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AIESEC Academy | PODIO Manual (OGX)
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AIESEC Academy | PODIO Manual (OGX)


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  • 1. AIESEC MEXICO PODIO MANUAL = LCP’s & Members Version= OGX National Implementation Mentor Jennifer Reyna 2012 VP OGX LC León. 2013 CCP National Recruitment Team 2013 NST OGIP Block Manager 2013 CEEDER LC ULB Belgium MCB OGIP Small Cluster July 2013
  • 2. INDEX 1. Welcome to the future! 2. The Basic Rules 3. Must Know Terms 4. The whole thing! 5. Assigning Tasks 6. So simple! 7. - Thank you – WELCOME TO THE FUTURE! As you may know innovation is always the key to moving forward and it doesn’t come at no price; you must be in pursuit of it continuously and challenge yourself to do more everyday. So this is also an invitation for you to push your limits forward and give yourself a chance to learn the unknown and actually apply it in your day-by-day activities. Taking this into consideration here it is… THE NEW PODIO implementation as a NATIONAL STRATEGY to keep moving AIESEC MEXICO FORWARD. The aim of this implementation is to be able to keep track of all the Interested people to all the Re-Integrated EP’s from Mexico. This will help us know more about Mexico realities, statistics based on real and updated information and the most important… the performance of your LC based on a Local Tracking Tool which all the stages of the EP’s (including the AUDITS!). Why should you use it? Simple, in order for you to be part of this REVOLUTION brought by Kasia and Nastia in this MC 2013. Now, the real why? Relies on the fact that you will be a promoter of this implementation and you should believe on it so you can share it with all your members in your LC. Remember, it may seem complicated at first but you just have to give it a try to dominate it. Wish you the best and enjoy!
  • 3. BASIC RULES If you are a VP, please make sure you know all the rules, in order to clarify any doubt the members of your LC may have. It is really important for you to be aware than the SUCCESS of this implementation is BASED on the CONTINUOS UPDATE of all the databases. - VP’s & Members Rules o EVERY EP MUST BE REGISTERED BY THE OFFICIAL WEBPAGE OF AIESEC MEXICO. o The Optimal Time and Date must be achieved for all EP’s. o Progress Sliders (Those are only for MC and NST use). o In order to go to a further stage make sure you create a Task for your MC or NST in charge asking for approval of the one you are in. o Do NOT move forward in the process unless the MC or NST allows you to. o Depends on you how fast the process is done so work everyday and don’t expect to do it all in a few days. o If EP’s are missing from your Workspace notify the MC. - VP’s Rules o You are the final responsible of your tracking tool, if any member alters or uses it in the wrong way; you will be the one providing the needed explanation to the MC. o The Tracking tool must be known by all the EP’s Managers of the LC and should be used by all of them. Forget spreadsheets or not even having a database :o
  • 4. MUST KNOW TERMS 1. PODIO: platform used for web-based collaboration. It is useful to organization so they can manage, control and administer all their resources in a more efficient and organized way. 2. LC’s or SU Workspaces: it is the specific space given to an LC or SU where it can concentrate all the relevant information and keep track of their EP’s and Team. 3. MC Management Tool: utilized tool to centralized all the registrations of AIESEC Mexico, approved Events, sub-products and teams. It is used for both OGX (oGIP and oGCDP). 4. APPs: These are the little “Sections” you can find in the upper part of the workspace or tool selected. These have different names and purposes. There are only 3 you will use: - OGX GCDP or GIP: National Registration database. Local EP Tracking Tool oGCDP or oGIP: Local tracking tool. Approved OGX Events: Authorized events database (OPS and ReIntegration events). 5. Optimal Date: Specific date required for the Process to be done in a standardize way. 6. Optimal time: The amount of time (hours) required for the process to be finished, set in the date of approval by the MC or NST. 7. Progress Slider: bar that shows the current % of the process accomplished so far. 8. Task: petition created by LC’s members, MC or NST in order to obtain an action, authorization or simple reply of the other person. This is the must common communication channel to solve any question, to authorize the next level or to approve/reject an audit. 9. Filters: easy to digest relevant information that shows the updated and current situation of the LC or the Registrations, they are always located in the right side of the screen.
  • 5. THE WHOLE THING First… Something very basic but some people still doesn’t know. In case any of your members tells you “I can’t upload any file in the Local EP Tracking Tool process”, please explain the next steps or tell them to read their Manual: - Go to the document on PDF or WORD Select SAVE AS or GUARDAR COMO Once you have the window of that choice opened- Choose FORMAT or FORMATO and select .JPEG. Select Save or Guardar This option will help them to convert any document from PDF or Word to a JPEG, it is important to remember than for the EP Contract, TN ID, EP ID, Insurance, VISA, Passport and CV you can only upload images and not documents. = LC’s or SU Workspace = 1. Where to find it: 2. Basic Apps:
  • 6. - @ oMembers Add your Members Once you select + Add @oMember, fill the form don’t forget to add a photo and you fill all * spaces. You have to select the Area (GCDP or GIP), the Title (Role of the member) and at last your LC. Al last, when you are finished, select SAVE or GUARDAR.
  • 7. - Local EP Tracking Tool oGCDP or oGIP Database - Filters Instructions Local EP Tracking Tool Database Relevant Components: Progress Slider % Optimal Time hrs. Optimal Date Specifications º STAGES AND REQUIREMENTS OF THE TRACKING TOOL = 1st Stage & 2nd Stage INTERVIEW to REGISTRATION & AVAILABLE Documents and information should be uploaded to the EP’s profile: + EP ID number + EP Contract + Payment Receipt + Passport + CV
  • 8. Requirements: + The audit process is here and it will be done through PODIO, the NST will be able to write here the corrections and the EP Manager will have to correct them and upload the corrected CV. = 3rd Stage AVAILABLE to MATCH Requirements: + TN ID + EP ID - OPS Allocation = 4th Stage MATCH to REALIZED Requirements: + Flight Date + Insurance + Visa - Realized to Re-Integration Re-integration Event. ASSIGINING TASKS As you may already notice, the most relevant action you must learn how to do it is… assigning tasks. If you are a VP or EP Manager this will be how you will actually achieve to move forward in your EP’s flow and how you will be able to approve your audits. Also, as VP this is how will you can keep track of the EP Managers that are really working and advancing in the process. = Creating a Task EP’s Create Task
  • 9. = Reading the Tasks = If you roll down until the bottom part of the EP’s Profile you will find the tasks summary. The tasks that have been done already will appear as scratched and on grey color you fill find the final responsible of getting the task done. Done Task Responsible of the Task Pending Task = Assigning Tasks = Once you pressed on Create Task or Crear Tarea, the following window will pop up and here where you create and assign the task. All the tasks you assigned or assigned to you, will appear on your notifications; you will received also a notification an e-mail once the tasks is finished. Deadline Task name Task’s Responsible Task’s Description
  • 10. When you finish a Task assigned to you, just scratch it by selecting it at the bottom of the EP’s profile. If you don’t scratch it the person who assigned it won’t realize that you have done it. For example: If you don’t scratch the Task Make CV’s corrections, then your MCB or NST won’t know you correct them and the audit process will be stock. If you made it so far… CONGRATULATIONS YOU ARE DONE!!! SO SIMPLE! As you can see the whole PODIO use is quite simple just make sure if you are responsible for: - - Keep the Tracking Tool updated = Read your e-mail daily and log to PODIO constantly. Audit System = Assigning the task to the right MCB or NST and scratching it once you are finished changing the corrections. Updating the EP’s profile = If your LC don’t accomplish the Optimal dates, its performance will be damaged. So make sure all your EP’s are on the right track. Checking the LC workspace = Keep a track of the progress so in case there is a rare improvement you can realize if there is cheating involved. All= Check your notifications so you are aware of the TASKS being committed to you by the LC’s and your teammates. For your attention - THANK YOU –   If you have any questions: Or Anastasia Gutsol                         and Kasia Kuchnowska