Nov19, 2012 Product Management News and Views from AIPMM


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An Internet Thanksgiving
By Tristan Louis

To all who make the internet great, a big thank you.

I'd like to thank the product managers, who study the data and talk to customers in order to figure out the right color or right kind of button needed on an app. Their work lives in the myriad of details that go into creating a product.

For everyone of those questions, there's a product manager out there who's worked hard on figuring the best answer based on market data, customer input, discussion with developers, and study of related products.

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Nov19, 2012 Product Management News and Views from AIPMM

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  3. 3. Webinar Series Articles News More About Us Join SubscribeAn Internet ThanksgivingBy Tristan LouisTo all who make the internet great, a bigthank you.Id like to thank the product managers, whostudy the data and talk to customers in orderto figure out the right color or right kind ofbutton needed on an app. Their work lives inthe myriad of details that go into creating aproduct.For everyone of those questions, theres aproduct manager out there whos workedhard on figuring the best answer based onmarket data, customer input, discussion withdevelopers, and study of related products.
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