Sales training


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Sales training

  1. 1. It’s time to sell! Paulo Ricardo Cortez – MCVP iGCDP AIESEC in Colombia
  2. 2. What you need to startWhat is the most important thing to start selling: Sales profile; Training; Good support; Have the right segmentation.
  3. 3. Knowing a little bit about Podio
  4. 4. Understanding the National ProductsCiudadano Global: Tercer Sector ONGs Professional or Social workCiudadano Global: Escuela de Idiomas Escuela de Idiomas (o colegios) Teach mainly English or PortugueseCiudadano Global: Proyecto Educacional Colegios Work with workshops of social issues
  5. 5. CallingFIRST: Do not forget to have paper and pen by your side!Also, before calling you need to do a research of the organization, looking for their website. Youneed to extract all relevant information: if they have money, what are their social projects, howmany employees they have, etc.When calling your organization the first step is talking to a secretary, or maybe someone whodoesn’t have the power to decide for a meeting. PLEASE DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME WITHHER! An example:“Hello NAME, my name is Paulo, I am from AIESEC and I would like to talk to NAME OF THERESPONSIBLE (or if you don’t have it, the responsible for partnerships).”
  6. 6. CallingThe possibilities here are:1- She will ask what you want with the responsible:R: You will tell “It’s a partnership with our association, we think your Company/NGO/School hasit’s profile.”2- The responsible is not there/in a meeting (always in a meeting!):R: You will ask what time the responsible will be back and YOU WILL CALL THAT TIME! (if youcan’t, ask the secretary another time you can call back).3- Send us an e-mail about the partnership:R: You will send the e-mail and call them back IN 24 HOURS asking if they received the e-mailand asking for a meeting.
  7. 7. CallingLet’s imagine the responsible is there and available to talk to you. What you will say?“Hello NAME, my name is Paulo, I am from AIESEC, an international organization that cares about thedevelopment of Colombia and the world. We have different projects that can help NGOs around theworld, bringing international people to work and develop some sector your NGO needs. I would liketo schedule a meeting with you tomorrow at 10:00 am to explain a little better our propose.”AND THAT IS ENOUGH!Now he will ask some questions to you, just answer it ALWAYS TRYING to schedule the meeting!
  8. 8. Pre MeetingThings you can never forget to bring:• Your material with the projects you will offer;• Be well dressed;• How you are going there (the route, DO NOT BE LATE);• Call them one day before the meeting just to confirm it.
  9. 9. Meeting
  10. 10. Meeting
  11. 11. MeetingTips for the meeting:• BE A GOOD LISTNER!• Use good cases you have in your city, or in Colombia;• You need to have a good knowledge about our program;• Talk about the AIESEC National and International partners;• ALWAYS FOCUS ON THEIR PROBLEM AND PRESENT THEM SOLUTIONS TO IT!
  12. 12. Pos MeetingAfter the meeting, give the NGO about 4 days to call them back and ask them if they areinterested, now, it starts all over again!Call them DAILY after the first call, maybe in your first call they didn’t decide yet, or the responsiblewas not there, etc. Now it is your OBLIGATION to call them daily, because each day you don’tcall, they are forgetting about the propose.STRONG TRACKING ON IT!
  13. 13. Team MinimunsWhat you will have to do every week:• Calling every day (and scheduling callings mania!);• Complete your pipeline;• Do at least 2-3 meetings every week. But, what if I cannot complete it?!?!
  14. 14. September for Sales!
  15. 15. So, can AIESEC in Colombia count on you?! Thank you so much!