Goal setting


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Goal setting

  1. 1. Goal settingHow to set ambitious and realistic goals
  2. 2. What’s important to take in consideration when setting goals for your term? Make them known to the Establish how LC (and create you & your ownership also Make them team will work for the SMART with them members) Set them with the entire team (creates Know ownership) what goals you need to set
  3. 3. What goals do you need to set?• In general, the most important goals that we are working with are the ones that reflect our ambition in the 4 programmes: GIP, GCDP, TMP, TLP For all these programmes we use “RA-MA-RE” to mark each stage of the program: o RA – Raised o MA – Matched o RE – Realised• Another goal I think it is CRUCIAL for the reality of the LCs in AIESEC Norway is HAVING FULL EBs in the beginning of each term.
  4. 4. How will the exchange goals look like? July 2012 RA MA RE GCDP OGX• You can make something like this for your entire term ----- ICX GIP OGX ICX• What is very important is to have a tracking like this for all the months of your term, so you and your team can have a clear picture of what you have to strive for each step of the way.
  5. 5. Tip – some people use this kind of tracking to showcasetheir goals but also their actual realisations. This meansthat on each RA-MA-RE you would have the goal andthe actual  July 2012 RA MA RE Goal Actual Goal Actual Goal Actual OGX 4 (I want I managed 2(I want to I managed to 2(I want to I managed to to raise 4 to raise 5 match 2 match 3 realise 2 realise only 1 EPs) EPs) EPs) GCDP ICX OGX ICX GIP
  6. 6. How will the talent management goals look like? • You can make something similar with the HR plans we are making for recruitment: Name Ana Charlotte Ingrid Diana Monica Andrei IvanMembers 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 Q3 (July - Sept) TMP - OGX TMP - OGX TMP - ICX TMP - ICX Q4 (Oct - Dec) TLP - VP TLP - VP TLP - LCP Q1 (Jan - March) Finance OGX TLP - Project TLP - Project TLP - Project TLP - Project Q2 (April - June) Manager OGX Manager OGX Manager ICX Manager ICX • ** TLP – team Leader Programme / TMP – Team Member Programme • What is important to remember here is: o These goals also have to be set and tracked o The myaiesec.net platform should be a mirror image of this tracking (you have to make sure that people are on the right position on the platform)
  7. 7. Set them with the team• Based on the National Ambition (the ambition of AIESEC Norway) create the local plan. See what is your team’s ambition and how much your LC will contribute to the national goals.• Have all the members of the team when you decide on each goal. This way people will: o Be engaged in all areas o Have ownership over the local plan o Understand the work each person in the team will have to put in achieving them o Be on the same page & have the same information
  8. 8. Make all the people inyour team understand that each of them iscontributing to the LC goals
  9. 9. • The core areas of AIESEC – EXCHANGE departments (GIP, GCDP, both incoming and outgoing) & Talent Management (TMP, TLP)HOW? This means that Finance and Exchange Communication are areas that results through their success (achievement of their goals) contribute indirect to the Talent development of the LC and management therefore to the achievement of the X and TM goals Communication Finance
  10. 10. Make them…SMART
  11. 11. Specific • This means the goal is clear and unambiguous • A specific goal will usually answer the five "W" questions: o What: What do I want to accomplish? o Why: Specific reasons, purpose or benefits of accomplishing the goal. o Who: Who is involved? o Where: Identify a location. o Which: Identify requirements and constraints.Example:
  12. 12. Measurable • The thought behind this is that if a goal is not measurable, it is not possible to know whether a team is making progress toward successful completion. • Measuring progress is supposed to help a team stay on track, reach its target dates, and experience the thrill of achieving the goal. • A measurable goal will usually answer questions such as: o How much? o How many? o How will I know when it is accomplished?Example:
  13. 13. Attainable • the goals shouldn’t be out of reach nor below standard performance, as these may be considered meaningless. • When you identify goals that are most important to you, you begin to figure out ways you can make them come true. You develop the attitudes, abilities, skills, and financial capacity to reach them. • An attainable goal will usually answer the question: o How: How can the goal be accomplished?Example:
  14. 14. Relevant • The fourth term stresses the importance of choosing goals that matter • Relevant goals (when met) drive the team, department, and organization forward. A goal that supports or is in alignment with other goals would be considered a relevant goal. • A relevant goal can answer yes to these questions: o Does this seem worthwhile? o Is this the right time? o Does this match our other efforts/needs? o Are you the right person?Example:
  15. 15. Time-bound • The fifth term stresses the importance of grounding goals within a time frame, giving them a target date • A time-bound goal will usually answer the question: o When? o What can I do 6 months from now? o What can I do 6 weeks from now? o What can I do today?Example:
  16. 16. How to work with the goals?• Have them in the office so that all the members can see them every day• Celebrate together with the LCs your successes• Create a bit of competition around them (it usually helps people )• Talk about them constantly o TRACK them o EVALUATE them o RE-PLAN if need
  17. 17. Let’s see an example…. July 2012 RA MA RE Goal Actual Goal Actual Goal Actual OGX 4 (I want I managed 2(I want I managed 2(I want I managed to raise 4 to raise 5 to match to match 3 to realise to realise EPs) 2 EPs) 2 EPs) only 1 ICXGCDP OGX ICXGIP
  18. 18. July 2012 RA MA RE Goal Actual Goal Actual Goal Actual OGX 4 (I want I managed 2(I want to I managed to 2(I want to I managed to to raise 4 to raise 5 match 2 match 3 realise 2 realise only 1 EPs) EPs) EPs)I planned to realise 2 EPs and managed only 1. This means that:- If I don’t re-plan this goal I will not be able in the end to reach my overall goal- Because of this I think I will more that realisation to another month.- I also have to be realistic when I decide which month is more potential for another realisation (I will not just move it for the next month without seeing if it actually can happen)- When I find the proper month I will add to my current goal the one realisation I missed in July.
  19. 19. Any questions? 