AiMA August 2011 Social Media Gamification event


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What is gamification? How do brands use it to incite consumer action?

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AiMA August 2011 Social Media Gamification event

  1. 1. ACTION! Gamification, Technologyand User Behavior in Social Media
  2. 2. Membership Membership levels: Student - $60/year, includes free admission for monthly events; discounts on social events Basic - $120/year, single person free admission for monthly events; discounts on social events; job board postings Corporate – 3 levels, includes 5, 15 or ALL people free admission for monthly events; discounts on social
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  4. 4. #aima
  5. 5. Partner EventsSocial Media Integration Conference, September 16-17Bring your toughest questions to KSU’s intimate, academic setting, and ask them of topauthorities on integrating interactive and social media marketing at the Social MediaIntegration Conference (SMIATL).Being held September 16-17, 2011, the organizers are bringing in national-level speakerswith sessions specifically aimed at advanced and expert skill levels. Register using promo code “AiMA20” for 20% off, making the event just $128 to attend. WITs Women of the Year in Technology Awards Top companies in Georgia honor their leaders by nominating them for WITs Women of the Year in Technology Awards.2011 Awards Gala & Dinner - Event Details:Date: Thursday, November 10, 2011Time: 5:30pm-9:00pmLocation: The Foundry at Puritan Mill,
  6. 6. Partner Events AiMA members receive 20% discount•  November 7, 2011•  Georgia Tech Hotel & Conference Center•  USE CODE AIMA WHEN REGISTERING••  Hosted during Digital Atlanta Week
  7. 7. Moderator Tom Ellis Tom Ellis is Aqua Blue Interactives (ABI) Chief Strategy Officer and Co-Founder. He works with ABI clients to define business objectives and implement online strategies to accomplish their goals. Tom co founded Aqua Blue Creative Development almost three years ago as a firm providing social application development and marketing. In early 2011, Aqua Blue Creative Development merged with a local social media firm to form a full-service social media and digital marketing firm - Aqua Blue Interactive.Chief Strategy Officer,Aqua Blue Interactive Prior to his involvement with Aqua Blue, Tom served as Vice President of TechLINKS, a firm focused on providing marketing services for IT service providers looking to do business with Fortune 1000 companies. Tom lives in Smyrna, GA with his wife, Alexa with their first child on its way this winter.
  8. 8. Panelists Chris Nelson is Director of Social Media for CMT. He works within the Consumer Marketing group to build social media strategies for on-air programming and branded initiatives. Prior to joining CMT, Chris worked in digital marketing in both Nashville and Seattle, WA, primarily in start-ups and consulting. Chris is also a volunteer leadership member of Digital Nashville Chris Nelson a local association that brings digital professionals together forCountry Music Television networking, education series and other industry events. Gabe’s career began in 1994 in the enhanced CD and high-end multi- media software spaces. A video and technology aficionado, Gabe designed projects for musicians and bands such as Chris Cornell, Sonic Youth, No Doubt, Blues Traveler and Weezer. While his work early on in his career forced Gabe to be behind the camera, in a studio, or at a computer, his responsibilities with The SuperGroup are much less isolating. Considered " the face" of The SuperGroup, Gabe not only oversees the agency’s design department, but also spearheads the company’s business development initiatives. Drawing on his diverse interests, design capabilities, business sense, and knowledge of the web, Gabe is responsible for making sure potential clients become Gabe Aldridge actual clients. The SuperGroup
  9. 9. Panelists As Edelmans Managing Director of Southeast Digital, Craig leads strategy for clients such as UPS, Newell Rubbermaid, Georgia Pacific, Belize Tourism Board and Florida Hospital. Craig is also the Global Managing Director of Digital Search where he leads strategy and management for pay-per-click advertising and search engine optimization. Craig has been repeatedly recognized through the media as a leader and visionary within the digital space. He has been featured on The Today Show; USA Today; Wall Street Journal and CNN. Craig was also named byCraig Kronenberger Animation Magazine -Top 15 Guerilla Web Entrepreneurs. Craig is a graduate of the University of Cincinnati in electronic media and is most Edelman importantly dad to twin six-year old boys. Omar is responsible for leading Badgeville’s sales and business development efforts out of our New York office. Over the course of his 15-plus year career, Omar has held a variety of senior positions in sales, business development, and operations, with the past four years focused on growing SaaS companies. Prior to joining Badgeville, Omar was at enterprise social collaboration leader Socialtext where he established critical footholds in Media/Entertainment, Publishing, Advertising, Financial and Professional Services sectors, among others. Omar Divina Omar has a B.A. in Philosophy from Yale University and lives in Brooklyn Badgeville @odivina
  10. 10. Background on Social Gaming/ GamificationSocial Gaming•  Multiple players•  Played through social platforms (i.e. Facebook)•  Can use social currency•  Growth is viralGamification•  Badges•  Not the same as social media games (Farmville, Mafia Wars)•  Not couponing•  Not massive, multi-player online role-playing games
  11. 11. Chris NelsonCountry Music Television
  12. 12. Chris Nelson, CMT•  Why social gaming? –  Remember when the question was “Why Social?”•  Where to start –  It’s time to do your homework •  Understand both audiences –  Plan your engagement •  Remember, it’s about VALUE•  Example: Taking CMT programming to social gaming
  13. 13. Chris Nelson, CMT Brand Goal: Drive Tune-in In-game video sampling Custom branded items User Benefit: Deliver ValueCustom bonuses players can useResults:220k video plays7 million branded game items used4 million branded gifts sent
  14. 14. Gabe AldridgeThe Super Group
  15. 15. Gamification is PolarizingWhy do some people go buck wild crazy for gamification?
  16. 16. Gamification is Polarizing ...because it works
  17. 17. Gamification is Polarizing (when used cleverly).
  18. 18. Gamification is PolarizingWhy do some folks hate gamification with a burning passion?
  19. 19. Gamification is Polarizing“For business purposes, gamification is invalid, faddish, exploitative, an oversimplification, or a renaming of existing practices.”
  20. 20. Gamification is Polarizing“Gamification adds to and preys upon the confusion among business decision makers about the meaningful distinctions between games, videogames, social games, gamification, game mechanics, etc.”
  21. 21. Gamification is Polarizing“...don’t like the negative consequences of making simple game-like consumer interactions an end in themselves, rather than designing either high quality games or full product designs.”
  22. 22. Gamification is Polarizing“Gamification sometimes misses elements such as storytelling and experiences which are central to what make games effective.”
  23. 23. Gamification is Polarizing “Gamification has mistaken the addition of points for the application of genuine game mechanics.”
  24. 24. WTF is Gamification?Most of these complaints come from a poor understanding of what gamification is and is not.
  25. 25. WTF is Gamification?“the use of game mechanics and dynamics to drive game like engagement in a non-game context.”
  26. 26. WTF is Gamification?“the use of game attributes to drive game-like player behavior in a non-game context.” Michael Wu, Pd.D
  27. 27. What Gamification is not What is gamification not?
  28. 28. What Gamification is not Games
  29. 29. What Gamification is not Prizes
  30. 30. What Gamification is not Rewards & Incentives
  31. 31. What Gamification is not
  32. 32. What Gamification is notGamification and serious games are related because both try to leverage aspects of games to achieve something more.
  33. 33. Gamification Case Studies
  34. 34. Twitter TranslatorTwitter has successfully crowdsourced translation services using game mechanics.
  35. 35. Twitter TranslatorTranslation tasks are presented in small snippets...
  36. 36. Twitter Translator...and points are earned as more and more snippet are translated.
  37. 37. Twitter TranslatorThe more snippets that you translate, the higher your level.
  38. 38. Twitter Translator ...and badges are prominently displayed.
  39. 39. Twitter TranslatorTwitter Translator follows some important game design principle.
  40. 40. Twitter TranslatorTranslator sets S.M.A.R.T. goals. Specific, Measurable, Actionable, Realistic and Timed (short and long term goals) and provides clear social comparison.
  41. 41. Twitter TranslatorI am now at level 12, but want to get to level 15. I know the clear path to making this happen -- more translation.
  42. 42. Twitter Translator The path forward is attained through clear, bite-sized actions and choices...
  43. 43. Twitter Translator...and the relationship between actions and goals is very clear.
  44. 44. Twitter TranslatorStatus is prominently displayed (people love to brag)
  45. 45. Twitter Translator Clear Status
  46. 46. Twitter Translator Excessive Positive Feedback
  47. 47. Twitter Translator Scaffolded Goals and Skill Progression (incrementalgoals, frequent assessment, multiple rewards, and feedback along the way, not just one grade at the end)
  48. 48. Twitter Translator“We usually feel best when challenges perfectly match our skills. More, and weare stressed, less, and we are bored. Since we constantly learn and improve ourskills, the challenges must grow with our skills - otherwise, boredom ensues.” Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi (cheek-sent-me-high) Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience
  49. 49. Twitter Translator
  50. 50. Twitter TranslatorQuick recap• Clear status, goals, actions• Clear action -goal-relationships• Clear social comparison• Excessive feedback• Scaffolded challenges matched to the users growing skill set
  51. 51. The Speed Lottery Non-web based gamification
  52. 52. The Speed LotteryAverage speed before experiment: 32 km/h (20 mph)
  53. 53. The Speed LotteryAverage speed after experiment: 25 km/h (16 mph)
  54. 54. The Speed Lottery Resulting in a 22% reduction in speed
  55. 55. NextJump Company Fitness
  56. 56. Snooze
  57. 57. Serious Gaming Case Studies
  58. 58. The 711 Club
  59. 59. The 711 Club
  60. 60. The 711 Club
  61. 61. Children’s Hospital Boston
  62. 62. Children’s Hospital Boston
  63. 63. Children’s Hospital Boston
  64. 64. Children’s Hospital Boston
  65. 65. In Closing Thanks Everybody
  66. 66. © Edelman 2011. All rights reserved.
  67. 67. Craig Kronenberger
  68. 68. WE ARE THE ONES WHO … Drove shoppers to Mobilized 100 action buy their holiday consumers to gifts on the eBay launch the fastest website and mobile selling consumer app through pop up technology product stores and social in history engagement Drive $9 in Launched additional sales for Starbuck’s first each fan oninstant brew: VIA Facebook for in-store andgrocery purchase
  73. 73. 10 TIPS1.  BADGES build retention and reach2.  LEVELS & STATUS drive retention3.  SIMPLE can be better4.  Rewards can be SMALL5.  Make SHARING a game dynamic6.  Use leaderboards..CONNECT people7.  Build games on social platforms8.  Build social into your game ideas9.  Think mobile10. Think offline online
  76. 76. Omar DivinaDirector of Sales Badgeville
  77. 77. Omar Divina, Badgeville
  78. 78. Omar Divina, Badgeville
  79. 79. Omar Divina, Badgeville
  80. 80. Omar Divina, Badgeville
  81. 81. Audience Q&A