Presenting to Sales Manager


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Presenting to Sales Manager

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  • Go to Team CRM Select a “Monthly” view of July 2008 for the demo data and show how the customer can have a single view of the activities for the entire team. Hovering the mouse over a particular activity will display the details allowing the manager to see how the employees are using their time. The Dashboard can also be setup to have specific reports accessible based on those needs.
  • Go to the Opportunities Tab Explain the benefit of having access to this real-time view of the revenue pipeline and how it now gives the customer access to forecasting revenue for the company. As soon as a sales rep enters their opportunities in the system, it’s available immediately and the appropriate actions can be taken. Point out the “Statistics for All Stages” at the right of the screen and explain how valuable it is to a manager. Remember to point out that the information displayed in the opportunity list can be configured to show what the customer needs. Also point out that the stages (Lead, Qualified, Proposal Submitted, etc…) will be defined for the customer’s processes.
  • Click on the Negotiating segment of the pipeline Point out how we can now make valuable revenue decisions by drilling into the deals where we may have direct control over. In this case, if a deal is in the “Negotiating Stage” then the ball is probably in our court. We can immediately see crucial information including the person that is working on the deal. Critical actions can be taken immediately. At this point, you should emphasize the following conclusions: The critical issue of spending 10 hrs per week (approx. $1,000) is now resolved and the customer will now be able to spend that time dealing with more constructive issues to improve revenue. It is also important to note that the $1,000 are now available to be applied to the solution. LOG OUT OF CRM
  • Objective: It’s important to reiterate that the customer has identified that time is again the critical issue and that by simplifying tasks, this could liberate the time that the staff could use to close additional sales. And, you are going to show how this solution will do exactly that. Explain that you are now going to log in as one of the sales staff. Log in as finchj
  • Explain that you are going to walk through and create a new opportunity and that the system can be configured to take the user step-by-step to capture all the vital information quickly and easily. Note: Remember that not all companies do business the same way. You will want to make sure you understand how the customer does business before assuming that this process is applicable. In some cases, you may need to start by showing the process by starting with the actual Leads area and promoting them to Opportunities. Right click NEW, click New Opportunity
  • You will create an opportunity similar to this one… enter the details. Note: Remember that you should always consider configuring Accpac ERP inventory control with the products that this customer sells.
  • Once you save this opportunity, explain you workflow is automatically activated placing the opportunity in the “Lead” stage and the subsequent “Actions” that can be taken. Explain the value that workflow brings to an organization by now allowing it to embed and enforce procedures electronically. Explain how this opportunity is now accessible to anyone in the organization that they would like to grant access to such information. Also, there could be instant notifications that are generated based on criteria the organization may define (i.e. the forecasted value is over $5,000, etc…) insuring that proper actions take place in a timely manner.
  • Go to the Sage Accpac Quote Tab and “Create and Link New Quote”.
  • Explain how the sales person is now accessing the actual Accpac ERP order entry screen and is permitted to enter the details for the quote that will subsequently follow this deal. Explain that this is the web screen and is accessible even outside the local network. Go to the details and press F9 to launch the details screen
  • Enter the details of the items and explain how the sales person also can see critical information at the bottom such as Qty on Hand, etc… and can even drill into these details if necessary. Note: Remember to emphasize these points because the customer has identified that accessing information is costing time. Close and Post this quote.
  • Explain that the details are also now immediately visible at the opportunity level.
  • For many organizations, standardizing and sending quotes in a timely manner is critical. Explain how the sales person can now quickly generate a professional quote using standardized documents created by the organization.
  • Continue
  • Continue Note: Don’t spend too much time talking about what you are doing because you want the audience to capture the effect that it is quick and easy – the time effect.
  • Pause for a moment and allow the customer / audience to grasp what they are looking at. Reiterate: Quick generation of a quote using standardized / approved templates. Now just close the document and explain that it is saved automatically. In the resulting communication screen, type “
  • Enter details for a communication and show how you can schedule a follow-up and even assign that task to another person.
  • Explain the value (remember to place that within the context of their problem: Time) of having a centralized repository for all documents that pertain to a customer.
  • Now go to the Summary Tab and reiterate how the sales person will now progress the opportunity to the next step.
  • The organization can, again, define any pertinent / critical details that they want to insure is collected.
  • Progress one more time to the negotiating stage.
  • Put in some details and save.
  • Now, explain the value of having a Tracking Tab where all the information that they need is collected and displayed for every step as the opportunity progresses. Explain how they can now immediately identify areas where they did well or those that need attention and correction. This is the Who did What When during the entire process.
  • In conclusion: The critical issue is time and access to information from a single source. Conclude by showing that now the sales person CAN (emphasize the word: can because it should not be assumed that they want to let them have this information) have access to critical back office information within the Sales Automation solution. Quickly click on the “Recent” button and click on Coastal Electric Company Go to the Customer Details Tab And explain how as a sales person you can take a quick look at the customer’s vital stats to make sure that possibly their credit limit is sufficient for this size deal. This information is critical because the sales person can quickly take the steps necessary to insure that there wouldn’t be any issues or delays at the time the customer decides to send the PO.
  • You should now close this portion of your presentation by recapping how the solution will now permit the sales staff to have more time to look for and close more opportunities, generating greater revenue for the organization.
  • Presenting to Sales Manager

    1. 1. Simon - Sales Manager Simon is so eloquent, clever, and charismatic, that you just want to be around him. Back in the day he would run from client to client with heavy catalogs selling products. Now at his corner office he is most of the day on conference calls with his key sales team members. As a bright man, he has changed the way to do sales to a more personable and approachable style to clients. Simon, though, is hoping for a miracle this year with such economy. He was so disappointed last year when the entire company fell so short from their goals. But heck, he has gone through these types of rollercoasters before.
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