Room make up procedure


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Room make up procedure

  1. 1. Room Make up Procedure Lesson 9 Guest room cleaning and maintenance Prepared by: Aireen Y. Clores
  2. 2. A typical used room may look like this.
  3. 3. Supplies/tools needed: room boys cart equipped with amenities and suppliesPlace cart in front of the room and knock• Activate doorbell or knock gently (30 sec. intervals between knocks)• “May I make up a room now?”Empty all trash cans/baskets• Empty them into the trash bag of the cart.• Wash with soap, clean and wipe dry.Wash and wipe dry drinking glasses. Refill thermo jugReplenish soiled linenMake up the bed• Follow standard procedures for bed make up.Clean /vacuum the floorDust furniture & fixtures, polish the mirrorReplenish other guestroom suppliesMake the bathroomCheck overall condition of the room
  4. 4. Lay down the bed pad on the bed • Bed pad placed on top of the mattress, center and smooth flatMaking up a Bed . Secure and tuck on the corner.Supplies Qty PlacementBed pad 1 Mattress top Lay down the first sheet1st sheet 2 Top of the bed pad • Place evenly and on top of the bed pad with the center down;2nd sheet 1 Top of 1st sheet • tuck in the sheet under the mattress at the head and foot ofBlanket 1 Top of 2nd sheet the bed. Bed 1 Top of the finished • Miter all corners then tuck in the undersides of the sheet cover bed Pillow 1 for single bed Pillow is encased Lay down the second sheetwith slip 2 for double bed with a slipand case • This is not only beautiful to look at but is also designed for the guest convenience. Lay down the blanket • This will make the bed appear neat and clean Lay down the bed cover • For a more presentable appearance; to protect linen from dirt
  5. 5. Make up of 1. Check for items left by CHECK OUT ROOMS guests This job should be executed immediately by the floor supervisor 2. Pull the curtains and blindsand the assigned room boy once room is vacated by the guest. 3. Adjust aircon to desiredMaterials needed:room boys cart equipped with amenities temperatureand supplies 4. Remove soiled dishes used during room service 5. Empty ashtrays and waste baskets 6. Wash and wipe dry drinking glasses
  6. 6. Make up of CHECK OUT ROOMS 7. Clean thermos jug and refill with cold water This job should be executed immediately by the floor supervisorand the assigned room boy once room is 8. Strip the bed of soiled linen and vacated by the guest. pillow cases and replace themMaterials needed:room boys cart equipped with amenities 9. Make up the bedand supplies 10. Vacuum or shampoo the carpet and upholstered furniture. 11. Dust all furniture 12. Polish mirror and all other metaled furniture
  7. 7. Make up of CHECK OUT ROOMS 13. Replenish all room supplies This job should be executed 14. Make up the bedroom immediately by the floor supervisorand the assigned room boy once room is 15. Fix the curtains vacated by the guest. 16. Check the overall condition of theMaterials needed:room boys cart equipped with amenities room, including installedand supplies furniture and appliances 17. Close the door
  8. 8. When are rooms made up or serviced? Daily  Unless guest refuses a room make up or  Has DND hanged on the door knob of the guest room. Whenever a room is vacated through check outs Make up request
  9. 9. Turndown Service Turndown service is a process by which the guest room is made warm and inviting for the evening. Turndown service is usually conducted between 6 and 9 PM. A turndown attendant should be able to complete 40 turndowns in three hours. Figure 11-9
  10. 10. Turndown Service Turndown service can include: Closing of draperies Soft music Corner folding of bedspread away from pillow An amenity presentation Soft corner lights A “room tidy” is conducted Some hotels place a breakfast door hanger next to the amenity presentation Figure 11-10
  11. 11. advice to other young aspiring executivehousekeepers and professionals: set one goal at a time. If you set too many, you’ll get discouraged. So set one and follow it through. always ask questions. listen. It’s the most effective way to gain intelligence. keep your eyes open to opportunities. work hard. defy adversity and negativity. never set yourself above your coworkers. remember that age is only a number. always ask for additional responsibilities, when you can handle it.