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Public Relations course, media campaign project

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Media campaign

  1. 1. Media Campaign Public Relations Aiden Yeh, PhD Wenzao Ursuline College of Languages
  2. 2. Finding a Voice Image:
  3. 3. Other celebrities you know? • • • • Group discussion Google search (using your smartphones) What did they do? What was the ‘cause’? What are they lobbying for?
  4. 4. Organizations • Charities • Pressure groups • Industry groups VS Governments Companies Purpose: to persuade them to introduce or change policies
  5. 5. Actions taken by Lobbyists • • • • • Demonstrations Petitions Boycotts Litigation Celebrities to raise public awareness or cause
  6. 6. Issues for Lobbyist • Against nuclear power plant near homes • Textile/garment industries employing children (child labor) • Brand clothing made from poor countries (for having poor working conditions) • Against the killing of whales (or other endangered animals) • To support or fight against foreign aid
  7. 7. Source:
  8. 8. Local Issues? • Anti-nuclear protest • Taiwan’s farmers’ rights • Against industrial wind turbines, http:// • Labor issues • Health issues • Social issues Other topics:
  9. 9. Possible topics: Problems that exist in the Taiwanese society today 1) political rifts that divide people 2) illegal drugs 3) drunk driving 4) use of helmets 5) domestic violence - child abuse - battered wives/partners - sexual abuse 6) foreign brides - help/assistance - social acceptance Children's welfare 7) suicide prevention 8) assistance for victims of fraud • ANY OTHER TOPICS THAT YOU COULD THINK OF?
  10. 10. Create perceptions Source:
  11. 11. Source:
  12. 12.
  13. 13. Media Campaign Final Project – 1 TV commercial (30 sec. and/or 1 minute) – 2 studies of Print Ad (based on TV ad) – Note: it’s a campaign, so ad message must be consistent (the same)
  14. 14. Student Objectives 1. Students will study what makes a persuasive argument by critically analyzing different public service announcements (PSAs) 2. Learn the question-finding strategy and apply it to a topic of interest 3. Practice persuasive writing by creating PSA scripts 4. Use a variety of media techniques to enhance what they have written in their scripts and create and edit video PSAs 5. Use video techniques and persuasive writing strategies they learned about while creating their own PSAs to evaluate those of their peers
  15. 15. Order of topics for oral presentation 1. What is your campaign about? 2. Who is being targeted? Who is the campaign for? 3. What do you (protesters/campaigners) want? 4. Methods used (2 TV ads, 2 print ads)
  16. 16. Follow this format STUDY 1 Visual: Headline: Subhead: Body Copy: Slogan/Tagline: Logo Contact Information: You will use this format for oral presentations. You need to submit a digital copy of your presentation materials
  17. 17. Take note of the following language requirements:
  18. 18. You must discuss language use in your oral presentation
  19. 19.
  20. 20.
  21. 21.
  22. 22. You can use any of the following tools in creating your PSA Print Ad Word Document powerpoint Graphics, http:// photos /photos/
  23. 23. Other Students’ Work Animal Abuse, Water Conservation, Cellphones and driving, child abuse, Suicide, HOPE No Drunk Driving great sound effects Don't use drugs PSA about Sexual Harassment Study 2 PRINT PSAs
  24. 24. Group Discussion: 20 minutes • Selection of Topics (& charity/non-profit organization to represent) • Design a logo • Each group must have different topics • Order of presentations?