Our Final Music Video Idea


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Our Final Music Video Idea

  1. 1. Our Music Video Jack Marcham and Airi Zdrenka
  2. 2. Our Chosen SongMissed Calls - Mac Millerhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ys-9b9QI3Q4
  3. 3. Narrative Structure• Different location shots to start off the music video.• one of our two main characters within the video appears in one of the locations and he is wondering aimlessly and he’s sad.• Isolated locations represent how our character is feeling.• Pictures of the two• Throughout the video the male character is depressed about the deterioration of the relationship• Final shot shows the woman at his house awaiting his arrival...
  4. 4. Narrative Structure•We’ll use Goodwin’s Theory with relating lyrics to visuals, also relating the beat of the music to visuals.•For instant with our shots of the locations and the male moving we’ll edit it so each location appears with each beat of the song. Again with the flashbacks of their relationship later on in the narrative.•We are also planning on having close ups of our characters.
  5. 5. Camera• A lot of shot variation to reveal everything about the character e.g. POV, worm’s eye view, low angles, high angles, long shot, establishing shots.• Tracking, panning• Extreme close ups and close ups to show expression• Final shot of man and woman, woman in focus and man’s hand holding the keys out of focus. When the woman stands up she goes out of focus and then his hand becomes in focus and we see him drop his keys.• FADE TO BLACK
  6. 6. Audience•Our target audience is 16 - 25 year olds.•As we believe that this age bracket will best connect and relate to our narrative.•We will achieve this by using actors who are in this age bracket and therefore relatable to our target audience.• Our editing is going to be fast paced which our audience will be able to keep up with and hopefully keep them engaged throughout.
  7. 7. Tone•Our music video will have a sad tone throughout the video until the final shot shows a happy resolution to the narrative.•The song we’ve chosen is quite down beat. We chose this type of tone for our video because we didn’t want to do the conventional love story within a narrative.
  8. 8. Conventions• Our music video will feature an intercutting style of action and images. At some points our editing pace will be extremely fast, and this is where we will show a variety of images.• We are aiming to use colour manipulation in our video to create a certain atmosphere e.g sad/happiness will be emphasised by certain colours.• Our video may feature some direct address by the characters but we are yet to decide for sure.
  9. 9. MES• Our main man will be dressed in dark clothing in contrast to our female lead who will be dressed in white.• We want this to show a clear representation of binary opposites.