Goodwins theory


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Goodwins theory

  1. 1. Goodwins Theory
  2. 2. Music videos demonstrate genre characteristics <ul><li>Goodwins theory suggest that videos of the same genre will show the same characteristics like other videos in that genre. This is proven to be true when watching rock videos its more of a band performing on stage with instruments where as Hip-Hop/Rnb videos, they either have beautiful females (voyeurism), the artist constantly on screen, links between visual/music or other characteristics but these are the main characteristic which will allow someone to recognise a Hip-Hop/Rnb video even if it had no sound playing. </li></ul>Snoop Dogg - Sweat Otis - Jay-Z, Kayne West Im On One - YMCMB
  3. 3. There is a relationship between lyrics/music and visuals <ul><li>Goodwins theory suggest that there will always be a link between the lyrics and the visual and the link will help enhance/amplify what the artist is saying in the lyrics. This is true throughout many videos in the Hip-Hop/Rnb genre. Examples of this are seen in “J-Cole - Work Out”, “Drake - Headlines”, “Eminem - Toy Soldier” and many more. This is the same for the music and visual too as what is heard helps to amplify what is seen on screen as it says in Lupe Fiasco - Show Goes On “ One in the air for the people that ain’t here, Two in the air for the father that’s there, Three in the air for the kids in the ghetto, Four for the kids who don’t wanna be there” which is amplified on screen with him counting to four and with the beat of the music enhancing the fact he's counting to four. </li></ul>“ or is this just a hit and run” “ I guess it really it just me, myself and all my millions” “ we all fall down like a toy soldier”
  4. 4. The demands of the record label will include the need for lots of close ups of the artist and the artist may develop motifs which recur across their work <ul><li>We will never know the full demands of the record label, but through most Hip-Hop/Rnb videos we can see that record labels demand artists to be on screen most of the time, if there a women in the video then they have to come across as beautiful/sexy so it can appeal to the male audience (and vice versa). This is seen in “Bed Rock - Young Money” were all the artist present are signed to ‘Young Money’ which is under ‘Cash Money’. When each artist is rapping, that artist is constantly on screen. </li></ul>Lil Wayne Tyga
  5. 5. There is frequently reference to voyeuristic treatment of the female body. <ul><li>Goodwins theory states that women are portrayed as objects and in the genre of Hip-Hop/Rnb the videos prove this to be right. Woman are used a sexy objects to help attract male fans which help to sell the music. This also works the other way as males are shown to be sexy and helps to get the artist more recognised through the song. </li></ul>
  6. 6. There is often intertextual reference <ul><li>This is when an artist either makes reference to another artist (from the past) or has taken the idea from another source to create there music video. This is show in all genres for example ‘Chris Brown - She Ain't You’, is a song inspired by ‘Michael Jackson’ after his death. ‘Snoop Dogg - Sensual Seduction’ was taken from ‘Prince - When Doves Cry’. </li></ul>Chris Brown - She Ain’t You Snoop Dogg - Sensual Seduction