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  • 1. Sales tigers18/01/2013training at AIESEC by Inese Manguse
  • 2. VS
  • 3. Market ExportIntelligence: Intelligence: Export partnerUnderstanding attraction, exportthe market, Sales managementIntelligence International Market Development
  • 4. In shortGatewayBaltic is the leading Market and Export Intelligenceprovider in the Baltic states.We add intelligence to our clients and help them to grow anddevelop into international markets.Markets: Baltic states: Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia Nordics: Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark EU: Germany, Austria, France, UK, Spain and otherEU Eastern Europe: Poland, Czech Republic and otherCEE CIS: Russia and BelarusWe have served over 300 clients in their internationalmarket development.Partners:
  • 5. Finnish market expertMarket competences Scandinavian market Baltic expert team United Kingdom and Russian and Ireland market Belarusian market expert expertGatewayBaltic hasdeveloped a network of Dutch market expert Eastern Europelocal market consultants market expertsupporting our clientswith market German and Ukrainian marketintelligence, market Austrian market expert expertentry and market French marketexpansion services expert Spanish market Portuguese market expert expert
  • 6. ClientsA wide range of Market Intelligence projects for Export Intelligence clients are companies interested companies interested in the Nordic, Baltic in new markets. The service range from partner states, Germany and Russia. attraction projects and export sales management to other action-oriented export activities.
  • 7. Client: Emils Gustavs ChocolateSweden/Finland/Denmark| Chocolate producerTask: Identify potential partners for sales of exclusive chocolateDefining the partners: PARTNER Identification RESULT- Importers of chocolate products Identified 17 companies in Four day visit to Swedish market Sweden. was organised in May 2009 to• Exclusive chocolate producers After communication with these meet with 8 companies.• Advertising agencies companies, 8 companies showed GatewayBaltic assisted during interest in the meeting in the visit. Sweden and further In August, the company received communication. the first order and now Sweden is their largest export country. In June 2010, Emils Gustavs went to Finnish market to meet 6 potential partners, and in September 2010 they have delivered the first order to Finland.
  • 8. Client: VOKE IIINorway| Kitchen, bathroom furnitureTask: To attract potential partners in Norwegian marketDefining the partners-Housing developers Partner search Result- Construction companies Overall 22 companies were Trade mission to Norway was selected in Norwegian market. organized to meet 8 potential- Loghouse and panel house cooperation partners andbuilders After communication, 8 companies have expressed discuss the possible willingness to meet with the collaboration in the near representatives. future. As a result of the project Voke III has done the first delivery to Norwegian market. Feedback from client: ”We really appreciate our cooperation and in our opinion Your company is in much higher league than other consultant services. The business meeting in Norway was very useful; companies are willing to cooperate with us in the future.”
  • 9. Calling tipsout of GatewayBaltic experience
  • 10. Prepare• Make a list of potential partners (clients?)• Read and learn about the company - how can AIESEC product benefit them?• Prepare letter template, proposal• Take a list in front of you and go!But do not forget to organizeyour work and time!
  • 11. First CallOnce a person exists, it it POSSIBLE and you CAN reach him!Just a small thing such as a GateKeeper. 1) Make friendship 2) Be assertive 3) Drip 4) mix the last number, 5 try different time 6 find out the contact person from other companies
  • 12. First Call
  • 13. I have to do... I choose to do....I have to finish until.. When can I start?Its a huge work.... I can divide my work in many smaller processesI have to be perfect IDraft is a good option in order to understand, what should be improvedI dont have a time for relax I have to plan my breaks betterNo one is waiting for I make HR managers my call life easier
  • 14. How would you describe an ideal firstcall?After which would follow INTEREST + MEETING------
  • 15. First CallJust like "impossible", "cold call" is not in our dictionaryIts your FIRST DATE
  • 16. Cold calling principles1. Call person in his/her name2. Refer to something - history, past event, publication.Explain how did you came to them3. Show your knowledge about the company you arecalling to4. Only here you can start introducing yourself5. The key proposal - sell the meeting!6. Summary
  • 17. First power questions:HR- Do you offer internships?- Do you have trainees from abroad?Marketing- Are students one of your target auditorium?- Does x supports external events/ CSR activities?Mandatory set of questions:- Make sure you can record Name, Surname and Position- Can I call back after 3 days to get to know your thoughts?- May I ask for your direct phone (you have to give a try)!
  • 18. And then:Work with CRMFollow up after 3 - 5 daysDo not forget your promised follow-up
  • 19. Second Call"Ohhh... its a piece of cake"You are selling a MEETING! But by the way - real sales starts when you receive "NO". Any other cases are just lucky coincidences and doesnt bring as much pleasure as if you have had real NEGOTIATION.
  • 20. Second power questions- Would this product/ event fit to your strategy?- How can AIESEC become your partner?Out of GatewayBaltic experience...- "X" is having a business trip to Sweden after a month. I propose to schedule a meeting with him/ her, what would you think?
  • 21. Sales is nothing more than a number game
  • 22. ?