Leadership Opportunities

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  • 1. AIESEC Medina 2011/2012Presented by:SiWaR AND SaBrI
  • 2. Leadership has been written as theprocess of social influence in which oneperson can enlist the aid and support ofothers in the accomplishment of acommon taskLeadership is ultimately about creating away for people to contribute to makingsomething extraordinary happen
  • 3. But let’s guess, may the leaders are born or they are made??? For sure they are made
  • 4. Being a leader is a position of respect, earned by his actionsSo why Leadership is actions not a positionLeaders don’t wait for opportunities to come, but they try hardAnd seek for itReal leaders are ordinary people with extraordinary determination
  • 5. Dream, Vision Good Leaders have FollowersMotivate, strategize, plan, act, product, building, instituteThey INSPIRE, care about others, believe in others and make themBelieve on him… Treat the people the way you want to be treated
  • 6. Local OCP, Manager, Responsable, Team Leader,Coordinator, LCVP, LCPNational MCVP, Chair of a National Support Team, MCP ,FacilitatingRegional Manager, Director, chairInternational Chair of GST, AIVP, PAI ,CEED,Facis
  • 7. determinant people who envision to a highersight, the raising of their performance to a higherstandard, the building of their personality beyondits normal limitations So they decided to be leaders
  • 8. We can recognize those leader’s facesAlbert Einstein Mohandas Karamchand Fidel Alejandro CASTRO RUZ GANDHI Martin Luther Ernesto "Che" GUEVARA KING, JR
  • 9. HabibBOURGUIBA
  • 10. How to promoteLeadershipOpportunitiesthroughactivities?
  • 11. .Start promotion from Introductionto AIESEC stage amongst otheropportunities they can take inAIESEC: include LR in LCsimulations..Encourage members on leadershippositions, active alumni and peopleon Leadership roles outside ofAIESEC to share their experiencesduring LC meets, etc.
  • 12. We have toremember that leadership isnot only about positions but also attitudeand behaviors.
  • 13. Working groups:Split into groups of 5 personsPick a leader in each groupDevelop a marketing for a new product of candiesTime’s on you have 20min
  • 14. Time is overLet’s check what you did
  • 15.
  • 16. Thank you for your attention  Questions???