Governance structure of aiesec norway


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Governance structure of aiesec norway

  1. 1. Governance Structure of AIESEC Norway
  2. 2. Session objectives•For us to have a clear understanding of theformal governance structure of AIESECNorway•For us to have a clear understanding of theinformal leadership and managementstructure of AIESEC NorwayTaking the steps needed to uniteour leadership
  3. 3. Governance structure of AIESEC Norway as of today
  4. 4. Formal governance Structure National Executive Board Board of Directors Member Committee Local Comittees
  5. 5. RoleNational Executive Board of Directors Member LCPsBoard CommitteeLegislative Legal responsible Top Management Middle Management Advisory MCP: CEO of CEO of their LCs AIESEC Norway Top management of their LC
  6. 6. Accountable towardsNational Executive Board of Directors Member LCPsBoard CommitteeMembers NEB NEB through BoD MC
  7. 7. LegitimacyNational Executive Board of Directors Member LCPsBoard CommitteeLCPs forms NEB Elected by NEB MCP Elected by Elected by NEB members
  8. 8. Roles and responsibilitesNational Executive Board of Directors Member LCPsBoard CommitteeLegislation Oversee AIESEC Direction of AIESEC Member of Norway processes Norway National Executive BoardElect Board of Ensure compliance Strategy CEO of their LCsDirectors in LCsElect/select MC Quarterly meetings Services to LCs Meet membership with MC criteriaNot a strategic role Management of operations
  9. 9. Elect/select/fireNational Executive Board of Directors Member LCPsBoard CommitteeElect (select)/fire Give MCP select/fire Select/fire LC VPsMC recommendations MCVPs to NEB and MC
  10. 10. LiabilityNational Executive Board of Directors Member LCPsBoard Committee Organizational Financial and legal Financial and legal Performance and health compliance criteria
  11. 11. Notes on roles: NEB• ”Coincidence” that he LCPs are also the National Executive Board
  12. 12. Notes on roles: BoD• Idividual and financially liable if a third party is injuried• Member Committee doesnt report to Board, Board ensure that it is updated due to its formal liability and purpose.• Board does not report to LCPs , but to NEB
  13. 13. Notes on roles: MC• In AIESEC Norway: Organization is dependent on expertise of MC VPs• MC ensure finance and legal management and risk prevention of the organization as a whole
  14. 14. Notes on roles:LCPs• Based on strategy, reality and business logic, LCPs can also take part in management and leadership constellations chaired by MC• LCPs are free to lead their LCs in any directions not depending on MC
  15. 15. Member Committee• In AIESEC Norway: Organization is dependent on expertise of MC VPs• MC ensure finance and legal management and risk prevention of the organization as a whole
  16. 16. Lack of clarity in reporting line of this organization Who reports to whom by when?
  17. 17. Reporting line of AIESEC Norway• MC reports to NEB through Board of Directors• Board of Directors reports to NEB• MC VPs reports to MCP• LCP reports to MC• LCVPs reports to LCP
  18. 18. Informal reporting line of AIESEC Norway [based on agreements]• LCVPs reports to MCVPs• LCPs reports to LC coach• Any other reporting line that were to be agreed upon
  19. 19. Potential Informal “entities” as part of strategic decision of CEO Leaders of AIESEC Norway Board of Advisors [Not excisting] Functional Subcommittees Internal Auditor [Not excisting]
  20. 20. “Leaders of AIESEC Norway”(often mistaken as NEB)• Informal per definition, leadership and management ”team” of AIESEC Norway• In order for efficient executive impact, should consist of MC and LCPs (expertise, knowledge, perspective and legitimacy)• Can decide on direction of AIESEC Norway• Can decide on strategy of AIESEC Norway• Can recommend motions and mandates to NEB• MCP chair ”Leaders of AIESEC Norway”
  21. 21. Politics comparison: Parlamentarism NEB-MC-LC• Regjeringen [Government]: Executive body led by prime minister chosen by the people.• Prime minister choses his ministers• Stortinget [Parliament] is the legislative body led by the king• The executive body is accountable towards the parliament• The parliament however has transferred rights and power for politics to the government• In this comparison NEB equals Parliament and MC equals Government.• For efficient politics, Government has majority of votes in Parliament, which in our example represents alignment and cooperation [Leaders of AIESEC Norway]
  22. 22. Corporation comparison: Eksportfinans• Top Management: CEO and the Executive Vice Presidents• Middle Management: Managers of the departments• Top management reports directly to Board of Directors• Board of Directors represents the organization as a whole• Top management and middle management [which are closest to the employees] are in strategy implementation question forming an informal group of leaders to ensure efficient and fast decision making and effective communication.• In this comparison, MC equals the Top Management, LCPs equals the Middle Management, Board of Diretors of Eksportfinans equals NEB and Top Management+Middle Management equals ”Leaders of AIESEC Norway”
  23. 23. Comparison to AIESEC Denmark• Board of Directors [LCPs +MCP] has a legislative role• National Presidents Meeting [LCPs + MC] who has a informal strategic role [e.g development of AIESEC Denmark 2015 strategy]. Initiated by MCP, James, CEO of AIESEC in Denmark.• MC team is top management and is reponsible for: – Direction of organization – Management of operations – Services to LCs For more information: