Airavaat Technologies October 2013

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  • 1. airaavat technologies private limited October 2013
  • 2. Agenda Introduction About Us Leadership Team Profiles Our value proposition Our Service Offerings Our Platform Driven BI Capabilities Very Large Database Management Complete Migration Application Development, Upgrade & enhancements Our Future Plans Q&A
  • 3. Introduction • Incorporated on July 2012 • Mainly operating in BFS domain • Focus Area – High end Consultancy in BFS – Business Intelligence, Analytics, Data Warehousing & Big Data – Implementation of Risk technology tools – IT Operations , Training & Development
  • 4. About us • • • • A group from erstwhile i-flex solutions Mainly experienced in BFS Implemented Core Banking & other systems Experience in large data warehouse in major banks • Good mix of technical & domain expertise • Among us we have handled DWH for Citibank, Deutsche Bank, State Street, FCIB, RBI, SBI, Barclays, 5/3 Bank, ANZ etc.
  • 5. Leadership Team Profiles P V Giri (Founder) − More than 29 years in BFSI (23 years in IT) − Handled various facets of Banking & IT − Held Delivery leadership roles with OFSS, iGate, IBM Global Services and ATOS Origin. − Core Banking, DWH & BI, Infra Management & IT OPS − Handled DWH for NSE, RBI, SBI, Citi, DB, State Street, FCIB etc. Swarnalatha Founder) Ramesh (Co – − More than 16 years in IT industry and 5+ years in Training for ITSM − Worked with top IT players (i-flex, Deutsche software, iGate) − Worked in product development, projects and managed service projects for ING. − Involved in all activities within IT including a pure Project Management role in Saventech (P) Ltd − PMP, IT Service Manager certified.
  • 6. Our value proposition… • • • • • • Be a value-added partner in offshore for global delivery Sub-contract work and deliver from offshore Can cover ASPAC, India, Africa & ME regions Help creating IPR and support model Incubate talents to tap into visa-ready resource pool Support bank’s operations
  • 7. Our service Coverage… Consulting support in the Practice Area - BFS and DW/Bi • Competency Building. • Pre-sales support • Market Research and GTM strategy • Support in Key customer engagement • Support in strategic transformation program • Support evaluation, creation and roadmap and adoption of complete technical framework for DW/BI/Analytics. • Competency in Big Data • Fast track Solution deployment using prebuilt analytics platform
  • 8. Platform Driven BI Capabilities
  • 9. Accelerated solution delivery through pre-built platform Platform Driven BI Capabilities… Salient Platform Features A Semantic Modeler The Analytic Processor • Enables Business Information Analysis • Measures Performance • Generates Business Reports • Publish Business Dash Boards • Delivers Alerts •Performs the actual data aggregation based on analysis & report selection Reporting Tool •Applies security filters, and user selected filters Graph Library •Computes based on business object sorting order •And applies custom business functions Compendium of capabilities enabled within an enterprise or on the cloud And the browser interface allows • ETL Tool • Reporting Tool • Pivot Table • Graph Library • Dash Board • Portal •Dissect information from multiple business perspectives •Filter & sort data & apply custom grouping •Visualize by converting text to multi axis graphical display •Define user measures, perfume computations, view results against performance •Ability to save analytical view as reports and set it for auto refresh
  • 10. Accelerated solution deliveryCapabilities…platform Platform driven BI through pre-built Accelerated Solution Delivery Through Pre-Built solutions Enables Extraction of Data from Multiple Sources Encapsulates BI platform capabilities. Metadata Service Transaction Systems Report service General Ledger Spread Sheet CRM Systems DATA WAREHOUSE Dashboard Service Integrated Service Offerings User Managem ent Service Persistent Service Alert Service Data Service Filter Service Copyright © 2006, Birlasoft. All rights reserved. Product Presentation - Version: 1.0
  • 11. Very Large Database Management
  • 12. VLDB FACTS The term Very Large Database (VLDB) generally refers to a Data Warehouse. 7 TB Database was the largest in 1997 (Knight Ridder Information) VLDB contain detailed, historical data, summary data and free-form extraneous fields of data that might or might not be used in future DSS analysis Data volumes, user communities, and workloads are growing at accelerating rates Demands for more data storage, Improved processing, and higher customer satisfaction drive the rapid growth of very large databases. Larger the database, the greater the risk of performance and scalability problems
  • 13. Problem Areas - Before and After Excess Data Excess Data Data Business Data Excess Data Un-used or Junk Data Data Data Business Data Excess Data Expanding Business leads to Data Growth and that leads to Database Growth in to Very Large Databases
  • 14. Problem Areas Un used Data, Inaccurate, Incomplete, and Inconsistent Data, Data Volume, Duplicate Data, and Data Storage Business Complexity, Data Integration, Environment Requirements, Scalability, and Availability Bottlenecks Causing Degraded Business Application Performance Multiple Sources for a Common Business Requirements Records or fields, by design, are not being recorded properly
  • 15. Service Offering Hardware shortages, Analyzing historical Trends Performance, and Alerts Tuning the Entire System and Effective use of RAID Properly Sizing the Database to hold future DB growth 64-bit Server Large Memory Space for Database Optimized for I/O Cost effective, fast access, Scalability, Capacity Planning online backup and archiving Disaster Recovery Periodic Maintenance Multiple Databases, Change Requirements and Development
  • 16. Our Experience Unique Focus, Specialized in Data Evaluation, Performance and scalability of Terabyte Databases and Data Warehouses throughout their lifecycle Choosing the right Database Architecture to support VLDB Physical DATA organization to improve Database Performance Real Application Clusters for increasing scalability and availability Automatic Storage Management (for increasing performance) Disk Management, Table space Management, Data Transfer and Validation Partition a large database into subsets
  • 17. Value Additions Improved Data Quality and Standardization. System Upgrades Scalability Increase Availability of Data and Improved End-User Experience Increased Capacity and Performance 360º Insight into Larger Business Groups, Higher Profits Faster, More effective system process improvement
  • 18. Complete Migration
  • 19. Problem Areas Increase in Business Process, additional requirements rapidly changing business environment. Increasingly complex customer requirements, Customers have a difficult time getting the information they need The underlying environment has been found to be not capable of handling large volumes. Overall process/performance
  • 20. Service Offering Migration Compatibility Test, Third-Party Products Supported on the Target Platform Application Migration Hardware Migration Software Migration Database Migration Large Scale Migrations
  • 21. Scalability - Problem Area Volume of Data Matters in line with the Appropriate Storage or Archiving System to use. The More Complex the Queries and the Greater the number of Queries Being Processed, The More Powerful the System Required High Query Performance, Query-Driven Approach require better approach Migration when Performance Problems seem Insurmountable and move to Specialized Databases and Dedicated Hardware. Data Loading, Slow Data Transmission, Delay in Query Processing Integration and Consolidation of Data Performance Requirements of Data Access are Increasing due to the Evolving Nature of Business
  • 22. Our Experience Complete "end-to-end" migration methodology that addresses all hardware, software and other components Most applications can be migrated in 6-12 months Tremendous flexibility and automation for OS/Database/Application/OLAP migration Meeting business requirement and IT service levels of performance that business expects Reduce costs and risk of productivity loss Reducing the impact on existing environment operations Experts in Mainframe Migration to a modern, open and extensible platforms
  • 23. Value Additions Improved scalability, reliability, security core benefits of the relational database are extended to the entire platform Leveraging new technology enables business, more business opportunities Reduce maintenance cost Improved efficiency, more powerful platforms Increased organizational productivity Decreased complexity and cost of system administration A successful migration can make user group every happy
  • 24. Application Development, Upgrade And Enhancements
  • 25. Problem Areas Performance Managing applications through the lifecycle is very complex Issues with application Fixes to accomplish business requirements Change in Business Process that required to do more… Software New Features New Functionality Vendors De-supporting software versions Update existing customizations
  • 26. Service Offerings Complete application upgrade service Code changes to apply new version enhancements
  • 27. Our Experience Pre-defined or tailored approach Detailed upgrade assessments (benefit from upgrading) Provide before after Benchmark Results Create a preliminary plan that identifies a strategy, tactic and rationalization for upgrading the application Highlight expectations during requirements study
  • 28. Value Additions Technology improvement Application upgrade introduce changes Significant advances with new version, capabilities, and functionality Establish a platform with the latest technology Eliminate some of the existing customization, resulting less maintenance Support growth in existing business line (More Profits) Achieving more functionality with high performance
  • 29. Our Clients
  • 30. Our Clients…… • • • • • Aditi technologies Nous Infosystems Birlasoft (under process) Wipro technologies (under process) ActiveCubes Solutions (now part of BlueStar Infotech) • Innosolv Consultancy Services
  • 31. Our Future Plans
  • 32. Our Tie-ups…… • Strategic tie-up planned in Africa & Middle East • ASPAC – entry by starting our office in Singapore
  • 33. Q&A