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Xpp AIESEC In Hyderabad

  1. 1. GENERAL POLICIES Aim of the Exchange Programme: > Learning experience > Interaction with a different social and cultural environment > Theoretical and practical leadership skills development > Develop awareness and knowledge > Develop personal and professional life goals Does not aim: > To earn money > A holiday > A permanent career placement > To provide a permanent residence > To provide an internal AIESEC leadership position Basic standards: > Minimum 6 weeks to maximum 78 weeks > Meet the national and local legality > Have a hosting organization which provided a clear legal status > Under 30, within 2 years after graduation > 36 months of exchange > NO placement in a country where the EP lived 2 years within the last 10 years Specific standards: > GIP value proposition > GCDP value proposition > MC responsibilities > Complaint procedure > Break realization procedure > Fake realization procedure EP'S RESPONSIBILITIES > Make sure to have the capacity to enter into legal agreements and travel abroad independently > Follow the XPP and local policies > Follow privacy policy of myaiesec.net > Participate in review board > Complete and sign all necessary documentaiton > Written proof of academic background > Pass the language test or bring written proof > Pay the necessary application fees > Attend preparation events and complete preparation requirements > Provide true and accurate information > Inform if he/she becomes unavailable > Provide the required legal information > Communicate constantly during the matching procedure > Acceptance note from is valid for 10 days > Excluded from the programme if he/she rejects a TN after acceptance > Participate only in 1 selection round > Update about passport application
  2. 2. > Review visa/work permit regulations before purchasing flight ticket > Submit visa application > Cover visa costs > Take a pro-active approach for any kind of issues > Personal preparation in legal matters > Personal cultural preparation > Sufficient fund for first 4 weeks >Register at the home embassy >Behave according to the cultural norms > Inform any stakeholders if something is not ok > Get involved in the hosting entity AIESEC ENTITIES'S RESPONSIBILITY Overall: > Liable for the policy which are written in the policies > Not liable for: Refusal from authorities for visa False, incorrect,.. information from the EP ar TN Accident Damages Consequential or indirect damages Consequences beyond their control > Fulfill agreements between EPs and TNs > Provide corresponding support and guidance > Represent their stakeholders > Ensure that their stakeholders follow their policies > Follow the Privacy Policy of myaiesec.net Sending Entity: > Pre-screen application > Review board interview > Provide training and support through an EP manager > EP is matched under 30 > Put the EP form "on hold" or "rejected" > Assume final responsibility in case EP has not fulfilled any responsibility to the TN > Intern goal setting > Culture shock preparation > Urge EP for travel/health insurance > Platform for the EP to be connected with the home entitiy during exchange > Re-integration Hosting Entity: > Put a TN "on hold" or "rejected" > Take a finaly resposnibility if the TN doens't fulfill a requirement towards EP >Put the form on realized > Reception wiki > Visa assistance > Visa, labour law information > Key contact information > Share TN's expectations
  3. 3. > > > > > > > > > > > > > Arrival pick-up First day at work 1 responsible person Platform for the EP to be connected with the host entitiy during exchange Reasonable options for accomodation Assistance to open a bank account Local guidance Local registration Assistance in obtaining basic utilities Safety information Expectation setting with the company Inform all stakeholders in case of complaint Introduce to local AIESEC members EP'S RIGHTS > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > Get information about the exchange programme Get education: AIESEC Way, Myaiesec.net, AIESEC ambassadorship Send acceptance note Receive acceptance note in 10 days Accept acceptance note Acceptance from TN is valid for 10 days Acceptance may be extended Withdraw application after 10 days Receive all the needed documents from the hosting entity after matching Cost connected to invitation letters covered by AIESEC Break match or realization Has not received the necessary documents in time Delay was caused by a 3rd party Emergency Illness Danger at the destination Does not have a working/living permit Job is different from the acceptance note Discrimination Sexually harassed No basic working conditions No proper salary for 2 months Get compensatory in given cases Debrief the experience Evaluate the experience Share the experience Reverse culture shock Utilize the experience
  4. 4. AIESEC ENTITIES RIGHTS OVERALL > Demand an EP and a TN to follow the policies > Remove or exclude an EP or TN fro mthe programme TN'S RIGHTS > > > > > > > > > > > Select an EP according to the procedure Receive complete information about the candidates Contact the candidate and interview Conduct the entire selection procedure by AIESEC To have a login for the partnership menu Get the copy of EP's passport Expect the submission of visa, legal procedures within 2 weeks after match Demand that the EP perform the entire JD Recieve support from AIESEC in dispute resolution Receive replacement or financial compensation in special cases Break match or realiaztion: False information from EP EP breaks the law > Compensatory in given cases TN'S RESPONSIBILITIES > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > > Sign the contract Fill the Job Questionnaire Pay the necessary programme fees Provide feedback for AIESEC if 3 candidates have been rejected Review its selection criterias if 3 candidates have been rejected Provide all the necessary information for EP within 2 weeks after matching Provide a JD according to the filled job questionnaire Job role without risk for EP's life Provide sufficient salary or compensation in non-monetary format Guidance, training, adequate working environment Adequate working environment Legal qualification of the EP One representative from the company Inform all parties if there is any change in the JD Set expectation with the EP Provide additional information Provide performance related feedback