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The promise
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  • 1. The Promise Girls Aloud9 slide Analysis - Aimee Sherry
  • 2. 1st Shot
  • 3. Close UpAt the beginning of the video a Close Up is used to show avintage car which gives the audience a clue what time periodthe music video is set in.
  • 4. 2nd Shot
  • 5. Medium ShotThe next shot is of Cheryl walking out side and next to a signthat says Drive In. this suggests to the audience that the video isset in a American Drive through. Cheryls costume is 60sinspired, Clothing plays a big part in Girls Aloud’s music videosbecause the public is interested in what the girls are wearing.
  • 6. 3rd Shot
  • 7. Long ShotThe long shot shows two of the band members Nicola andKimberley sitting in a vintage car dressed in clothing that fits the60’s Genre. The shot makes it clear that they are waiting forsomething to start because Nicola is twisting her hair andKimberley is looking into the distance. Nadine is walking behindthe car dressed in a black jumpsuit which fits the genre. Clothingplays a big part in Girls Aloud’s music videos because everyone isinterested in what the girls are wearing.
  • 8. 4th Shot
  • 9. Ariel shotCountdownScreenCarsGA sat in carWatching themselves
  • 10. 5th Shot
  • 11. Ariel ShotMusic VideoTelling a storyAll girls will relate toCostumeBand behind them
  • 12. 6th Shot
  • 13. Long shotShows the full bandCostumeRelate to the beat of the songDance movesHow there improtantHow they link to the genre
  • 14. 7th Shot
  • 15. Medium ShotSlower beatReflecting lyrics
  • 16. 8th Shot
  • 17. Long shot