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Presentation9 1-2011


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  • 1. Advance Solar Thermal  Brayton Turbine System 12/6/2013
  • 2. Solar Catcher™ system  is  a  concentrating  solar  power  Dish  technology  equipped with a Brayton Turbine  special  designed  for  medium  solar  insolation,  soft‐land,  hot  and  humid  country  zone  such as Asia Zone. Its mission is to build the most affordable, modular and scalable solar solution in the industry for utility scale solar power market. Parabolic Dish systems use mirrors to focus the incident light onto a single central receiver in front of the mirror. They so far have the highest heat‐electricity conversion efficiencies among all CSP designs up to 65 %. The size of the concentrator is determined by its engine. A dish/Brayton Turbine system’s concentrator with a nominal direct solar insolation from 500‐1,000 W/m2 and a 2‐100 kWe capacity has a diameter of approximately 3 to 20 meters. It could also run on a single Rankine or Brayton cycle, where water, or other gas is compressed, heated and expanded into a turbine. Parabolic dish could be applied individually in remote locations, or grouped. For small‐grid (village power, 2 ‐ 10 KW) or end‐of‐line utility (1 ‐ 100 MW) applications. The system had no thermal delivery tubes so it is minimum thermal losses. The electricity transmitted to the gird or storage in Vanadium Batteries. Intermittent cloud cover can cause weakening of highly concentrated receiver source flux. Sensible energy storage in single‐phase materials was proposed to allow a cylindrical absorber element not only absorb the energy but also store it in its mass, thus reducing the amplitude of cloud cover transients. Although this design only allows short period energy storage. It could equipped with Vanadium Battery or Thermal Storage for longer operation time, 6, 12, 24 hrs. Designed and developed by Solar Space Frame Industrial Co., Ltd. Thailand. Solar Catcher™, CSP technology is a 2, 5, 10, 25, or 100 kWe system. The SFI, Solar Catcher™, achieved commercial deployment in early 2013. It’s clean solar energy. The Solar Catcher™ technology makes it possible for large power facilities to provide clean, reliable, cost‐ effective and truly sustainable solar power to communities, while addressing renewable energy portfolio targets, and tackling global climate change by actively reducing our planet’s carbon emissions. 12/6/2013 2
  • 3. Investment Analysis Technical specifications Apeture area (net) 25 100 400 m2 Mean collector diameter .3 1 2 m2 Focal Length 2.5 6.25 12 m2 Mean half‐rim angle 43.6 ° Number of mirror panels 100 400 1600 Mirror reflectivity 93 % Actuation Electrical Motor Tracking Elevation envelope 0 to +90 ° Azimuth envelope + or – 270 ° Pointing error <= + or ‐ 2 mrad Cut‐off wind speed 80 km/h Sun position programme open‐loop Weight Weight/aperture ratio 3 6 10 kg/m2 Generator Permanent Magnet 5 50 100 kW Pressure 3 ATA Turbine Temperature 1200 °C Mas Flow Rate 25 100 400 LPS Condenser Air Cooled Storage Vanadium Battery or Molten Salt 6, 12, 18, 24 hrs Controller 3 Phase Grid Connected Inverter Reflector Performance Receiver Solar power intercepted Solar power absorbed in absorbed Equivalent heat rate fed to turbine Gross electricity generated Net power fed to the grid Solar‐to‐electric conversion eff. @ 1,000.00  0.64 635.00  0.91 577.85  0.88 558.80  0.35 222.26 0.31 200.00  20.00  500.00  W/m2 317.50  Wrad 288.93  Wt 279.40  Wt 111.13  We 100.00  We 20.00 % Solar Space Frame Industrial  1,000 W/m System Area Sun Hour Peak Off Peak Cost Power Hot Water Electrical Cost Base Ft Adder Total Income Daily Hot Water Monthly Yearly Return System Life ROI 12/6/2013 2 Solar Cell Solar Catcher 5.00  5.00  72.00  50.00  kW Sq.m 4.00  11.00  hrs 13.00  hrs 100,000.00  200,000.00  THB/kW 500,000.00  1,000,000.00  THB 20.00  125.00  kWhr 93.75  kWhr 3.50  1.00  8.00  12.50  250.00  3.50 THB/kWhr 1.00  THB/kWhr 8.00  THB/kWhr 12.50  THB/kWhr 980.00  405.00  7,500.00  90,000.00  66.7  5.6  25  3.50  41,550.00  498,600.00  24.1  2.0  25  11.47  THB THB THB THB Month Year Year % 3
  • 4. Solar Catcher advance solar energy conversion TM • Solar CatcherTM is an advanced solar energy conversion system that utilizes high efficiency Brayton cycle turbine. • Energy storage for 24 hrs operation (Vanadium Battery or Molten Salt) with exceptional efficiency and durability (optional added to Dish Brayton). • An advanced Power Conversion Unit with no mechanical wear and no ancillary accessories such as lube or cooling systems. • Overall net conversion efficiency > 30 %. • Hybrid fuel option and dispatch able energy storage system. • A zero‐maintenance turbine for 40,000 hrs of life. • One moving part (turbine with alternator). • Operates on non‐contacting air bearings. • Requires no coolants or lubricants. • Operates at moderate turbine temperatures and low stress levels. 12/6/2013 4