AIESEC Academy | PODIO Practical (OGX)


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AIESEC Academy | PODIO Practical (OGX)

  2. 2. OBJECTIVE & MENTOR Lear how to use PODIO on a more practical approach. You will be able to see the tools and to learn your way through the workspace. Mentor Jennifer Reyna Portugal – – – – – 2012 VP OGX LC León. 2013 CCP National Recruitment Team 2013 NST OGIP Block Manager 2013 CEEDER LC ULB Belgium MCB OGIP Small Cluster
  3. 3. Basic Rules in Practice º EVERY EP MUST BE REGISTERED BY THE OFFICIAL WEBPAGE OF AIESEC MEXICO. º Achieve all The Optimal Time and Date. º Progress Sliders (Those are only for MC and NST use). º To go to a further stage make sure you create a Task for your MC or NST . º Do NOT move forward in the process unless the MC or NST allows you to. º Work everyday and don’t expect to do it all in a few days. o If EP’s are missing from your Workspace notify the MC.
  4. 4. Basic Rules for VP’s º You are the final responsible of your tracking tool, if any member alters or uses it in the wrong way; you will be the one providing the needed explanation to the MC. º The Tracking tool must be known by all the EP’s Managers of the LC and should be used by all of them. Forget spreadsheets or not even having a database :o
  5. 5. The Workspaces • As VP’s or Members you will work with: – LC’s Workspace • Local EP Tracking Tool – SU Workspace • Local EP Tracking Tool Exclusive VP’s • LC or SU Workspace – @ oMembers
  6. 6. LC - Workspace
  7. 7. CREAT YOUR TEAM Add oMember
  9. 9. LOCAL EP TRACKING TOOL Database Filters Instructions
  10. 10. CHECKING IT UP Click it Keep it on your right
  11. 11. COMPONENTS OF STAGES Optimal Time Progress Slider Optimal Date Specifications
  12. 12. MUST FILLED Timing Hint for MCB or NST will appear if you click here! This is the Timing Hint
  13. 13. A NEW STAGE OPEN Set on 5% !!!
  14. 14. IN CASE OF DOCUMENTS Official Picture.
  15. 15. IN CASE OF STATUS & EVENTS Status on the previous stage. Updated event.
  16. 16. ASSIGNING TAKS EP’s Create Task
  17. 17. READING THE TASK Done Task Responsible Pending
  18. 18. ASSIGN TAKS DDL Task Name Task Responsible Task
  19. 19. BE AWARE! • Keep the Tracking Tool updated = Read your e-mail daily and log to PODIO constantly. • Audit System = Assigning the task to the right MCB or NST and scratching it once you are finished changing the corrections. • Updating the EP’s profile = If your LC don’t accomplish the Optimal dates, its performance will be damaged. So make sure all your EP’s are on the right track. • Checking the LC workspace = Keep a track of the progress so in case there is a rare improvement you can realize if there is cheating involved. • All= Check your notifications so you are aware of the TASKS being committed to you by the LC’s and your
  20. 20. THANK YOU!!! For further information please contact: