head of state is the president, but the head of government is the Prime Minister.
  • President of Poland:Bronisław Komorowskiwww.wikipedia.org
  • Polish Prime Minister: Donald Tusk www.platforma.org.pl
  • Poland is democratic country fot. Monika Kasperczyk
  • Poland was baptized in the reign of one of therulers in 966 year. Till now, the most religiouscommunity of Catolic Church, which counting34 milion faithfuls. Religion in Poland www.images.photo.bikestats.euwww.wp.pl
  • Lay of the land:• Themost of the country is covered bylowlands and the average height is 173metres above sea level.•The highest point in the country is Rysy.The lowest point is Raczki Elbląskie in northPoland.
  • www.wikipedia.org
  • Rysy is the biggest mountain in Poland.It is 2499 metres above sea level. www.2.pb.blogspot.com
  • Depression: www.emazury.pl
  • Our rivers: www.geo.norwid24.waw.pl
  • www.wikipedia.org
  • Lowlands : Nizina Środkowopolska www.wikipedia.org
  • Heighst: Jura Krakowsko-Częstochowska www.mediaslaskie.pl
  • The mountains:for example Tatry www.wikipedia.org
  • The lakes :Pojezierze Mazurskie www.emazury.pl
  • Baltic Sea:www.polskiekrajobrazy.pl www.fotoplatforma.pl
  • Economy:Poland is the 6th economy in European Unionand 20th economy in the world.Services sector is responsible for theproduction of 60 % of the total GDT(Gross Domestic Product), industry 35 %and agriculture 5 %.
  • Industry Industry is developing in the southwest of our country in Lower Silesia. This area is rich in mineral resources such as coal and salt.
  • The agriculture in Poland is based on the cultivation of crops such as wheat, oats and rye and corn. We have also poultry, cows and pigs farms. www.balticgreenbelt.org.pl www.portal.wci.pl
  • www.uprawyekologiczne.plwww.grodziskodolne.pl
  • Euro 2012 The Euro 2012 was in Poland and Ukraine. The footballers played on the news stadiums in Warszawa, Gdańsk, Poznań and Wrocław.
  • stadiony-swiata.pl kurierwilenski.lt
  • During school trip students from our school, saw the stadium in Gdańsk. fot.Sylwia Wylot
  • The cities www.wikipedia.org
  • Capital city – WarsawIt is the capital of our country. 1,7 milion people livehere. There are the Pariament building andPresidental Palace where the government meets.
  • www.wikipedia.org
  • Cracow:Cracow in terms of area and population isthe second largest city in Poland. It wasthe second capital of Poland. There arealso Wawel (Royal Castle), Cloth Hall, St.Mary’s Church. You can also visit the OldTown.
  • www.4.bp.blogspot.com fot.Justyna Zdańska
  • Gniezno:Gniezno was the first capital city of Poland and the first metropolis of the Church.There are a lot of interesting routes which runs through Gniezno.In this city worth seeing are Gniezno Doors, which represent the martyrdom of St. Wojciech.
  • www.x.garnek.pl www.szkolazcharakterem.gliwice.pl
  • Gdańsk:Gdańsk is located in north Poland on BalticSea. There are sunny beaches.It is great attraction for tourist in thesummer. You can visit the old port crane-Żuraw.
  • www.wikipedia.org fot.Sylwia Wylot
  • Zakopane:Zakopane it’s famous city on the southPoland. There are beautiful mountains.The local food is delicious and traditional.For example sheep cheese. You can visit Zakopane and the Tatramountains in winter, when there is a lot ofsnow and the people can ski andsnowboarding.
  • www.e-zakopane.comwww.biurotatry.com.pl
  • Other polish food: Oscypek Bigos www.wikipedia.org www.megapedia.plkapuśniak Kotlet schabowy pierogi www.reponsibility.pl www.jar.91.republika.pl
  • Polish division:Poland is divided into 16 voivodships. www.polska.gsi.pl
  • Kielce :Kielce is the largest city of Świętokrzyskie voivodship. www.wikipedia.org www.archiwum.parp.gov.pl
  • Each voivodship divides intocounties.Each county divides into communities. www.wikipedia.org
  • Community Słupia is located in Jędrzejowski county. The historic building community in Słupia Jędrzejowska . www.slupia.pl
  • MAYOR IN SŁUPIA:Krzysztof Nowak www.gimslupia.szlolnastrona.pl
  • Other historic buildings in our community: www.slupia.pl
  • Our school- Roman CzerneckiSecondary School- located in Słupia. fot.Katarzyna Stępień
  • Our students who are in project Comenius with teachers. fot.Katarzyna Stępień
  • The endAuthors : Monika Kasperczyk Justyna Zdańska
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