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Lecture material about Newspapers

Lecture material about Newspapers

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  • 1. Newspapers Mass Media Aiden Yeh, Ph.D. Asst. ProfessorWenzao Ursuline College of Languages
  • 2. Discuss the following questions• Which newspapers do you read? Why• What’s the biggest news story in Taiwan at the moment?• Why are headlines important?• Do you find it difficult to read headlines in English? Why/ why not
  • 3. Match the headlines to their everyday English equivalents1. Paris probe proves palace innocent a. The government is going to close 3,500 post offices ______2. Love’s Labour Lost b. The US government is not keen on a new environmental ______ policy3. Choose That Girl! Madge jets to Africa to adopt girl c. A family dog has been brutally killed. ______4. US cool on climate change d. An investigation into Princess Diana’s death shows the British ______ royal family were not involved5. Weeping mum damns teenage killer thug e. Labour’s Prime Minister and Chancellor of the Exchequer do ______ not agree on government policies6. Family’s pet butchered f. A popular comedian, who pretends to be a rapper, is in trouble ______ with the Independent Television Commission for using offensive words on TV.7. Comedian rapped over slang word by TV watchdog g. The singer Madonna has flown to Africa to adopt a child. ______8. Government to axe 3,500 post offices h. A mother refuses to forgive the people who killed her ______ daughter.
  • 4. • 2. Look at the headlines above. Decide which of the following questions can easily be answered by reading them.• What happened?• Who did what?• Where did it happen?• When did it happen?• Why did it happen?
  • 5. 5 Ws1. Paris probe proves palace innocent2. Love’s Labour Lost3. Choose That Girl! Madge jets to Africa to adopt girl4. US cool on climate change5. Weeping mum damns teenage killer thug6. Family’s pet butchered7. Comedian rapped over slang word by TV watchdog8. Government to axe 3,500 post offices
  • 6. Commonly omitted words• Articles• Auxiliary verbs• Preposition• Nouns
  • 7. Verb forms used• Passive to Active• Present perfect to present simple
  • 8. Cutting down word count• minimal
  • 9. Turn the following sentences into headlines• Three people have been killed in a terrible shop fire.• The Boston Red Sox have humiliated the Toronto Blue Jays, who lost 8-0.• Police mistakes have led to 183 crimes not being detected.• A judge has sentenced a lottery winner to jail for a bank robbery.
  • 10. Possible Answers• Terrible shop fire kills 3• Boston Red Sox humiliate Toronto Blue Jays 8-0• Police mistakes: 183 crimes not detected• Lottery winner jailed for robbery• Drunk driver on route 95 killed 2
  • 11. Tabloid Style1. Guilty pupil vows to return stolen exam papers. a. a mistake2. Husband and wife row keeps neighbours awake b. anger3. Government blunder: 1 million taxpayers’ c. to promise personal details lost4. Voter’s fury at election results d. to question5. Police quiz man over Greenwood Bank robbery e. an argument
  • 12. Read the following ideas that a journalist brainstormed for an article. Write an introduction to the article based on this information.• Where? Private kindergarten in Ipswich, Suffolk• When? 11-12 pm?• How? Broke walls with tools• Victims? A nursery school: “We were so shocked we were targeted when we are a just a nursery.”• What taken? A safe containing £ 1,200 in the nursery’s wheelie bin• Police: “We are doing all we can to arrest the thief.”
  • 13. Possible AnswerStaff at Ipswich Kindergarten in Suffolk were shocked after thieves smashed a wall exactly where the safe was. The heavy cashbox containing about £1,200 was taken away in the nursery’s wheelie bin. Name of Manager, 27, said: “We were so shocked we were targeted when we are a just a nursery.” A police spokeperson said: ““We are doing all we can to arrest the thief.”