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  1. 1. Marketing & Public Relations Year Plans & Targets 2013 – 2014 AIESEC In Hyderabad Presented By Umang Mehta Vice President Marketing 2013 AIESEC Hyderabad|India
  2. 2. Vision: Increasing the brand credibility by showcasing our positive impact. Our impact driving the youth voice. And to be the first choice youth partner across all sectors. Mission:To showcase the impact by Youth Empowerment, delivering40 YE Workshops, engaging 3,000 youth in the city andattaining credible public relations in the externalenvironments.
  3. 3. Focus Areas: Youth Empowerment Micro-experiences with AIESEC External partnerships Function evolution (surveys, feedbacks, researches). Building external relevance. Functions and strategies driving growth in ELD.
  4. 4. Youth Empowerment:• Engaging more young people.• Value based proposition.• Making AIESEC more accessible among the student sector.• College endorsements.• Concrete synergy with oGCDP.• Updating content periodically.• Capitalization around recruitments. External Partnerships: • Revamping CRM. • Product packaging & promotion (pure marketing) • Important to check back to the AIESEC way. • Synergy with BD. • Increasing the brand image and relevance.
  5. 5. Public Relations:• Making periodic news and creating activities to increase and build the brand image• Showcasing impact- Right place, right time.• Monthly/Quarterly Social media campaigns for online engagement.• EWA and LLC to be given a boost along with ELD through several campaigns.• Case studies to be published as articles.• Press conferences 2-3 days before every major event.• Focus will be on media appearances and not number of partnerships.• Keeping other online platforms active such as Pintrest, Twitter, Tumblr, YouTube etc.• Newsletters.
  6. 6. Quarter-wise PlansQ1• Revamping CRM at the start of the year.• Content for Youth Empowerment Workshops.• Pocket Recruitment.• Main scale Recruitment.• Media for Stake Holder’s Summit.• Sustainable partnerships with previous clients.• Brand recall by proper engagement.• Online engagement through social media platforms.• oGCDP promotions for summer cycle.• Articles and promotions for Footprints.• Capitalization on College Fests.• Quarter 1 newsletter.
  7. 7. Q2:• Online tracking through for oGCDp & oGIP signups.• M-cell (quarterly)• Boosting oGCDP & oGIP through other media platforms.• Increase in EWA by engaging Associate Membership after main scale recruitment.• Media capitalization for Global Village.• Periodic articles for Genesis 2.0• Trainee Engagement activities.• Local Conferences to be put on Livestream.• Quarterly Client Delivery Report.• Half-Yearly Newsletter.• Y2B
  8. 8. Q3:• Main Scale Recruitment (second cycle)• I’m an AIESEC partner campaign (client case studies).• oGCDP & oGIP promotions for winter cycle.• Online engagement to be increased through various campaigns.• Social Impact days.• Half-Yearly Client Delivery Report.• Q3 Newsletter.• Concrete synergy to be setup with every portfolio by the beginning of Q3.
  9. 9. Q4:• Balakalakaar• Annual client delivery report.• Winter cycle promotions.• Sustainable campus partnerships for 2014.• Proper CRM for 2014• Sustainable media partnerships for 2014.• Annual Newsletter.
  10. 10. Innovations:• M-cell (quarterly)• TEDx AIESEC in Hyderabad (in Synergy with BD)• Case studies, not just for social media promotions but for print media promotions too.• Client case studies.• Client Delivery Report (quarterly)• Interlinking micro-experiences to AIESEC.• Money generating-marketing partnerships.• Showcasing through videos and documentaries.
  11. 11. Targets: 2 Radio partners. 4 Tv partners. 4 Newspaper partners. 5 External forums throughout the year 1000 recruitment registrations through social media promotions. 5 college endorsements. 2 outdoor media partners. 50-70 website registrations for internships. Monthly 2 articles. 40 Youth Empowerment workshops. 3000 Youth Impacted.
  12. 12. Umang Mehta Vice President Marketing 2013AIESEC Hyderabad|India