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Case Study - Paradise Hotel Busan
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Service design case study teaminterface

  1. 1. Service Design SeminarAS THE FUTURE OF DESIGNCase Study- Paradise Hotel BusanOctober 5, 2011.Representative, Seong Hye Lee from TeamInterface.
  2. 2. Service design projects national case study.The 7 paradises service that thinksthe satisfaction of customers as the first priority.Service Design _ Team Interface / Client _ Paradise Hotel Busan
  3. 3. Service designs case study -Paradise hotel, Busan. 1. Searches the best scheme for the change of the business environment. 2. There are always customers in the center of Process of Service design. 3. The Service design co-creates with the people concerned. 4. Through Key Insight and Prototyping, completes the Service Blueprint. 5. Afterwards since the opening of the service.
  4. 4. Searches the best schemefor the change of the business environment. 01
  5. 5. In order to Succeed...we have work in the three aspects(Business, Technology, and Human Experience). Service Design -Paradise Hotel Pusan Project- “Customer Journey Map ” “Stakeholder Relation” Business “Prototype” “Environment analysis/3C analysis/ “Co-Creation Workshop” Biz Goal Interview” “Scenario” “Service Blue print” “Overall probability Human of product/service Technology Experience success” “CRS / OWS / “Service Safari / Persona / XML / Mobile” Walkthrough / FGI / Shadowing”
  6. 6. Business Environment AnalysisBusan has been diversified into a simple sightseeing station convention centerafter the opening of BEXCO and the opening of the new port. Everlasting re-investment in the facility and the fortification of competitiveness. ● Everlasting re-investment in the facility since 2007... ● A total of 40 billion won of investment for the conservation of the main buildings facilities only. ● The repair and maintenance of overall front side including lobbies, banquet halls, lobby lounges, and restaurant streets followed by the repair and maintenance of the room. Practically all of the facilities and the interior design was changed except the outer shape of the hotel. ● Fortification of the business functions. Inclusion of the grand volume that can accommodate up to 800 people at the same time. All the 8 banquet halls facilities are completely repaired.
  7. 7. Business Environment AnalysisBased on design management, focuses on the emotional service with the objective,"Service is also the design." Service is also a design… ● Request for a consultation at the music or professional corporations for the lobbies and the restaurants, and characterization of the space-specific and time-specific region. ● With the object of 220 people of service area professions, the service enhancement education was implemented such as image making for the enhancement of the service. ● Implementation of bench marketing intensively for national hotels as well as overseas hotels in Tokyo, Fukuoka etc. …But, the lack of perception on the experience in the value of the customer.
  8. 8. Business Environment Analysis The topography of the customers of paradise also changes as the business environment changes. The division of individual customers. ● The trend of the individual customers becoming more segmentalized and magnified in their ages and composition. ● As the nationality of foreign users become diversified, the demand of the business customers also increase. ● Differently from the expectation that the using age of the hotels would be 30s and 40s, the 20s and 30s took 45 percent. ● Many of the users among the national users are the internet generation that took large portion of the users that search for the hotel information through the internet and compare and reserve through the internet.
  9. 9. Goal & Purpose 1. Support of on and off line customer experience about the Paradise Hotel in Busan. 2. Vitalization of the on-line reservation through the site of the Paradise Hotel in Busan. 3. Establishment of the brand identity for the fortification of the relationship between the customers and the Busan paradise hotel. On-line Off-line Maintenance and magnification Maximization of the value experience of the customers direct/indirect experiences for the fortification of relationship in the homepage. between the customers and the hotel. centered on the customer experience ‚Service Design‛ Comprehend all the service experience elements that compose the "Paradise Hotel in Busan" along with the website. (Website/on-line maintenance and reply service/Differentiated service competitiveness) (From the project proposal content from June, 2010)
  10. 10. Process - (Team Interface service design process. v. 2011-1)
  11. 11. Process – paradise hotel busanImplementation with core methodology that makes the short time implementationpossible. (Up to deduction of the service concept, it takes around 2 months.) In-depth 3C analysis through the Deduction of Pain Point through FGI Proposal of the design that can be trend and architecture analysis and CD about Target Seg. of the operated through the Service Blueprint of the inner customers interview customer service. and the provision of UI, GUI and the competitive services. Deduction of the Insight through and development comprehensively. Co-Creation Workshop.
  12. 12. 3C DiscoverThrough the 3D(Company, Customer, Competitor) analysis, comprehend the hidden needsof the customer and the service provider, and by analyzing the recent trend of the competitors,configure the direction for the competitive paradise service design. Biz Goal Interview Service Safari & Shadowing Reference Site Analysis • 10th of August~11th.(For 2 days) Focus Group Interview Trend Research • Proceeding person to person interview. • 24th and 26th of August (for 2 days) • Analysis of the national/overseas • A total of 14 people including, • Proceeding of the group interviews hotel websites. management staff, food and beverage, for the group that reserved through • Survey on the recent trend reservation, management of members, on-line travel agency and the group of the website. marketing and merchandising, and people that reserved through the Paradise hotels • Survey on the rend of the service. who are in charge of the packages. homepage.
  13. 13. Biz Goal InterviewKANO Model : Analyze the content of the Biz Goal Interview through KANO Model. 1. Must-be Factors • The minimum requirements that can spur dissatisfaction when not satisfied. • It does not satisfy the customer when it is satisfied or over. ex) Usability 3 WoW 2 Performance 2. Performance Factors • When the functionality is high, it spurs satisfaction, and when it is low, it spurs the dissatisfaction. • Indirectly connected to the customers clear needs or desires. ex) Features, Specifications (Spec.) 1 Must-be 3. WoW Factor • When it is conveyed to the customer, the satisfaction goes up, but, though it is not conveyed to the customer, the dissatisfaction does not occur. • This element gives astonishment to the customer and creates joy. ex) Differentiate Points, Customer Insights
  14. 14. Biz Goal InterviewUnderstanding about the business needs at the present point through interview with inner peopleconcerned. (Utilization of the Co-Creation Workshop strategy for the deduction of the needs in the back of the requiredelements that are surfaced.) Must-be • Decrease of GAP about the space information between the photo and the real. Factors • Provision of the feedback to the customer when the reservation is complete for the case of on-line reservation. • Sorting function of the reservation registration list (by the reservation and registering date, etc.) • Need of the fortification of the information of the wedding menu page. • Composition of the guidance page of the membership members and fortification of information. Performance • Provision of minimized and convenient reservation step for the on-line reservations. Factors • Provision of ample information on each information page of each menu. • Provision of easy access to the information page. • Provision of various photos that satisfy the customers need. • The alarm function when the on-line reservation takes place. WoW • Emphasis on the sea and landscape which are the advantages of the hotel. Factor • The emotional key words, such as "warmness", "Romantic", "Luxurious" and "stable". • Different sale strategy according to the season. Exposure of the most luxurious products first during the peak season and the exposure of the lowest priced products first during the off-seasons.
  15. 15. There are always customersin the center of Process of service design. 02
  16. 16. PersonaMake the customers artificial personnel and design specific customer profile. Describe theactions in detail from the customers position. Survey on the problems and improvementpoints for services for each action. Family recreation type Group banquet type Ceremonial day event type A Family Fred B Event Elbert C Wedding Wendy • Men in the late 30s • Men in the 30s that are active. • Women in their 20s that are stable economically. that are confronting their weddings. • Search the information • Spend the weekend with the family. based on the search. • Want luxurious and complete wedding. • Have the hotel package • Cherishes the information • Use of the hotels using experience. more than the price. since they were young. • Reservation of the rooms • Want to be provided with the • Want to compose the banquet on the internet after work. information needed. as they want.
  17. 17. Persona Case A Family recreation type. Recreation that they spend with their family. Basic information • Name : Seong Gyun, Choi. • Marriage : Married (for 8 years) • Age : 37 • Family background : 1 brother and 1 sister • Sex : Male • Monthly average income : 4,500,000 won • Job : Acting chief of the general affairs • Internet using efficiency : Over the middle level department in P corporation. • Annual traveling number : Over 3 times Personal information • Work in the company during week days and rest on weekend. • Spend the weekend normally with the wife and the children. • During the family travel, he wants not only to be able to be with the family but also to find the elements that wife and children can be satisfied with. • Interesting elements are needed for the children and recreation for the recharge is needed for the couple. • They use the public transportation to the travelling destination and use rentals in the travelling site. • Have the experience of using the hotel package. Needs • Want that the choosing of the rooms and the reservation is easy on the internet after work. • Wants to know about the information about the auxiliary facilities that he can use inside the hotel as easily as if a person beside tells a story to him.
  18. 18. Persona Case B Group banquet type. Search for luxurious ceremony. Basic information • Name : Hyae Lim, Whang. • Family elements : 3 sisters(the oldest) • Age : 28 • Residence : Busan • Sex : Female • Interests : Luxurious but perfect wedding. • Marriage : Single • Monthly average income : 2,500,000 won • Job : Broadcast related personnel • Internet use efficiency : Over middle level. • Annual travel number :Over 6 times. Personal information • Keen to trends and have a definite pursuing style. • Cherishes luxurious brand and brand entity. • Tend to check the information in detail and select through internet. • Prefers luxurious and formal and classical mood than splendid and exotic mood. • Hates to be in a situation that is crowded with too many people and be chased by lack of time. Needs • Want the reservation time to be free and compose and use the banquet hall as she wants. • Intend to leave for the honeymoon the day after the wedding.
  19. 19. Persona Case C Ceremonial day event type. Unusual event for a special day. Basic information • Name : Ji Hoon, Moon. • Family status :1 son (the only son) • Age : 33 • Residence :Daejeon. • Sex : Male • Interests : Joyful life. • Marriage : Single •Monthly average income : over 3 million won • Job : Office worker (Deputy in the marketing and • Internet efficiency : over middle level. planning team of A corporation.) • Annual travel number : Over 6~7 times. Personal information • Enjoys the recreation that he can do by himself such as climbing, swimming and SPA, etc. • Likes to travel with one or more close friends or alone. • Plans a plentiful trip when he can take ample rest and utilize the time though it might cost a bit high expense. • He is outgoing, tranquil and careful character. • Though he is not very sensitive to trends, what he likes and what he does not likes are clear. • Has a girlfriend that he went out with for the past 3 years and has a plan to get married within 2 years. Needs • Want to survey on various informations carefully and prepare correctly. • Though searching for good information by searches is good, but he wants to be provided with various information he wants easily.
  20. 20. Customer Journey Map
  21. 21. Customer Journey Map (Specifics)On-line reservation. ● After the selection ● When searching for ● Visit the homepage ● Decide by considering ● Fix the dates when it is of the traveling site, the "Haeundae hotel", of the hotel to see price, benefits and the summer vacation. search the reservation go to the first link the image of the hotels views. hotel in Naver. among the search result. rooms and the specific information. ● We do not know when ● Converse the package we will need ● Key words : ● Select 2-3 hotels in specials into money the reservation number Haeundae hotel, the Haeundae district ● Select the "room" menu amount and verify that is given when Reservation in the according site. first. how much she benefits. we reserve. of Busan Hotel, Busan Hotel, etc. ● Look at the regular price ● Looks for epilogues ● We look at for the room in the room of the blog in order to the information only, page, and think that the see recent pictures. and do the reservation price is too high. in the travel agency site only. 해운대호텔 vs.
  22. 22. Customer Journey Map (Specifics)Arrival at the Hotel. ● Think over the train/ ● Plan on the things-to- ● I want to prepare the ● The transportation ● When arrived earlier airplane/rent-a-car. see and things-to-eat travel during the 3 hours method is troublesome than the check in time, and the travel scheme that we go to Busan from Busan station to I entrust my packages, during the travel. from Seoul by train. Haeundae. but the left 1-2 hours ● Difficulty in comparing and choosing the best are troublesome to do and convenient anything. ● Think about what types ● Arrival at Busan station, transportation of objects to pack. move to Haeundae by taxi. ● When check in, we do ● Feeling troublesome to not know the location notify the accompanying ● Feeling cumbersome to for the new building people of the reservation revisit the homepage of and the main building. result of the means the hotel to see the of transportation offered equipment of the room when packing.
  23. 23. Customer Journey Map (Specifics)At the Hotel. ● Worries about whether ● Waited until no definite ● Lack of information on ● Though I was given the ● Use of the lounge to give a tip when the time since we could not how to go to the jogging map, I could not with the information boy moves our package. use the swimming pool attractions from the utilize it since I did not I saw in the blog after because of the rain. hotel. have the jogging shoes. the reservation for the hotel. ● Inconvenience of the ● Could not use the health shower place when club since I did not have ● Curious if we can use there are many people the sneakers. the lounge also when since the seats are we have arrived earlier only 2. than the check in time. ● Found out that the sneakers are rent when I arrived home.
  24. 24. Customer Journey Map (Specifics)Check out and afterwards. ● Hurriedly prepare the ● During the peak season, ● When we entrust our ● Found the packages ● Arrival at home. checkout on the day of we can easily check out package to the hotel, that we had entrusted checkout. and there is a time gap we can not go too far to the Hotel of 2 hours before the from the Hotel. ● Compose the epilogue train time. in the blog about ● check out at 12 oclock ● Move to the Busan Haeundae and the Station by taxi. Paradise Hotel. ● The ambiguous time when we are not the Hotel guests.
  25. 25. Focus Group InterviewInterview with the customers that have the experience of using the on-line travel agency sitewhich are the potential customers. Customer Real Voice Reservation customer on the on-line travel agency site  When you decide Haeundae for the traveling site, search for the hotel - 24th of August, 2010 (2 groups) by inserting the key words, ‚Recommendation of Haeundae Hotel‛, ‚Haeundae hotel‛ in the Naver.  Compare the Haeundae hotels in the on-line travel agency sites, and select 2-3 hotels and when you decide the hotel, visit the homepage of the hotel to see the images of the rooms of the hotel.  When I saw the price when I was looking at the photos in the room information page of the hotels homepage, I though that there is a big difference in the prices between the hotel homepage and the on-line travel agency.  Click on the firstly exposed site during the search. (The first exposed sites were the on-line travel agency site when I searched with the related search words)  When there is not a big difference in the price between the on-line travel agency and the Hotels homepage, 1 it is more convenient to reserve at the Hotel site.  Since the photos at the hotels homepage do not get updated often, I rather look at the blog in a more recent posted order for the most recent photos.
  26. 26. Focus Group InterviewInterview with the customers who have the experience of reserving the hotel and using itthrough the homepage of Paradise hotel. Customer Real Voice Reservation customer  The photo shooting must have been done after arranging the hotel on the paradise hotel homepage. in the cleanest way, and what I believe in the photo information - 26th of August, 2010 (1 groups) is the interior design.  Though they have said that the rooms have an ocean view, we could not see how we could see the ocean and felt disappointed.  The sightseeing information of the hotels homepage look like it has been borrowed from somewhere else. There is no map information, and we can not know how we can go based on the Hotel site and how land it takes.  I do not know the difference between the reservation of the room 2 and the reservation as a package. I do not know for whom the room price that is in the room information is.  Since I could not know the information on the various services of the executive, I had to look for it one by one in the blog to use it. (lack of on-line and off-line information)  The bright welcoming of the hotel staff was good. But, we felt a little disappointed because the information on the services that we can use inside the hotel lacked.
  27. 27. For the service design,we co-create with the people concerned. 03
  28. 28. Co-Creative WorkshopThe co-creative workshop between the Paradise hotels staff and the Team interface.Idea generation workshop to solve the Pain points of the customers that have been drawnthrough the FGI, Journey map analysis. (September 10,2010) Team 1 ‘What type of service can touch the customers from the moment that they reserve on-line and to the moment that they actually go into the room?’ Idea1. Schedule manager Provision of the service that the customers can plan the traveling schedule on the homepage. Idea2. Information service on the transportation method. Provision of Information that can be compared and chosen by the transportation methods, train, airplane and vehicle.
  29. 29. Co-Creative WorkshopThe co-creative workshop between the Paradise hotels staff and the Team interface.(September 10,2010) Team 2 ‘What type of service would let the customers feel that they are experiencing the best experience during their residing in the Hotel?’ Idea1. Provision of unique bracelet Convenient use of the main/new building with only one bracelet. Idea2. Guide book on art pieces. Guide on the art pieces that the Hotel possesses.
  30. 30. Co-Creative WorkshopThe co-creative workshop between the Paradise hotels staff and the Team interface.(September 10,2010) Team 3 ‘What type of service the customers would want even after the check out?’ Idea1. Provision of lounge. SVC Provision of a lounge with a book cafe that can be used before check ins and after the checkouts. Idea2. Customer Sending Service Operation of shuttle bus to the subway station. Enhancement of the convenience for the customers that use the Busan station.
  31. 31. Complete the Service Blueprint by going throughthe Paint points-Key insights and Prototyping. 04
  32. 32. Service Key - InsightThe provision of the service is needed that percepts the customers from the moment that theyreserve on-line and where the customers can experience the best experience during the wholeitinerary during the on-line reservation, visit of the Paradise hotel and the re-visits. Reservation Enter the room Depositing the package Search by of transportation Use of swimming pool after the checkout. "Haeundae hotel" and the outdoor hot spring Plan of the travel 1~2 hours of time gap Visit of the on-line schedule/packing Enjoying the after the checkout. travel agencies surrounding attractions. The way to go to Busan Spend the time around Visit of the hotel site Use of the jogging course the hotel. Arrival at Busan station and the health club Comparison/selection /bus terminal, Gimpo Move to the train station airport Use of the executive lounge after finding the package. Reservation Arrival at the Hotel/ Use of sauna Arrival at home/epilogue of the Haeundae travel. check in Breakfast at escaffiel
  33. 33. Service Concept & Service Blanding The special experience that Paradise prepared. ‚ Seven Heavens‛ Reservation Enter the room Depositing the package Search by of transportation Use of swimming pool after the checkout. "Haeundae hotel" and the outdoor hot spring Plan of the travel Visit of the on-line Travel Guide schedule/packing Enjoying the 1~2 hours of time gap Lounge service after the checkout. travel agencies Jogging surrounding attractions. Mobile web The way to go to Busan Spend the time around Visit of the hotel site service Use of the jogging course Delivery service the hotel. On-line Comparison/selection Arrival at Busan station /bus terminal, Gimpo and the health club Move to the train station Reservation Pick-up airport Use of the executive lounge after finding the package. Reservation Arrivalservice at the Hotel/ Use of sauna Arrival at home/epilogue of the Haeundae travel. check in Breakfast at escaffiel
  34. 34. ‚Smart on-line reservation‛Provides the information and the choice at the same time. ‚Think that the reservation at the hotel site is expensive looking at the room price at the Room page.‛ ‚I want to reserve on the Hotel site, if there is no big difference in the price.‛ ‚The reservation screen that changes every time we choose an object.‛ ‚Decrease of the misunderstandings of the customers through conveyance of information by analyzing the customers information search pattern.‛ ‚Provision of convenient reservation UI that minimized the conversion of the screen.‛ - Provision of the conditioned choice and the reservation related product information in one page. - Integration of the menu for the room and the package. - Before the reservation, provide the date first reservation and product first reservation screen.
  35. 35. Theme-specific travel information. ‚Practical Travel guide.‛ ‚We want the sightseeing for surroundings, but it is hard to get information.‛ - Get disappointed at the short content when we look around the homepage for the information on the surrounding sightseeing. - We search for the recommended sites for sightseeing and the courses through direct search. ‚Provide the information on the surrounding that the customers practically need by the theme and connect it to the postings of the blog‛ - Provide the theme-specific recommended travel course. - Formation of the continuous relationship with the customers by inviting them to the postings of the after-travel epilogue.
  36. 36. Paradise in my Palm, ‚Paradise Mobile Web‛ ‚Inconvenient to start the computer when packing for checking the amenity in the room.‛ ‚I want to do the travel preparation during the 3 hours travel to Busan from Seoul.‛ ‚It is hard to find facilities inside the Hotel.‛ ‚Mobile web connection to the Paradise Hotel for the need in Hotel, usefully in the train and conveniently at home. ‚ - Provision of contents such as room, event, facilities of the Hotel, E-concierge, link to the blog, and things-to-watch. - Obtain the necessary information at any time by connecting to the mobile web.
  37. 37. ‚The pick-up service that starts at Busan.‛ ‚The traffic from Busan to the hotel is inconvenient.‛ - When we arrive at Busan, we have to go through numerous stairs to arrive at the taxi stop. - Move to the Hotel by taking a cap at the taxi station. ‚The provision of the premium service from the arrival at Busan to Paradise hotel.‛ - The service that comes to meet the customers in time at the Busan station when the customer reserves it on-line. - Possibility of enhancement of customers satisfaction if we connect the service with the KTX afterwards.
  38. 38. Service Blueprint - Pick up serviceSTEP service exposure service application service usePHYSICAL Homepage On-line reservation Seoul Station Busan StationEVIDENCECUSTOMER Look at the Selection of the Receipt of Being welcomed Reservation Complete Board on Arrival at MoveAUTION service guidance choice of the verification by the driver of KTX the application the KTX Busan station to the Hotel in the homepage pick up service message in chargeTOUCH Homepage Service application Service application Character Welcoming placardPOINT screen screen screen messageLINE OF INTERACTIONDriver in charge Verification Arrival at Busan Pickup Application Completion of the customer station before Move the customer of connecting of the service/ assignment the customer to the gate and move pick up service input the status status arrives the packageLINE OF VISIBILITYStaff in charge Decision of the Acquisition Application statusof the service service policy of the driver /Verification and and marketing in charge managementService supporter Production of welcoming placardLINE OF INTERNAL VISIBILITY SendingSUPPORT Registering the guidancePROCESS the service Registration message Assignment of the completion of a driver of the service for the according customer
  39. 39. ‚The jogging service for special morning.‛ ‚I felt disappointed when I could not do the jogging when I was given the jogging map since I did not have the jogging shoes.‛ - The customers that use the hotel for the first time get to know about the jogging course after they arrive so they feel disappointed. - Though the landscape is attractive, the packages for the exercise clothes and exercise shoes are burdensome. ‚The customer service that even those who did not bring the exercise shoes and clothes can enjoy the fantastic jogging course.‛ - You can enjoy the morning jogging by renting the exercise shoes and clothes and MP3. - The service that make the package small and the travel fruitful and plenty.
  40. 40. Service Blueprint - jogging service STEP service exposure service application service use PHYSICAL Homepage KTX(Train) Front desk Room Outside of hotel Room EVIDENCE In the concierge Select the list of the Receipt CUSTOMER Look at the The jogging map menu, reserve Call to the music the customer of the exercise Jogging Finishing AUTION jogging service is given on-line and see front desk wants and apply shoes and clothes in Haeundae the jogging in the mobile web when checking in for the service the service and the MP3 TOUCH Mobile web Leaflet of the Leaflet of the Exercise shoes, Exercise shoes, POINT Homepage screen screen jogging map jogging map clothes and MP3 clothes and MP3LINE OF INTERACTION Frond desk staff Answering Registration the phone calls of the application of the service Staff in charge of the service Setting Distributing the Retrieval of the of the playlist exercise shoes, exercise shoes, in the MP3 clothes and MP3 clothes and MP3LINE OF VISIBILITY Staff in charge of the laundry. Wash the exercise shoes, Service supporter clothes Selection Production of the playlist of the leaflet (Periodical update)LINE OF INTERNAL VISIBILITY SUPPORT Registration Registration PROCESS of the applied of completion content of the service
  41. 41. ‚The Lounge service. The joyful short time after the check out.‛ ‚Due to the early checkout during the peak season, there is 2 hours gap with the train time. Where shall we spend the time?‛ - The occurrence of the empty time before the prepaid traffic time after the early checkout. - Need of a place to spend the 1-2 hours after the checkout at 11 oclock. ‚Spend even 1 hour gap in the Paradise comfortably. The Paradises special service that continues after the checkout‛ - Improvement of the customers inconvenience through late checkout and early check in during peak seasons. - The service is possible utilizing the new buildings lounge that is vacant after the breakfast.
  42. 42. Service Blueprint - Lounge service STEP service exposure service application service use PHYSICAL Homepage Front desk Lounge EVIDENCE In the concierge Move to the lounge menu, reserve on-line (Basic free service) (Toll service) Use of beverage Payment CUSTOMER Check Out / Submit a coupon AUTION and look at the guidance Self service Order and snacks of extra fee on the service when entering Beverage, snacks, TOUCH Homepage screen Coupon to use Coupon to use books and etc. Menu plate Ordering menu Cash, credit card POINT Explanation Guidance by the staff by the staffLINE OF INTERACTION Guidance on the Front desk staff lounge service of the hotel and offering of coupons Staff in charge Verification o of the service Setting f the coupon Taking Receiving and Serving and registration the orders the payment arrangement of the customerLINE OF VISIBILITY Staff in charge Preparation Preparation of the Orders of basic menu of ordering menuLINE OF INTERNAL VISIBILITY SUPPORT Records / Records / PROCESS DB system DB system
  43. 43. ‚The unburdened finishing of the travel Delivery service‛ ‚After the deposit of the package at the hotel, I can not go too far.‛ - The customer reserves the train seat considering the best time that they can stay in Busan. - For the case of reservation for 5 oclock train, when checking out at 12 oclock, there is 5 hours free time. - But, since we have deposited the parcel at the hotel, it is not easy to go to far from the hotel. ‚The customer touching service that can enjoy the afterglow of the Busan travel.‛ - When checking out, use the delivery service and have the parcel sent to the busan station. - Stop by Nampo-dong, the fish market and arrive at Busan station. - Retrieve the parcel at busan booth of Paradise hotel and take the train and take off.
  44. 44. ‚The unburdened finishing of the travel Delivery service - Prototype‛
  45. 45. Service Blueprint -Delivery service STEP service exposure service application service use PHYSICAL Homepage Front desk Front desk Concierge desk Outside the hotel Busan station EVIDENCE In the concierge Compose Deposit Arrival at the CUSTOMER Character message menu, reserve the application the parcel and train station Retrieval AUTION Check out Depart from the Hotel saying that on-line and look sheet for the receive the the parcel arrived and stop of the parcel. at the guidance delivery service registration slip by the booth. TOUCH Homepage Service guidance Character Application form Application form Sign System Registration slip POINT screen leaflet message Explanation Explanation by the staff by the staffLINE OF INTERACTION Front desk staff Guidance of the hotel on the delivery service Attach the verification Compose the sheet to the parcel Move the Staff in charge of the service service application parcel to the on sheet. Input in the custody place. computer system Staff in charge Retrieval Give the parcel of the booth of the parcel / Response after verifying Input the arrival the identification status of the parcelLINE OF VISIBILITYDelivery staff. Production Move the parcel Production from the custody of the homepage of the leaflet place to the booth screen of Busan stationLINE OF INTERNAL VISIBILITY Records/ DB system SUPPORT PROCESS Records / Automatic message DB system sending alarming the arrival of the parcel
  46. 46. Service opening. After... 05
  47. 47. "Smart on-line reservation that provides information and the choice at the same time."The opening of the real time on-line system for the first time in the industry. Minimize the unnecessarymoving of the package by giving the image of the room and the possible package information in thereservation stage. And improvement of the UI so that the customers will not give up since they do notknow the fact that the price is not that much different from the on-line travel agencies.Before the opening After the opening The On-line package of the system of the system reservation rate. 2% 16% 50% On-line reservation rate(As of September 2011)
  48. 48. " Provision of theme-specific travel information. Practical Travel guide"Recommended guide by neighboring travel course. Things to eat, shopping, map informationon nearby areas, etc. are realized in a way that they can be easily searched.
  49. 49. ‚Paradise in my palm Paradise Mobile Web‛By providing the information on the sightseeing sites around hotels, and the sightseeing sitesby the Busan rage sphere by introduction the E-concierge in the Mobile internet page,we let the customers plan beforehand before the arrival at the hotel the whole itinerary duringwhich they stay at the hotel.
  50. 50. ‚Walking slowly with the pace of the nature‛ Nature in ParadiseBy renting walking shoes to those who need comfortable shoes on their business visit,we let them fully enjoy the nature and do the walking.
  51. 51. ‚The KTX is becoming more convenient., Rail Desk at busan station.‛With the increase of the customers that use KTX, launching the service that provides the customersthe use of the Rail desk at Busan station where they can reserve without going to the Hotel andcheck in and let them enjoy the sightseeing for downtown without having to worry about the parcel.
  52. 52. ‚The KTX is becoming more convenient., Rail Desk at busan station.‛ 319people 152people 94people June July August Rail desk use rate (2011)
  53. 53. Definition of service design. ‚Providing the service design that the customers can continuously be satisfied with through the contextual survey of customer based concept.‛ -Teaminterface-
  54. 54. Thank youTel. 02-574-9541 / Fax. 02-515-6197 / /