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Sharing all sorts of interesting information at Amity University, Dubai - Class of Forensic Science'12

Sharing all sorts of interesting information at Amity University, Dubai - Class of Forensic Science'12

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  • 2. It’s time to share
  • 3. Seriously, hippopotamus!
  • 4. He got a patent in1923 andcalled it the Epsicle Ice PopWhich was later changed by kids to simply Popsicle
  • 5. Coconut water can be used as a substitute for blood plasmaBecause it’s sterile and has anideal pH level
  • 6. Glycerol can be obtained from processed peanut oil
  • 7. The largest item on amenu is whole camelwhich is stuffed with alamb which has beenstuffed with chickenswhich has been stuffedwith fish or eggs. Thisfeast is sometimesfeatured in Bedouinweddings
  • 8. This is Paul BocuseHe is a food artistFake plastic food hasbeen a subject of artsince old times
  • 9. Experts from the Food and AgricultureOrganization agreed with the opinionof scientists that they should convincepeople to eat insects instead ofmeat…
  • 10. Firstly, in cricket and grasshoppersthere’s as much protein as in a pieceof steak meat. Experts say that there are about 1400 species of insects edible for humans
  • 11. Secondly, their growth is muchcheaper and requires less space
  • 12. For some people it’s a delicacy, forothers – a daily dietEntomophagists are theinsect-eaters
  • 13. In Mexico you’ll find friedgrasshoppers, wrapped in fresh tortillas
  • 14. If you’re hungry for another weird dish Sannakji - Korean word for octopus
  • 15. The whole octopus is servedWhile technically dead, the octopus is still very much aliveThe muscle movement in the octopus’legs remain active for quite some time Squirming, with the suction cups stillvery active, clinging onto the plate, the table, the roof of your mouth Nat Geo - Octopus
  • 16. Thanks =P
  • 17. Wisteria Tunnel Located at the Kawachi Fuji Gardens in Kitakyushu, Japan.Flowering trees hang overhead and the different colored rows speckle the garden