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The slide show attached is from a webinar given by Airmid Healthgroup in particularly the team that run the health friendly air™ division. It is a broad overview of issues relating to optimising the indoor environment for health and well-being.
In addition to the health friendly air program airmid healthgroup regularly conducts major environmental field studies in homes throughout the USA and Europe as a key part in assessing the impact of a product or service on indoor air quality and health. These studies produce highly valuable data by quantifying the level of reduction in bio-aerosols achieved in a real world situation.
They provide the opportunity for a company to move up the value chain and establish a strong evidence based premium position over their competitors by focusing on health in the home.
The quality of indoor air has deteriorated as we increasingly seal up our homes for energy efficiency. The consequential effects on health are evidenced by the numbers of people suffering from asthma and allergies. In the USA alone, it is estimated by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America that almost 70% of homes have occupants who can be defined as sufferers. Any product or service which can be proven by established data to reduce allergen levels in the home will be of considerable interest and importance to a significant proportion of the population.
Particulates including allergen, bacteria and mold can be measured both in surface and airborne samples. Particle size in the breathing zone can also be assessed, which is of importance due to the risk associated with inhalation of small particles. A particle size of less than 10μm has been associated with adverse health effects and this is more pronounced at particle sizes less than 2.5μm. This is reinforced by the WHO and EPA stance on particle size. Sampling is carried out by our qualified occupational hygienists and all samples are processed and analysed at our accredited facilities.
We customise the studies to meet the requirements of the client, providing advice and sourcing the type and number of homes required in order to achieve high quality and meaningful statistical data on the efficacy of the product or service being studied.
If you have any questions please contact: Graeme Tarbox;

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  • At airmidhealthgroup ltd our mission is to prevent ill health caused by exposure to indoor air pollutants. To achieve this goal we have assembled a unique multidisciplinary team of Clinicians, Industrial Hygienists, Occupational Health Advisers, and Specialist Laboratory Scientists in Mycology, Virology, Bacteriology, Allergy and Immunology.
  • Health Friendly Air Overview

    1. 1. The Relationship betweenIndoor Air and HealthSlide deck from webinar byAirmid Healthgroup Confidential Confidential
    2. 2. Mission, Products and ServicesMission To help clients with products and services for the built environment improve their customer offerings through health related innovations and marketing. To create value through a number of collaborative strategies including field research, environmental test chamber studies and licensing our own intellectual property. By specialising in studying how allergens, viruses, and other ultra-fine particles spread illness and disease in buildings we are a leading authority in aerobiology and bio-medical research. Our clients succeed by making the built environment as healthy as possible. Confidential
    3. 3. Some ofthe Team Confidential
    4. 4. Indoor Air Quality - The Facts• The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that greater than one building in four has indoor air quality problems• Indoor air is more polluted than outdoor air (5 to 100 times) with 90% of our time spent indoors• Indoor Air pollution has been ranked as a high priority health risk – it is ranked 5th as a cause of ill health worldwide• To breathe healthy indoor air is considered a fundamental right by the WHO
    5. 5. At the airmid healthgroup we understand that :• Healthy indoor air requires the control of sources of indoor air pollutants and the provision of adequate ventilation and filtration• That healthy indoor air is a dynamic inter- relationship between thermal, physical, gaseous, chemical and biological factors• That airborne biological contaminants when inhaled are associated with a wide range of health effects• That exposure to airborne contaminants can be controlled
    6. 6. health friendly air™ (HFA)• One of the most comprehensive testing programmes of its type worldwide• Independent verification of healthy indoor air• Audits and monitors those parameters most likely to adversely impact human health and wellbeing• Advanced capacity to monitor for surface and airborne biological (mould, bacteria and allergens) contamination• Unique ability to interpret results in the context of possible adverse health effects
    7. 7. Indoor Air – A Dynamic Inter-relationship
    8. 8. BUILDING CONTENT AND PRODUCT R&DAdvanced scientific testing of buildingcontents and materials to assess theimpact that they have on the quality ofindoor air and so human health.Specialist testing that provides datafor a wide range of indoor airexposures including allergens,bacteria, viruses, moulds, chemicalsand particulates.
    9. 9. Building Content and Product R&D:Our World Leading Service is:• Advanced, Real Life, Science Based• Confidential, Independent, Unbiased• Suitable for a wide range of products including: Air Conditioners /Air Conditioning Dehumidifiers Cleaning Products Systems / Air Cleaners Flooring Vacuum Cleaners Fabrics Paint Mattresses/ Bedding Other
    10. 10. Climate Controlled Environmental Test Chambers Micro Lab• Multiple Environmental Test Chambers – Allergen – Environmental molecular AHAM Type Virus biology Lab – Ducting Test Rig, ASHRAE 52.2 Chamber• Class II Microbiological Laboratories• PCR Molecular biology Allergen Lab
    11. 11. Climate Controlled Environmental Test Chambers• Comprehensive particle counter monitoring• State of the Art Air sampling techniques• In house Laboratory Analytical Testing Services• including PCR (Virology, Mycology,• Bacteriology) and ELISA (Allergen)• Emission Testing in chemically neutral chambers
    12. 12. Home Allergen Control Product Assessments• Passive and Active Product Infestation Studies with House Dust Mite• Scientific testing of fabric barrier efficiency through direct allergen challenge.• Fabric Microscopy• Electrical Appliance Testing for Allergen Reduction
    13. 13. Advanced Environmental Laboratory CapabilitiesAllergen• Routine and bespoke allergen detection• Standard (ng) or amplified (pg) methods available• Modified Dust Trap• Simulated Use Test• Live Mite CountsMicrobiology• Identification and enumeration of: • Bacteria • Fungi • Viruses• Culture and molecular biology• PCR/Real time PCR) capabilities
    14. 14. Airmid Health Group• Multidisciplinary approach• State of the Art Facilities including our Unique Environmental Test Chambers• Sampling equipment, methodologies and in house aerobiology expertise• Access to in house Analytical Testing Services• Ability to interpret results in the context of possible adverse health effects
    15. 15. Contact Us Airmid Healthgroup Ltd Europe +353-1-633 6820 Graeme Tarbox Trinity Enterprise Campus, Grand Canal Quay, Dublin 2, Ireland USA +1 646 291 8937 345 Park Avenue, 17th Floor, New York NY 10151-0037, USA