AIESEC Academy | for oGCDP


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AIESEC Academy | for oGCDP

  1. 1.
  2. 2. Objectives • Learn how to raise a EP form • Learn to find internships • Learn to use effectively Mentor • Ana Cristina Huerta Munguía • VP OGX 2013 in León, México • MCB IT 2014
  3. 3. Registration in Once the registration is done, you will receive an e-mail with the confirmation Then, call your VP for the approval of the registration
  4. 4. How to raise a form? First, you need to complete your profile. Go to “my experience” and fill all the information by clicking edit. Make sure that all the obligatory boxes are filled. (*)
  5. 5. Important details Backgrounds Professional Information CV must be in .PDF Save your CV with this format: CV_Ana_Cristina_Huerta.pdf Everything that you put in your EP form MUST be backed up in your CV How did the EP got this background? A: Academic W: Working B: Both You can’t select more than 20 backgrounds! Skills Languages You need a certificate and a good score to back up that you speak a language EXCELLENT like the TOEFL or DELF Only select those ones that you really have Be Honest! Fill your profile with REAL information
  6. 6. After you are done filling out your profile, go to my experience and select your programme. Create your EP ID
  7. 7. Make sure that you COMPLETED every section If there is a section with * , go back and complete it. If you put in the first box ANA and in the second box HUERTA your AIESEC e-mail will be:
  8. 8. You did it! After you create your EP ID, complete the last 2 sections: Personal Preferences and Regions. If you don’t, your status will be INCOMPLETE instead of NEW. Now you are ready to start looking for your internship!!
  9. 9. To start looking for your internship, go to CONNECT and click on “View Internship Opportunities” Make sure that you are looking for TN’s instead of EP’s You can search by country or LC Be super open mind! And when you apply ALWAYS ask all your doubts Choose your programme
  10. 10. If you receive any offer through mail or you see a TN ID in a searchtool you can check the JD this way: Or you can go to CONNECT  View Internship Opportunities Put it here
  11. 11. EP Form In AIESEC Programmes, if you go to my forms you will see your EP ID and your EP Form where you can check your status.
  12. 12. EP Status Incomplete New NST, MCB and MCVP are the only ones that can change EP’s status Available EP completed his/her profile. It is ready to change to AVAILABLE after payment and auditing. Realized EP is now in the other country making a great impact! Process is complete :D EP is ready to be matched. Her audit was perfect On Hold EP didn’t complete her/his profile. Pending EP has made a change in the form (Ex. changed English good to English excellent) EP apply through EP can start looking for internship the moment that created the EP Form even though it isn’t AVAILABLE Match EP found the perfect internship! Everything is set to go abroad Rejected EP stayed in NEW after a whole month. EP broke a match
  13. 13. In AIESEC Programmes if you click on MANAGE FORMS you will be able to see all the forms from your LC This is a really useful tool to se the status of your EP’s. You can search by programme, status and dates Helpful tools for VP’s
  14. 14. This tool is really useful if you want to know the reality of your LC in the Mexican network or in an International perspective TN EP Number of X’s RE from 01.01.13 ‘till 20.12.13 in the GCDP programme
  15. 15. Now you know how to Raise an EP Form and how to look for internship in
  16. 16. In case of any question, feel free to contact me E-mail: Skype ID: anacrishuerta