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Developer's Guide to Marketing and Monetization of Windows Phone Apps
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Developer's Guide to Marketing and Monetization of Windows Phone Apps


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  • 1. YOUR YOUR AD AD HERE HEREDeveloper’s Guide toMarketing and Monetization ofWindows Phone Apps Alan Mendelevich | AdDuplex | | @ailon
  • 2. Fast forward to February, and now I am making around $380 aday from ads from my 7 games.…Grand total revenue for 2011 - $61,321.58 -- Elbert Perez , occasionalgamer.comI generally get about 1.5 hours a day for game development…Total marketplace/ad revenue for both Krashlander and Krashlander Free -$23,215.68 -- Jeff WeberTaptitude has been out for just over a year but in the first 4 months weonly made $500.…Despite being a slow start, were now pulling in $10-15k per month in adrevenue -- 4Bros Studio
  • 3. Will The Real AppMillionaire PleaseStand Up? In 2012 your team of 3 developers in a garage has minimal chances of making 70,000 Euro from a single app on ANY platform.
  • 4. Did you know … Product 20% Marketing 80% Research shows that 20% of product’s success is determined by the product itself and the remaining 80% is marketing* * I totally made this up
  • 5. Developer’s Work Cycle Employee/Contract developerSALE Task Deliverables Money Entrepreneur developer Task Deliverables SALE Money
  • 6. What to build?
  • 7. Scratch your own itch
  • 8. Original vs. “Me too”
  • 9. $23,000+ at 1.5h/dayMegahit vs. Smaller Hits$10,000-$15,000/month $61,000+ in 2011
  • 10. Release date is a feature• Be the first to solve a problem – René Schulte: “… this was quite important since it got a lot of attention for being the first real picture effects / photo filter app in the market. The big blogs like Gizmodo, Engadget and MSNBC covered a few of the must have WP7 apps and Pictures Lab got featured in all. I guess that helped to jump start the app.”• With every SDK/OS release there’s a chance to be the first to utilize some previously unavailable capability
  • 11. Getting ideas and inspiration The Daily Practice “Every day I write down ideas. I write down so many ideas that it hurts my head to come up with one more. Then I try to write down five more. … The “idea muscle” atrophies within days if you don’t use it. Just like walking. If you don’t use your legs for a week, they atrophy. You need to exercise the idea muscle. It takes about 3-6 months to build up once it atrophies. Trust me on this.”
  • 12. Make Money
  • 13. Front-end for your main service
  • 14. Paid Apps• Set a competitive price• Consider psychology• Consider who and where your customer is• Set a price that makes business sense – WP7 Developer ROI Calculator
  • 15. Trial• Can’t try == won’t buy• 70% more purchases than without trials• Counter example: Cocktail Flow*
  • 16. In-app purchases• iOS: “Right now, 18 of the top 25 grossing of all apps are Free To Play Games (72%).” –• Windows Phone 8+• Windows Phone 7.x – Roll out your own – Use 3rd party services (MoVend, Linxter)
  • 17. Free apps with ads• Generally perform better than paid apps*• Best suited for long/frequently running apps (games)
  • 18. Ad networks
  • 19. AdDuplex as a Fallback Solution “AdDuplex + pubCenter is a winning recipe” JC Cimetiere Director Product Management Windows Phone MicrosoftSmaato: “Worldwide, the average ad network fillrate was 10% in Q3 2011”
  • 20. Fill rate• Maximize ad space value by multiple network fallbacks. Fallback to AdDuplex or in-house ads. – Silverlight/XNA: Windows Phone Ad Rotator – Silverlight: Unified Ad Control For Windows Phone
  • 21. Lifetime user value
  • 22. Promote yourapp, promoteyour app,promote yourapp, promoteyour app…
  • 23. Don’t monetize your app on day one
  • 24. Don’t monetize on day one• Giving your app away is the cheapest and most effective marketing instrument you have – René Schulte: “Helium Voice was released in November 2010 and has 18,773 downloads as of today. Helium Voice Free was released in March 2011 and has 143,002 downloads as of today.” – Jeff Weber: “Krashlander total downloads (Includes both trials and purchases) - 23,500, Krashlander Free total downloads - 327,000”
  • 25. Case Study: ChicksnVixens• Released as absolutely free (while in beta)• Went on to be #1 paid game for some time after switching to paid – Meds: “After being #1 for almost 2 weeks as a paid app I can say that Im very happy with the results. I wont give specific numbers but suffice to say it would make many iOS and Android devs green with envy.”• New version released as free with ads
  • 26. Case Study: gMaps• Started as absolutely free• Added ads and a “Pro” version later
  • 27. Before youlaunch…
  • 28. Marketplace “SEO”• Name• Keywords• Tile
  • 29. Release Betas• Beta-testers are your first evangelists• Recruit beta-testers: – – Twitter #wp7 #wp8 #wpdev
  • 30. Feedback loop• Facilitate user feedback and ratings• “Bad” feedback should go directly to you, good feedback – to the Good feedback Marketplace• Consider encouraging rating/review after a number of launches Bad feedback
  • 31. Localize• Keep in mind that you will probably start getting feedback/support requests in languages you don’t know
  • 32. Publication• Have everything to get featured• Don’t submit on Friday – András Velvárt: “If you look at the charts from WP7AppList, you can see that almost no applications get verified and published during the weekends. … You essentially have two more days to test and make sure the app doesn’t fail digestion without impacting the publishing date.” – René Schulte: “48h difference in submission (Friday night - Sunday night) -> 12h difference certification email (Thursday morning - evening).”• Don’t auto-publish
  • 33. Online presence
  • 34. Demo video• Easier to watch than try your app• Great asset for marketing activities
  • 35. Online presence• Web site or section• Facebook Page• Twitter account• Blog
  • 36. Free promotion
  • 37. Tip specialized blogs•,,,, (Russian), etc. – Filterable list at• Make it personal• Include short description – maybe even something that looks like a review• Link to your demo video. You made it, right?
  • 38. Tweet and post to Facebook• Decorate tweets with #wp8 #WindowsPhone hashtags• Tweet, retweet, post to Facebook from your personal accounts• Help fellow developers (retweet, like, etc.)• Temporarily change your avatar to app’s tile• Mention app in your personal profiles
  • 39. Monitor and react to feedback• Monitor mentions of your app on Twitter, blogs, etc.• Encourage transformation of positive mentions into 5* ratings• React and address negative feedback
  • 40. Social media integration
  • 41. Show off your app everywhere!• Show your app to your friends• Show your app to Windows Phone enthusiasts• Show your app to influential community and Microsoft people
  • 42. Case Study: Wordament
  • 43. Empoweringdevelopers tohelp each other Cross-promote apps with other developers Utilize full potential of your ad space
  • 44. Paid advertising
  • 45. On the web• Specialized blogs• App catalog sites •,,, etc.• (search wp7, windows phone)
  • 46. On the phone
  • 47. In discovery apps
  • 48. Summary
  • 49. Summary• Marketing is at least as important as the app itself• Starting with free is the cheapest and most effective marketing instrument• Be creative, be active, utilize all channels.
  • 50. Thank you!