National Contribution Award Application
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National Contribution Award Application






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National Contribution Award Application National Contribution Award Application Document Transcript

  • 1. National Support Team - In a 19 member executive board, 16 members of AIESEC Hyderabad have been contributing nationally by being a part of the national support team enhancing growth. To add to this we also have an LCC who is on the national support team. 2. National Training Team – Four of Hyderabad's Executive Board members have constantly and productively been contributing not only virtually, but also have been travelling to other local chapters to help train them 3. Leadership and Membership - We have successfully delivered 1140 wholesome experiences in team member program and 270 intense experiences in team leader program in 2013. 4. OGX Growth – oGCDP – Hyderabad winning the growth award at June national conference seconded the relative growth of 53% of oGCDP in 2013. oGIP – Hyderabad has also seen relative growth of 31% in a niche portfolio like oGIP in 2013. 5. Consistency in 3 years - AIESEC in Hyderabad has sustained and remained consistent in the past 3 years. Our realisations have been as follows: year 2011 – 422 year 2012 – 364 year 2013 – 369 6. Hosting National Leadership Summit: Aiming at delivering a holistic experience to the delegation, hyderabad is hosting the national leadership summit this year. National Y2B Forum – for the second time in a row, AIESEC in Hyderabad is assisting the member committee of AIESEC in India to facilitate the National Y2B Forum.
  • 1. Focus NST – The LCP of AIESEC in Hyderabad has always been proactively involved on the focus commission 2. Expansions – AIESEC in Hyderabad has always worked towards taking the leadership experience to every doorstep. For this reason, we have always strived to excel at expanding into newer markets. AIESEC in Hyderabad has initiated itself into several markets such as Vijayawada, BITS Hyderabad, NIT Warangal and Raipur. However, our crown jewel has been introducing a strong and stable LC into the fray, AIESEC in Vizag. 3. Matching Musketeers - LC member (Anubhav Jain) contributing towards oGCDP matching through matching musketeers team 4. CEED - Anurag Athreya, a proud member of AIESEC in Hyderabad was sent as a CEED to UK in 2013 5. LEADs - Talent Management in AIESEC in Hyderabad of 2013 has facilitated several LEADs to help develop the membership in alignment to the goals of the Member Committee of AIESEC in India 6. Associate Membership – AIESEC in hyderabad has not only offered associate membership opportunities to several youth in the city but has also innovated around the concept to help deliver wholesome experiences.
  • 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. National presence at Conferences/National Forums AIESEC in Hyderabad has always shown its presence in the National Plenary. It has contributed immensely at National Conferences and NPMs alike. AIESEC in Hyderabad was rewarded at JNC 2013 and NSC 2013 for our contribution in OGX and TM National campaigns – AIESEC in Hyderabad has also won the Juggernaut campaigns in oGIP and TM Breaking barriers – AIESEC in Hyderabad initiated a new GIP Project to help boost exchanges. The same project model has been adapted as a National Project NPS/CEM - AIESEC in Hyderabad has always believed in delivering Quality experiences. It continued to do so in 2013 with inclusion of focussed and specific teams with the valiant guidance of our Exchange Directors Pioneering South India - AIESEC Hyderabad has been the highest performing LC in the south of India yet again and has only been inspiring the LCs of this region to grow IC Presence - The Local Committee President’s presence at IC 2013 has held AIESEC Hyderabad in good stead. ILCEP - We have had 6 ILCEPs come down to AIESEC Hyderabad. This has helped AIESEC in Hyderabad collaborate and cooperate with other LCs to help deliver more experiences.
  • Clarity of Why has always been stressed on in the LC, through various mediums it was made a point of open discussions at all forums. Special attention was paid to its importance and perception. Our why needs to be connected to the organization in a way that we get the best experience from being a part of it. Making it a directly proportional concept. That way delivering life changing experiences.
  • “For AIESEC in Hyderabad, 2013 has been a year of understanding the importance of national growth and also immensely contributing to it. With 100% alignment with the member committee of AIESEC in India, our local chapter has pioneered things more than just once.