Dentistry overview


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Smilesforsiouxland is a concerned group of dentists headed by Dr. Josh Brower that focus on providing top quality advanced dentistry at Sioux Falls South Dakota, Le Mars Iowa and Vermillion South Dakota. We provide affordable dental implants, mini dental implants, clear braces for teeth.

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Dentistry overview

  1. 1. Dentistry OverviewDentists analyze, prevent, and treat problems with teeth orMouth tissue. They remove decay, fill cavities, and examine x-rays,Place shielding plastic sealants on childrens teeth, straightenTeeth and repair splintered teeth. They also perform remedialSurgery on gums and supporting bones to avoid gum diseases.Dentists make models and measurements for the missing teeth.What does a Dentist do?Dentists may:• Conduct dental examinations and diagnosis, and develop care plans• Take X-rays of the teeth and jaws• Clean teeth• Provide preventive care• Restore decayed or broken teeth with filling materials• Extract teeth• Administer local anesthetics when required• Perform oral surgical procedures• Design, construct and fit dentures, crowns and bridges• Refer clients to Dental Specialists for complex treatment.
  2. 2. About Dr. BrowerDr. Brower cherishes lecturing and publishing articles for his peers. He presently travels across the UnitedStates lecturing to doctors on dental implants. He is a renowned expert in the field. He is certified in South Dakota, Iowa, Nebraska, California, and maintains active sedation permits inIowa and South Dakota. All of his licenses and permits have always been and continue to be in goodstanding. He also maintains active association in the South Dakota Dental Association, AmericanDental Association, International Association of Orthodontics, and the American OrthodonticsSociety.
  3. 3. Words from the patient’s Book BEFORE AFTER BEFORE AFTER
  4. 4. Some Dental Tips, Even your Dad will like itTips on Brushing Do not use too much toothpaste on your brush, it will foam up a lot and make you spit and rinse too soon. Studies prove that once people get to the spit and rinse stage they stop brushing even if some teeth have not been cleaned. Do not wet the brush before applying the toothpaste or before starting to brush. It alters the functions of the bristles and prevents them from removing plaque effectively.Choosing a Toothbrush Nylon can be made precisely to specification as good brushes can be made much cheaper. Both dental caries and periodontal disease are the result of bacterial action, in the plaque, which collects on the teeth and gums.Choosing a Toothpaste Toothpaste should of course be of satisfactory taste to you and first should contain a small quantity of fluoride. This has been proven to reduce dental decay by a quantifiable amount. On the whole it is better to purchase small tubes rather than the large ‘family size’. In this way the inclination for some pastes to harden in the tube will be avoided because the inside contents will be used quicker.Tips on using Floss Your dentist should help you by checking that you use the floss correctly and safely. What must be done is to get the strand of floss between the teeth, then clean your teeth starting from the gum and ending at the top surface. Do this sweeping motion two or three times and then repeat with the other teeth.
  5. 5. For More Tips for You and Your Family for SiouxlandBusiness Address 3405 S.Cathy Ave Sioux Falls SD 57106Business Phone 800-516-7631