E145 Assignment2: Oxynion


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This presentation was developed as part of an assignment for the E145: Technology Entrepreneurship online course taught at Stanford University.

The Oxynion is a concept product developed to meet the need for individuals that have strong physiological reaction to a common task like chopping onions. The Oxynion is smart protective eyewear developed with onboard computational power to sense and warn the wearer of volatile and noxious substances in their vicinity. Its non-intrusive design also allows for active oxygen discharge around the eyes to neutralize sulfur-based irritants that induce tears and produce a burning sensation. The Oxynion is designed to be a consumer electronics device integrated with a personal fashion accessory to improve culinary experiences.

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E145 Assignment2: Oxynion

  1. 1. Oxynionno more tearsE145: Technology Entrepreneurship Assignment 2 April 21, 2012
  2. 2. Save Your EyesHurting eyes from chopping onions is the single largest kitchen complaintspanning borders, cultures, and classesYou and those around you deserve a culinary experience that is notaccompanied by stinging sensations and weeping fits98 billion pounds of onions are consumed around the world each year, workingout to about 14 pounds per personThats a lot of tears.
  3. 3. We Have The AnswerImagine the joy of chopping onions without tears.Introducing, the Oxynion.Smart eyewear with active oxygenation to protect your eyes. This image used without permission from Lumus Optical, from lumus-optical.com
  4. 4. Features● Protective glasses actively shield eyes from pungent and volatile vapors by releasing oxygen to neutralize airborne irritants● On-board electronics continuously monitor air for noxious vapors and indicate real-time information through heads-up display● Transparent nano-polymer membrane coating guards eyes against particulate matter
  5. 5. Design● Protective glasses with polycarbonate resin● Stems carry miniature refillable oxygen tanks that actively neutralize airborne irritants● Transparent perchlorate oxyanion nano- polymer membrane● Airtight and Lightweight carbon fiber body● Many designs for active and casual use Perchlorate Oxyanion polymer coating
  6. 6. Benefits● Decimate onions like a pro, without the tears● Active eye protection and enhanced vision, even in noxious environments● Active warning and alarm system to help avoid airborne irritants● Supplemental oxygen therapy, without the discomfort of nasal cannulas● Builds self esteem
  7. 7. How It Works● On-board computer and sensory system actively monitors known airborne irritants● Automatically releases purified oxygen to neutralize sulphur-based volatile compounds that can cause irritation and watering of eyes● Transparent nano-polymer membrane is coated with a monomeric oxyanion chemical compound to counter particulate irritants● Glasses can be configured with an alarm system to warn against noxious chemicals
  8. 8. Coming SoonLook for the Oxynion protective smart eyewear solution atyour neighborhood consumer electronics retailer thisSummer
  9. 9. TeamSameer AidoorConnie HammondThomas NiccumJaime PlanteDisclaimerThis presentation was created to fulfill the requirements of an educational class;no commercial activity involved or implied.Images used in this presentation are in the public domain and categorized asfreely-licensed educational media content, unless attributed otherwise.