Know Your Currency: The Philippine Peso Bills


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Know Your Currency: The Philippine Peso Bills

  1. 1. KNOW YOUR PHILIPPINE CURRENCY PANANALAPING MATATAG, BANSANG PANATAG.March 2004For additional copies, please call BSP CORAO at 524-4702
  2. 2. STEPS IN RECOGNIZING GENUINE BSP NOTES Know your Philippine Currency STUDY and FAMILIARIZE yourself with the characteristics, designs and distinct features of BSP banknotes by following these steps: The Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas (BSP) has the solepower and authority to issue currency within the territory PAPERof the Philippines. Everyday, these issued currency notes Feel the paper – The genuine note is printed on a special kind ofand coins continually circulate or change hands among paper which is rough when you run your fingers through it. It does notthe public. glow under the ultra-violet light. During paper manufacture, the water- mark, security fibers, security threads and iridescent band are included. The public generally accepts and/or passes them onas legal tender, without full knowledge if the currency is WATERMARK (a)genuine. Those who fail to carefully examine the moneythey receive are potential victims of counterfeit currency. Examine the watermark on the unprinted portion of the note – The watermark is the silhouette of the portrait appearing on the face of the note. Sharp details of the light and shadow effect can be seen This booklet is designed to help the public recognize when the note is viewed against the light. The contours of the featuresgenuine P h i l i p p i n e c u r r e n c y and guard against of the silhouette can be felt by running the fingers over the design oncounterfeits. relatively new notes. SECURITY FIBERS Inspect the security fibers – Embedded red and blue visible fibers are scattered at random on both surfaces of a genuine note and can be readily picked off by means of any pointed instrument. Ingatan ang ating salapi, larawan ito ng ating yamang-lahi 1 2
  3. 3. 1000-piso banknote EMBEDDED SECURITY THREAD (b) View the embedded security thread – The embedded security Portrait (e) thread is a special thread vertically implanted off center of the note dur- Embedded Security Thread (b) ing paper manufacture. This can easily be seen when the note is viewed against the light. It appears as a broken line for 5’s, 10’s and 20’s and Watermark (a) Serial Number (f) straight line for 50’s, 100’s, 200’s , 500’s and 1000’s. Background/ Lacework WINDOWED SECURITY THREAD (c) Design (g) View the windowed security thread on the improved version Microprinting (k) front of 100’s, 500’s and 1000-piso notes and the new 200-piso notes. – Fluorescent Printing (j) The windowed security thread is a narrow security thread vertically lo- Optically Variable Ink (m) version 1 cated like “stitches” at the face of the note with cleartext of the numeri- cal value in repeated sequence and changes in color from magenta to Portrait (e) Embedded Security Thread (b) green or green to magenta depending on the angle of view. Watermark (a) Background/ IRIDESCENT BAND (d) Lacework DesignSerial Number (f) (g) Look for the iridescent band on the improved version of 100’s, 500’s and 1000-piso notes and the new 200-piso notes – A Improved OVI wide glistening gold vertical stripe with the numerical value printed in Windowed series. Microprinting (k) Security Thread(c) Iridescent Band (d) PORTRAIT (e) front Fluorescent Printing (j) version 2 Recognize the portrait – Appears life-like. The eyes “sparkle”. Shadings are formed by the fine lines that give the portrait a characteris- tic facial expression which is extremely difficult to replicate. Watermark (a) back Vignette (h) 3 4
  4. 4. 500-piso banknote SERIAL NUMBER (f) Embedded Security Check the serial number – Composed of 1 or 2 prefix letters and Value Panel (i) Portrait (e) Thread(b) 6 or 7 digits. The letters and numerals are uniform in size and thickness, front evenly spaced and well-aligned; and glow under the ultra-violet light. A version 1 banknote with six “0” digit serial number is a specimen note and not legal tender note. Background/ Lacework Design (g) BACKGROUND/LACEWORK DESIGN (g) Fluorescent Printing (j) Scan the background/lacework design – The background de- Watermark (a) signs are made up of multicolored and well defined lines. The laceworkMicroprinting (k) designs are composed of web-crisscrossing lines which are continuous Iridescent Band and traceable even at the intersection. Windowed Security (d) Serial Number (f) Thread (c) VIGNETTE (h) Background/ Lacework Watermark (a) Design (g) Verify the vignette – The lines and dashes composing the vi- gnette are fine, distinct and sharp; the varying color tone gives a vivid look to the picture that makes it “stand out” of the paper. Microprinting (k) Embedded Security Thread (b) Portrait (e) front VALUE PANEL (i) Concealed Value (l) Fluorescent Printing (j) version 2 Check the numerals found at the four corners of the front Vignette (h) and back of the note. The numerals denote the denomination of the note. Value Panel (i) back Watermark (a) 5 6
  5. 5. COLOR200-piso banknote Recognize predominant color of each denomination: 1000-piso Blue 50-piso Red Fluorescent Printing (j) 500-piso Yellow 20-piso Orange 200-piso Green 10-piso* Brown See-thru 100-piso Mauve 5-piso* Green Code for the Blind Portrait (e) front Perfect Register *The BSP has stopped printing these banknotes and are Microprinting (k) being replaced by coins; however, the existing 10- and 5- piso notes remain legal tender.Serial Number (f) Windowed Security FLUORESCENT PRINTING (j) Thread(c) Iridescent Band (d) Embedded Security Thread (b) Look for the presence of the fluorescent print when the Watermark (a) note is exposed under the ultra violet light – The fluorescent print is the invisible numerical value located off center of the face of the note that glows when exposed to ultraviolet light. See-thru Perfect Register MICROPRINTING (k) Verify under the lens the presence of the microprinting on Vignette (h) the denominations 50, 100, 200, 500 and 1000 – Microprintings are the minute and finely printed words “Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas” or “Central Bank of the Philippines” located at the face or back of the note that are clearly printed and readable. Value Panel (i) back 8 7
  6. 6. 100-piso banknote CONCEALED VALUE (l) Check the concealed value on the 500-piso denomination – front This concealed value is located at the lower left corner of the face of the Embedded Security Thread (b) note and is recognizable when the note is held at eye level. version 1 Portrait (e) OPTICALLY VARIABLE INK (m) Background/Watermark (a) Lacework Design (g) Check the optically variable ink on the 1000-piso denomina- tion – It changes color from green to blue or blue to green when the note is held at different angles. Serial Number (f) Fluorescent Printing (j) Iridescent Band (d) Windowed Security 50-piso banknote Thread (c) Portrait (e) Background/ Portrait (e) Embedded Security Thread (b)Watermark (a) Lacework Design (g) Background/Lacework Design (g) Embedded Security Thread(b) Serial Number (f) Fluorescent Printing (j) front version 2 Serial Number (f) Fluorescent Printing (j) Watermark (a) Microprinting (k)Vignette (h) Value Vignette (h) Panel(i) Microprinting (k) back Value Panel (i) 9 10
  7. 7. 20-piso banknote Portrait (e) Embedded Security Thread (b) Background/Watermark (a) Lacework Design (g) Fluorescent Printing (j) Serial Number (f) front Value Panel (i)Vignette (h) back 11
  8. 8. DESIGNS AND SECURITY FEATURES OF PHILIPPINE LEGAL TENDER CURRENCY DESIGN ON FACE BACK DESIGN OTHER SECURITY SPECIAL SECURITY DENOMINATION WATERMARK FEATURES FEATURES PORTRAIT OTHERS (VIGNETTE) 50-Piso Sergio Osmeña Font, gavel & Dating Gusali Sergio Osmeña Security thread, red & Micro-printing of “Dating version 1 bank seal ng Batasan blue visible fibers and Gusali ng Batasan” at the fluorescent printing roof of building at the back of note 50-piso -do- -do- “Dating Gusali ng -do- -do- Micro-printing of “Gusali version 2 Batasan” renamed ng Pambansang Museo” at “Gusali ng the roof of building at the Pambansang back of note Museo” 20-Piso Manuel L. Seal of Philippine Palasyo ng Manuel L. Security thread (broken), red None Quezon Commonwealth, Malakanyang Quezon and blue visible fibers & scroll bearing fluorescent printing Quezon’s achieve- ment & bank seal 10-piso Apolinario Quillpen, inkwell, Simbahan ng Apolinario None -do- (Centennial Mabini & Mabini’s “El Barasoain and Mabini and Series) Andres Verdadero KKK blood Andres (being replaced Bonifacio Decalogo”, compact Bonifacio by coin) Bonifacio’s “Kartilya ng Katipunan” & bank seal 10-Piso Apolinario Quillpen, inkwell, Simbahan ng Apolinario -do- None (being replaced Mabini Mabini’s El Barasoain Mabini by coin) Verdadero Decalogo” 5-Piso Emilio Historical marker Pagpapahayag ng Emilio -do- None (being replaced Aguinaldo in Barasoain kasarinlan ng Aguinaldo by coin) Church Convent, Pilipinas noong a canon & bank Hulyo 12, 1898 seal14 15
  9. 9. DESIGNS AND SECURITY FEATURES OF PHILIPPINE LEGAL TENDER CURRENCY DESIGN ON FACE BACK DESIGN WATERMARK OTHER SECURITY SPECIAL SECURITY DENOMINATION (VIGNETTE) FEATURES FEATURES PORTRAIT OTHERS 1000-Piso Jose Abad Eternal flame, Hagdan-hagdang Jose Abad Security thread, red & blue Optically Variable Ink version 1 Santos laurel leaves Palayan ng Banawe, Santos, Josefa visible fibers and fluores- (OVI), micro-printing of Josefa Llanes and bank seal Manunggul Jar cover Llanes Escoda cent printing “Central Bank of the Escoda and and Langgal and Vicente Philippines” in lower left Vicente Lim Lim border of face of note 1000-piso -do- -do- -do- -do- All of the above plus -do- version 2 iridescent band and windowed security thread 500-Piso Benigno S. Philippine flag, Scenes from Benigno S. Security thread, red & blue Concealed numerical value version 1 Aquino, Jr. Aquino’s Aquino’s life and Aquino, Jr. visible fibers and and micro-printing of typewriter, a dove some allegorical fluorescent printing “Central Bank of the groups Philippines” below the and bank seal serial number in lower left face of note 500-piso -do- -do- -do- -do- All of the above plus -do- version 2 iridescent band and windowed security thread 200-Piso Diosdado P. Aguinaldo’s EDSA II scene, Gloria Diosdado P. -do- See-thru Perfect Register, version 1 Macapagal Shrine in Kawit, Macapagal Arroyo Macapagal code for the blind and Cavite being sworn in as the micro-printing of “Bangko 14th President of the Sentral ng Pilipinas” on top Republic of lacework designs at the face of note. 100-Piso Manuel A. Raising of Philip- Bangko Sentral ng Manuel A. Security thread, red & blue Micro-printing of “Bangko version 1 Roxas pine flag and Pilipinas Roxas visible fibers and fluores- Sentral ng Pilipinas” in lowering of cent printing the 5-storey Building at American flag & the back of the note bank seal 100-piso -do- -do- -do- -do- All of the above plus irides- -do- version 2 cent band and windowed security thread12 13
  10. 10. EXISTING LEGAL TENDER NOTES 100-PISO 1000-PISO version 1 version 2 version 1 version 2 50-PISO 500-PISO 20-PISO version 1 version 2 10-PISO 5-PISO 200-PISO 1716
  11. 11. GENERAL FEATURES OF THE NEW BSP COINS Design Denomination Shape Edge Obverse Reverse Obverse Reverse 10-piso Profiles of Andres Bonifacio Round Intermittently and Apolinario Mabini Logo of BSP (bi-metal coin reeded with inner core and outer ring) 5-piso Profile of E. Aguinaldo/ Year Mark Logo of BSP Round Plain 1-piso Profile of J.P. Rizal/ Year Mark Logo of BSP Round Reeded 25-sentimo “25-sentimo”/ Year Mark Logo of BSP Round Plain 10-sentimo “10-sentimo” Year Mark Logo of BSP Round Reeded 5-sentimo “5-sentimo”/ The words Year Mark “Bangko Round Plain Sentral ng with 4mm hole at Pilipinas” along the center the border 1-sentimo “1-sentimo”/ Round Plain Year Mark Logo of BSP18 19
  12. 12. IF YOU SUSPECT A COUNTERFEIT NOTE PERTINENT LAWS AND REGULATIONS TO PROTECT AND MAINTAIN THE • Do not return it to the passer. INTEGRITY OF THE CURRENCY • Delay the passer by some excuse, if possible, without risking harm. 1. Article 163, Revised Penal Code (RPC). Making and im- porting and uttering (issuing or circulating) false coins. • Observe and record the passer’s appearance and that of his/her companion/s. 2. Article 166, Revised Penal Code (RPC). Forging trea- sury or bank notes or other documents payable to bearer; im- • Note the license plate number and make of the passer’s car. porting, and uttering (issuing or circulating) such false or forged notes and documents. • Place the note in a protective envelope. 3. Article 168, Revised Penal Code (RPC). Illegal posses- In case you get hold of a doubtful note, please contact the sion and use of false treasury or bank notes and other instru- Cash Department, Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas for assistance at: ments of credit. Currency Analysis and Redemption Division 4. Article 176, Revised Penal Code (RPC). Manufacturing Room 202, Multi-Storey Bldg., BSP Complex and possession of instruments or implements for falsification. Malate, Manila Tel. Nos.: 524-7011 local 2296 5. PD 247 – Defacement, mutilation, tearing, burning or destruc- 524-2777 tion of Central Bank (BSP) notes and coins. Investigation Staff 6. Chapter II, Circular 61, Series of 1995. Reproduction Room 302, Multi-Storey Bldg., BSP Complex and/or use of facsimiles of legal tender Philippine currency Malate, Manila notes. Tel. Nos.: 524-7011 local 2388 523-9806 7. Chapter III, Circular 61, Series of 1995. Reproduction or go to the nearest Bangko Sentral Regional Office/Sub-Regional Of- and/or use of facsimiles of legal tender Philippine currency fice Unit at Angeles City, Bacolod City, Batac-Ilocos Norte, Cabanatuan coins. City, Cagayan De Oro City, Cebu City, Cotabato City, Dagupan City, Davao City, Dumaguete City, Iloilo City, Kalibo-Aklan, Legazpi City, Lucena City, Naga City, San Fernando-La Union, Tacloban City, Tuguegarao-Cagayan and Zamboanga City.20 21
  13. 13. TEST YOURSELF 1. What security feature is found only in 1000-piso note? 5. Which denomination has a composite portrait of three Filipino heroes during the Japanese War? a) security thread b) fluorescent printing a) 10-piso c) optically variable ink b) 1000-piso c) 50-piso 2. Which denomination bears a concealed value? 6. Where is the watermark located in a note? a) 500-piso b) 20-piso a) Left side of the face of note c) 200-piso b) Right side of the face of note c) Center of the note 3. Whose portrait is on the 100-piso note? 7. What is the highest denomination in the present circulation a) Benigno Aquino coins series? b) Emilio Aguinaldo c) Manuel Roxas a) 5-piso b) 1-piso c) 10-piso 4. Which denomination has a predominantly orange color? a) 20-piso 8. What is the lowest denomination in the present circulation b) 100-piso coins series? c) 10-piso a) 5-sentimo b) 10-sentimo c) 1-sentimo22 23
  14. 14. 9. What is the highest denomination in the legal tender notes in The BSP Monetary Board circulation? BSP Governor & Chairman a) 500- piso b) 1000-piso c) 200-piso RAFAEL B. BUENAVENTURA 10. What design is at the back of 200-piso note? Members a) Portrait of former President Diosdado Macapagal JUAN QUINTOS, JR. b) Aguinaldo Shrine c) Oath taking of President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo MELITO S. SALAZAR, JR. ANTONINO L. ALINDOGAN, JR. FE B. BARIN VICENTE B. VALDEPEÑAS, JR. JUANITA D. AMATONG The BSP Deputy Governors AMANDO M. TETANGCO, JR. Banking Services Sector In-charge, Research and Treasury Department ALBERTO V. REYES Supervision and Examination Sector ARMANDO L. SURATOS Resource Management Sector 10. c 8. c 6.a 4. a a 2. and Security Plant Complex 9.b 7. c 5.b 3. c c 1. ANSWERS :24
  15. 15. MAIN OFFICE A.M abi St M al e,M ania 1004 ni . at l Tel 524- . 7011 BRANCH OPERATION OFFICESAngeles Branch Cotabato Branch La Union Regional OfficeSto. Entierro St. Cor. Quezon Ave. & Quezon AvenueAngeles City Sinsuat Ave. San Fernando, La UnionTel. (045)323-4101 Cotabato City Tel. (072)888-2083 Tel. (064) 421-3117Bacolod Branch Legazpi BranchLacson & Luzuriaga Sts. Dagupan Branch Del Rosario Bldg. IIBacolod City Tondaligan, Bonoan Rizal Ave., Legazpi CityTel. (034)433-3178 Guesset Tel. (052)480-5519 Dagupan CityBatac Branch Tel. (075)614-3027 Lucena BranchNational Highway Quezon Ave., Lucena CityQuiling Norte Batac Davao Regional Office Tel. (042)710-3175Ilocos Norte Quirino AvenueTel. (077)792-2130 Davao City Naga Branch Tel. (082)300-3709 Chua Oco Bldg.Cabanatuan Branch Elias Angela StreetCor. Del Pilar & Paco Dumaguete Branch Naga CityRoman Sts. July Dev. Corp. Bldg. Tel. (054)811-2472Cabanatuan City Cor.V. Lacson &Tel. (044)463-1734 Cervantes Sts. Tacloban Branch Dumaguete City Uytingco Bldg.Cagayan de Oro Branch Tel. (035) 225-3464 Sen. Enaje StreetCor. Don Apolinar Velez Tacloban Cityand Recto Avenue Iloilo Branch Tel. (053)325-5134Cagayan de Oro City BSP BuildingTel. (088) 857-1554 Solis St., Iloilo City Tuguegarao Branch Tel. (033)335-1180 Cor. Mabini andCebu Regional Office Gonzaga Sts.Cor. Osmena Blvd. & Kalibo Branch Tuguegarao CityP. del Rosario St. RSL Bldg., Tel. (078)844-2043Cebu City Cor. Arch Reyes andTel. (032)254-0973 G. Pastrana Sts. Zamboanga Branch Kalibo, Aklan LHB Bldg. I, Vetaranos Ave. Tel. (036)262-7030 Zamboanga City Tel. (062)991-2151