Using Google Docs in Adult Basic Writing Class

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Part of Bee Dieu's Keynote Speech, Merlot, New Orleans

Part of Bee Dieu's Keynote Speech, Merlot, New Orleans

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  • 1. Using Google Docs in Adult Basic Writing Class Aiden Yeh Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages Taiwan August 10, 2007 Barbara “Bee” Dieu’s Keynote Speech Presentation Merlot Conference New Orleans
  • 2. Class Description
    • Adult students, 25-45 y/o
    • have day-time jobs
    • 2-4 hours every night to take academic courses
    • HUGE class- 52 students in all
  • 3. Using Google Docs: Writing Task Process
    • writing assignments span over a period of 2-3 weeks
    • use of Google documents (previously known as
  • 4. Writing Task Process
    • 1st week- writing their first draft and peer-editing,
    • 2nd week- Teacher preliminary feedback
    Preliminary feedback
  • 5. Writing Task Process
    • 3rd week- final revision and submission of their work
  • 6. Using the Class Blog
    • Students’ feedback:
    • “ The advantage is I can learn more skill from others' writing.”
    • “ the advantage is you can see more English writings more than before”
    • “ The teacher can easily see my work on her blog and even my classmates.”
  • 7. Advantages of Using Google Docs
    • see how the students perform while they are in the process of writing their drafts to the final version
  • 8. Advantages of Using Google Docs
    • no time constraints
    • M ultiple revisions
    • Freedom to work on their drafts and their peers as well
  • 9. Students’ Attitudes on Using Google Docs
  • 10. Students’ Attitude towards Writing
  • 11. Quoting Students’ Remarks
    • “ First, we decrease to use paper. Second, I can rewrite my paragraphs frequently. Finally, I can receive comments quickly after the paragraph has been published .
    • I would like to say that I really like to use Google docs to write. This semester I wrote more paragraphs than last semester and I know I am improving now.
    • This was a great class, more writing is the best way to improve the writing skill, and I feel I have got ahead with my writing. Thanks for your teaching.
    • This writing class was good. I won't say that I have improved writing skills for 100%, but at least 75%.”
  • 12. It’s worth a try!