AIESEC Academy | ABC of Exchange


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AIESEC Academy | ABC of Exchange

  1. 1.                                                                                                                                                                                                         Objective:     The objective for this manual is to learn about ABC exchange involving Global Community Development Program for Incoming Exchanges (iGCDP). The student will learn key points and definitions for iGCDP, structure area, the importance of iGCDP, useful definitions involving the exchange and which is the main purpose of doing a iGCDP exchange. Mentor: Lucía Armorel Frausto Villegas An AIESECer since 2010 and actually is Mexican Consultancy Board AIESEC Mexico 2013 for iGCDP: Knowledge and Process. Content: 1. What is iGCDP? 2. Main structure of iGCDP 3. Functions 4. Definitions Follow-up In case of questions, doubts contact: Juan José Perez Siete MC VPiGCDP: Lucia Armorel Frausto Villegas MCB1: Knowledge and Process:
  2. 2. Content: 1. What is iGCDP? iGCDP means Global Community Development Program for Incoming Exchanges and provides opportunities for young people to create direct positive impact through an international volunteer experience abroad. An AIESEC Exchange Programme is a practical working and learning experience for the EP to develop their competencies of Global Mind-set, Entrepreneurial Outlook, Social Responsibility, Emotional Intelligence and Proactive Learning in a foreign cultural environment. In iGCDP specially the exchange participant will have the opportunity to develop entrepreneurial and responsible leadership by creating direct positive impact through an international volunteer experience. 2. Main structure and responsabilities of iGCDP:
  3. 3. We work in teams for national and local teams; the responsabilities for iGCDP are the: a) MC VP iGCDP is the leader of iGCDP in the national network and he/she will develop the strategies, projects and exchange goals for the area. He/she will decide in which way AIESEC Mexico will impact on the global network. b) LC VP iGCDP is the local director for iGCDP, he/she will follow the instructions for the MC VP iGCDP also be aware and participate in all the projects that nationally will run. c) iGCDP members: this members locally will work with the LC VP iGCDP to fulfill the national goals and impact in exchange participants life´s raising internships at the NGO´s, national or local projects. 3. Functions: The main function for iGCDP is generate positive impact on the exchange participants life when they volunteer on the AIESEC exchanges for projects or NGO´s. But how can we do it?, the iGCDP team will work creating projects where the EPs can volunteer and putting to the test their professional knowledge. In this case all the participants will gain professional experience before they graduate, increase their resume and making attractive their resume for the companies but also the team that raise the project, find the exchange participant, help with Inmigrational status and the reception, servicing also gaing experience thats the beauty of iGCDP everybody learn something. Raising represents the ultimate beginning of the ICX flow. During the raising process you want to provide yourself with TNs that you can match later. Without raising, thus no TNs, no matching, no matching no realizing. All subsequent process steps are therefore worthless when the first process step is bad performing. First of all you might want to sort companies in your territory with regard to the branch/ sector/ industry. This will emphasize the creation of individual unique selling points. In different sectors different motives exist to hire an EP from abroad, fortunatelly AIESEC Mexico often create national projects like My Language Buddy, Sharing Languages or Impacting in this case we can´t reach the NGOs but also is another internship taker. Matching is finding on a suitable exchange participant that fulfill all the job descriptions that the project or NGOs is searching for, are many ways to find this EPs that will be describe in other manuals. And realized internships is when the selected exchange participant has their presentation with the internship taker.
  4. 4. 4. Definitions: EP: AIESEC members participating in the Global Exchange Programmes and going through all stages of the Exchange process.     TN: A corporate, non-governmental or governmental entity hosting the EP during the Exchange Programmes.     X: Refers to the AIESEC Exchange Programmes, including the Global Community Development Programme (GCDP) and Global Internship Programme (GIP)     EP AN: acceptance letter from the exchange participant when he/she is accepting the internship. This document is valid for ten days if the internship taker will no have a reply the exchange participant can apply to another internship. TN AN: acceptance letter from the internship taker when the company, NGO,etc is accepting the exchange participant to work on the company or NGO and it has to be sent in no more tan ten days to the exchange participant. TN Manager: is the person that raise the internship and is the main responsible to find a suitable exchange participant. TN FORM: is the document with the job descriptions and information involving the internship. TN ID: is the internship number of identification at EP ID: is the exchange participant number of identification at