AIESEC Academy | OGX Audit


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AIESEC Academy | OGX Audit

  1. 1. AUDIT
  2. 2. Objectives  Show the main characteristics that the CV must have Mentor  Accelerate auditing process  Ana Cristina Huerta Munguía  VP OGX 2013 in León, México  MCB IT 2014  Make the students learn the importance of having all the documents in order   Skype: anacrishuerta  Facebook: Ana Cris Huerta
  3. 3. CV Specifications • Personal Information – – – – – Complete Name Address AIESEC or/and Personal e-mail Phone +52 55 - eight digits Mobile +52 1- ten digits • Academic Information You can google the official English name of the university – Name of the University (in English) – Degree (Undergraduate, Graduated, Bachelor, etc) – Dates (graduation) • Professional Information – – – – – Name of the Company without acronyms. Industry Position Dates specifying month and year Main activities (3-5 bullets) Choose the 3 more relevant
  4. 4. CV Specifications • Volunteer Work – Project or Organization Name in Spanish and in quotes.    – – – • Native Basic Good Excellent Skills – – – – – They must have the SAME information Position Dates specifying months and years Main Activities (3-5 bullets) Languages – – – – • No acronyms Translated name in parentheses Ex. “Un Techo Para Mi País” (One roof for my country) Computer Skills Co-Curricular Activities United Nation Models Sports (if considered relevant) Clubs and Organizations If you have certifications in any languages specify and put the score • Languages: – English Excellent – Spanish Native • Languages – English Good – French Basic
  5. 5. Important Documents • Passport • EP Contract Be careful! Every document needs to have the right information • TN AN – Signed by VP iGIP – LC official stamp – Signed by EP and VP oGIP • Insurance – LC official stamp • VISA • EP AN – Signed by EP – LC official stamp EP contract, EP AN and the TN AN MUST be signed by hand
  6. 6. Second, click on the EP and on the right side of your screen, all her/his information will pop-out First, go into your workspace through PODIO Last, upload the document as .jpg or .png!!!
  7. 7. FAQ 1. When do I need the documents? A: Each Q we have national auditing. First week of January, April, July and October 2. Do I need all my EP’s documents for the auditing? A: No, Only for the EP’s that are in RE. Q Q1 EP’s in RE 1st of January- 31 of March Q2 1st of January-30 of June Q3 1st of July- 30 of September Q4 1st of July-31 of December 3. After each audit, can I erase the documents? A: No, January and July audits are for the whole semester. Be careful! 4. What will happen if I miss one document? A: Your LC will be charged with a fine of $150 dollars for each document that you are missing. If you are missing 5 documents, that means a $750 dollars fine!!!!! 5. Who’s in charge of changing my EP status on A: NST and MCB are the ones in charge of checking that the CV is correct, change of status and that all the documents are in PODIO. Also, you can contact your MCVP in case of an emergency
  8. 8. Are you ready? Hope that everything is clear. Good luck in your auditing process!