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Detroit Tigers

  1. 1. Detroit Tigers Social Media Plan
  2. 2. Overview of Tigers Current Strategy • The Detroit Tigers already have a well-developed online strategy & have their name in various social media outlets such as: – Twitter – Facebook – Blogs • No particular outlet for their services to the local Detroit community • GOAL: Create an online marketing strategy for the Detroit Tigers community efforts – Stimulate awareness – Promote philanthropic activities in the Metro Detroit area
  3. 3. Strategy Theme Giving back to the community is a huge part of the Detroit Tigers’ baseball organization. In order to promote this part of one of Detroit’s sports leaders, it would be beneficial to: • Create a separate, integrated social media hub for all of their community outreach programs • Utilize new social media outlets • Integrate the already established social media vehicles into the new online marketing strategy
  4. 4. Tigers Community Outreach Blog • Create a community blog where all of the content can be displayed and fans, as well as supporters can post their thoughts • By creating a separate hub from the MLB Detroit Tigers website, the community efforts can be emphasized and put in the spotlight! • Posts by the Tigers Communications Team, fans can comment and post their own thoughts and pictures, as well as community efforts
  5. 5. Tigers Community Facebook Page Create an exclusive Tigers Community Facebook page where the Detroit community can write their own comments and post pictures Link back with other current and new social media outlets: •Twitter •Tigers Facebook •YouTube •MLB official site
  6. 6. Tigers Community YouTube Channel • Create a Detroit Tigers Community YouTube page for exclusive videos from the players and their efforts in the community • Fans who participate in various community activities can post and link their own videos to the YouTube site • The YouTube links can be placed on the Facebook page
  7. 7. Tigers Community Guerilla Marketing & Sweepstakes • Create sweepstakes for those who partake in community services to promote attendance – Twitter accounts – Facebook page • Use guerilla marketing tactics in the downtown Detroit area to promote the new community social media pages – Magnets – Other guerilla tactics (ie catapulted t-shirts)
  8. 8. Budget and Seasonal Timeline Seasonal Allocations Spring Summer Fall Winter The Seasonal spending will be allocated as follows: Spring – 30% Summer – 25% Fall – 25% Winter – 20%
  9. 9. Measurements & Budget • When implementing an online media strategy, it is important to make sure that your plan is showing positive results. • There are many different ways to measure the successfulness of your plan the recommendation of utilizing these tactics will help track the success of this plan: – Google Analytics – Technorati – BackType
  10. 10. Summary In conclusion, by using these implementations, the Detroit Tigers should successfully promote their community outreach program for their baseball team. • Tigers Community Outreach Blog • Tigers Community Facebook Page • Tigers Community Outreach YouTube Channel • Tigers Community Outreach Social Media Sweepstakes and Guerilla Marketing (All photos courtesy of and self taken)
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