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Cafe Latte
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  • 1. Vivek Ramachandran MD Sohail Ahmad www.airtightnetworks.net Cafe Latte with a Free Topping of Cracked WEP - Retrieving WEP Keys From Road-Warriors
  • 2. Talk Outline
    • WEP Cracking – a quick primer
    • Debunking the myths of WEP Cracking – Café Latte
    • Café Latte - Attack Background
    • Café Latte – Detailed Analysis
    • Countermeasures against Café Latte
    • Conclusions
    • Q&A
  • 3. Cracks in WEP -- Historic Evolution 2001 - The insecurity of 802.11, Mobicom, July 2001 N. Borisov, I. Goldberg and D. Wagner. 2001 - Weaknesses in the key scheduling algorithm of RC4. S. Fluhrer, I. Mantin, A. Shamir. Aug 2001. 2002 - Using the Fluhrer, Mantin, and Shamir Attack to Break WEP A. Stubblefield, J. Ioannidis, A. Rubin. 2004 – KoreK, improves on the above technique and reduces the complexity of WEP cracking. We now require only around 500,000 packets to break the WEP key. 2005 – Adreas Klein introduces more correlations between the RC4 key stream and the key. 2007 – PTW extend Andreas technique to further simplify WEP Cracking. Now with just around 60,000 – 90,000 packets it is possible to break the WEP key. Is there really a need for a New Attack?
  • 4. Limitations of the traditional WEP Cracking
    • The attacker needs to be in the RF vicinity of the WEP network
    • The authorized network should have at least one AP up and running which the Clients can connect to
    Client AP Hacker
  • 5. An example scenario where traditional approaches fail
    • An isolated Client far away from the authorized network
    Hacker Victim
    • This Client has a WEP encrypted network “Toorcon” in its PNL
    • Can we crack the WEP key of “Toorcon” using only this Client?
    • Can we have an IP layer connectivity with this Client?
    WEP Cracking Fails!! Café Latte Attack to the rescue!
  • 6. What is the Café Latte Attack?
    • We attack the Client to retrieve the WEP key
    • The Client can be absolutely isolated and nowhere near the authorized network
    • There is no need for an authorized network AP
    Hacker Client Moon No AP needed
  • 7. Before we begin – a quick 101!
  • 8. Attack Background – Windows Wireless Configuration Manager User connects to a WEP protected network “Default” for the first time User enters the WEP key when prompted by the Windows wireless utility “ Default” gets added into the preferred network list (PNL) of the configuration manager
  • 9. Attack Background - Conclusions
    • Windows stores the SSID and the WEP key in its Preferred Network List (PNL)
    • Question:
    • Can we retrieve the WEP key from this Client e.g. at a Coffee Shop?
    • Answer:
    • Café Latte Attack
  • 10. Can we crack WEP with just an isolated Client?
    • To crack WEP we need a large number of encrypted data packets
        • 90k for PTW
        • 500k for Korek+FMS
    • It does not matter which device produces these packets – Client or AP
    • Is it possible to make the Client produce data packets without connecting to the authorized network’s AP?
  • 11. Café Latte - How does it work?
    • Client probes for SSID “Default”
    • Hacker sniffs these probes and brings up a Honeypot
    • Client Authenticates and Associates with this Honeypot
    • Fake Authentication and Association works because WEP does not have mutual Authentication
    Default Default
  • 12.