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Tumblr endearments

Tumblr endearments






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    Tumblr endearments Tumblr endearments Presentation Transcript

    • Why it’s not cool to insult your favorite celebrities By Tumblr user procrastveitor
    • It’s rude • Calling people names is rude. The End.
    • Just kidding • I really shouldn’t need to elaborate on this, but I clearly do because I can already hear your protests: – “This is Tumblr, everyone does it!” – “I don’t mean it to be offensive!” – “They’d never think I was serious!” – “It’s frustrating to love them so much!” Let’s address these one by one, shall we?
    • “This is Tumblr, everyone does it!” • “Everyone does it” is a bullshit reason to do anything. • Like, THE most bullshit possible reason. • Just because everyone does something doesn’t mean it’s right.
    • “I don’t mean it to be offensive!” • Guess what? Intent isn’t magical. • Just because you don’t mean to be offensive doesn’t mean someone won’t be offended. • If they are offended, it’s not their fault for misunderstanding you. • Especially since it’s very easy to misunderstand people on the internet.
    • “They’d never think I was serious!” • And you know this how, exactly? • You don’t know these celebrities personally, so you can’t possibly know how they’d react to you calling them derogatory names. • “Well, neither can you!” This is true. • However, someone who doesn’t use Tumblr regularly most likely isn’t going to be familiar with Tumblr “endearments”.
    • Cont. • Even if the celebrity in question IS familiar with Tumblr “endearments,” that doesn’t mean they won’t be offended. • Why? Because, once again, intent isn’t magical. • Even if you’re using it as a term of endearment, an insult is still an insult. It’s still a word that’s used to demean and hurt people. • Therefore, celebrities are completely justified in being offended by your “endearments,” and it’s best not to use them unless you have the celebrity’s permission.
    • “It’s frustrating to love them so much!” • I hear you. • Believe me, I do. It IS frustrating to love someone you know you’ll never have a chance with. • But that’s still no excuse to call them names, for all the reasons I’ve already mentioned. • Try to focus on the happiness your favorite celebrities bring you instead of the frustration.
    • Why not call them nice things instead? • Instead of calling your favorite celebrity an asshole, fucker, little shit, etc., why not consider: – Angel – Cupcake – Cutie pie – Kitten – Prince/Princess Or any number of nice, non-offensive names.
    • “You can’t tell me what to say on my blog!” • You’re right. If you really want to call people assholes and fuckers, I can’t stop you. • I just hope you realize that what you’re doing is rude and offensive, whether you mean it to be or not.
    • The End Thanks for reading!