Proper Maintenance of Your Air Conditioning System


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Proper Maintenance of Your Air Conditioning System

  1. 1. Proper Maintenance of YourAir Conditioning System
  2. 2. IntroductionAs a homeowner, there are several simplesteps that you can take to ensure propermaintenance of your air conditioningsystem and to extend the lifespan of yourair conditioner.It is important to recognize the type of airconditioner and the various components ofyour air conditioner.Caution: Before doing any sort ofmaintenance work on your air conditioner,ensure that the unit is unplugged.
  3. 3. Air Conditioner PartsMost homes are equipped with a central airconditioner which is comprised of two parts,the condenser and evaporator. Thecondenser is typically found outside thehome on a concrete slab and the evaporatoris within the home, in the main duct junctionabove the furnace.The central air conditioning system in mosthomes is connected to the home’s forced airdistribution system which is responsible forboth heating and cooling the home. Youwant to make sure to take care of the entiresystem as much as possible by conductingroutine maintenance.
  4. 4. EvaporatorThe evaporator is found within the home, above the furnace. It maysometimes be inaccessible but should be cleaned once per year if it isaccessible.To clean the evaporator, first remove the foil-covered insulation at thefront. Behind it, there will be a plate whose screws you should remove. Liftthe plate off and use a stiff brush to clean the evaporator.You will also find a pan below the evaporator. This pan carries thecondensate and is constantly moist. A little bit of bleach can be used toprevent mould.Following the thorough cleaning, you can re-assemble the evaporator.
  5. 5. CondenserSince the condenser is found outside, it is susceptible to collecting dirtand debris.One way to ensure maximum efficiency is to mow the lawn andeliminate weeds around the condenser. Plant growth may impedeairflow.Clean the condenser with coil cleaner, following the instructions on thelabel.Remove dirt and debris using a soft brush. Be sure not to use a hose asthis will turn the dirt into mud which will get stuck between parts.Ensure that the concrete slab on which the condenser is placed is level.Protect the condenser from harsh winter elements by covering it up.
  6. 6. Coolant LinesFreon is the coolant that is typically used in air conditioning systems.Inadequate Freon levels results in minimal cooling. You need to seekthe help of a professional if there is a problem with Freon.However, it is possible to repair coolant lines yourself. First, evaluatethe coolant lines that run from the condenser to the evaporator that isinside the home. Determine if the insulation is poor. If so, you canreplace the insulation by following the instructions on the packaging.
  7. 7. Maintenance for Window UnitSmaller homes and apartments are usually equipped with a window unitair conditioner which functions similarly to central air conditioning.Dirt is your primary target when cleaning a window unit. Once per monthduring the hotter season, it is important to remove the front grille and cleanthe filter using a solution of mild detergent and water. Ensure that the filteris completely dry prior to re-assembly.Clean the evaporator and condenser coils of your window unit with avacuum cleaner.If you discover that your switch is faulty and there is indication of burningat the switch terminal, you can easily replace the switch yourself.To increase the lifetime of your window unit, also make sure to remove itfrom the window during the winter months or cover the outside with adurable plastic cover.
  8. 8. If you a detect a problem withyour system that you cannot fix,then a professional serviceagency that specializes in airconditioning and heatingsystems should be contacted.Regardless, proper and routinemaintenance that you can doyourself can prolong the onset ofproblems and increase the life ofyour air conditioning system.
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