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Published in: Business, News & Politics

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  • 1. Copywriting Aiden Yeh Wenzao Ursuline University of Languages
  • 2. The headlines contains the words in the leading position in the advertisement. The words that will be read first They are situated to draw the most attention. They appear in larger type (font) than other parts of the ad Headlines
  • 3. Attract attention Engage the audience Explain the visual Lead the audience to the body of the ad Present the key benefit Role of the Headlines
  • 4. Free Now Amazing Suddenly Announcing Introducing It’s here Improved At last Just arrived New Use Power Words
  • 5. Benefit headline News/informative headline Provocative headlines Question headlines Command headline Types of Headlines
  • 6. Promises the audience that using the product will be rewarding Simple statements – not cute or clever Gore-Tex Fabrics Keep you warm and dry, Speak a foreign Regardless of what falls language in Out of the sky 30 days or your money Includes the name of the back. product Benefit Headline
  • 7. Benefit Headline
  • 8. Announces news or promises information Sea World’s It’s a Girl! News/Information Headline
  • 9. News/ Information
  • 10. Provoke reader’s curiosity To stimulate questions or thoughts Provides story appeal Lay’s Potato ad ‘Betcha can’t eat just one’ Provocative Headlines
  • 11. Asks a question Encouraging readers to look for answers in the body of the ad “What makes out tires smarter & richer than others?” Question Headline
  • 12. Orders readers to do something “Obey your thirst.” “Please don’t squeeze the Charmin” Command Headlines
  • 13. Smaller texts that appear above or below the headline ◦ -above [kickers/overlines] ◦ Below [underlines Also transmits key sales points fast Carries less important information than the headline Subheads are longer and more like sentences than headlines They bridge the headline to the copy Subheads
  • 14. Headline Sub-headline
  • 15. Interest Credibility Desire Actions steps Covers features, benefits, and utility of the product or service Body Copy or Text
  • 16. Straight sell Institutional Narrative Dialogue/monologue Picture caption Device Body Copy Styles
  • 17. Straightforward, factual presentation Presents facts and clear solutions Good for high think-involvement products ◦ Citibank’s Service Straight Sell
  • 18. Straight sell
  • 19. Promote philosophy or merits of a company Organization’s image  Banks  Insurance companies  Public corporations  Large manufacturing firms Institutional Copy
  • 20. Tells a story Creates a situation and uses the product as a rescue or saver ◦ Insurance company (the man who dies but, fortunately, had just renewed his policy) Narrative Copy
  • 21. Characters in the ad do the selling Dialogue/Monologue Copy
  • 22. Story with illustrations and captions Picture-caption Ad
  • 23. Alliterations Puns Figures of speech Rhymes Humor Exaggeration Device Copy
  • 24. Taglines/themelines Standard statements Provide continuity to a series of ads Reduce advertising message strategy to a brief, repeatable, and memorable positioning statement ◦ AT&T’s “Reach out and touch someone” ◦ Cereal ad “Breakfast of Champions” ◦ DeBeers ad “Diamonds are forever” Slogans
  • 25. Picture Caption Copy Slogan
  • 26. Guess the type of headline
  • 27. News/ Informative html
  • 28. Benefit .html
  • 29. Question
  • 30. Command
  • 31. Provocative
  • 32. Provocative/ Command
  • 33. Practice Writing Headlines
  • 34. Protective Helmets Sensodyne Protects
  • 35. Product: Microsoft Office
  • 36. Do a web search Look for a print ad to analyze Identify the elements of the ad ◦ ◦ ◦ ◦ What kind of headline was used? Was there a subhead and a slogan? Was the visual attractive? Was the overall lay-out creative? Does it make the readers think? In what way? Embed your chosen ad into your blog post (add the web link) TASK