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  • Figure 3-1 shows the various departments in a hotel that interact with the front office.The front office is at the center of this diagram to illustrate the many interdepartmentallines of communication that exist. These lines are based on the direction each departmenthas been given to provide hospitality in the form of clean rooms, properly operatingequipment, safe environment, well-prepared food and beverages, efficient table service,professional organization and delivery of service for a scheduled function as well as accurateaccounting of guest charges, and the like
  • The marketing and sales department relies on the front office to provide data on guesthistories, details concerning each guest’s visit. Some of the information gathered is basedon zip code, frequency of visits, corporate affiliation, special needs, and reservations forsleeping rooms. It is also the front office’s job to make a good first impression on thepublic, to relay messages, and to meet the requests of guests who are using the hotel formeetings, seminars, and banquets.
  • VIPs in the house This information is essential so that the staff can take a little extra care and keener precautions in cleaning and supervising VIP rooms. Groups in the house The group rooming list must be provided before the group's arrival as groups tend to move together in terms of arrival, departure, sightseeing tours, and meals. Their rooms need to be readied together in view of strict time parameters. It is also important to intimate room changes, so that items left behind by guests may be handed over, 'extras' retrieved, and laundry delivered. Group rooming lists enable the department to organize their work and have the group's rooms ready on time. This is particularly crucial when the turnover is high and rooms are experiencing back-to-back occupancy. Crew in the house Under normal circumstances, airline crews are allotted a given set of rooms on a particular floor. However, sometimes, the arrival of a crew and the departure of another crew from the same airline may overlap. In such circumstances, it is important for the allotted rooms to be cleaned within a short period of time. Also, because of odd timings for international flights, these crew rooms may display a 'do not disturb' (DND) card at times when other guests are normally out, which the housekeeping schedule must take into account. Flowers Sometimes the management extends its compliments to a guest with a special gesture of a flower arrangement in the room as recognition of the importance of a person. This requirement of flower arrangements for certain guests is conveyed to housekeeping by the front office on a daily basis. Apart from the communications mentioned, the front office needs to depend on housekeeping for the provision of clean uniforms to its staff.
  • There are various heads under which maintenance work is done: Electrical work Air conditioning and heating; fused bulbs; lights and lamps that are not functioning; defective plugs and plug points; short circuits; and faulty geysers, refrigerators, and mini bars fall under this category. Boiler work This is necessary to maintain a supply of hot water to guestrooms. Mechanical work This entails repair or replacement of any faulty equipment, such as vacuum cleaners, ice-cube machines, and so on. Plumbing work This deals with faulty faucets, showers, drainage systems, water closets, and so on. Civil work Any masonry work comes under this head. Carpentry work Broken or shaky furniture, mirrors and cupboards in less than peak condition, and fresh woodwork are all part of this. To look at it another way, in terms of frequency, urgency, and complexity of the job, there are three levels of maintenance work. Routine maintenance : This involves maintenance activities that relate to the general upkeep of the hotel. They occur on a regular basis, daily or weekly, and require minimal training or skills. These activities do not call for the making out of a formal work order, and no records are maintained for them. Most of these routine maintenance activities are carried out by housekeeping. Proper care of many surfaces and materials by housekeeping personnel is the first step in the overall maintenance programme for the property. Examples of such activities are the replacement of fused light bulbs, polishing of furniture, cleaning of windows and floors, and so on. Preventive maintenance This is a systematic approach to maintenance in which situations are identified and corrected on a regular basis to control costs and keep larger problems from occurring. It involves inspections, minor corrections, and initiation of work orders.InspectionsDuring the normal course of their duties, housekeeping personnel carry out inspections of most areas. Room attendants and supervisors regularly check for leaking faucets, chipped caulking around bathroom fixtures, fused bulbs, AC malfunctions, and so on.Minor correctionsProblems of a greater magnitude are avoided if minor repairs are attended to promptly. If communication between housekeeping and maintenance is efficient, minor repairs will be rectified by the maintenance department even as the room attendant is cleaning the guestroom. Initiation of work ordersPreventive maintenance sometimes identifies problems that are beyond the limited scope of minor corrections. The necessary work is then referred to the maintenance department through a formal work-order system. The chief maintenance officer or the chief engineer then schedules this maintenance work to be done. Scheduled maintenance This involves maintenance work initiated by a work order. Work orders are key elements in the communication and coordination between housekeeping and maintenance.
  • Lecture 2 THE FRONT OFFICE

    1. 1. The Front Office Organization and Functions Lecture 2AIREEN Y. CLORES, MBA/DBMHM HRTM 133 INTRUCTOR
    2. 2. Objective:• Organization set up of Front office• The F.O function and responsibilities• Identify the positions and its job specification of each human resource in the front office.
    3. 3. Front Office Manager Secretary Front Office Manager Assistant Manager Guest Relation Officer Reception Reservation Telephone Chief Concierge Supervisor Manager Supervisor Airport Assistant Chief Assistant Reservation Assistant Concierge Reception Supervisor Supervisor Supervisor Telephone Supervisor Airport Senior Reservation Concierge Telephone Representative Reception Clerk Operator Valet Reception Bell Boy Parking attendant• FRONT OFFICE ORGANIZATIONAL CHART
    4. 4. Front Office Function Front Office Manager (FOM) Revenue Guest Services Night Audit ReservationsManagement Desk Staff Bell Staff Concierge
    5. 5. Corporate Owner General ManagerFront Office Maintenance/Grou Housekee Controller per Manager ndskeeper Maids Night Manager Restaurant Houseme Manager n Pool Mgr Cook Host Desk Clerk Wait Staff Pantry Dishwash er Bus StaffFull Service Hotel
    6. 6. Small limited-serving lodge Corporate owner Front Office Housekeeper General Manager Manager Maids Housemen Night Desk Auditor Clerk Maintenance Manager
    7. 7. Standard Size Hotel Corporate Owner General Manager Front Office Manager Night Auditor Desk Clerk
    8. 8. Front Office Manager Secretary Front Office Manager (Guest Relation Officer) Reception Reservation Telephone Concierge Supervisor Manager Supervisor Assistant Reservation Assistant Reception Supervisor Telephone Supervisor SupervisorPensioned House
    9. 9. Front Office Manager Secretary Front Office Manager Assistant ManagerGuest Relation Officer Reception Reservation Telephone Chief Concierge Supervisor Manager Supervisor Airport Assistant Chief Assistant Reservation Assistant Concierge ReceptionSupervisor Supervisor Supervisor Telephone Supervisor Airport Senior Reservation Concierge TelephoneRepresentative Reception Clerk Operator Valet Reception Bell Boy Parking attendant Resort
    10. 10. Front Office Functions With Other Positions Revenue managerReservation manager Front Office Desk staff Guest registration Manager Concierge Bell staff Night auditor
    11. 11. Organization of F.O….General Manager front office manager, • the person responsible for• the person in charge of leading the front office staff in directing and leading the delivering hospitality hotel staff in meeting its financial, environmental, • The executive ousekeeper, and community the person responsible for responsibilities, develops the upkeep of the and stylizes guestrooms and public areas• organization charts that fit of the lodging property as his or her plan to meet the well as control of guest room goals of the particular inventory items, keeps on top of new trends in controlling company costs and effective use of personnel.
    12. 12. Responsibilities of Front Office Revenue & PMS & its reservation management management Functional areas Management of guest Accounting for guests Services Data management
    13. 13. Front Office: The PMS & Its Management Guest histories Room rates, Accounting reservations, and room information assignments PMS: Computerized system Management Reservations information functions Other selected guest services
    14. 14. Front Office: relationship with other departments BanquetsMarketing and Sales MaintenanceFood and Beverage Front office Controller Housekeeping Security Human Resources Management
    15. 15. Front Office: relationship with other departments BanquetsMarketing and Sales Maintenance boards for events AnnouncementFood and Beverage Front office Controller Financial transactions Housekeeping Employee needs Security Human Resources Management
    16. 16. How do front office coordinates with other departments in the hotel?
    17. 17. Front office & Housekeeping Coordination• Rooms information on occupancy level• The housekeeping department also receives other important information from the front office, which require special attention: • VIPs in the House • GROUPS in the house • CREW in the house
    18. 18. Front office with other departments…..• Maintenance & Engineering • Provision of engineering facilities and maintenance to keep things in order• Security • Responsible for handling emergency situations and secure safety and security of hotel property, staff and guests.• Food & beverage department • Coordination with restaurants and banquet halls with the• Coordination with HRD • Requirements for rooms division staff, and other issues related to human resource
    19. 19. Stages: interactions and transactionsbetween the guest….
    20. 20. Stages:interactions andtransactionsbetween theguest….
    21. 21. Sequence of Front office Service• · reservations,• · check-in and registration,• · mail and information,• · uniformed service and baggage handling,• · telephone calls and messages,• · handling guest accounts, and• · check-out and bill settlement.
    22. 22. Front office personnel• Functions• Roles• Responsibilities