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Mass & weight

Mass & weight






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    Mass & weight Mass & weight Presentation Transcript

    • What is gravity?
    • • Gravity is the force that pulls all objects in the universe toward one another.• Gravity is the force which pulls all objects to the surface.
    • Gravity is a very weak force. The force of gravitational attraction between Mr Porter and his wife (when 1 metre apart) is only around 0.0000004 Newtons!
    • The size of the force depends on the mass of the objects. The bigger they are, the bigger the force!Small attractive force Bigger attractive force
    • The size of the force also depends on thedistance between the objects.
    • We only really notice the gravitationalattraction to big objects! Hola! ¿Como estas?
    • The force of gravity on something is called itsweight. Because it is a force it is measured inNewtons. Weight
    • On the earth, Mr Porter’s weight is around 800 N. I love physics! 800 N
    • On the moon, his weight is around 130 N.Why? 130 N
    • In deep space, far away from any planets or stars his weight is almost zero. (He is weightless). Why? Cool!
    • Mass is a measure of the amount of materialan object is made of. It is measured inkilograms.
    • Mr Porter has a mass of around 77 kg. Thismeans he is made of 77 kg of blood, bones,hair and poo! 77kg
    • On the moon, Mr Porter hasn’t changed (he’sstill Mr Porter!). That means he still is made of77 kg of blood, bones, hair and poo! 77kg
    • In deep space, Mr Porter still hasn’t changed(he’s still Mr Porter!). That means he still ismade of 77 kg of blood, bones, hair and poo! I feel sick! 77kg
    • Mass is a measure of the amount of materialan object is made of. It is measured inkilograms.Weight is the force of gravity on an object. It ismeasured in Newtons.
    • Calculating weightThe force of gravity on one kilogram is calledthe gravitational field strength. It s measuredin Newtons per kilogram (N/kg)
    • • Force = Mass x Acceleration • Force is measured in Newtons ACCELERATION of GRAVITY(Earth) = 9.8 m/s2 • Weight (force) = mass x gravity (Earth) Moon’s gravity is 1/6 of the Earth’sIf you weigh 420 Newtons on earth, what will you weighon the Moon? 70 Newtons If your mass is 41.5Kg on Earth what is your mass on the Moon?
    • Calculating weightTo calculate the weight of an object you multiplythe object’s mass by the gravitational fieldstrength wherever you are. Weight (N) = mass (kg) x gravitational acceleration(m/s2)
    • Example The gravitational field strength on earth is around 10 N/kg. What is your weight if your mass is 45 kg?Weight (N) = mass (kg) x gravitational field strength (N/kg)Weight (N) = 45 kg x 10 N/kgWeight = 450 N
    • Newton’s Second Law One rock weighs 5 Newtons. The other rock weighs 0.5 Newtons. How much more force will be required to accelerate the first rock at the same rate as the second rock? Ten times as much
    • Easy isn’t it?