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  1. 1. Copywriting Aiden Yeh Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages
  2. 2. The headlines contains the words in the leading position in the advertisement. The words that will be read first They are situated to draw the most attention. They appear in larger type (font) than other parts of the ad Headlines
  3. 3. Attract attention Engage the audience Explain the visual Lead the audience to the body of the ad Present the key benefit Role of the Headlines
  4. 4. Free Now Amazing Suddenly Announcing Introducing It’s here Improved At last Just arrived New Use Power Words
  5. 5. Benefit headline News/informative headline Provocative headlines Question headlines Command headline Types of Headlines
  6. 6. Promises the audience that using the product will be rewarding Simple statements – not cute or clever Gore-Tex Fabrics Keep you warm and dry, Speak a foreign Regardless of what falls language in Out of the sky 30 days or your money Includes the name of the back. product Benefit Headline
  7. 7. Benefit Headline
  8. 8. Announces news or promises information Sea World’s It’s a Girl! News/Information Headline
  9. 9. News/ Information
  10. 10. Provoke reader’s curiosity To stimulate questions or thoughts Provides story appeal Lay’s Potato ad ‘Betcha can’t eat just one’ Provocative Headlines
  11. 11. Asks a question Encouraging readers to look for answers in the body of the ad “What makes out tires smarter & richer than others?” Question Headline
  12. 12. Orders readers to do something “Obey your thirst.” “Please don’t squeeze the Charmin” Command Headlines
  13. 13. Smaller texts that appear above or below the headline ◦ -above [kickers/overlines] ◦ Below [underlines Also transmits key sales points fast Carries less important information than the headline Subheads are longer and more like sentences than headlines They bridge the headline to the copy Subheads
  14. 14. Headline Sub-headline
  15. 15. Interest Credibility Desire Actions steps Covers features, benefits, and utility of the product or service Body Copy or Text
  16. 16. Straight sell Institutional Narrative Dialogue/monologue Picture caption Device Body Copy Styles
  17. 17. Straightforward, factual presentation Presents facts and clear solutions Good for high think-involvement products ◦ Citibank’s Service Straight Sell
  18. 18. Straight sell
  19. 19. Promote philosophy or merits of a company Organization’s image  Banks  Insurance companies  Public corporations  Large manufacturing firms Institutional Copy
  20. 20. Tells a story Creates a situation and uses the product as a rescue or saver ◦ Insurance company (the man who dies but, fortunately, had just renewed his policy) Narrative Copy
  21. 21. Characters in the ad do the selling Dialogue/Monologue Copy
  22. 22. Story with illustrations and captions Picture-caption Ad
  23. 23. Alliterations Puns Figures of speech Rhymes Humor Exaggeration Device Copy
  24. 24. Taglines/themelines Standard statements Provide continuity to a series of ads Reduce advertising message strategy to a brief, repeatable, and memorable positioning statement ◦ AT&T’s “Reach out and touch someone” ◦ Cereal ad “Breakfast of Champions” ◦ DeBeers ad “Diamonds are forever” Slogans
  25. 25. Picture Caption Copy Slogan
  26. 26. Guess the type of headline
  27. 27. News/ Informative html
  28. 28. Benefit .html
  29. 29. Question
  30. 30. Command
  31. 31. Provocative
  32. 32. Provocative/ Command
  33. 33. Practice Writing Headlines
  34. 34. Protective Helmets Sensodyne Protects
  35. 35. Product: Microsoft Office
  36. 36. Do a web search Look for a print ad to analyze Identify the elements of the ad ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ What kind of headline was used? Was there a subhead and a slogan? Was the visual attractive? Was the overall lay-out creative? Does it make the readers think? In what way? Embed your chosen ad into your blog post (add the web link) TASK