OUR MISSIONCutting-edge medicine andadvocacy, regardless of theability to pay.
Keeping the PromiseEvery man, woman and child living with HIV/AIDS musthave access to treatment—AIDS Healthcare Foundation...
Message                               From the President                               Twenty-five years of fighting AIDS ...
Photo of Michael Weinstein (opposite page) by Mel Melcon. Copyright © 2004. Los Angeles Times. Reprinted with Permission.L...
48 StatesVisited by AHF “Magic Johnson”Mobile Testing unit for free HIV testsAHF’s “Testing America” Tour stopped in Birmi...
Saving LivesDelivering expert medical careAIDS Healthcare Foundation provides the highest-quality medical careavailable fo...
Worldwide Impact 2011                               AFRICA                                                              AS...
THE AMERICAS                                                                EASTERN EUROPE/RUSSIA AHF has a presence in: E...
Breaking Barriers                                              Redefining the Status Quo                                  ...
34 Million                                                                    People living with HIV/AIDS worldwideA free,...
25 YearsAHF has been leading the fightagainst AIDS“Give More, Take Less” from the Global Fund - Outside the Chinese Embass...
Fighting For What’s Right                                                                                              A M...
Innovating For Humanity                                              Sustaining  Advancing                                ...
Audited Financial Statements and Supplementary Information                                                                ...
W    AHF Board of Directors              Senior Management                      GLOBAL HEADQUARTERS    Rodney L. Wright, M...
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AHF 2010-2011 Progress Report


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AIDS Healthcare Foundation's 2010-2011 Progress Report: "Keep the Promise."

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AHF 2010-2011 Progress Report

  2. 2. OUR MISSIONCutting-edge medicine andadvocacy, regardless of theability to pay.
  3. 3. Keeping the PromiseEvery man, woman and child living with HIV/AIDS musthave access to treatment—AIDS Healthcare Foundationis committed to keeping that promise of life. AHF Progress Report 1
  4. 4. Message From the President Twenty-five years of fighting AIDS teaches you a lot about patience. It is challenging to have patience when more than 5,000 people die of AIDS every day and even more become infected. Maintaining urgency in a crisis that has gone on for thirty years can be daunting. But, the essential reality of AIDS remains. A still relatively new, incurable, killer, infectious disease, that is primarily transmitted through sexual contact, has invaded the world. We are patient in the sense that we recognize that we cannot falter in this battle, no matter how long it takes to win it, especially now that we are on the road to controlling AIDS in the world. A successful strategyMany things have changed of condom promotion, rapid testing and access to treatment has resulted in more than five million peoplein twenty-five years. But, currently being treated for HIV; death rates have decreased and new infections are going down.AHF’s mission of cutting On the other hand, we cannot become complacent. Our very success is becoming our downfall. AIDS is seldom front-page news in many places and funding commitments are being cut or withdrawn.edge medicine and advocacy At this quarter of a century mark AHF has recommitted itself to the battle to control AIDS. We are marchingregardless of ability to pay toward 250,000 patients in our care worldwide. Our condom promotion and distribution systems have beenis as strong as it has ever increased dramatically. AHF itself did more than half a million rapid HIV tests in 2010. However, most of all AHF remains a steadfast advocate. At all levels, locally, nationally and internationally AHF clients andbeen. With your support, staff are lifting our voices to change policies that restrict our ability to win the war against AIDS. Our uniqueour voice will be heard ever vantage point, as a direct care provider, greatly enhances our ability to design practical solutions that will translate into successful strategies on the ground.more strongly, across the Many things have changed in twenty-five years. But, AHF’s mission of cutting edge medicine and advocacyglobe, until the fight has regardless of ability to pay is as strong as it has ever been. With your support, our voice will be heard ever more strongly, across the globe, until the fight has been won and we can retire from the field.been won and we can retirefrom the field.”—Michael Weinstein Michael Weinstein President, AIDS Healthcare Foundation
  5. 5. Photo of Michael Weinstein (opposite page) by Mel Melcon. Copyright © 2004. Los Angeles Times. Reprinted with Permission.Love Condoms distributed free at the Water Festival - Phnom Penh, Cambodia AHF Progress Report 3
  6. 6. 48 StatesVisited by AHF “Magic Johnson”Mobile Testing unit for free HIV testsAHF’s “Testing America” Tour stopped in Birmingham, Alabama where 441 students were tested during a one-day event at Miles College
  7. 7. Saving LivesDelivering expert medical careAIDS Healthcare Foundation provides the highest-quality medical careavailable for people living with HIV/AIDS.Founded in 1987 as a grassroots Los Angeles-based in 2010. Other new clinics include the AHF “Blair Featured in the “If Not Now...” documentarygroup committed to “fight for the living and care Underwood” Healthcare Center, which opened infor the dying,” AHF is now the largest global AIDS hard-hit Washington D.C.—the first to bear the nameorganization. We provide lifesaving medical care and/ of actor and activist Blair Underwood. Meet Mariamor services regardless of ability to pay to more than Compassionate care is our calling card. We are proud Masaka, Uganda166,000 individuals in 25 countries worldwide in theUnited States, Africa, Latin America/Caribbean, the to say that in our most recent U.S. Client Satisfaction Orphaned by parents who died of AIDS, Mariam lives Survey, 95% would recommend AHF to a friend.Asia/Pacific Region and Europe.All of our efforts are aimed at saving lives and Dispensing hope— with her grandmother. Aserving those most in need. worldwide reach little bird reminds her to Globally, AIDS Healthcare Foundation partners with take her medication byEnsuring access to quality care—U.S. programs local organizations, city health officials and national “speaking” to her from atop a tree-branch: “It’s ministries of health to meet the needs of patients onAHF operates seventeen AHF Healthcare Centers the ground. AHF operates free Healthcare Centers,in California, Florida and Washington D.C. and is offering lifesaving antiretroviral treatment (ART) morning, it’s morning, it’sthe largest nonprofit provider of HIV/AIDS medical and/or testing and outreach services in Amsterdam, morning” it caws. Then,care in the U.S. The comprehensive, compassion-ate, patient-centered care we offer is unparalleled. Cambodia, China, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Estonia, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Haiti, India, Kenya, Lithuania, “It’s evening, it’s evening,It includes specialized HIV medical care providers, Mexico, Nepal, Nigeria, Russia, Rwanda, Sierra it’s evening.”access to additional specialists and seventeen AHF Leone, South Africa, Swaziland, Uganda, Ukraine,Pharmacy locations, many of them inside AHF United States, Vietnam and Zambia. With the help of herHealthcare Centers. teenaged brother Emmanuel, In the book, “AIDS Policy in Uganda” AHF/UgandaGroundbreaking managed care and disease manage- Cares is credited as the first free AIDS treatment clinic who walks her to AHF’sments programs in California and Florida round to Uganda and “the very first group in Uganda, per- free HIV/AIDS clinic eachout our wide-ranging cadre of services. For more haps in Africa, to seek to guarantee both equitable and month, Mariam Nazziwa isinformation, visit: and now a healthy little girl. sustainable treatment.” AHF is keeping the commitment to save lives aroundAHF opened its fifth clinic named after and in partner- the world by providing lifesaving antiretroviral treat-ship with basketball legend Earvin “Magic” Johnson, ment (ART) to people who otherwise might not haveJr. in Miami, Florida with a ribbon-cutting ceremony access to it. We dispense hope through lifesaving medical care. AHF Progress Report 5
  8. 8. Worldwide Impact 2011 AFRICA ASIA PACIFIC AHF has a presence in: Ethiopia, Kenya, AHF has a presence in: Cambodia, China, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, South Africa, India, Nepal, Vietnam Swaziland, Uganda, Zambia • 9,436 tests administered through AHF 6 • 66,845 HIV tests administered through AHF 4 • 960,000 condoms provided by AHF • 6,500,000 condoms provided by AHFAHF: Keeping the PromiseOn AIDS 2 2.5 million people living w/ HIV/AIDS 5 million people living w/ HIV/AIDSAround the world, AHF iskeeping the promise on AIDSby providing high-qualityHIV/AIDS medical care,testing, outreach, educationand advocacy. Our effortshave increased exponentially Growth of AHF Global HIV Testingover the years—and so has 820,000our reach. We provide free 700,000lifesaving antiretroviral Number of people tested 600,000treatment (ART) to 166,000patients in 25 countries. 500,000In addition, AHF provides 400,000services to millions more 300,000in many countries, including 200,000free HIV testing, education 100,000and advocacy. 0 2009 2010 2011 2012
  9. 9. THE AMERICAS EASTERN EUROPE/RUSSIA AHF has a presence in: Ecuador, Guatemala, AHF has a presence in: Amsterdam, Estonia, Haiti, Mexico, Costa Rica, United States Lithuania, Russia, Ukraine • 120,665 tests administered through AHF • 42,566 tests administered through AHF • 1,900,500 condoms provided by AHF • 639,500 condoms provided by AHF 3 million people 1.5 million people living w/ HIV/AIDS living w/ HIV/AIDS n 2009 AHF launched a global Condom Initiative to promote I Growth of condom distribution access to condoms and distributed 10 million free AHF-branded LOVE Condoms in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas. The scale-up of distribution to 15 million 20 Mil in 2010 revealed logistical and political barriers. In order to streamline the process, AHF scaled back to 10 million in 2011. In 2012, AHF plans to distribute 20 million and continue its drive to increase worldwide access to condoms. 15 Mil n 2008, AHF pioneered a streamlined model of rapid HIV testing I in order to reach more people. After 1.6 million people were successfully tested during World AIDS Day events, AHF proceeded to implement the model in 2009 10 Mil as the Rapid Testing Program (RTP). The program also links HIV-positive clients into treatment. RTP reached 700,000 clients in 17 countries in 2011. AHF will test 1 million per year by mid 2013, while continuing to advocate for streamlined 0 rapid models. 2009 2010 2011 2012 AHF Progress Report 7
  10. 10. Breaking Barriers Redefining the Status Quo In the earliest days of the epidemic, AHF’s founders overcame significant barriers to access and passed legislation to create the first licensed HIV/AIDS facility for the terminally ill in California. The Foundation has been breaking new ground ever since.Featured in the “If Not Now...” documentary Nowhere can AHF’s commitment to innovation be AHF’s month-long 2009 “Testing Millions” WorldFrom the Field: Jude Julius seen, than in its ambitious and effective testing and AIDS Day campaign set the stage for major change. prevention programs. Through our Public Health The initiative helped shatter myths and prejudices sur-Masaka, Uganda Division in the U.S. and our global programs, AHF rounding large, public testing events by testing moreThe first time HIV-positive provided more than half a million rapid HIV tests in than 4 million people in 23 countries in the monthJude Sserugo brought his 2010 alone. leading up to World AIDS Day, December 1st. The 172,000 people who tested positive during the cam-son Julius Katongole to the Testing America paign were immediately linked to lifesaving treatment.AHF Healthcare Center in In 2010, AHF kept the promise of testing access by In 2010, the campaign evolved into AHF’s “TestMasaka, Uganda, Julius had taking its effective community-based brand of HIV and Treat” campaign. Crowds in the thousandsjust started on lifesaving screening on the road. A small team of AHF testing attended events in dozens of cities around the worldtreatment. He had been counselors conducted a six-month, 48-state tour of the in the weeks before and after World AIDS Day 2010 U.S., in AHF’s state-of-the-art Testing America “Magicdiagnosed just two weeks to get tested and raise awareness about the importance Johnson” mobile testing unit, offering free testing at of knowing your HIV status. This groundbreakingearlier. Little Julius was very events across the U.S. This collaborative effort suc- approach is shifting the global testing paradigm andthin and sick then. Not even ceeded in testing 5,255 Americans and helped move saving lives. Visit to findriding the merry-go-round the nation toward a streamlined, accessible HIV out more. testing the yard of the clinic, The highly successful LOVE Condoms campaign hasbrought a smile to his face. gone hand in hand with AHF’s global testing initia- Striving for universal access tives. This global advocacy campaign has included the to testingNow father and son are The majority of the 34 million people living with HIV mass distribution of AHF’s special LOVE-branded condoms at events around the world. The universalthriving together. do not know their status. Those who are HIV-positive message behind the campaign—“Love Yourself, Love but do not know it are the unwitting source of the Your Partner”—has been embraced from Estonia to majority of new infections. AHF believes that the best Cambodia to Swaziland and beyond. For more infor- way to contain the epidemic is to break the chain of mation, please visit: infection by getting people tested and, if needed, linked into treatment.8 AIDS Healthcare Foundation
  11. 11. 34 Million People living with HIV/AIDS worldwideA free, AHF-supported HIV testing event in Freetown, Sierra Leone
  12. 12. 25 YearsAHF has been leading the fightagainst AIDS“Give More, Take Less” from the Global Fund - Outside the Chinese Embassy, Los Angeles, CA
  13. 13. Fighting For What’s Right A Mother’s Story Tallinn, EstoniaOvercoming Obstacles to Access Katya Jekaterina Boinova was 18 years old when sheAIDS Healthcare Foundation continues to fight for the interests of patients tested positive for the halls of power. She remembers how herThe group’s efforts to influence public policy in the drug giant Merck Co. doubled the discount for its mother cried and her fatherU.S. and globally are aimed at maximizing limited key HIV/AIDS drug Isentress to cash-strapped AIDS was shocked. Ten yearsresources to deliver lifesaving medical care to the Drug Assistance Programs for low-income Americans. later she became pregnant. She went to her doctor’speople most in need. Key to the campaign’s success were the Foundation’s creative awareness-raising tactics such as publicKeeping the promise protests, e-letters, postcards and train station banners appointments and took herFunding reductions threaten to undermine the placed at platforms near the company’s headquarters. pills everyday. “Rejoice!progress in the global HIV/AIDS fight. Commitments Similar campaigns led Bristol Myers-Squibb, Gilead Sciences Inc. and Johnson Johnson to follow suit. Her baby was born healthy.made to men, women and children around the world Mother and child are both doing well.”through programs such as President George W. Bush’s Contributing to the success of AHF’s advocacy islandmark AIDS funding program the President’s the rapid growth of its online community’s more thanEmergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) are not 500,000 supporters. Active Facebook and Twitter pagesbeing kept. provide the latest HIV/AIDS news and action alerts.AIDS Healthcare Foundation is dedicated in its effortsto keep the promise of life to all people living with Bringing the message homeHIV/AIDS. We lobbied successfully in Washington AHF is leading the way toward normalizing HIV andD.C. to ensure PEPFAR funding focused on lifesav- STD (sexually-transmitted disease) testing. In Californiaing medical care. AHF providers and patients from and Florida, innovative and accessible billboard andUganda and South Africa speak to Senators and their print-ad campaigns have become a regular fixture.staffers to personally bring home the notion that With eye-catching graphics and thought-provokingtreatment equals life. AHF is also holding countries messages, the ads direct viewers to find a testingaccountable to promises made through the Global location at: to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosisi and Malaria and A trio of successive billboard campaigns posed theis a leader on Global Fund reform efforts. questions “Sexually Active? “Sexually Risky?” “Sexually Reckless?” These groundbreaking ads haveEnsuring social responsibility broadened the target audience for sexual health socialOur advocacy is aimed at encouraging drug companies marketing and have led people to seek testing, throughto lower prices and increase accessibility. Whether the AHF Wellness Centers, orneed is affordable generics for patients in the develop- other healthcare sources. Featured in the “If Not Now...” documentarying world, or lower prices for safety net programs that Join the conversation at low-income Americans, AHF continues to raiseits voice in the service of saving more lives. After an aidshealth and, years long campaign spearheaded by AHF, AHF Progress Report 11
  14. 14. Innovating For Humanity Sustaining Advancing Innovative thinking—followed by bold action—is what has kept AIDS Healthcare Foundation at the forefront of efforts to end the epidemic.Featured in the “If Not Now...” documentary Thriving in uncertain times Shifting the paradigm AHF’s ability to maintain our independence is Having successfully operated the Florida AIDS Walk a core strength. In addition to donations and ( in Ft. Lauderdale, FloridaA Life Changed grants, AHF self-funds though unique social enter- since 2006, in 2010 AHF launched the 1st annualFrancisco Sarabia, Mexico prises. Our successful retail chain of twenty-one California AIDS Walk. The California AIDS Walk ush- Out of the Closet Thrift Stores in Southern California,At 8 months pregnant, ered in a new era of AIDS fundraising events, offering a Northern California and South Florida, have gener- food and music festival in Los Angeles’ beautiful GriffithOronia Hernandez found ated millions for the organization since the first store Park, as well as a dance concert at the historic Greekout her husband was HIV- opened in 1989. Many locations also offer free and Theatre. In addition to raising funds for AIDS Healthcare confidential HIV testing. To learn more, visit: www. Foundation, the California AIDS Walk also benefits otherpositive. She tested positive local HIV/AIDS organizations that serve traditionallyand thought she was going AHF’s non-profit, retail pharmacies help the orga- underserved populations, such as African-Americans, Latinos and women. die. Oronia is raising her nization to self-sustain. With seventeen locations in California, Florida and Washington D.C., AHF3 children and doing well Pharmacy reinvents the idea of a local, neighborhood Expanding our reachon treatment from the pharmacy as a way to give back. As actor, activist and AHF spokesperson Blair Underwood says “Any phar- AHF continues to go boldly toward where its services are needed most. Just as the organization has in other parts ofAHF Healthcare Center in macy can fill a prescription, but there’s only one that the world, AHF is bringing its high-quality medical careMexico City, Mexico. can change lives.” and services to places where the epidemic is growing in the U.S. and where existing services are minimal. Already The Foundation’s latest advancement is the opening“My life is changing now of several “all-in-one” locations in which an AHF longtime partners in six free AHF “Magic Johnson” Healthcare Centers, three more such centers are plannedthat I am on my treatment. Pharmacy—or even an AHF Healthcare Center—is for Atlanta, Georgia, Ft. Worth, Texas and Brooklyn, located right alongside an Out of the Closet ThriftI would tell people that Store location, offering many convenient services all New York. In addition, AHF will bring its unique brandlive with HIV to think of fundraising to the midwest, with its 23rd Out of the in one place. Closet Thrift Store opening in Columbus, Ohio—alongpositive. You think that you Ninety-six cents of every dollar earned by Out of the with an AHF Pharmacy, free HIV testing and a nearbyare going to die. But if you Closet and AHF Pharmacy goes right back into AHF’s AHF Healthcare Center. innovative treatment, prevention and outreach pro-take your medication, you grams in the U.S. and globally. AIDS Healthcare Foundation will continue its 25-year tradition of innovating and keeping the promise to ensurewill not die.” that every man, woman and child who needs access to HIV/AIDS services, has it.12 AIDS Healthcare Foundation To learn more about AIDS Healthcare Foundation and its programs, please visit:
  15. 15. Audited Financial Statements and Supplementary Information Years ended December 31, 2010 and 2009 with Report of Independent Auditors AIDS Healthcare Foundation f Not Now... documents the race to test millions of people worldwide. I From India to Mexico, Ukraine to Uganda, this compelling documentary proves that the demand for accessible HIV Testing around the world is a challenge we must meet.
  16. 16. W AHF Board of Directors Senior Management GLOBAL HEADQUARTERS Rodney L. Wright, M.D. Michael Weinstein General Secretariat Chair of the Board President Keizersgracht 518 Cynthia Davis Peter D. Reis 1017 EK Amsterdam Domestic Vice Chair Senior Vice President The Netherlands Diana Hoorzuk Penninah Iutung Amor Tel. +31 (0)20 626 6267 Global Vice Chair Bureau Chief, Africa Regional Bureau Offices Lawrence Peters, M.S. Laura Boudreau, Esq. AFRICA BUREAU Treasurer Chief Counsel for Operations 1 Baker Road Agapito Diaz Scott Carruthers Kampala, Uganda Secretary National Director of Pharmacy Tel. +256 414 346 311 William Arroyo, M.D. Wayne Chen, M.D. ASIA PACIFIC BUREAU Mary Ashley Sr. Medical Director of Managed Care #14 Street 99 Acting Chief of Medicine Sangkat Boeung Trabek Curley L. Bonds, M.D. Terri Ford Khann Chamkarmon Steve L. Carlton, Esq. Senior Director of Global Policy Phnom Penh, Cambodia Condessa Curley, M.D. and Advocacy Tel. +855 23 221 606 Laurent Fischer, M.D. Lyle Honig EUROPE CENTRAL ASIA BUREAU Scott Galvin Assoc. Chief Financial Officer Office 12, 10 Malopidvalna Str., Judith Marsh Michael Kahane Kyiv, Ukraine 02000 Elizabeth Mendia Bureau Chief, Southern Region Tel. +38 044 2797436 Angelina C. Wapakabulo Tom Myers, Esq. LATIN AMERICA BUREAU Chief of Public Affairs and Calle San Luis Potosi #223 Michael Weinstein General Counsel Colonia Roma Delegacion Cuauhtemoc Anita Ann Williams Laura Nelson CP 06700 Mexico DF Chief Financial Officer Tel: (+52)55 52648208 Now Celebrating Kevin D. Shim Chief Information Officer Donna Stidham Chief of Managed Care Timothy Tandon Director of Human Resources Chris Wilson National Director of Sales 6255 West Sunset Boulevard | 21st Floor Los Angeles, CA 90028-7403 | USA Tel: +1 323 860 5200 Fax: +1 323 962 8513