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LC UUM Newsletter (July 2009)


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LC UUM Newsletter (July 2009)

  1. 1. July 2009 ISSUE : 1 Exchange Hit! July Edition Departments ICX Raised 59 Match 43 Realized 20 OGX 25 13 12 July 2009 Edition * Since 1st of June 2008 Till 30th of June 2009 Birth of the New AIESEC in UUM Newsletter! AIESEC in UUM G uess who’s back!? W hat’s New? We will be the EXT trendsetter for all AIESEC In UUM’s members of AIESEC in UUM, so have yourself a copy Newsletter is now monthly!! New and Improved! We’ll tell you what’s HOT but we don’t talk about what’s OT. Why you ask? Because we, in Celebrating UUM 25 years AIESEC in UUM, what we do is always for the interest Of Excellence! of its members and the society we’re living in. And that’s HOT! Special This Month So tag along and be part of AIESEC, and > AIESEC in UUM before you know it, you too can be one of the GLOBAL CITIZE S of the World! goes FACEBOOK! > M. A. F. I. A ! I mproved ? THAT’s RIGHT! Not only we give you the latest scoops, we provide you > Opportunities Up for Grabs! opportunities for you to participate, such as International Internships, Projects to be endeavor and many more. Moreover, under the Malaysia In This Issue new initiatives SATU SUARA (ONE VOICE), we would like to hear your say, because in AIESEC in UUM, everyone’s voice is meant to be heard. Previous Events 2 What’s New? 4 AIESEC MALAYSIA ULTIMATE GOALS Forthcoming ~ 6 ,Our National Focus Area : Our Vision Our Target for the term 09/10 Sustainable Incoming Driving High Exchange (ICX) Growth Volume of 707 Supported By : AIESEC Sustainable Outgoing Experience Exchanges Exchange (OGX) Growth
  2. 2. Previous Events... AIESEC in UUM Glimpse Of the Past When it comes down As for AIESEC in AIESEC in UUM’s to history, it often UUM, it’s history lies first struggle was to set reflects an impression of years ago, dated back in up the basic foundation boredom. But the past the year 1986. Our first by gathering all the holds many secrets, and founder, is none other AIESEC knowledge that as we learn from them, than Mr Tan Sin Hock, from AIESEC history we live in the present, and with the help of after the World War II, and we hope for the Hal Ehwal Pelajar marketing knowledge, future. The ultimate gift, (HEP), AIESEC in UUM training manuals etc. is now, that’s why it’s was born. called the ’present’, and without the past, there won’t be this special gift nor the future. The Beginning….. National Pioneer Conference 2009 (NPC 09) National Pioneer Conference 2009, an AIESEC in Malaysia annual event was this year held in Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA) in Ipoh, Perak on the 15th till the 17th of May. Attended were the Executive Board (EB) members from all 7 local chapters of AIESEC in Malaysia. They are, AIESEC in UUM, AIESEC in UM, AIESEC in TUC, AIESEC in UPM, AIESEC in UTM and last but not least AIESEC in USM. The constructive event gives birth to the term 09/10 a new National Focus Area, and also its vision. National Focus Area Vision Sustainable OGX growth Driving High Volume of AIESEC Sustainable ICX growth Experience
  3. 3. Page 3 July Edition MIRACLE 2009 Malaysian Interactive Cultural Learning Experience (MIRACLE) is a project initiated by AIESEC in Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) since 2004. This project consist of two programs, which are the Interactive School Program (ISP) and the Miracle Youth Conference (MYC). The conference is held for 5 days starting 1st of June 2009, with facilitators from Japan, Sweden, Slovenia, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Bangladesh, Germany, Canada, and Sweden. As for AIESEC in Universiti Utara Malaysia, we are proud to announce that one of the facilitators for the event is Fabian Koh Tatt Soon. Fabian Koh Tatt Soon Facilitator for MIRACLE 09 National Convention 2009 (NATCON 09) National Convention 2009, another annual event was held in Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) on the 12th of June and gathered over 100 Executive Board members from all the 7 local chapters throughout Malaysia towards this great event. This event brings the best of ideas from everyone in AIESEC in Malaysia term 09/10 to come out with the National Initiatives. It was truly an ultimate learning experience! AIESEC in UUM Find out more about Executive Board Members NPC 09 A Visit From The Past… MIRACLE 09 NATCON 09 After the National Convention 2009, the Executive Board (EB) members had their consolidation meet for two days at a nearby apartment. Upon In our blog! completion of the compilation and clarification of initiatives to be taken account by each department and functional area, that night itself, the Visit us at : alumnus came to pay a visit. aiesec-uum.blogspot.com Questions were around as they ponder their thoughts. As the alumnus share their experience, there’s much knowledge to be absorb, let alone to be applied. Their presence has been a confidence booster and also a fear inhibitor!
  4. 4. Page 4 Volume 1, Issue 1 What’s New ?? AIESEC in UUM Goes Facebook! Y es, it’s true! We now have our own AIESEC in UUM fanpage. Check it out frequently for new updates on projects, opportunities for internships, opportunities for self development and many more! NEW So why wait? Be a fan now and embark on an AIESEC journey in a whole New Dimension! So visit us today at AIESEC in Universiti Utara Malaysia in Facebook! Who’s your M . A . F . I . A ? N ow, introducing Monthly Awards For Incredible AIESECers!! (M.A.F.I.A) Every month, we give you the chance to nominate your favourite AIESECer in AIESEC in UUM for his or her contributions! Wh o’s Simply sent an email to yo waikit.tan@gmail.com stating , ur M Your name, your nominee(s), his or her contributions .A for AIESEC in UUM, and even a photo! The best .F suited photo will be pick for the nominee awarded! .I The Highest nominations will awarded as your .A M.A.F.I.A! and will be posted in the next Edition! ? Who knows!? You might the be next M.A.F.I.A! For more details, contact Wai Kit - 014-9055282 Note : Proposer can only nominate a particular person once a month
  5. 5. Page 5 ISSUE : 1 X—Change Opportunities Open to ALL !! b s! ra rG Member Recruitment fo Drive 12th - 16th July 09 p 9.00 am—5 pm sU Go Exchange! Program Call your friends and be Recruitment Drive 2009 a member ! t ie 12th - 16th July 09 ni 9.00 am—5 pm rtu Opening Organizing Committee Leadership Positions for : po “Embracing -Malaysia Leadership Development Seminar 2009 (MyLDS 09) -SCB-AIESEC HIV/AIDS Learning Network Program 2009 Op uncertainty -Cultural Understanding Through Exchange (CUTE) -Local Leadership Development Seminar 2009 (LLDS 09) with the will -Marketing Team for Penang Career & Postgraduate Expo 2009 to try For more details, contact sin.wan_mine@aiesec.net something new. “Anonymous Leadership Opportunities
  6. 6. Page 6 Forthcoming! GO Exchange! Program AIESEC in UUM Recruitment Drive Member Recruitment Drive 12th—16th July 2009 Organizing Committee 12th-16th July 2009 9.00 am— 5 pm Leadership Positions for Projects 9.00am-5pm FPK Foyer FPK Foyer For more details, contact sin.wan_mine@aiesec.net M.A.F.I.A Nominations Sharing Your Stories To Every Members! (Open for nomination (S.Y.S.T.E.M) throughout the month) COMING SOON! Letting you share your stories with everyone Photoshop WORKSHOP ! through our Newsletter! Wh COMING SOON! o’s yo ur M Unleash The Creativity Within You! .A .F .I .A ? AIESEC International Congress Penang Career Expo 2009 Malaysia Leadership Development Seminar Post-Study Tour 2009 in LANGKAWI Island AND 09 COMING SOON Penang Postgraduate Expo 2009 (MyLDS 09) This SEPTEMBER ! 14-15 Nov 09 ! COMING SOON! € Any comments or suggestions? Feel free to e-mail to uum@aiesec.my F or m o re de ta ils , c o nt ac t TOGETHER, Let’s make it BETTER! J ill Ta n Z h i Xia n t. zhix ia n@ gm a il. c o m