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Teensuicde Presentation Transcript

  • 1. Teenage Suicide and Twisted By: Aaron Pikula
  • 2. What is teen suicide?
    • Suicide is the intentional taking of one's own life. Teen suicide is just that a teenager taking their own life.
    • Teenagers are especially vulnerable to suicide since their minds are still growing and developing. They are also at risk because a growing mind makes a lot of decisions without considering long-term consequences.
  • 3. What are the warning signs of a suicidal teen?
    • There are some warning signs to a suicidal teen that need to be taken seriously whenever they are encountered. They include:
    • Sudden change in their personality
    • Loss of interest of once pleasurable activities
    • Frequent mood swings,accompanied by violent behavior
    • Stating that they are a bad person
    • Making subtle comments such as “It’s no use anymore,” “it’ll all be over soon.” etc.
  • 4. Statistics of teen suicide
    • Suicide for males are different than for females. This is because the mind of a teen male is much different than the mind of a female.
    • Females are more likely to attempt suicide while more males actually kill themselves while attempting.
  • 5. Survey Rationale
    • For this part I created a survey asking about some common facts about teens and suicide. The purpose of this is to show the misinformation that surrounds teens that commit suicide.
  • 6. Survey Results
    • Problems have almost gotten to the point where you thought suicide was a solution?
    • People surveyed: 50% Yes
    • 50% No
    • Someone you know has committed suicide?
    • People surveyed: 100% No
    • Suicide is the ____ cause of death for people ages 14-19?
    • People Surveyed: Leading 50%
    • Second leading 33.3%
    • Third leading 16.7%
    • Fourth leading 0.0%
  • 7. Survey Results
    • The suicide rate has tripled since the 1950s?
    • True 83.3%
    • False 16.7
    • Women attempt suicide three times as often as men?
    • True 100%
    • When attempting suicide men are ____ more likely to be successful than women
    • Two times 33.3%
    • Three times 33.3%
    • Four times 33.3%
  • 8. Survey Results
    • You feel that people who commit suicide had no other choice?
    • Yes 33.3%
    • No 66.7
    • You feel that suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem
    • Yes 83.3%
    • No 16.7%
    • Most teens that commit suicide are already involved on other dangerous activities? (heavy drug and alcohol use)
    • Yes 16.7%
    • Not always 66.7%
    • No 66.7%
  • 9. Survey results
    • You feel that suicide is morally wrong?
    • Yes 50%
    • No 50%